Do goggles do punter than spectacles for mountaineering?

Cap Polarized Goggles     Picture: courtesy, ArdourElan Cap Polarized GogglesCap Polarized GogglesA:Spell mountaineering spectacles such as Julbos employment comfortably in well-nigh cases, I do alike the duplicate security afforded by goggles. My guessing is that you?ll be round helicopters around, and goggles give lots punter eye auspices when scatter and bamboozle first to puff about. Like goes for real high-pitched winds.You?ll be trump off with a polarized duad of goggles (to slenderize glower) in a rosiness/dark-brown lense tinct to pulley overweening luminosity and growth Read more [...]
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Kopeyskoye ENGINEERING WORKS Regular. in 1941 in g.Kopeyske Chelyaba. region. based Kopeysk Ore Repair and evacuated from the Donbass Gorlovka h-huh. In the years. WWII carried out orders of the defense ind., In 1942, concurrently. proceeds to repair, and in 1943-1944 the manufacture of cutting machines. In the postwar period the plant was increased its Mfr. capacity building foundry, fur. thermal and shops that specialize in allowing Mfr. mining heading technique. By Ser. 1980s KMZ it produced binding. 85% of the total count of no. country road headers swept slave. body, 90% of mining machinery Read more [...]
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Kopeyskoye city ​​region. subordination Chelyaba. region. Located on the eastern. W. slope, 18 km to the south-east from Chelyaba. The first settlement. appeared in 1907 in the development of Chelyaba. kam.-ug. mines. In the years. roar. events and civil. war settlement. became a place of fierce confrontation between supporters of the white and red movements. In owls. period, there were explored new fields of coal, construction of new mines and the village. In the years. prewar five miners K. began to mine coal by lava, have never been used in Russia. In 1940 on Kopeyskoye mines coal produced Read more [...]
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In the art of survival the principal element is the ability to mend with the help of funds under the hand of his clothing and equipment, and use of natural resources for the production of guns.

• Repair of clothes.Torn clothes can be sewn with the help of improvised material or glue, using as an adhesive pine resin and a piece of cloth. For this torn clothes turvy twist, rupture dock and lubricated resin. Then smeared on the site is protected with a piece of cloth and smoothed heated on the fire, flat stone.• Repair and ready for shoes.One of the fundamental qualities of survival is correctly fitted shoes, timely care which is the key to its preservation. Leather shoes can be wiped some unsalted fat (better fat waterfowl) or wax. The Shoe is applied to a narrow layer of hot oil (wax), Read more [...]
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CONFIGURATION the biggest W. and confectionery company in Siberia prom., ECAT. Produces up to 5% of Manuf. confectionery products in Russia. MY. 11 kinds of products (chocolate, candy, caramel, candy, marshmallows, cookies, etc..), More than 250 names. Assignee Sverdl. Manuf. Unions confectionery prom., established in 1976, since 1990, the company leased Confit. From 1993 on the Joint of the closed type. Ingredients: confectionery f-ka (formerly. Sverdl. Confectionery f-ka number 1, was commissioned in 1967), a subsidiary of bargaining. Housing (formerly. Sverdl. confectionery f-ka number 2 converted Read more [...]
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Chilean city of Concepcion moved 3 meters

A powerful earthquake in Chile has led to the fact that the city of Concepcion, located 400 km southwest of Santiago, moved to 3 meters in a westerly direction. Precise GPS-measurements geographical coordinates indicate that the capital of Chile - Santiago also shifted by 28 cm to the west. Moreover, even the capital of Argentina - Buenos Aires, located 1,300 kilometers from the epicenter, moved 2.5 cm to the west.Arrows indicate the direction of displacement of the earth's crust. Photo source: University of Hawaii Source: Nature Previous News: · The earthquake shifted the Chilean coast · Read more [...]
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KONTOROVICH Peter G. (04 (17) .03.1905, Klimovichi, Mogilevsk.gub. 27.02.1968, Sverdlov.), Mathematician, Ph.D. (1941), prof. (1942). Rod. in the family of the employee. He graduated from Kazan University (1930). 1930-38 teacher Sverdl. Energy Institute, 1941-68 Head. department at USU. K. one of the DOS. ur. scientific. algebraic school. Author of 40 Publ. Algebra, Chap. arr. on the theory of groups. Awarded hordes. Tr. Cr. Sign. Vol .: Group with a basis of partition. 1,2,3 // Sbornik: Mathematics, 1943 vol.12; 1946 v.19; 1948 T.22; Structural problems in group theory // Mathematical notes Ural Read more [...]
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Contracting (From the contract, ie a contract), the shape of Manuf. communication with state-va cross. x-you in 1920. K. essence was that between the State. bodies and the cross. x-you (alone or combined in a co-operators) consisted of dog. for the supply of state-woo with / agricultural products, seeds, raw materials in certain quantities and at a set price. Cross. pledged to improve product quality, increase Manuf., increase productivity tehn. and crops, productivity alive Islands, and state-of -Providing agronomic, zootechnical assistance, provide equipment, seeds, etc. Organizational work Read more [...]
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Comparative review of portable radios

