Byzovskaya epic

Before an architectural monument of the museum will be the subject requires more research, restoration. Only a small circle of managers, researchers, conservators knows what a Herculean effort at times they require.
Two years ago, ethnographic expedition of historical and revolutionary museum found in the village Bizova interesting farmhouse, which allows to track changes in the home of a single chamber of the hut to the three-chamber for 70-80 years. It consists of two huts: the old and «new».
Old struck everyone who saw her, his dumpy power and austere beauty: crowns and ceiling are made of pine logs with a diameter of 45-50 cm, and the diameter of the mortgage (the lowest) logs even reached 70 centimeters. She was cut down in place of kondovoj pine at the turn of XVIII-XIX centuries. Been heated hut in the smoke, so the ceiling was raised high. Up until the seventies of our time kept it polavoshniki that collect soot, extensive loft, wide, vrublennye in walls, benches and zalavok (type houseware locker) in the scullery (kitchen).
«Young» appeared only in the second half of the XIX century. In comparison with the first hut, logs it seem thin rims, although the diameter of 35-40 centimeters. There are changes in the interiors: the ceiling is made not from whole logs, and of boards, stood bake, and an adobe oven acquired smaller — was influenced by the city, felt the desire to decorate the interior.
Do not often see such an interesting building, the best for the future to historical and ethnographic museum is difficult to find. Do not wait for the second museum has become such an event, bought a house as an exhibit.
For a whole year he was on the old site. During this time, he thoroughly studied, labeled, and now in the summer it was in need, no matter what was to take Tagil. Easy to say take out! Until Bizova 90 kilometers. Where to get the technique: None restoration Tagil area, no it’s not a museum.
Came to the rescue, the executive committee of the City Council and businesses. In late August, moved in a convoy of two Bizova timber, Pullman and truck crane. A few days before, the same route left restorers team of carpenters to dismantle the house. Main place of their work Vysokogorsky mechanical plant, but a lot of their personal time they give to the conservation of ancient monuments.
Began loading. And it turned out — for one flight, it’s not to take out. Had to repeat byzovskuyu expedition, and therefore, again request the crane, timber assistants. Again, we went to meet him, for which the museum is grateful to the leaders of the production association trucks «Tagilstroya» Vysokogorskogo Mining Administration, Vysokogorskogo mechanical plant, Popat — 3 L. Rheingold, IV Zemlyanukhin, VA Beloborodova VS Ponomarev, GN Sorokin.
And the house evacuated. Now it’s restorers. Will still be some days before the old building will find a second life, which aims — to show mastery of representatives of one of the oldest crafts Russia — carpenter.
T. Petrukhina,
 Section Head, ethnography, historical and revolutionary museum.
Petrukhina T. Byzovskaya epic // Taghilsky worker. — 1986 — Nov 26. — P. 4 — (Local history box. — Vol. 11 (33)).

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