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Elected SLEEPING bag.

This article will tell you about what the choice of a sleeping bag, how correctly to use it. This set out the average number of disk imaging, which will be useful for trekking tourists.

In our market sleeping bags at prices you can spread further.
Russian — cheap (commander then, Elite Sport, Travel-Extreme). Zabugornyh production — average rates (Hannah, Sportland, Pinguin (Czech Republic), Campus, Malahowski (Poland), Northland (Germany), Tramp, Nova Tour and others,

the highest rates (Lafuma (France), The North Face, Marmot (USA), Mammut (Switzerland), (and others)

* The shape of the sleeping bags can be divided into blankets, cocoons and «feet».

1. Blankets or envelopes — 1st models of bags, they are common and cheap. This rectangle, folded in half and category solid zipper. Comfortable the fact that absolutely unbuttoned and can serve as a blanket. Applicable for use in moderate weather criteria.

2. Cocoons (mummy) — later models. Cut follows the contours of the human body with narrowing in the area of the feet. Castle comes in the legs not to the end, so it is better kept warm. Some sleeping bags have the extension in the area of the knee that significantly increases the comfort of use. Insulator in the main from substitutes down or from himself.

3. «Leg» is not even sleeping bags, and… Well, imagine for himself a sleeping bag, from which cut off the upper third part, in other words the hood and still see sixty. Sleeping in it is necessary, covered by a jacket or jacket. But — significant savings in weight and volume.

* Sleeping bags use different insulators.

So, sintepon — the collective title of different synthetic materials, evolutionary prominy between synthetic and wool substitutes down. The material is quite lightweight, comparable rapidly dries and when wet does not lose most heat settings.

Pooh is the best natural insulator. Use temperature to -50°C. But it is expensive and demanding. Rapidly absorbs water, asks timely drying. At the moment none of synthetic materials is not able so to decrease in volume, as Pooh. But that he is not got it wrong and did not lose its characteristics, its link with the pen. Compliance of down and feathers in a sleeping bag is 90 to 10 or 95 to 5 percent, respectively.

* Feather substitutes are countless group of polymeric insulators. The favorite in this niche is DuPont, which offers insulators Hollofil, Quallofil and Thermolite. 3M company is Thinsulate thermal insulator, the manufacturer Albany Int. — PrimaLoft, and Invista — PolarGuard 3D. Other insulators, such as Microloft, Quadroloft, Dura Loft, Aerofibre, Thermo-6, Izotherm, Hollowfiber, Fibertec, etc. are the legacy of the least recognizable companies.

The main difference of sleeping with substitutes down there is practicality in use together with the highest insulating capacity approaching that of natural insulator. In contrast to down, synthetic substitutes have dried up, warm even wet, the least demanding in use and not actually lose. The temperature of the heat saving up to -40°C. But, unfortunately, all photomedicine lose the weight and volume of natural Pooh.

* The choice of a sleeping bag

When choosing a sleeping bag, you must first find what criteria it will be used.

For summer hikes suitable cooler, small and light models for the off-season and winter hikes, respectively, more warm, though large and languid.

Those who are walking in the trails all year round, it is better to have two types of sleeping bags: cool from +5° to +25°C and Pobol warm from +10° to -35°C in winter and off-season.

* One of the important features of a sleeping bag is temperature use. In the main data rather comfortable and extreme modes, for example -10°… +15°C».

From time to time specify prominy (mentioned range, say, 0°C).

Comfortable mode shows the temperature at which you can sleep in the linen, prominy in pants and sweater, and extreme represents the last mode, i.e. to spend the night you can, but maybe without sleep…

Fundamentally keep in mind that these temperatures are calculated on the male half of the population of the earth..
The ladies metabolism other, the heat they lose faster and because the sleeping bag for ladies should be warmer at 6-8 degrees ( all temperatures).
in other words for example , if the temperature compra 0, then the lady will feel that -6 -8, and it will freeze..
Keep THIS in mind when CHOOSING a SLEEPING bag FOR Ladies , because it is unlikely you will say in the store-they just don’t know.

* The shell of the sleeping bags in the main made from nylon fibers using various weaving, like mesh «rip-stop», different fabric density, polymer finish (for the best water-stability) or without it. The higher the density, the stronger, but heavier and bulkier product. Internal fabric in cheap products made from the least dense nylon.

The selection should start with a recognizable name of the manufacturer. A well-known name is not always the highest price, but probably better quality, more extensive network of sales and service support, the collateral use of appropriate materials and accessories.

You should consider the likely discrepancy between the sizes of your growth: most sleeping bags are made with supply, for example, 185-200 To see such low «pipe» can be significant, and it is unnecessary volume, weight, and worst heat retention.

* Sleeping bag-"leg"
A separate aspect of the choice of a sleeping bag is the weight. Modern product range of cold tolerance from 0 to +15°C should not weigh more than a kilogram, and winter is from +10 to -35°C — 2 kg. there are models 900 and 800 grams, but you should keep in mind that some manufacturers tend to either reduce weight or to keep quality in favor of weight (weak threads, accessories)…

Manufacturers often serves to map the density of the insulator in the form of a weight per area and the number of such layers. For synthetic cool enough 1-th layer and the density of 100-150 g/m2, for warm — two-three layers of density of 200-400 g/m2. For fluff, there is a separate feature in the form of renewable elasticity FillPower (FP). 900 FP means that an ounce of down is able to fill the place with a volume of 900 cubic inches. The more — the better, and the means and warmer.

* Operation and care of your sleeping bag

Transportation. The sleeping bag should be especially diligent to protect it from contact with water and as soon as the ability to dry. It is recommended to wear waterproof case (better with taped seams and a sealed entrance).

Wash. Wash the sleeping bag should be as seldom. The first step is to study the warnings on the label for washing and strictly adhere to them. If the label is not, and out of nowhere, just follow the common rule (except down): hand wash, water temperature +40°C, the drying air in a corrected form. The down-filled sleeping bags manufacturers insist on using special cleaners.

Operation. Overnight in the sleeping bag means wearing dry clothes. Sleeping bags laid out before staying overnight in outdoor tent to leave should not — dew rapidly their moisturize. Not recommended to sleep in road clothes — over time the bag will be smells.

Sleeping bags down and its substitutes are not stacked, and randomly shove it in the bag (as opposed to flat beds). It is easier, and this prevents the dislodging of the insulator.

Houses do not store the sleeping bag in assembled thermal insulator olivetta and loses its characteristics.

* Devices for sleeping bags

Most modern sleeping bags are provided with compression bags. In the absence of the bag, it can always be purchased separately. Bags-pads of cotton or other materials to increase its insulating characteristics. Moreover, it is easier to wash the liner and not the whole bag.

Prices for sleeping-bags

Summer light variants of the Russian production will cost the equivalent of 20-40 bucks, the same imported from other countries 50-70 bucks, winter synthetic and natural pull 50-70 bucks for the family, 60-80 for imported from other countries. Sleeping bags extreme series at low temperatures up to -30°C pull on the 80-200 bucks to -50°C — 600-800 bucks.
(materials of the web site

soobshestvo of vyryvalsya equipment
soobshestvo of vyryvalsya equipment
soobshestvo of vyryvalsya equipment
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