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Compiled thanks all those who contributed and will contribute more to the dictionary, corrections and additions. + Article — Who are the liberals.
Antisemitism — any mention of Jews in a negative light or omission of the Jews in a positive light, regardless of the topic.

Anti-fascism — Hatred of all things Russian.

Chauvinism — Russian desire for independence from the world community.

Sane politician — Politician, ready to play by the rules established by Jews, primarily, to prevent anti-Semitism. In the minor matters, he may not agree with the global community. See also constructive opposition, liability policy.

Homophobia — Unwillingness to be homosexual.

Grant — The main form of payment Defenders.

Civil society — A society in which direct the Public Defenders blocked all sorts of manifestations of extremism.

Democracy — Cheating people.

Investment — The main market instruments.
Foreign investment — Human Instruments Market, approved by the World community to exhaustion of useful resources cleaned from donor country.
Integration into the world community — unequal trade with the international community and the subordinate, sale of non-renewable resources.
Internationalism — indifference to his people.

Xenophobia — Hatred of the enemies of his people.

Liberalism — The ideology of Democracy, Internationalism, Tolerance, the cult of universal values.
Liberal — Referring to liberalism.
Liberal values — See Human Values

International terrorism — Threat to the interests of the world community, the desire for independence from the world community.
Managers — active market participants. In common parlance — small clerks. See also Effective managers.
World community — U.S. and Israel.
Multireligious — Say, when you need to praise someone else’s religion. For example, «Russia — a multi-religious nation,» said before the TV appears Berel Lazar.
Multinational — Say, when you need to mention all of the nation, except Russian. For example, «Russia — a multicultural country» means «In Russia, Russian no rights.»
Multiculturalism — The destruction of the people’s culture, their own culture exchange integral scum of foreign cultures.
We — All except the speaker. For example, «We destroyed the country» (Vladimir Putin). Almost equivalent to the expression «you, the electorate.»

Communism — The economy or political system that denies Market and Human Values.
Constructive opposition — Community sane politician. Usually headed by responsible politicians.

Nationalism — Love for his people.
Independent analyst — See Independent columnist.
Independent columnist — Highly paid propagandist working in the interests of the elite of society.

Public — Unpaid servants of liberalism. See also Defenders.
Common to all mankind — Favorable to the Jews.
Human values — Dollars.
Brutalized fascism — See Fascism.
Responsible politician — Policies that even the most insignificant issues of policy support of the world community.
Open Society — the same as the civil society, but with in-depth development of multiculturalism and tolerance.

Political Correctness — One of the basic concepts of the Open Society. In a broad sense — ban any call things by their names (for example, can not be called a nigger nigger, Russian — Russian, disabled — disabled dog — a dog, etc.). In a narrow sense — to protect the interests of all peoples, except Russian.
Multiethnic — See Multinational

Human rights — Abstract concepts that distinguish Russians from the Russian. Basically means the right to express his homosexuality, multiculturalism, participation in civil society institutions.
Human rights defenders — Paid lackeys of Liberalism. See also public.
Law enforcement agencies — Armed forces to protect the interests of the elite.
Privatization — theft of government property.

Reform — Arbitrariness of the authorities, leading to the deterioration of the situation of the majority.
Russians — Multiracial, multicultural electorate. After winning Market, Democracy and Civil Society should be all Russian Russians.
Market — Theft of all.
Market relations — An economy based on market laws.

Freedom — The human right to do anything useful for the society, at the same time enjoying all the benefits of society, in particular, to be the owner.
Skinhead — Russian teenager.
Owner — The one who stole someone’s property (usually the state). See also effective owner.

Tolerance — Urodolyubie.
Totalitarianism — A society in which there is no freedom and human rights, and effective owners jailed.

Упреступниковнетнациональности (one word!) — Ritual incantation, expressing the joy of killing. Said on TV when the non-Russian Russian kill.

Fascism — In the broadest sense, any of the following: Anti-Semitism, homophobia, xenophobia, Communism, extremism. (If you combine at least two signs of the above, it is brutally fascism). In a narrow sense — Russian patriotism.
Fascist — Russian patriot.

Civilized countries — In the narrow sense, all the countries supporting the policy of the World community. In a broad sense, «in all civilized countries,» states when neobhdimo justify any destruction of the economy or privatization. For example, «in all civilized countries, the consumer pays for the services rendered,» says when you want to cancel the free medicine.

Extremism — Independence of thought, believing in the ideology of liberalism.
Extremist — Not obeying the dominant ideology independent.
Extremist — A person who has their own opinion.
Elite — Those who have both power and money.
Electorate — Cattle.
Effective owner — The one who stole so much property that can not participate directly in the market economy. Him do it hired managers.
Effective managers — Those managers who stole more than stole them. In common parlance — large traders.

