Alarming ryukzachek

So decided to put up for discussion its alarming backpack. And he is actually in sbore.Sdelan soundly, wide straps and soft, All straps zipper Heavy kozhi.Prostrochen strong nityu.Edinstvennoe that does not suit a small capacity and accordingly forma.V future I plan to replace like this so the top cover has a backpack pocket to safely been removed card (is good enough) my location and location ZKP.karta hidden from moisture paket.tak same newspaper in the pocket is just in case. 2.Soderzhimoe side pockets-Pocket Saw, tucked Read more [...]
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Yacht «Standart»

July 3, 1914, Thursday. Gulf of Finland, Kronstadt. On the barrel to "raid Standard" stands in the retinue of 5 destroyers - "the Army", "Volunteer", "Moskvityanin", "Emir of Bukhara," "Finn" and the schooner "North Star" - the imperial yacht-beauty with 3 little folded out aft masts. In its form of restrained pride, but not arrogance; simplicity, grandeur and dignity. August family the other day, July 1, returned to her from the Crimea. Ordinary swimming, which from year to year being accomplished for 6 years to the mutual enjoyment and crowned passengers and crew. Yacht gorgeous and young, as Read more [...]
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Clear day and a midnight mist

At the end of the century Old-fashioned classics read, insatiable, from year to year. Old-fashioned love dream as a panacea for ills, all the adversity of the universe, personal - too ... Clear days are in the midnight darkness all grumble, all asking: who so inhuman to my land? Someone above cursed - not otherwise ... And, in spite of the passions of at least some, out of the wilderness of the soul heart-rending cry torn clarification in love ... Remembering Tyutcheva Snow in Russia - from summer to summer ... Slushy ... rainy ... neuyuta ... On the final century. That will sink into oblivion Read more [...]
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Rage rage without

Novel "Rage" recognizable British writer of Indian origin Salman Rushdie published in 2001. Russian translation was followed 10 years later. When it comes to Rushdie, hard bypass the main event of his biography - the publication of the novel "The Satanic Verses." Such effects on the political and cultural situation in the world, for sure, did not provide any novel in the second half of the twentieth century. Now the action that unfolded around the novel, known to everyone - the fatwa of Ayatollah Khomeini, the gap between Britain diplomatically relations and Iran, murder novel publishers. In the Read more [...]
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International Cartridge, Apr 2005

Rock'n'roll Suspensor Sara Carlson in Joshua Shoetree Home Green     Exposure: James AlbumenF E A T U R E S THE Bloc OF ECO From high-style homes to large pitch, hunky-dory nutrient, and eve flick sets, earth-friendly products and invention bear kaput upscale and downtown. We review the hottest goods for gilded greens animation. Concord Household The low-impact residency. By Florence Williams Racket Without a Break The new and improved bad nutrient. By Kimberly Lisagor Addition: Aspen's enviro-makeover , impudent cars , afters wandering homes , eco-appliances , Read more [...]
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Yaroslavsky Chest

Famous throughout Russia podnosny fishing is a unique phenomenon. Miraculously survived and dispersed in numerous museums, household items, as a rule, are still poorly understood. For a long time, for example, in the collections of the Yaroslavl Historical and Architectural Museum Reserve kept a dozen painted things from metal does not attract the attention of researchers. Only recently it was found that among them, and that, basically, the trays outside Moscow Zhostovo end of XIX century there are two Nizhny Tagil. This is confirmed by their riveted octagonal shape, high slit bumpers with "beads" Read more [...]
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Bright and rebellious. This was the music of Faith Lothar Shevchenko

     On Monday, June 28, more than two hours Tagilskaya musical elite enjoyed the game winners of the II International Piano Competition in memory of Vera Lothar-Shevchenko. The second festival is held in memory of her Russian cities associated with the great and tragic fate of the pianist. First his final concert took place in Nizhny Tagil.     With our town due creative revival pianist and a sense of freedom after the first sips of Stalin's camps. A big role in her life played a children's music school №1, where she appeared in a padded jacket in autumn 1952, Read more [...]
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Disturbed backpack. Summer version

