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Bequeath a bivy/quiescency bag combo get me done Goldeneye winters?

Dawning Bivy     Picture: courtesy, Outside EnquiryOut-of-door Search Morning BivyDayspring BivyA:Why am I reminded of the aspect toward the end of ?Mush Fabrication" when the Toilet Travolta lineament, Vincent, berates his protagonist Jules (Samuel L. Jackson) complete Jules's programme to forego the mobster biography and ?paseo the ground." Says Vincent disgustedly: ?You?ve distinct to go a bum."Which sounds alike what you?ve distinct to do. You don?t eve appear to be talk most ?tenting." It?s more comparable, ?receive a situation to quietus in the wood." Read more [...]
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Spine trap

Trap or Kapkalka small ridge east of Mount Big Yamantau, on the right bank of the river Big Inzer. The highest point of the ridge traps (Kapkalka) - 1175 meters. The length of the ridge is 3 kilometers. On the eastern slopes are mountain meadows, glades, the western slope - Zalesov. As everywhere in the Southern Urals, there are traces of the total logging. It is necessary to see that on a roll of the creek into the river Kapkalka Large Inzer once was a village a trap, where they lived dispossessed special immigrants. Currently, the village was only a glade. With Bashkir word "trap" is translated Read more [...]
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Spine Inzer rack-wheel

Map Inzer rack-wheel: View Ridge Inzer rack-wheel. in a larger map Inzer rack-wheel (Bashkiria) stretches from SW to NE in the upper left bank of the river. Tirlyan. Inzer rack-wheel ridge really small, its length from north to south, just 8 km away. The highest point of the ridge Inzer rack-wheel - anonymous tip in the central part of the range 1161 m. Attractions ridge Inzer rack-wheel. Spine Inzer rack-wheel is a lot of enthusiasm for lovers of unusual colorful landscapes. This rock bastions, cliffs and unusual crests. Ridge deserves to roam and climb on the rocks a rafting day long. And he Read more [...]
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Spine Zilmerdak

Map Zilmerdak: View Ridge Zilmerdak. in a larger map Zilmerdak, a mountain range in the southern Urals, in rep. Bashkiria, meridian stretches between the valleys of rivers Zilim (right tributary. Snow White) by Yu and Inzer (left tributary of the river. Sim) on C. The length of 78 km, the height above 700-900 m, the highest. point of 912 m (rocky ridge, alpine meadow), in the SW part of the range of 13.5 km in from the village. Tolparovo. Others. tops: Kiyauygan (831 m to the center. part) Kaltyshtash (796 m, in the second part). Folded sedimentary rocks vylkanogennymi. 2 km to the NE from the Read more [...]
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Fuel apocalypse.

Assume that you have bezdorozhnik petrol engine or any other vehicle, there is a tool, but no fuel. The simplest gas generator will come out of this situation. Of course for the assembly of this unit requires welding, but as they say - "Necessity is the mother (survivalist) the mother of invention", and on an empty stomach in the head two times faster than running. Instead of welding, such as riveting can be used, and the dowel pieces can be made of aluminum or copper wires. Bolting too has not been canceled. The principle of operation is based on gas-generating systems of gasification of solid Read more [...]
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Snow in Rome

In the Italian capital for the first time in the last quarter of a century it snowed. This rare phenomenon is explained by the cold snap. Under the influence of Arctic cyclone temperature dropped last night here to minus 4.3 degrees Celsius. In connection with snowfall city officials urge drivers and pedestrians to be careful when moving around the city. Several subway stations Roman stayed open all night for receiving and heating the homeless. Source: ITAR-TASS Read more [...]
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Spine Becht

Spine Becht (someone calls him a plateau) is near the village of Verhnearshinsky. This is a continuation of the ridge and Kumardaka Bacto each other. Some tend to believe Becht northern extension of the ridge Kumardak. Some, by contrast, the southern extension of the ridge bacta. Yet, Becht has its own title on the cards, although consonant with the word "bacta". With all of this, the population of the village Tyulyuk where ridge Bacto breaks its opposite ends, calls Bacto not on another Becht or Bikta. So of course, that in due time Becht was all part of the same ridge Bacto and its extension Read more [...]
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Do not rush to throw out old newspapers. They'll still come in handy.Watched recently about the American survivalist, "Waiting for the end of the world." One of the first series. There is one person with children briquettes made from newspapers. It interested me. And that's what I dig up the network.For the manufacture of briquettes and crushed paper previously soaked in water for 10 - 12 hours. It can be mixed by hand, and the building can be a mixer. Then the mass is placed in the press. Weight designs. As the force that presses, used mainly car jack. Squeeze water from the mass. After Read more [...]
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The keeper of the book heritage

     Scientific library of the museum, one of the oldest but the Urals. Its historical destiny is tied up with the fate of Russia, and so amazing, mysterious, and sometimes tragic. It was reflected in the mirror the complex composition of the library fund, which absorbed the fragments of numerous book collections of pre-revolutionary Tagil (private, public, school, etc.), and "persons" the books themselves their title diets often "decorated" several wide variety of possessory signs.     Particularly interesting and large soma over 6,000 books Read more [...]
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Keeper of memory (about Sokolov LV)

Spouses Leonid Sokolov and Anna M. returned from a walk out of the woods. It was a warm, sunny day, what are we in the Urals in the early summer, in June. All around were green and blossomed, and the soul is filled with joyful hopes and plans. Back in the village, looked at each other in bewilderment: the streets full of people, people gathered in groups, something they say, some crying. "Where are you? quickly running out to meet them, all in tears, her mother wailed. Twice you from the District Committee sent. War, Lenya!" Leonid Sokolov worked for a time as an instructor Polevsky Read more [...]
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The Story Keepers