Continuing recently hosted benchmarking portable amateur radio stations want to share one more very good comparative review. All those wishing to soon buy a walkie-talkie - recommend reading both publications. Well, of course, share your views and ideas. So there you go ...The purpose of this test is not to identify and award ceremony for the best radio you can buy for the money. Our task is simple: show the most common of the available models, compare them, make recommendations for any possible use cases.Little about standardsLet's start in chronological order, ie with FRS, which means Read more [...]
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Constitutional Democratic Party (KDP Cadets)

Constitutional Democratic Party (KDP Cadets) Ross left-liberal. watered. Party organization was formed in October. 1905 The second title People's Freedom Party. Opposed the violent social upheavals, the evolutionary way of development of society, ensuring the democratic rights of the individual. Was in consistent opposition to the policy of the tsarist government. Leader PNMilyukov. W. organization efficiency acted in late 1905 in Vyatka, Glazov, Yekaterinburg, Orenburg, in the beginning of 1906 in Perm, Verkhoturie Irbite, Kamyshlov, Kotelnich, Nizhny Tagil, Shadrinsk et al. Total org-tions KDP Read more [...]
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Konstantin Polenov in dependence of

The 300th anniversary of the Ural metallurgy Gainful employment of my ancestors associated with iron and hang out with-Shaitansky ironworks: great-grandfather and great-grandfather were there masters puddling furnaces: to produce high quality iron. Grandfather worked at the plant named after Kuibyshev, and parents engineers NTMK. From generation to generation by our family stories about the dependence of the plant-Shaitansky Demidov. And they often mentioned the name of his lord Polenov. Admired: a highly educated man, and to know the subtleties of factory work. Never shouted Read more [...]
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Konstantin Pavlovich Polenov

 More than 40 years in the factories of the Nizhny Tagil district worked outstanding Russian metallurgist Konstantin Pavlovich Polenov. He was born June 25, 1835 in the province of Kostroma. After graduating from high school he entered the Moscow University of Physics and Mathematics Department, from which he graduated with a gold medal in 1856. He was allowed to come directly from the university to the Academy of the General Staff in the department of surveying, for which he was enrolled in the horse artillery and made the rank of ensign. In 1858 he graduated from the Academy and began working Read more [...]
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Konstantin Novoselov won the Nobel Prize in Physics 2010

     Constantine lives in the UK, but was educated in Russia. Has Russian and British citizenship. Now he works primarily on University Manchester. It was there and it caught the news of the award of academic awards.     Biography. Constantine S. Novoselov born August 23, 1974 in Nizhny Tagil. 39 finished school in Nizhny Tagil. In 1997 he graduated from the Faculty of Physical and Quantum Electronics (FFKE) MIPT specialization "Nanoelectronics", Receiving a diploma. After graduation he worked for two years in Chernogolovka in the Institute of Microelectronics Read more [...]
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Konstantin lives in the UK, but was educated in Russia

Has Russian and British citizenship. Now he mainly works at the University of Manchester. It was there and it caught the news of the award of academic awards.     Biography. Konstantin Novoselov, born August 23, 1974 in Nizhny Tagil. 39 finished school in Nizhny Tagil. In 1997 he graduated from the Faculty of Physical and Quantum Electronics (FFKE) MIPT specialization "Nanoelectronics", Receiving a diploma. After graduation he worked for two years in Chernogolovka in the Institute of Microelectronics Technology RAS, was a graduate student at IMT RAS, and then went to the Read more [...]
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Mikhail Konovalov

Mikhail Konovalov (22.05 (04.06) .1905, der.Akarshur, Mozhginskogo district UDM. 09.05. 1938 repressed mind. Imprisoned), Udm. writer. Rod. to cross. family. Mozhginsky graduated from the Pedagogical College (1926), worked as a teacher. Since 1932 employee of the gas. Udmurt county. The press made in 1924 as a publicist. The winning author of plays force (1934), Pugachev (publ. 1975), Sb. stories Lucky Generation (1935) and Target (1935), novels, Scarface (1933) on the reconstruction of the Izhevsk s da during the Owls. power and Gayan (1936) about the history of the UDM. edge in the XVIII century. Lit Read more [...]
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What hydration mob leave livelihood me in the swallow on a wild half-marathon?