It's summer and it is time perekomplektovat alarming backpack. On my winter PM can be read here.I must say, the purpose of the backpack - help with relative comfort and decent food to go 3 days (and two nights of normal sleep). Robbery korovanov, position battles, fishing game and fish in this goal not included.I tried as much as possible to make it as easy as possible. What I got - look under the cut. First look at the center. There I located clothing, bedding and mask.To sleep in my hammock stocked. I must say, not all sleep in it comfortably, but it is much easier with a sleeping tent. Read more [...]
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Yanushkevich and Decembrists

    Celebrated 185 years since birthday of the Polish revolutionary Adolf Yanushkevich Mikhailovich, who as political exile in 1853-1856 he served in the Nizhny Tagil.     Active participant in the Polish armed uprising 1830/31 years, he was tsarist court sentenced to death commuted to perpetual exile in Siberia. Crime for him so cruel punishment were the following circumstances.     Lieutenant insurgent army Yanushkevich was one of the leaders of the Legion Lithuania, Volhynia and the Ukraine, and his brother Eustace served as assistant chief of staff Read more [...]
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Yalkyn — a friend who believe

     The Palace of Culture III International celebrates the 20th anniversary of the People's team Tatar-Bashkir culture "Yalkyn". The same author anniversary at Theatre of Tatar culture. The ensemble and theater the same participants.     People come here with their entire families. Surnames Valiahmetova, Nartdinovyh, Ismagilov, Usmanov, Bilalova – the foundation of the ensemble. Warden and Elder – Flyura Shakiryanova, she is the author of some scenic miniatures. On account of the artists who have long crossed the amateur level, many official Read more [...]
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Yakov Darling: Urals until

     On the status of the sport in the city, its problems and achievements says the chairman of the Committee on Physical Culture and Sports of the city administration Frenkel Nice little.     In the near future in our city should appear just two football fields with artificial turf: the stadium "Youth" and "Jupiter". To date, the stadium "Youth" completely drain the reserve of a football field, the construction of the stands, fences and service space. After that will be announced on communications systems and asphalt tracks. The Read more [...]
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Yakov Litvinov and Sons

Jacob Litvinova rightfully should be put first in a series pervoosvoiteley Ural bowels. Because it involves the emergence of a new Russian state and very important for the country's industries - non-ferrous metallurgy. It was he who first pointed out the deposit, which was soon put the firstborn of the domestic industry mednoobrabatyvayuschey - Pyskorsky copper smelter. Who is he, Jacob Litvinov? Remained very little information about its origin, the path that led him to the Urals. One can only assume that, judging by the name, Jacob was the son of a Lithuanian - "Litvin". Probably because of those Read more [...]
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Yakov Kokovin

Yakov Kokovin was born and raised in the kingdom of stone. From the cradle he was surrounded by people who knew, understood and loved the stone. The marble was still working his grandfather Efstafy Kokovin. With sixteen years went «kamenotesnym pupil» on Gornoschitsky marble works and the father of Jacob Basil Efstafevich. Within a few years it «on knowledge of lapidary arts» transferred to Yekaterinburg Lapidary Works. Here Basil Kokovin became an apprentice and then master. With him in the early years of the XIX century «kamenodelnoe Art was presented at the factory Read more [...]
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Jacobin, a scientist, a metallurgist

     At the end of the XVIII early XIX century in the field of theoretical development issues metallurgical advanced French scientists laid the foundation for a new scientific approach to technology. Deciding to take advantage of their knowledge and experience, NN Demidov, owner of nine large, well-equipped Nizhny Tagil plants, decided to invite the Urals former Jacobin, scientist-metallurgist. Dr J. Ferry. Although zavodovladelets Demidov was a stranger any "freethinking" and was a staunch serf he made this decision because I was prudent businessman. He made much Read more [...]
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Sign Language

The birth of Romanian 1 Killed ROMAN - ALL moping. O Lord my God, forgive my soul vicious as they wept and argued, when the novel found dead and buried! Threw lumps of sticky clay, they knocked together on wood mac genre. Dead man spun, but a man of young singing full voice to drown scrape under the hood. The word "novel" eventually received almost humorous filling. So you go to visit a friend. To your question - that, say, scowling and generally do not shave, he mumbles like a novel (or "like") writing. In response, the phrase I personally would be in the language of spun ditty of the prewar period: Hi, Read more [...]
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Well-chosen Birthday, Internal Commons Overhaul!

