Chusovskoy alloy

From fighter to Kumysh Rogue Chusovaia flowing through a narrow channel with a steep slope. Over 7 kilometers drop bed is 2.5 meters. There are many sharp turns and bends. On the big brute force can not hear a human voice. All filled with the roar of the waves, the noise of turning stones, the air is filled with menacing music raging elements.

The best pages of his essays Mamin-Siberian dedicated Chusovskaya alloy. Simple but terrible in its expressiveness stories Ural writer complemented memories old, living witnesses of Chusovaya tragedies.

Ever since the winter began preparation for an alloy. By driving up the piers factory goods. Here they prepare the barge, the so-called Kolomenka. On the live thread of boards amassing large ships.

Hollow water, like a chip, throws these vessels from side to side. All depends on the confidence and resourcefulness rafters, but it is often true, that no human power and skill can not prevent the loss of the vessel.

None Alloy did not pass safely. On Chusovoi sinking an average of seven barges per year, that is. E. Barque one for every 30.

There were years when the alloy in one day or even one hour found his death 10-15 barges and hundreds of boatmen.

Sometimes one hit a rock barge turned over and was entombed under an all rafters. But more often it flew away in the chip; heavy metal ingots fell on the people killed and maimed them. Few could escape by swimming.

When approaching danger peasants-rafters in blind fear and climbed into the hold over their wallets, and here they overtook death. Others, finding himself in the icy water, let swim to shore. They are not allowed out of his knapsack teeth, which, apart from two pairs of rounders and a loaf of bread, it never happened. Burden prevented them swim and they drowned

With the construction of the Perm railway connecting Perm and Sverdlovsk with Tagil, Chusovaia lost its meaning trade waterway. Barki on it for a long time do not go, and only in the lower reaches ply passenger and cargo ships.

Chusovaia used as a powerful waterway, for floating timber. Firewood for metallurgical plants produced in forestry, mostly along the tributaries Chusovoi. Until Chusovoi forest is Molev alloy on to the apron factory-row rafts.

No one is afraid now Chusovskiye formidable fighters. No longer hear here cod breaking ships and screams drowning Noisy motors, hammers pounding, young voices are heard gay men have made the development of limestone, alabaster, needed for the construction of new houses, clubs, Pioneer palaces and so on. d.

Stones milk, Rogue last Chusovoi fighters. Old gray Urals, trying to hold wayward beautiful river, its stone paws barred her way, but futile effort. River overcomes all obstacles and continue to freely and easily runs on clean channel.

Dragged inundated meadows, lowland and forests.

At Stone Cow felt pungent smell of burning sulfur. Coastal stones are covered with white bloom. The air is light haze. Here are beaten out of the ground sulfur springs. The local population uses their healing properties.

The large influx of Chusovoi river Koiva (in permyatski "bubbling over with water") Has a length of 200 km. It contains iron mines, Kusye-Alexander and Bisersky iron foundries. River Koiva is one of the most important waterways. Chusovskoy pool. It is produced by rafting. In spring and autumn the river carries rafts and the detached single logs. Echoing voices heard everywhere rafters.

Koivu for another great river meanders.

Poludenka, famous for its gold mines and diamond fields. In 1825, there was found Russia’s first diamond mine Adolfinskoe.

Mining of gold and precious stones carried throughout most Chusovoi and its tributaries.

The Soviet government supports and promotes artisanal fisheries. Gold panning cooperatives receive from the state loan, the necessary equipment to enjoy a variety of benefits.

Do ChMW (362 km from Kourovka-) ends the most interesting part of the mountain river. Many tourists end up here its route, others continue the journey to Perm.

Chusovskoy plant one of the giants of the Ural metallurgy. It was founded in 1880. The story of his typical for backward landlords Russian 19th century, powerless to do anything without the help of foreign investment.

Construction of the plant has taken Chusovskoy Franco-Russian-Ural Society, headed by the famous French banker Bont (one of the heroes of the novel by Emile Zola "Money").

In the second year of construction burst Bank of Lyons, Bonthe broke. Dostraivalos Chusovskoy Plant new Society Kama steel and iron works, received from the government a large subsidy.

The plant began to grow rapidly, which greatly facilitated the convenient location of pristine forest near three floatable rivers.

Of particular importance acquired Chusovskoy plant today. Being adjacent to the Urals oil (Upper Chusovskiye Townships) and kizilovskim coal using energy Gubahinskij power, Chusovskoy plant became one of the first places in terms of construction of Ural.

The plant gives our industry a high quality wood charcoal iron, open-hearth steel, railway bridge structures, beams, rails, wire rod.
Not far from the city spread Chusovoi plant (42 000 inhabitants), the train station Chusovaia. Chusovskoy railway junction on the best way of Perm. He is one of the first involved in the Stakhanov movement-krivonosovskoe transport.

Population of the town has Chusovoi cultural, well-maintained appearance. Lots of big stone and slag-concrete apartment buildings, department stores, schools. There is a wonderful clinic, club, cinema. Town streets are paved and landscaped.

Traveling on the route Kourovka- Chusovskoy plant takes 10 days. But in order to more closely acquainted with Chusovoi, use 12 to 13 days.

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