Cast-iron pattern

    Decorative dish
wall decoration made of porcelain, silver, iron,
bronze — an ancient product.

    The first samples of dishes, cast
Old Ural factories, came here from
Europe. They depict chariots, swans,
Neptune Naiad

    As the years passed, the Ural masters
sought to reflect in their works
historical events, important dates, your
life. Initially, it was the little plates. Here
dish of a regional museum Votkinsk. By
the edges of the inscription: "DAZHD NAM DNES HLEB NASH
DAILY". In the center of the peasant dishes guns
Labour: Spit, rakes. It is no date
manufacturing plant or stigma.

Cast-iron pattern

Cast-iron pattern align ="right"/ Gt;    Unknown author and dishes
Kasli factory. Sure, it was a great
connoisseur and lover of pets. Written
figurines of sheep, rabbit, chicken, clearly worked
wool, feathers

    Here dish St. Petersburg
plant Foerster. It is stored in the local history
Museum in Perm. It reflects on the city tab
Neva. This is — a picturesque cast iron picture scene
the life of the Petrine era. In the center of the oval high
high relief. Soldiers, much like Peter himself,
digging the ground in front of him a man in a wig reads
royal decree, and perhaps points to a drawing by
which will be erected building. Left —
worship: the consecration of the temple already built;
Right — the workers who are building the ship. The whole picture
enclosed in a richly decorated cast iron
frame. In ornament had to be included
medallions boyars — associates of Peter, but now
they do not — there were only fixing holes

    The museum of history
Kamenska Ural attracts attention
oval cast iron dish size 45&# 215; 30.5
cm. In the center — the relief depicting
high mountains and dense forests around. At the bottom of the oval
— Hammers miners. Maybe in these mountains
mined ore? Set the bottom of the year — "1875". Can
be a kind of Fox Mountain in Nizhny Tagil?

    In Votkinsk, the museum
engineering plant, stored dish,
exhibited at the Ural-Siberian exhibition in
Yekaterinburg in 1887. Dish cast in honor of
125th anniversary of the visit of the plant in the treasury. In the center of the circle
— The main building of the Votkinsk plant above
inscription: "It was founded in the reign of Empress
Elizabeth 1760". Two medals in the center —
Plant awards at world exhibitions in London
in 1851 and in Philadelphia in 1870. A little lower —
locomotive, the production of which began in 1828.
Along the edges of the dishes — in terminals — items Votkinsky
Plant. And at the bottom of the bearded old men masters hold
emblem with mallets. Anchored on the left means that
anchor production in the factory Botkin
about 100 years (in 1840 on the banks of Votkinsk
city ​​pond was installed 176-pood
anchor). Such casting, only from a different
the metal is in the museum of the city

    Commemorative or dedicatory
dishes were made to order for important
dignitaries and distinguished guests.

Margarita SEDOVA.

    Photo by the author.

References: Journal "Ural
Pathfinder" №10 / 1982, p. 62-63.

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