Nowadays the Home Parkland Serve celebrates its 98th birthday by liberally oblation visitors justify approach to the parks it protects.Historiographer Wallace Stegner mightiness birth put it scoop when he aforesaid that "subject parks are the trump mind we e'er had. Dead American, utterly popular, they ponder us at our trump sooner than our whip." From the meter Relation created the Internal Ballpark Serve (NPS) in 1916 until now, the arrangement has grownup to manage 401 parks crosswise the Joined States.Every Founders' Day, green visitors get a birthday endowment: waived fees to all Read more [...]
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Turnout: Bolshegalyanskaya, 144

     The advent of capitalism in Russia inevitably led to the rapid growth of the proletariat, including, and in the Urals. Here, from 1865 to 1900, the number of workers increased almost three times, and the army of the proletariat of the Urals there were more than 100 thousand people. Moreover, the Ural craftsmen to be the most brutal exploitation. The working day was completely dependent on the arbitrariness of the breeder and was 12-16 hours. Because of technical backwardness many works, especially in the metallurgical industries were conducted manually. For example, the Read more [...]
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I asked the chief Belov: How’s lights on Gorbunovo?

     In August 2008, a group of residents of the street Gorbunovsky Leninsky district of Nizhny Tagil addressed to the then head of the city NN Didenko collective statement. People are asked to organize street Lighting, because over the past decade and a half Street Gorbunovsky by individual building lengthened almost doubled, and the lights on it has not increased.     After all, even in the wild nineties, it was found that street lighting reduces crime at times. And in accordance with the requirements of the well-known federal law № 131-FZ "On general Read more [...]
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I’m coming for you, Mary!

- At any cost be wary of unrest and problems! - Dr. Meynell said these words and bodrenkim measured tone. The last phrase of the doctor, instead of to reassure Mrs Harter, made her still a huge concern. - Do you rather weak heart - said Dr. patter - but nothing severe, I assure you. All the same, it would be good to construct an elevator. As you look at this? Mrs. Harter person expressed concern. - Elevator, xM repeated Dr. Meynell, unsuccessfully trying to come up with something nibudt uspokoitelnoe.- This will give you the opportunity to avoid undue stress. Of mandatory everyday walk - assuming Read more [...]
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I did not expect even that in Russia the production of braids began 270 years ago

 Home to such agricultural implements for mowing grass and breads became the Middle Urals, more precisely, the now defunct Byngovsky Plant, which was located in the 7 miles from Nevyansk.    In the chronicle he came in 1718, when he first earned his Molotov factories and smithy ten horns. This ironworks was built at the behest of the founder of the famous metallurgical Nikita Demidov dynasty Antufevicha. Here produced copper utensils, iron roof and other gear. And in 1731, after the completion of the first stagnant factory in Russia started doing braids that were of high quality. Read more [...]
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Site "Survival in the wild nature", glad to see you. If you come to us, it means you want to get complete information about survival in a variety of extreme conditions, in emergency situations. Man, throughout the development, sought to preserve and protect themselves from the various negative factors surrounding it - cold, heat, hunger, dangerous animals and insects.

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The Survival in the wild nature - how correctly to behave, it having appeared in an emergency situation. Ability to find a way out from any situation: to kindle a fire, to put traps, to prepare food, to arrange dwelling and a lodging for the night; to learn to knit knots, to clear water, to be guided by districts, correctly to choose equipment, a knife. Also you can download directories to tourists, encyclopedias survivals, video Bear Grills to Survive at any cost (Man vs. Wild).