The civil war in our city in 1918-1919.

Nizhny Tagil, in the village and its surroundings were fierce battles. Nizhny Tagil City Historical Archive (NTGIA) offers our readers archival documents, which reflect the events of those years. From the memories of the chairman of the Revolutionary Committee of the city VR Nosov: "Civil War in Nizhny Tagil began June 13, 1918 since the Nevyansky speech parts of the White Army, who was arrested in Nevyansk executive committee, arrived by train and took us in Nizhny Tagil military warehouse, where at that time lodged a company of Red Guards, the railway station and part of the adjacent streets Read more [...]
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CIVIL ARCHITECTURE subdivided into the arch. lived. and societies. buildings and complexes. Prof. formation of GA started simult. colonization W. Rus. at p. First of military defense and industrial. towns (urban planning, architecture). First he lived. and civil. Build XV-XVI centuries. in the upper Kama erected in a tree in accordance with the traditions of Novgorod, Moscow. and Yaroslavl architecture. To the present day, these structures were not preserved, but the first stone buildings: Stroganov mansion Usolye (1688), the House of Commander in Solikamsk (1724), the House of Commander Kungur Read more [...]
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Citizen Gorilla

Private Gorilla Colonels Ampilov and Vavilov were sitting in the military and drank tea. Ampilov was a staff officer, Vavilov - the battle, and the tea was sugar. - So that shortfalls recruits going to do? - Asked the staff officer Ampilov. - Old for a second time in the army will call - Joyful Vavilov said - you need a someone to defend the homeland! Here recruiting office door opened and she entered the gorilla. Staff officer climbed along with tea under the table, and a military officer Vavilov, who is not seen before, went to the gorilla and cordially shook hands with her. - Conscript? - Conscript! - Read more [...]
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URBAN PLANNING activities spatial org-tion us. places and settlement systems aimed at forming Manuf., Social-Engineering and Transport. infrastructure, p., reconstruction, restoration, modernization architect. complexes, facilities improvement, gardening. G. includes legislative regulation, soc. and economic planning, architect. and engineering design, scientific. Inst. and org-tion p. Manuf. combines utilitarian and practical and aesthetic aspects hud.. G. carried out in the interests of citizens, environment places ist. existing resettlement prospects Social-economic development, national and Read more [...]
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GOELRO a single host. Plan prepared by the State. Commission for Electrification of Russia at the Dep. electrotechnical. prom. Supreme Economic Council in 1920 under the hands. Krzhizhanovsky. Following the org-tion the Supreme Economic Council, nationalization prom. transport and the question was raised about the preparation state. recovery plan and the development of cum. x-va country. Development of the plan was initiated by Lenin. In the Draft Plan of scientific and technological work, written in 1918, he demanded that the Supreme Economic Council to instruct the Acad. Sciences to form a number Read more [...]
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HOFFMANN Ernst Karlovich

HOFFMANN Ernst Karlovich (08.01.1801, Moscow Pyaystel -23.05.1871 near Dorpat, Dorpat), geologist, geographer and traveler. Rod. in the family pastor. He graduated from the University of Dorpat University (1827). In 1837-42 Professor. Kiev, St. Petersburg in 1845-63. University Comrade. G. did in 1828-29 Yuzhnour., In 1847-50 Severour. expedition, and in 1853-59 at sea level. Gornozavodsk env. As a result, open ridge Pai-Khoi and Mount Konstantinov Kamen (1848), clarified the origins of the Pechora Urals, White et al. P. Defined altitudes of several mountains and us. points studied field yellow. Read more [...]
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Ready to ascend the number one

     Dismantled last summer with the roof Drama Theatre allegorical statues of Science, Arts and Labor will soon take their rightful place under the former heaven. But it will be no longer the same for half a century dilapidated concrete sculptures, and their replicas cast from silumina aluminum-silicon alloy.     The other day we visited the workshops LLC "Taghilsky casting" and personally convinced that the readiness for the upcoming rise of 25-meter height is almost absolute. "Crouched before the start" Outdoors figure boy in working overalls Read more [...]
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Is thither one thrill to boost and rise the Americas?

