Large river Kizil

First 30 km the river Large Dogwood flows south and then turns navostok to find the way between ridges and Krykty Irendyk.   In the upper and middle reaches of the river flowing between Big Kizil nevysokihzauralskih mountains covered with coniferous forests of pine and listvennitsy.V the upper and middle reaches of Big Kizil has character of a mountain river.  Then coming out of the mountains and plains of the river becomes vsepriznaki. Large Dogwood river abounding enough. In a huge water fit vernal floods or after rains on it, you can raft. Fishing on the Big Kizil. In Bolshennom Kizil Read more [...]
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Large river Inzer

As translated Inzer? Meaning hydronym "Inzer" is not fully elucidated, but for example AK Matveev removes it from the Bashkir the words "Unger", Hungarian, ie Hungarian river. It is understood that before the arrival of the Bashkirs, the Southern Urals Hungarians lived. And in the lower reaches of the river Inzer that nedavneshnego time to the number of extensions of the Great Inzer, is a village Bishaulyungarovo, ie 5 Hungarian villages. So this version is completely viability. Rafting on Bolshennomu Inzer. Large Inzer, river rafting. In the great water, from late April to mid-May, it is available Read more [...]
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Big River Eek

Holidays on the River Great Eek. PArk Muradymovskoe Gorge is a favorite vacation spot of the inhabitants of adjacent villages Fri, Bashkortostan and adjacent southern Orenburg region. In this connection, in the gorge rapidly developing infrastructure turizma.Stoit see that according to the monitoring, Big River Eek, together with the lake Kandrykul been recognized as the most untainted bodies of water in Bashkiria that about something says. Although some may be dirty. if on the banks of the river is almost no human Fri? Fishing on the Big Ick. Since the river Big Eek unblemished and has in its Read more [...]
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Prepare jars.Each "canned" greased perfecting (old engine oil). Not need to lubricate heavily, but carefully, otherwise will rust. Banks always take flat, superimpose them on one another and wrap the stack in the paper, too, missed oil. The resulting block put in a plastic bag tied, then the second package. Between packets insert paper with the name of canned production date, shelf life (when replacing a very useful, will not need to stir up the whole styling and open a package). Am ready to place blocks bookmarks.In block three cans. If the date of manufacture is different, then write a Read more [...]
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Big River Kalagaza

Next in for almost 25 km Large Kalagazatechet from north-east to south-west along the intermountain plain between ridges Uvan iNurgush. Flows into Yuryuzan right near the former village of Peter and Paul Fortress. In etommeste are scenic spots, and a lot of comfort in the parking bereguYuryuzani. As translated kalagaza. The word "kalagaza" translated from the Bashkir language, as "river with oxbow lakes and canals." Attractions on the river Big Kalagaza. Large Kalagaza is a monument of nature, as vney very untainted water. Are found rare species of fish such as grayling and ruchevayaforel.  In Read more [...]
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Bobrovka river and rocks on it

From the north-east into the lake flows into the river Shitovskoe Bobrovka essentially she is the source of the Iset. 45 Rocks on the River Bobrovka Rocks on the River Bobrovka are far away from the road leading to the village of Cedar. They are on the top of a small ridge, known among local residents called Pebble. Rocks extend from east to west. First from the east cliff – the highest, up to 7 m. They extend about 70 m, and suddenly ends. Next is the chain of granite boulders up to 1 m. Then rocks again rise up to 4-6 m, extend for another 50 meters and ends on the west slope of the Read more [...]
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River Berezyak

The length is 42 kilometers Berezyaka. The catchment area of ​​302 square kilometers. Also estimated that  from the source to the mouth of the difference in height Berezyaka channel is 360 meters or 9 meters per kilometer. This is a very significant bias. And if we apply the pleasant ways of comparison, we get for every kilometer channel almost four floors! River flows into the river Berezyak Yuryuzan to 338 kilometers above the mouth. After the merger, the Small and the Great Berezyakov, Berezyak flows over a sufficiently broad plain between ridges Nurgush and Berry Mountain. Designated Read more [...]
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Do not rush to throw out old Newspapers. They you will need.For briquette paper for previously crushed and soaked in water for 10-12 hours. You can stir it by hand, but you can construction with a mixer. Later, the mass is placed in a press. As the force that presses used in the main car Jack. Wring out the water from the mass. After pressing, remove the Jack, push the brick. Dry purchased fuel briquettes need 5-7 days. The combustion duration of such briquettes for about 2 hours, and the heat of combustion 2 times higher than in the coal. Well, the ashes you receive only 5%, while after Newspapers Read more [...]
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White River left tributary of the Kuban.

