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Affairs and concerns of the general

    Starting life path VL Rudenko usual for thousands tagilchan: in school, in sports, acted in Nizhny Tagil Engineering College, where he received the first special "Cutting". In 1967, a young specialist was sent to Vysokogorsky mechanical plant.

    Energetic, capable guy noticed and be sure to go to the post of Secretary of the factory committee of the Komsomol. 1973 year recorded in the biography Rudenko that he got an engineering degree, and was drafted into the Soviet Army. And on the second day after his return from the army already elected secretary of the Lenin Komsomol district committee.

    Three years later he was again at VSW, but is now in charge of production units. Then it is already a mature, experienced leader, again "called" for social work. After staying in the post of the first secretary of the Lenin District Party Committee, only three months, Valery Lukic became secretary of the Municipal Party Committee.

Affairs and concerns of the general

Valeriy Rudenko

    In 1989 Valery Lukic deputy director of the Nizhny Tagil Institute of Metal Testing Personnel, regime, Social Affairs, and later also on capital construction and commercial. Economic crisis began, repeated reduction of funding for defense contracts. And how hard it was his business to save Fortunately for Russia, he was saved, and now range in Nizhny Tagil -fakticheski only surviving, but to create such an enterprise would again not very easy! And it’s certainly not only in money, which would have cost. The main loss would have been the loss of a unique team of experts "defense industry".

    The fact that prospectors did not happen, there is considerable merit, deputy director of the Human Resources and "sotsialke". Valery Lukic recalls some of the episodes of the hard life in those years. As in 1990, had "jump into the last car of a departing train": Acted very last days of the decision of the Mayor of a very preferential financing the construction of cooperative housing, and for two days it was possible to issue all of the documentation for the construction of three houses. How to set up three horticultural associations provided everybody else. "Spinning" Rudenko, did everything possible and seemingly impossible. In 1997, Valery Lukic Rudenko was appointed director NTIMT. By this time, it became clear that no "conversion of production" unique institution not save. Required an ingenious solution, and it was found.

    In autumn 1998, the two leaders of enterprises Tagil Institute of Metal Testing Valery Lukic Rudenko and Nikolai Uralvagonzavod Small and head of our city Nikolai Didenko N. appealed to the governor Eduard Rossel Ergartovich proposing to organize the territory NTIMT annual international exhibition of weapons it became known as "Ural Abu Dhabi".

    Exhibition "Uralekspoarms-99" was prepared for a fantastic short term six months. Even then managed to build about 20 thousand square meters of exhibition space. Interest in the new "Abu Dhabi" was unusual: it was presented 107 companies, institutes and design bureaus of the 20 Russian regions, came 130 military experts and businessmen from 36 countries

    The crisis in the defense industry ends, began to allocate some funds for the development of landfill volumes increased testing of serial production. To date, the reconstruction took place two unique production for works related to the study of the behavior of parts when subjected to high pressures. Is the reconstruction of complex instrumentation. Institute restores its credibility, once perfectly equipped, flight test base.

    On NTIMT took several long-term programs of social support workers: housing, health, health and safety, protection of veterans.

    And for 2008 year outlined impressive plans. Fair Grounds will get another body, the exposition area will expand by half, and in the stands could not be located 2,5 thousand people, as it is now, and 4-5 thousand. In the same year, to complete a number of works on social programs. The amount of funds invested in the reconstruction of the dilapidated power grid village triple.

    VL Rudenko became the candidate of technical sciences in 2001, is now working on dissertations four of his employees.

    On the territory of NTIMT established branch of the department Nizhny Tagil Institute of Ural State Technical University with laboratory facilities.

    Valery Lukic somehow gave himself this description: "I am a person who loves sports and he is constantly engaged in sports". As soon as the opportunity was taken vigorous measures to develop sports and the sports facilities. In 2005, the stadium was renovated in 2006 -postroeny two ministadiona, in 2007, the tennis courts.

    That is it, General Director Valery NTIMT Lukic Rudenko honorary citizen of the city of Nizhny Tagil and honored worker of the ammunition industry, Honored Engineer of the Russian Federation, Ph.D., a member of the Russian Academy of Rocket and Artillery Sciences, laureate of the SI Mosin Prize and EA and ME Cherepanovs.

    April 30 Valery Lukic is 60 years old, and he was so full of energy, energy and optimism. It seems that the differences that are listed, it is not the last. And success in many endeavors, too.

I. Wender.

References: Newspaper "Taghilsky working" from 28.04.2007.

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