Simple homemade camp stove. Stove — two in one: BBQ and Indian candle.

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I have already described two variants called Indian candles, «classical» and modern. (Indian wooden candle or kerosene stove and Indian candles or fire without a campfire) Alas, both options have certain inherent limitations. In classical Indian candle is quite high manufacturing complexity. Go and find suhostoinu finished with a weak heart … A block of wood to chop, caving and most importantly — and tightly connect the halves in field conditions, too little interesting to do. The second option for your manufacturing generally requires a chainsaw. There’s even a hacksaw will not work — should be broad cuts that would air passed. Almost woodwork … And both versions differ low stability of combustion, flame fast enough out of control. Sometimes do not have time to cook and eat. Yes, and not call them miniature. Does not always require such a strong flame. In general, you want something more stable and predictable, controlled, possible in different «weight categories.»

Humanity already several thousand known as BBQ. Shareware — any vessel in which burning or smoking embers. In order to be walked to the combustion zone oxidant (air, oxygen, or rather it is available), the vessel or make a very flat, or in its walls make holes. But barbecue is also not the best solution for a hike. Requires specific fuel — coal. And there simply will throw firewood — turns into a banal fire.

Is it possible to find a compromise, I thought that would have serious flaws, and would combine the advantages of the Indian candles and braziers? Proved possible! And the decision proved to be extremely simple.

Barbecue has a body, but has no combustion stability usual fuel (firewood). Candles are burning some stability, but the lack of housing and makes them a fire hazard and impair its stability. And if you make a case for Indian candles? Then the hardest part — Connect Shattered churbachka we do not need. And the candle itself can «collect» from a conventional poleshek. For what would be burning wood was controlled, sustained intensity and long, it is necessary to restrict the access of oxygen in the combustion zone. Determine the amount and intensity of burning.

For the experiment, I picked up a tin can on the form of «higher than broad.» Ie like a tall glass. What would make it «barbecue» I punched a few holes for air. Not only laterally, while in the bottom, wherein the bottom is at the center, but not over the entire area. It was necessary to do so, that would be a hole in the bottom of the same channel to air in the Indian candle. Just do a round hole I did not, then that would not embers falling out of a can. (Capacity banks about 350-400 ml. Everything!)
Simple homemade camp stove. Stove - two in one: BBQ and Indian candle.

Natolkal in small jar churochek (and churochkami call them can be a stretch, finger-thick and 10 cm in length), then took the center. Formed a channel for air as in classical Indian candle. Slipped back a little bark, set fire … After a few minutes’ stove — candle «burned a steady flame and burned as 20-25 minutes! The flames were quite stable in intensity, with little or no smoke, low and even. So far almost all the wood is not burned, and have not turned up a handful of first coal and then a pinch of ash. And time and power was more than enough to warm up that can of food and a mug of hot water and boil the tea brew. A stove-it — can fit in your pocket! And fuel requires «a handful of chips» in the truest sense of the word!
Simple homemade camp stove. Stove - two in one: BBQ and Indian candle.

Encouraged by this success, I made the stove more. Took a 3-liter tin and also in its bottom caved. After this split churbachok small, hollowed it serdtsevinku, put in the oven and pressed the two halves together proppant their other slivers. Fired up …

The result I was also surprised, as in the first case. «2 liters of» wood burning stable flame 50 minutes as «Indian candle», and then another 10 minutes dotlevali coals in the stove, which became the barbecue. During this time, I even managed to bend the wire rack for utensils and cook a kilogram of potatoes in their skins in a pot!

I want to note in this stove. First, extreme efficiency and effectiveness of burning firewood. If dry firewood — they burn with virtually no smoke. Combustion takes place (most of the time) only «inside» the wood in the channel Indian candles, where there is oxygen. The rest of the wood is as if in anticipation.

Secondly, the power of the stove is determined by its size. It turns out, you can still make the stove — burzhujku sized tin! Need oven «boil a cup of tea, canned heat» — a half-liter cans will be enough. On the «Bucket» will be ready by lunch on a few people.

Third, the oven is safe enough to fire on as her body heated slightly (lit somewhere inside the wood, and the tree good heat insulator), the first few minutes, it generally can hold in their hands. If firewood «shoot», then again within themselves. Coals down do not wake up, everything burns literally without a trace. Although naked flame on top is an open flame, it is necessary to be vigilant.

Fourth — simplicity «charging» the furnace. Does not require much effort and special tools that would lead to fuel furnaces in optimal shape. Although the best results on the stove certainly shows «monolithic» fuel. And it is more homogeneous and has no slots for «spurious» air leaks. Burning about an hour (a 3-liter jar) completely stable. It is like a candle or gas burner kerosene stove. This is particularly valuable quality furnace.

Fifth, stove — it’s not a fire. Campfire leaves, though it can kindle in a tent (you only need to «window» open), even on ice or deep snow, resting a couple poleshek that ice would not drown.

You can also note the many virtues. Well, both the price and complexity of manufacturing this stove you and so clear. Empty tin and 5 minutes of «work» — holes in the bottom to fill in the center. Make a wire stand for utensils. But the main «secret» of the stove — in the form of wood in the form of bookmarks Indian candles! This is what determines the specific mode of combustion.

While those who are going to seriously exploit similar stove can do it already, «the adult», not from a tin can, and of galvanized steel sheets or thin stainless steel. Make Access Controller air in «ash-pit» deflector for air leaks afterburning gases that will stand for utensils or convection screen. The height of the stove should be done about 2-3 times larger than its diameter, and the fuel load to a height of about half of the housing. When installing the top cookware should leave enough room for fire and gas outlet.

If possible, you can prepare and special wood for such a furnace. The optimum fuel in the form of wooden washer thickness of a few centimeters and a diameter equal to the diameter of stove (easy to pick up a log — roundwood and napilit from it such goals). In the center of the washer will need to make a hole with a diameter of 3-5 cm. Home is the easiest way to make a drill — the perks. In field conditions — punch (a segment of metal pipe with a sharpened edge). Then as needed can be «recharged» oven for the required time. Need to warm up — put 1-2 washers. It is necessary to cook soup — 5-6 … While such «spetsdrova» certainly has not mandatory, it will make the stove operation quite comfortable. Little or strong rain wets all the fuel in the district or at the bivouac stayed dark. Or winter on the pond while fishing. In general a dozen — such other goals will not be superfluous.
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