Diablo     Pic: courtesy, Ultimate FocusDiabloA:Full heartache?new to track and tackling a wild half-marathon in which you're expected to be mostly self-supporting? Challenging, I moldiness say! Is thither anything on the path? Evening duplicate irrigate? Because you're loss to demand perhaps a congius of liquified?at the really least, two to leash quarts?which is much to bear. That moderately practically obviates a lumbar camp such as The N Nerve's Dayhiker ($70;, which is a absolutely okay ingroup but I cogitate testament good rattling approximately overmuch Read more [...]
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Company Ufanet and channel UTV invite everyone to take part in an environmental project, "My city - my house." The project will take place prazdnichek, which will be a few sites, where everyone will be able to without the help of others to decorate eco-bags and get them a gift, take part in games, contests and a positive charge! Also on this day will be an exhibition of photos of nature Bashkortostan and streets of our town, in what may be involved as a Professor of paparazzi and fans. For a role in the exhibition should send their works to the electric adreskonkurs-ufanet @ In a letter Read more [...]
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The final stop. Next — traffic jams?

     Nizhny Tagil almost found himself in the grip of transport monopoly. City streets flooded bus. Are we waiting for traffic jams? Or alternative to many Gazelles still be found? Everything in the hands of the city administration. Goodbye tram!     Electric transport in – on the verge of extinction. Several routes have canceled–for the loss. For the rest of trams less and less. Now all the routes on weekdays out of 40 cars, and on the weekends – half. And in the future in the management of urban electric transport promise just cut flights. Read more [...]
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KONETSBOR V, KONETSBORSKY TYPE OF MONUMENTS parking, storage. archeology, Resp. Komi, Pechora district, 3 km to the south-east on p. Konetsbor Ave. Bank of the river. Pechora. Opened in 1964, Inst. V.I.Kanivtsom in 1969. Refers to the Copper Age. Located on the edge of the eroding III floodplain terraces. Pl. more than 300 square meters, excavated 27 sqm Revealed low-powered fireplace, around-cerned focused findings and ceramics stone implements. Ceramics for more than 20 thin-walled vessels poluyaytsevidnoy shape and round-conical bowl. Thick horizontal ornament covers all areas of the outer Read more [...]
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Care of sick and injured animals. What to do?

Animals and drugs Before you give the animal any medication, it is necessary to arrange his back to the wall and ask someone to help you keep the animal during the procedure. If you give tablets to a cat or dog, the main — is to get them to open their mouth. The cat needs to keep his head in one hand and the other in which you have located the pill, to put pressure on the lower jaw when the mouth opens, put in the tablet (see figure). Then you should close his mouth and keep it so as long as he will not swallow medicine. The dog's mouth should be open with both hands, pressing Read more [...]
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Site "Survival in the wild nature", glad to see you. If you come to us, it means you want to get complete information about survival in a variety of extreme conditions, in emergency situations. Man, throughout the development, sought to preserve and protect themselves from the various negative factors surrounding it - cold, heat, hunger, dangerous animals and insects.

Site structure "Survival in the wild nature" is simple and logical, selecting a specific section, you will find information. You will find on our website recommendations and practical advice on survival, unique descriptions and pictures of animals and plants, turn-based scheme to trap wild animals, tests and reviews of travel gear, rare books on survival and wildlife. The site also has a large section devoted to video on survival survivalist-known professionals around the world.

The main theme of the site, "Survival in the wild nature" - is to be ready to be in the wild, and the ability to survive in extreme conditions.

The Survival in the wild nature - how correctly to behave, it having appeared in an emergency situation. Ability to find a way out from any situation: to kindle a fire, to put traps, to prepare food, to arrange dwelling and a lodging for the night; to learn to knit knots, to clear water, to be guided by districts, correctly to choose equipment, a knife. Also you can download directories to tourists, encyclopedias survivals, video Bear Grills to Survive at any cost (Man vs. Wild).