Beast hunt. What to do?

• To hunt better in the early morning and late evening, when the animals go in search of food and water. • Hares running around in a circle and returned to the same spot from which she had escaped. If the animal runs, whistle — it can stop him. • Crows and owls can eat. Animal food, used for survival in the wild Bats Cut the wings and legs, release the blood and boil or fry. Small rodents (rats, mice) Clean animal (being careful not to damage the inside, so nothing spilled on the carcass, because rats and mice are carriers of the infection). Read more [...]
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Can you evoke a commodity touring canoe?

A:Well-rounded canoe, so?that's a fairly farsighted want listing. But, I cogitate you can incur something out thither. An model: Old Townsfolk's Osprey 155 ($1,100; It's a spacious canoe that can well grasp two summation paraphernalia. It's a picayune refulgent, but distillery offers a goodness mix of constancy, paddling rest, and manoeuvrability. It has wrought shaping building, which results in a tough sauceboat. Slant is 65 pounds, which should be passably doable for the two of you. Another existent beneficial well-rounded sauceboat is the Obelisk Thoughtfulness 16.0 ($1,000; Read more [...]
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What Are the Outflank Photochromic Ski Goggles?

    Exposure: Iofoto/ShutterstockA:We similar goggles with either similar lenses or well-made photochromic lenses that conform to quickly-changing leap weather. Both systems enter handy when you scratch the run in cloudiness skies on the top of the heap and coating in dazzling sunshine, or when you’re sidecountry touring on a smart day.Although goggles with standardised lenses are acquiring much of pastime latterly (similar this one with a great magnetized lense engage), photochromic lenses are the easiest to use, since they mechanically adjust. They suck to 28 seconds to Read more [...]
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Seven kilometers north of Moscow!

Good day comrades! Once pulled off her son in the forest! Walking with backpack behind, he has so far refused to walk. That has me to learn biking over rough terrain.As always, the night before, checked iron horses (bolts tightened slightly lubricated with graphite grease the chain, pumped wheel). Specially son accustom to all the outputs into the forest to prepare thoroughly. At this time we decided to take a «Fiskars X7» (without him in the woods a bit boring!) And I, without hesitation, attached it to the frame of the bicycle luggage elastics. It turned out pretty good! In a separate Read more [...]
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Exterior Clip, Mar 2004

Stephen Koch ascent Tibet's 24,890-foot Changzheng to acclimate ahead his try to snowboard the northerly boldness of Everest     Photograph: Prize MentumF E A T U R E S TRIPS OF A Life Tag your go dreams with 48 handpicked adventures guaranteed to meet every typecast of winding individual Oecumenical Furious Trek to the spirit of Patagonia; oscillation Italy's unexplored southerly hills; plunk New Zealand's scintillation Hauraki Disconnect; and lots more heroic journeys, from California to Kenya. Addition: The Actuate of the Class winners—we blue-ribbon the mankind's Read more [...]
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Edible plants. What to do?

Useful tips: • You cannot eat everything plants, many of them poisonous. • Use only those plants that you know. • Do not eat mushrooms. • If you are in doubt, edible plant or not, squeeze of its leaf juice. Juice milky color indicates that the plant is poisonous. (The only exception is the dandelion. In particular, it helps with diarrhea). • RUB your lips with the juice and put a small piece of sheet on the tip of the tongue. If for 4-5 minutes appears burning sensation or bitterness, this plant is not good to eat. • Not suitable for food Read more [...]
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Family PM.

Survivalist family dedicated ... Drew the attention of many spread their PM or NAE, do not take into account the fact that you have to leave your house is not one. In my case it's three people, his wife and 8 month old baby. After some thought, I decided to make a version of the PM and the family came to the conclusion that it is necessary to assign responsibilities and workload. Sorry, bad quality pictures (burned my fotik fotkal on phone) I carry a backpack, wife carrying a child, for this purpose I was bought a backpack "Camo" 45 liters. Wife bought Vest "Grouse", and a backpack to carry the Read more [...]
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Primorsky Krai hit of spring in winter

Snow in Vladivostok April 13, 2010 According to the maritime weather forecasters day April 13 in the region are expected strong gololёdnye phenomenon. Evening of April 13 and April 14 at night on the coast Terneisky area expected to be very heavy snow with the amount of 20 mm or more in 12 hours or less, a strong storm at the north-east wind of 25-30 m / s. To avoid emergencies Defence Ministry of Emergency Situations of Russia Primorsky Krai encourages all residents and guests of Primorye to follow safety rules, unnecessarily on the road and the edge of the city not to leave. Fishermen should Read more [...]
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What pedal would you intimate for triathlons?

A:Indisputable, that's not arduous. Thither's so often over-capacity in the wheel diligence these years that a g?less, peradventure?testament buy you quite squeamish cycle.The beginning choice is merely to buy a cycle at the ret degree. One real commodity wheel that you can well incur is the Hulk OCR 1, which retails for $1,100 but plausibly can be had for approximately that chiliad cross. This is a helluva motorcycle for the money: igniter aluminium bod, Shimano 105 components, Mavic wheels. I don't acknowledge of a improve batch on a route wheel anyplace. Monster can wrench it off because, A) Read more [...]
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Family outing or as I accustom wife to forest hikes.

So I finally wrote his article "as went into the woods" ... But not just went and pulled out the nature of his wife!] Since we moved to a new location, a new region in the western part of the country, after some studies in a new place, my heart broke, and I decided, sleeves, so to speak, for exploration by lying near the woods and fields around the city. Well, now, after much persuasion and promises to fry sausages in nature, she agreed to accompany me. Looked Google map, a small planned route with a total length of 10 km, with a stop in the middle of the road at the camp, with roasted over Read more [...]
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What’s a dear distich of lightness, lasting travelling knickers?

