assembling a team for the hard times.

difficult times in which we do not intend to-gulf, it is not necessarily the PSU. those will be considered during periods when to maintain the average level of comfort, we need several times more effort than it is now and will be much higher risks in order that the results achieved can dramatically slide down in one day. to live a normal life in difficult times paramount to all of us will be those people who will be with us. kopipast first, then — my thoughts.

— People that you know can turn enemies.
— APPEARANCE — deceptive.
— Prepare or not, will be «in the same boat.»
— Like an asshole CARE about their future.
— WILL SAIL undecided which way the wind blows.
— LEADERS WILL NOT OR Boomers Screamers, and practice.

* 1. Only with those whom you know well. We suggest that the survival of the group adhered more coordination only with famous faces — with families and friends whom they know well. Danger of attempts to find partners online shortly before the BP EXPRESS is that many of them may be highly selfish seeking, through whom would profit in the already prepared statement. Bright egoists have extensive experience in mask equipped with a kind face and offer a helping hand, trying to take a leadership position.

The kind-hearted person will build PLANS MORE THAN FOR YOURSELF, even if currently in her group no one. If you are going to gear for survival, they will collect more than to their own satisfaction, waiting for survivors from all walks of life to help others.
Egoist also try to join the existing community, where equipment and products already, and yelling loudly that he is shocked and needs help. Or will only make plans for yourself and others who may be useful to himself.

* 2. People you know can turn enemies. True orientation of the majority of the people on your team will not reveal until the stress of recent weeks, which will manifest itself so that asshole show their character. Surprises will occur, even among those who are familiar with each other, in respect of which the applicable formula «famous person.» INSANITY BECAUSE post-traumatic stress will reach a high degree. Stress and shock will cause anger, which is a natural reaction, when the body is under threat, so will be distributed among the survivors of hostility. It may happen that some kind will have to be easy to build and move their dependents in a way, abandoning parts inventory of things that were collected prior to the PSU.

* 3. Appearance — deceptive. Not so easy to determine the true nature of man. And «clothes on which meet» very unreliable criterion in this case. Vanity, laziness, tendency to controversy, aggressive, intelligent reasoning, ability to accumulate or desire to pull away when it gets tense, none of these types of behavior by itself does not rule out that the essence of a STO. Taken into account when the choice of debt — whether a person is ready for the suffering to help others in need of this assistance. Need to see a person in a situation when it needs to choose — whether to change their way of action to help others, or not.

Kind-hearted people can be grumpy and not tolerate fools like Yoda from «Star Wars,» but when something from them is required, turn to the occasion. They can be extroverts or introverts, prefer to act as leaders or very discreetly behind the scenes.
On the other hand, some people are egotistical, charming and friendly, mostly mouthing the right words, not action accompanying them — only when they are between the easy life, and on his way to an easy life so they just all glamor. When they have a INTERFERENCE manifested their reverse side. Checking one’s orientation request to take some action when it is a decisive moment.

On the good-hearted people got the mythical notion that they are all weak-willed that allow wipe her feet. What are they, for example, open, as children, only fulfilling the requirements of others and never defend themselves. It is assumed that they are unable to make a sharp step against the other. Of course, it’s dog crap. Indecisive — immature people as selfish, and kind-hearted people. Old souls — resolute, quickly enter, who is who, and are willing to go through.

* 4. Ready or not, will be «in the same boat». Even those who are prepared, should be soon enough at that level, and that is not ready. None of the well prepared can not live on the island, and ignore the neighbors, because the presence of a well-stocked group soon becomes known. it was about this in my article «group survival. scenarios. »

* 5. How assholes care about their future. Feeling that will come soon troubling times, many «effective» egoists will seek to build a good life for themselves in which they could make other disposition AND MANAGE daily events, taking advantage of the plight in which many will be to create for himself his own personal kingdom by looting and oppression of those who are weaker. They will try to make a bet on any semblance of leadership, which is expressed in their lives in a group. They will cast their nets far and wide looking for the gullible, which may also become hostage to their plans. They will offer asylum desperate people unable to do anything else, but for saving straw clutching and getting into bondage and exploitation.

* 6. Undecided will go where the wind blows. Those who basically has not chosen their sexual orientation, will be promoted in many ways, depending more on their immediate environment and influences that affect their lives, and not from any intrinsic motives. And their steps will basically not a preparation, but just some reaction.
If they live in relative comfort, young and in the money, have the ability to entertain, you can, of course, remain in their seats until the last moment. They will be combined with the assholes who were unable to provide for themselves a safe environment, and will form a group, moving steadily towards the end.
If they live in a secured environment, for example, have housing provided by the government, or are government employees, or live life as an established known personality in society, demanding their howls are likely to increase. The crowd will cheer vibrating each other and migrate back and forth in search of the best. Kind-hearted people, if they will not be enough in a team will experience exhaustion and fatigue, and when time passes, die, leaving undecided the opportunity to wander in search of other servants.

my addition: why in the society so attractive macho men
and women are bitches? because they violate the rules.
break the rules can only leader.
but destroyed, macho men and women bitches do not create new rules …
undecided that are near all waiting and waiting when they create.
Creation but does not occur. gradual destruction and decay.
and willpower and honest in front of mind is not enough to see and recognize
how things work and turn things around for the better, that is, to create.

* 7. Leaders will not bully or screamers, and practices. In any endeavor, there is the problem of identifying leaders. Due to cultural expectations and constraints most teams will be looking for a strong man domineering type that will be firm and shouting orders. But this approach does not work. To succeed as a leader, a person must first be willing to watch and listen, have an open mind and resourcefulness care about the food, the wounded, on the bedding and the like that is able to solve practical problems.

If we consider the conditions in the military environment where senior shouting orders, it can work, because it depends on a small number of variables. But the future will provide a parade of an infinite number of variables. All the time and all the energy will be spent to fight over who is right and who will be the leader. Therefore, those who will place this in priority, will end up on the sidelines, or bogged down in disputes fist clashes, whereas the survival of work, those who can see the big picture!

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