Ace Alpinista     Picture: courtesy, VasqueFirst-rate AlpinistaA:No, not a marvellous edict at all. Formerly upon a metre we fair went to REI, bought "climb boots," and did everything in them?hiked, climbed Rainier, climbed rock-and-roll (true, not ok), and ne'er mentation approximately the feeling we requisite a unlike duo of boots for every activeness. My own cerebration is that the Inverno ($300;, an first-class pliant rush, may be overmuch. Enceinte for the cold-blooded/icy bits, less saint for things comparable tramp on dry (if furrowed) trails. Read more [...]
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STATE ARCHIVE Chelyabinsk area (GACHO)

STATE ARCHIVE Chelyabinsk area (GACHO) the establishment of the State. Archival Service of the Russian Federation. In 1921 he created Chelyaba. lips. archive, converted in 1924 in the env., 1931 Chelyaba. Dep. Lv. region. archive, since 1934 the State. Chelyaba archive. region. Contains more than 400 tys.del approx. 8 th. Fotodok-ing. History region. reflected in the funds Commissioner Miasskoe fortress Iset prov., Art. Orenbah boards. Cossack troops, Chap. management Kyshtym mountain s-ing, Ch. office Zlatoust mountain s-ing, Nyazepetrovsk, Kusa, Satka and others. bourgeois institutions. Bp. Read more [...]
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STATE ARCHIVE Tyumen region (GATO)

STATE ARCHIVE Tyumen region (GATO) the establishment of the State. Archival Service of the Russian Federation. In 1922 the Tyumen Province. archive, in 1923 transformed into a temp., 1930 Tyumen mountains. archive, from 1934 Ob-Irtysh region. archive, from 1935 Tyumen fin. Omsk region. archive, from 1941 Tyumen branch of Omsk region. archive. Since 1944 the State. archive Tyumen region. Contains more than 311 thousand. Affairs, St.. 5 th. Fotodok-ing. History region. reflected in the collections of the Tyumen mandative hut, Tyumen voivodship offices, the Office of the Commandant, the mountains. Read more [...]
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STATE ARCHIVE Sverdlovsk area (JI-AP)

STATE ARCHIVE Sverdlovsk area (JI-AP) the establishment of the State. Archival Service of the Russian Federation. In 1919 he established ECAT. lips. archive, in 1923 transformed into Eq. region., 1934 Sverdl., 1941 State. Sverdl archive. region. Contains more than 900 thousand. Cases approx. 50 thousand. Fotodok. History region. reflected in the collections of Ur. Mining Department, the Office of the Sec. s chief of mountain-ing Eq. Ridge, Ch. ECAT office. s-ing, Ch. Management s-ing Demidov ECAT. Lapidary f-ing, local government institutions owls. period, controls cum. x-tion, planning and statistics, Read more [...]
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STATE ARCHIVES PERM REGION (GAPO) the establishment of the State. Archival Service of the Russian Federation. In 1919 he founded Perm. lips. archive, converted in 1923 in Perm. env. Ur archive. region., in 1930 in Perm. Dep. Sverdl. region. archive. Since 1938 the State. archive Perm. region. Contains more than 610 thousand. Cases approx. 50 thousand. Fotodok-ing. Max. Newer docs columns XVII. (Enslaving write petitions, bills of sale). History region. reflected in the collections of the Governor's Office, the lips. government, Perm. Mining boss enterprises large factory owners (Abamelek-Lazarev, Read more [...]
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STATE ARCHIVE ORENBURG REGION (GAOO) the establishment of the State. Archival Service of the Russian Federation. In 1919 he created Orenbah. lips. archive, converted in 1921 to C. edge archive Kyrgyz Republic., in 1925 reor-. in Orenbah. lips. archive. Since 1941 the State. Orenbah archive. region. Contains approx. 670 thousand. Cases, more than 6 thousand. Fotodok-ing. History region. reflected in the funds Orenbah. expedition Orenbah. Commission lips. Board, the expedition border affairs, military institutions Orenbah. Cossack troops, management Tashkent railway, hoz.-economic institutions, Read more [...]
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STATE ARCHIVE OF SOCIAL AND POLITICAL DOCUMENT KURGAN REGION (GAOPDKO) the establishment of the State. Archival Service of the Russian Federation. In 1944 organized partarhiv Coorg. Regional Committee of the CPSU (b), with August. 1991 Branch Coorg. oblgosarhiva. Contains more than 556 thousand. Cases approx. 2 thousand. Fotodok-ing. Archive holds funds desks., Komsomol bodies and org-tions Coorg. region., docs to-ryh reflect their formation and activities characterize obschestv.-watered. and Social-economic condition of the region. (1919-91). There are memories and personal docs veterans party Read more [...]
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State Archive of Contemporary History and Social-Political Movement PERM REGION (GANIOPDPO)