On the eve of the International Day for Monuments and Sites in the reading room of the city's historic archive, an exhibition of "Know your edge" and held a "round table" in the framework of the Regional Scientific and Practical Conference "City, years, events, people" dedicated to the 290th anniversary of Nizhny Tagil . Employees archive, museum workers, historians, teachers gathered to discuss the problem of historic preservation and promotion of knowledge about native land. All recognized that alone or archive, or museum, or socio-pedagogical academy these problems can not cope, it is necessary Read more [...]
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Keepers and discoverers

     Ural land rich in talent. Last week held celebrations devoted significant date 260 years Ural lacquer painting on metal.     In general, the starting point of the date of adoption is rather arbitrary. That's when Demidov serfs svezennye the Urals from all over Russia, began to paint local products on iron, copper, bark     Maksyashin Alexander, professor of Russian professional Normal University:     Much has been said about podnosnoy painting, that in the Urals ancestor of this painting is the Nizhny Tagil. As in any other city Read more [...]
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Keepers of spiritual culture Polevsky edge. Founder Polevsky Museum (about KI Morshinine)

Konstantin Morshinin (1896 1988 years.) Was born in the Seversky plant of a shoemaker, all five children who received an excellent education. Constantine, a senior, finished in 1916, Chelyabinsk Pedagogical Seminary and began his teaching career as a teacher of primary school in Chelyabinsk. Until 1922 he worked in the schools of Chelyabinsk, Ufaleya and Seversky. In 1923 Polevskoy opened the first seven-year school (in the building at the street Illich, 93, is now the Polevskoi historical museum). Since its inception and until 1932 served as its director KI Morshinin. It was a school with new Read more [...]
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Hoping to undermine the oil and gas export Kremlin, Washington threw Europe the idea of energy independence. And enthusiasm began to promote it in those countries where nasality have genetic dread of some types of Russian hegemony. But the ecstasy subsided, when it became clear that the South American development of shale gas will transform Starenky Light in the global repository.Volunteers Stremersch Bureau International Investigations of the Eastern European States have collected data on the development of shale gas.Chemistry and lifeEuropean greenish in panic - increasing production of shale Read more [...]
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The imposition of a pressure bandage. What to do?

Your actions: 1. Lay the victim. If possible, remove clothes from the place around the wound and inspect it. 2. If the wound no foreign objects put on any clean, easily absorbing the blood of the material (cloth, a handkerchief, a piece of cloth and so on). If possible, raise the bleeding part of the body (it helps to slow the circulation of the blood and put it on top of the napkin, handkerchief or piece of cloth tightly rolled wad of cotton wool (or a roll of bandage, begin a tight bandage the wound. 3. If the bleeding is not stopped (you can see the blood seeping through the Read more [...]
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Khokhryakov Paul Danilovich

Khokhryakov Paul Danilovich (16 (28) .06.1893, der. Khokhryakov, Vozhgalskoy par., Vyatka province. 17.8.1918, p. Krutiha ECAT. Y. Perm. Lip.), Bolshevik sailor, participation. struggle for the establishment of owls. authorities W. Rhode. family farm laborer. Since 1914, the sailor of the Baltic Fleet cruiser Emperor Alexander II. In 1917, the agitator on fr., In Murmansk. The fall of 1917 with the mandate signed by Sverdlov arrived in ECAT. to assist the local part. org-tions in the creation of armed groups and consolidate the power of the Soviets, led by C. headquarters Cr. Guard (ECAT)., pers. Read more [...]
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Hohlovka Architectural and Ethnographic Museum, founded. in 1971 in the village. Hohlovka Perm. region. In 1980 received the status of a branch of State. region. Local History. muses. On ter. muses. pl. 42 hectares are 13 memory. Wooden Architecture end of the XVII beg. XX century, incl. memory. Rep. values. Among them watchtower (early. Twentieth century., P. Targovishte), 200-year-old belfry (with. Cheese) Bogoroditskaya Church (1694, p. Tohtarevo), Church of the Transfiguration (the beginning. XVIII century., P. Yanidor Cherdynskii district), and sat down. fire station (beginning. XX century. Read more [...]
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Abnormal cold regions in Russia

Altai dominated by abnormal cold. In some areas, the thermometer drops to the level of -50 °. Because of this, canceled classes in some schools. Do not learn nearly 15,000 children - half of the students of the country. Public utilities to supply heat to homes and social facilities to cope. As forecasters promise, frost that covered the region since the beginning of the week, will hold a few more days. Then a little warmer. To prepare a long frost and Kamchatka. By the evening in some areas to colder as -50 °. In this regard, the Regional Directorate of MOE passed emergency warning about Read more [...]
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Although between us for years and years

I was invited to celebrate the 260th anniversary of his native village. Like in my memory was held for the first time. Preparing for the trip, ask yourself: What do I know about my Balakina, where he was born, he went to the first class of the local school and lived until August 1942, when he was called to serve in the frontier troops? Historically, the military path of my stretches for forty-five years. But wherever they are: in the North Caucasus during the war, in the hot sands of Turkmenistan and other areas along the border of our country, I have always remembered the small and cute dear Read more [...]
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Hotolka right tributary of Nis.

Hotolka - river flowing in Krestetsky Novgorod region of. Is a right tributary of the niche. Belongs to the basin of the Baltic Sea basin of Lake Ilmen and the basin of the rivers - Niche, Volkhov and Neva. The direction of flow of the river Hotolka from east to west. In the lower reaches of the last two kilometers of the river bed is oriented in the south-western side. Source of the river is a swamp 5 km west of the village Snettsy. Mouth of the river is 45 km from the mouth of Nis and 1 km south-west of the village Hotoli. Localities. Hotolka deserted river, a locality situated on the left bank Read more [...]
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