Snow White - River in the North Caucasus, is a left tributary Kuban (Flows into the Krasnodar Reservoir). Snow White River Main River Adygea. Ancient river-Circassian title Shhaguashhe (translated goddess of mountains or the mistress of the mountains). River Snow White second largest tributary of the Kuban.  The river is 273 km, basin area 5990 km. Source of the river begins at the Main, or the Great Dividing Range of the Caucasus, at the peaks and Fischt Oshten. In the upper reaches of the features of the mountain river canyon with a number of sites in the lower reaches becomes flat character. Read more [...]
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What pelting paraphernalia would you adopt the Inca Chase?

Inactiveness Crown     Exposure: courtesy, CloudveilCloudveil Inactivity CrownInactivity CapA:April is the scratch of the dry flavour in Peru, Ed, so that's one matter to regard. Not as dry as May or June, but fairly dry. Hush, it's besides the changeover month, and it mightiness not passage amply to ?the dry" when you're thither.So, pelting appurtenance. Yes. Waterproof-breathable. Yes. But aught too alien or expensive or big. You motivation something for showers or that leave answer if you hit roughly lengthy pelting. These years, the nonremittal post for those parameters Read more [...]
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River Asha

Asha River on the map: River View Asha. in a larger map Settlements along the river Asha. Asha River begins on the slopes of the Karatau. In the upper course flows in a deserted area. Once on the river were special settlements, towns and woodcutters uglezhogov. Verhneashinskoe, Ivanivka, Triad. At the current time on the river stands the village Sharpening, appeared once as a settlement manufacturers grindstone for axes, which plagued the nearby forest for the needs of Asha-Balashov plant. Worth seeing that Asha-Balashov factory, then Asha, until 1947, he worked on charcoal. By Ashe until 1959 Read more [...]
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River Atlyan

Major tributary of the river is Atlyana Syrostan starting on slopes Dividing Range and flows into the Uraltau Atlyansleva. At some sites the river plain. On the other imeetgorny temper.  Closer to the mouth protekaetpo swampy plain called yet Atlyanskoy floodplain. After Iremelskogogidrouzla, Atlyanskaya floodplain is the second largest in the supply vodoyverhnego the river Miass. In Atlyanskoy floodplain are Atlyanskie cuts vkotoryh once mined for gold. In general the whole area around Atlyana remembers times South Urals gold rush. On the banks of the river of the same name are Atlyan villages Read more [...]
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River Apchas left tributary of the Kuban.

Apchas (Pchas) - mountain river flowing in the Krasnodar Krai and the Republic of Adygea. Is a left tributary of the River Kuban. The river is about 120 km, basin area is approximately 550 km. Apchas river originates in the north-eastern slope of the kothi, north of the Great Caucasus near the top of the nameless. At altitudes below 400 m. Forward river flows for the Krasnodar Territory and flows into the Krasnodar Reservoir, 2 km from the village Necherezy. Prior to filling the Krasnodar Reservoir Apchas was left tributary of the River Marta. Earlier, the river was called Apchas Pchas. Tributaries Read more [...]
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Pregel River tributary Wegorapa enriched Baltic sturgeon

June 28, 2013 Polish fish farmers spent stocking juvenile sturgeon Wegorapa River. Release of juveniles was done in accordance with the arrangements of the Twelfth Session of the Russian-Polish Joint Commission for Fisheries (Warsaw, Poland, November 7-8, 2012.). The event was part of the Russian representatives of the town of Kaliningrad. Including attended by scientists "AtlantNIRO," officials of the West Baltic Territorial Administration Rosrybolovstva employees FGBI "Zapbaltrybvod" and Kaliningrad Municipal Technical Institute. As reported by the Federal Agency for Fisheries, stocking conducted Read more [...]
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Huge iceberg broke off Antarctica