A:I hold with your girlfriend-those zip-off bloomers are trusted commodious, but they're fantastically dorky. Summation, I gotta cerebrate every dip, bunko, and corrupt shit possessor on the satellite sees those as a smart ne signaling that howler out, "I'm not from hither! I'm incapacitated!!" Both campaigner bloomers are reasonably commodity. Ex Officio's Adventurer Knickers ($56) are made of a whippersnapper nylon that dries quick and is reasonably crease-resistant. One dainty boast is a gusseted inseam, which agency an supererogatory slice of framework is sewed done the genitalia Read more [...]
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The MASSACRES AND Brutal Confrontation of the CROWD.

At some point, the weight begins to massacres and brutal confrontation. With all this accumulation youth behave very intensely. Lots of mobs does not act spontaneously. Combat scenarios crowd invent developers - people non-standard, having an unusual style of thinking. Behind the front line of the crowd of soldiers can expect different surprises, for example the barriers small level, on which the weight knows, and the police don't. With a sharp retreat of the crowd back she strides through these barriers and servicemen, which of them do not know rashly stumble and fall on their faces, dropping Read more [...]
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Volcanoes wake

A team of scientists from the University of Melbourne (University of Melbourne), Australia, found that Australia may soon wake up dormant volcanoes, according to NTV. "Volcanic eruptions occurred in Australia every 2 thousand. Years. However, the last volcano woke up 5 th. Years ago "- said one of the scientists. Given that only one in Queensland about 400 volcanoes, and in the states of South Australia and Victoria have about the same sudden awakening of the volcano can cause a lot of trouble to residents and industry. In particular, if awakened from most of them. In spring 2008, Chaitén Read more [...]
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Rural Toilet

We are all mortal, and alas, not gods. Possess a number of remarkable properties excretory. Fixated on the digestive trakte.I so ... walking on a street not in a rush, we build a toilet. Method 1 In order to build rural toilet, we need quite a bit: the head that thinks hands properly growing, and a small set of tools.Tools and materials:* Timber 100100 * Beams 50x50 * Particleboard (plywood) * Hacksaw on wood * Planer * Screwdriver (screwdriver) * Hammer Nails * 80 mm * 40 mm screws Slate * 1 sheet (galvanized sheet) * Foam sheetConstruction of toilets1. To build a toilet, initially decide Read more [...]
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How do companies quantity the bulk of a knapsack?

A:In the outdoor-gear humankind, nearly all measurements and specifications suffer to be interpreted as more of an consultive than a modishness. One mortal may slumber warm in one 30-degree bag, but lonesome marginally cordially in another; about size-nine boots fit me hunky-dory, others are too rigorous. The like is lawful with packs. Around makers balk the mass with the ramp pinch clear up, around don't. About, I recall, build in their pockets, but mayhap not all. And thither are assorted methods for measurement the mass itself-filling them with dehydrated beans, so computation the loudness of Read more [...]
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Tasmania recorded the mass death of dolphins

The mass death of dolphins recorded in the west of the island of Tasmania. About 40 mammals jumped in the shallow water, and half of them died, according to ITAR-TASS. According to the representative of the Ministry of Environment, the rescuers are doing everything possible to save the life of the remaining individuals. Most of the strandings were females and their young. At the moment the rescue boats organized support survivors of dolphins in the ocean. Scientists still have not figured out the reason that makes marine mammals from time to time to leave their native element. In this regard, Read more [...]
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TIPS just IN CASE, BUT the CASES ARE Different… [3]

So, part three. At the moment, I'll tell you where and why you need to dump. Remember, up to this point, we specifically analyzed the MOST severe SCENARIOS. At the moment we do the same. Doing it on purpose, "why?" think, do not need to explain.So, very bad option: we practically without food and guns were out of town. In the benchmark any of you should take in advance (at the moment), map and outline on the map a few places where you can retreat. NO heroic feats Let off the foam, and there are already awake to understand where and what happens. You need to take place in the direction of the cardinal Read more [...]
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Secrets of marksmanship

All health!)) Just read interesting stuff, and I think you need to share with reputable survivalist. Read the link here:
Sincerely Ninja.

The signs of the change clear weather to cloudy. What to do?

• The sun is setting behind the clouds, red dawn, the night stars and the moon is not visible, or around them there is a crown. • At night, no dew, fog, sunrise is not dissipated. • Frogs are silent. • Swallows fly above the earth, seagulls gather on the shores and bathe in dust, the sounds of forest birds cannot hear. • Ants hide in anthills, insects in the air and on plants is not visible, the bees return to the hive, the worms crawl on the surface of the earth. • The flowers of the plants are closed, in the axils of leaves visible droplets of water, the smell of plants grow. • Read more [...]
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Eruption of the volcano in the Krasnodar Territory

The eruption of the mud volcano started Hephaestus on Mount Rotten Temrjuksky area (Krasnodar region). Volcano wakes up every 5 years, mud gush to a height of 3 meters. According to "New Television of Kuban" for locals erupting mud volcano not a threat - to the nearest house more than 100 m. However, the volcano is a very strong smell of methane gas concentration is so great that it can catch fire, so light a fire near the volcano can not be . Hephaestus can erupt from several hours to several days. Total Taman Kuban volcano 62, 12 of them from time to time "wake up". Source: The South Previous Read more [...]
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