State Archive of Contemporary History and Social and Political Movements PERM REGION (GANIOPDPO) the establishment of the State. Archival Service of the Russian Federation. In 1939 established as a region. partarhiv. Contains more than 842 tys.del, communication. 11.7 thousand. Fotodok-ing. Stored funds desks., Komsomol bodies and org-tions region. Docs reflect their activities in the field part. and state. p., management cum. x-tion, describe the state of the economy, science and culture in the region. The earliest docs are dated 1900, you fotodok 1890. Author: Svetlakov VGRead more [...]
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In Tver send more water

One of the areas flooded Tver, the evacuation of local residents. To some of the houses emergency workers can be reached only on their inflatable boats. Water is coming, and it must be pumped. Marina Dominina, local resident: "Rescuers worked through the night. We begged them not to stop, because if they are left all around would flood. " Many residents, mostly senior citizens, refuse to leave the house. Floods are common in the area, but such a strong flooding has not already been more than 10 years, reports NTV. Source: NTV Previous News: · Flooding threatens two million Russians · Read more [...]
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Hypnotics and sedatives

The theme of the publication. I would like to comment on versed in medical preparations Komrad able to hear whether at least one of the following drugs to lull a person instantaneous?Insomnia can be caused by different reasons: neuroses, nervous and mental disorders, emotional day, fatigue, etc. People can not always cope with insomnia, so enlists the aid of sleeping pills and sedatives. They regulate the function of the central nervous system, including sleep. Antipsychotics have a soothing and antiseptic properties. Tranquilizers thanks calming effect weaken manifestations of neurosis.Barbiturates. Read more [...]
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STATE ARCHIVE KURGAN REGION (GAOPDKO) the establishment of the State. Archival Service of the Russian Federation. In 1924 created Coorg. env. archive, in 1934 transformed into a fin., in 1941 a branch of the State. Chelyaba archive. region. Since 1943 GAKO. Contains more than 400 thousand. Cases approx. 9 thousand. Fotodok-ing. History region. reflected in the collections of Coorg. Mountains. council, township and villages. boards, Coorg. env. Court, Coorg. Dep. Mosk. of the Society with. x-va, the Union of Siberian butter-making cooperatives, Coorg. y. Commissioner, the revolutionary committees, Read more [...]
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STATE DUMA Representat. legislative institution in Russia. On the creation of GD stated in the manifestos of Emperor Nicholas II on 06.08.1905 and 17.10.1905. Elections in I GD (27.04. 08.07. 1906) took place in February. From March 1906 lv. lips. (Vyatka, Orenbah., Perm., Ufa) in it were elected 43 dep., 17 of them liberals (Constitutional-Democratic Party, and others.) 9 bespart. 7 moderate (Union of October 17. Etc..), 5 Progressives, 4 lion. (AKP RSDLP, etc..), 1 pr. (Union of Russian. Nation). GD II (20.02. 06.02.1907) was elected in January. Feb. From 1907 W. it passed among the 43 depots. Read more [...]
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Tithing Sovereign’s arable land

Tithing Sovereign's arable land breech arable land, to-Rui treated with t. called. Pashennoye cross. forcibly. Existed W. (almost exclusively in the trans-Ural y.) With end of the XVI in. to 1762 Occurrence G.D.P. was associated with the severity of the food problem in the new developed outskirts gos Islands. Land under G.D.P. stood separate from the cross. tillage array. Cross. Sobin arable land usually located next door in the general district boundary line or settlement. Hands. all with a / c works on G.D.P. the clerk was appointed governor. Initially, the scope of work was established by governors Read more [...]
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Site "Survival in the wild nature", glad to see you. If you come to us, it means you want to get complete information about survival in a variety of extreme conditions, in emergency situations. Man, throughout the development, sought to preserve and protect themselves from the various negative factors surrounding it - cold, heat, hunger, dangerous animals and insects.

Site structure "Survival in the wild nature" is simple and logical, selecting a specific section, you will find information. You will find on our website recommendations and practical advice on survival, unique descriptions and pictures of animals and plants, turn-based scheme to trap wild animals, tests and reviews of travel gear, rare books on survival and wildlife. The site also has a large section devoted to video on survival survivalist-known professionals around the world.

The main theme of the site, "Survival in the wild nature" - is to be ready to be in the wild, and the ability to survive in extreme conditions.

The Survival in the wild nature - how correctly to behave, it having appeared in an emergency situation. Ability to find a way out from any situation: to kindle a fire, to put traps, to prepare food, to arrange dwelling and a lodging for the night; to learn to knit knots, to clear water, to be guided by districts, correctly to choose equipment, a knife. Also you can download directories to tourists, encyclopedias survivals, video Bear Grills to Survive at any cost (Man vs. Wild).