Mertz glacier on the coast of Antarctica in the Southern Ocean broke giant iceberg - the area of ​​the upper portion is about 2.5 thousand square kilometers, which is comparable with the territory of the Duchy of Luxembourg. According to scientists this iceberg was pushed into the ocean by another giant iceberg. At the moment the iceberg is moving towards Australia. At the same time it passes through the region of the ocean where the cold water streams are formed involved in ocean currents. According to climate scientists from Australia, the iceberg would have a serious impact on these Read more [...]
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Urticaria. What to do?

Skin disease.


• the appearance of the skin pink traces plaques with white protruding means that cause severe itching.


• strict diet;

• cold compresses;

• anti-allergic tablets.

Out-of-door Clip, Sep 2007

Emile Hirsch in Lancaster, California, February 2007     Pic: Dan Winters "I Wishing THIS Picture TO Clutch Masses IN THE Nerve" (PODCAST Tie-in Presently UNAVAILABLE)11 age astern the issue of Jon Krakauer's Into the Angry, Sean Penn brings the unforgettable calamity of Chris McCandless to theaters with condemnation and compulsion. CHRISTOPHER KEYES goes on position in California. THE ALPHA Flake Eric Jackson, paterfamilias of the virtually whitewater-besotted kindred in the commonwealth, spanked kids one-half his age to suit the humanity freestyle-kayaking champion Read more [...]
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River Aduy

Aduy largest right tributary of Dir, begins north of Lake Baltic States, in the upper reaches flows through swampy forests in the lower reaches is very picturesque, famous for its fish. To get to the river Aduy, you need to get to the train station Kopaluha (section Sverdlovsk Egorshino). Road begins on the western outskirts of the camp Klyuchevskii Street School. After crossing a narrow-gauge road walk along the track to the west: it is and will lead to the riverbank Aduy (12 km). Along the way, it will cross the two right-hand tributary of the river Hvoschevku (just before its mouth) and Black. Then Read more [...]
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The secret base of the Russian government

According to many is in the Ural mountains, close to the ski center "Invision Power Board" where a frequent Vladimir Putin. Around the mountain bunker many rumors, and even residents of nearby communities do not really know what these objects ever since the "cold war" being built in the mountains.At the beginning of 21 century, Russian President Vladimir Putin became a frequent guest at the South Ural ski resort "Invision Power Board", located about 60 km from Magnitogorsk. Neither Putin nor his aides could not explain to the public why the President has chosen this place. Vladimir Putin & Read more [...]
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Special Forces raid Fisheries ‘Piranha’ rivers Volkhov and Sjas

Last week, in the Leningrad region in the waters of the rivers Volkhov and Sjas Inspectors of operational control, supervision and Fisheries of the Northwest Territorial Administration of the Federal Agency for Fisheries together with the staff of operational group "Piranha" Moscow-Oka terupravleniya Rosrybolovstva spent trawling reclamation for the detection and seizure of illegal fishing gear set by poachers.During the week of fishing control inspectors spent 5 raids to detect and prevent violations of fisheries and environmental legislation in the field of smelt spawning. - The main task Read more [...]
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Site "Survival in the wild nature", glad to see you. If you come to us, it means you want to get complete information about survival in a variety of extreme conditions, in emergency situations. Man, throughout the development, sought to preserve and protect themselves from the various negative factors surrounding it - cold, heat, hunger, dangerous animals and insects.

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The main theme of the site, "Survival in the wild nature" - is to be ready to be in the wild, and the ability to survive in extreme conditions.

The Survival in the wild nature - how correctly to behave, it having appeared in an emergency situation. Ability to find a way out from any situation: to kindle a fire, to put traps, to prepare food, to arrange dwelling and a lodging for the night; to learn to knit knots, to clear water, to be guided by districts, correctly to choose equipment, a knife. Also you can download directories to tourists, encyclopedias survivals, video Bear Grills to Survive at any cost (Man vs. Wild).