About Liberals

I must say that, strictly speaking, those who are now called liberals are unlikely to be called so still at least a hundred years ago. Therefore, we call contemporary liberals liberast a sign of our bad attitude toward them. European Liberal — a very interesting animal. Typically, it is human values ​​have little to do with the fact that most people need in this world.

Say, most people prefer a stable job, which carries the self-esteem and prosperity free trade. Most of the population of any country chooses to order and quiet civil war. Liberal lives in the same, a fictional little world. He usually does not protect what needs to be protected and what should be destroyed, or at least limited.

In particular, the liberal will not devote all my strength Narcotics — fight tough, uncompromising and bloody. Instead, it will require to legalize drugs, citing the fact that addicts are now quite high purity legalnopokupat poison and shoot clean sterile syringe.

Liberal never will protect mothers who want to give birth and nurture good and calm children. Instead, he will be foaming at the mouth to protect the patients head feminists and perverts.

He snaps on a sewn children, but instead reduce the age of sexual abuse from 16 years to 14. Andyu recall the story as a school friend of his daughter Frenchman came to work pedophile who was imprisoned for her work for several years. From the perspective of a pedophile liberast it needed protection and employment, rather than children. It will not promote family values ​​as the basis of life, but will do everything to legalize gay marriage.

Let us remember the good old novel «The Return of Don Quixote». The protagonist says that working in the conflict and the aristocracy, he sees both sides. In response to the same accusation of cowardice, sad hero replies that he is not a coward, he — the last liberal. Perhaps he really was the last.

Modern liberal in principle not able to stand on someone else’s point of view. Liberal inclined in any conflict to see only one point of view, the media demonizing the opposite view.

So liberal in all seriousness could be considered a hero man, seized the hospital and was exhibited in the window of pregnant women as a human shield. Liberal emphasis not see heads cut alive, sees slavery, terrorism, bandits raid with the aim to take hostages for ransom, he is able to see the bold brave fight with rebels occupying regime, the bombings of churches and killing priests — to establish the daily life of a young autonomy. Sometimes this world is treated produce choral horizontal recent pleasure of friends and sister, but quite often even stay zindane not able to cure inveterate liberast.

Liberast in principle does not recognize the right of others to self-determination, if it is beyond his understanding and self-defense, if not carried out by onaya occupation of the territory of the protected shy guys in blue helmets, playfully change positions at the first sound of shooting.

Liberast much and passionately talks about genocide, humanitarian intervention, to end thereof, and the noble mission of the progressive part of mankind to overthrow regimes monstrous dictators. However, it should be noted that the story does not know the case to the Western powers at least once prevented real and not fictitious genocide. Indicative in this respect the example of the Dutch battalion of peacekeepers briskly left their positions, bringing the Serbs executed several thousand Croatians. Without a doubt, the firm position of blue helmets in the matter (because in the event of a real fight the Serbs would have to deal with all NATO troops, including with states) could avert catastrophe, but such a position could not be. Generally the only example of a real genocide of termination gives us an operation authoritarian Vietnam against the Khmer Rouge. Of course, liberals start screaming that the Vietnamese simply solve their problem. Maybe. but for those who as a result of this decision, lucky to be alive, I think, anyway. As more than a million dead in Rwanda — 10,000 trained, heavily armed soldiers liberasticheskih States were withdrawn from the country, so as not to be in danger. On the topic of Western liberastov can argue for a long time, but return to our, domestic sheep.

Among Russian liberals are those who became such thoughtlessness, by ignorance, by the weakness of the mind, in a vicious inclinations. In addition, there are professional liberals, liberal idea to make good grandmother.

Those who have become liberals thoughtlessness and ignorance usually deserve pity. In their heads firmly hammered simple set of so-called universal values, which is reduced to a few simple formulas:
a large number of different controlled assholes polupornograficheskih or yellow newspapers, magazines and television stations provide us with high-quality and accurate information;
transmission for a pittance mining and manufacturing in-hand poluugolovnogo polumoshennicheskogo element to the improvement of the economy;
foreigners will help us. Typically, these people love to repeat beamed unintelligible phrases like «open system in the absence of external influence is organizing», and insert it in the phrase «a futures option» and «high-end technologies.» Often these people do not erudite and never engaged in some real production. Among the scientists readily absorb liberal values ​​theorists, for a man who had at least once in his life dealing with the spectrometer, the explosion chamber, etc., knows that in order to reform something, you need to not crash reformed and accurately reconstruct . These people seriously believe that the fully open to western manufacturer domestic market is good for the country, because of competition for our manufacturers quickly rebuilt production and establish production of quality products.

Somehow I argued on this topic with some mladoliberalom. And gave him the example of Japan during the late Tokugawa shogunate, when the government of Edo was forced under threat from U.S. bombing Kyoto korbley open the domestic market for western manufacturers. «You see,» — said happily young man who only knew about Japan the word «geisha», «Harakiri» and «Toyota». — «Now get to Japan rose!» So I had a deep sigh, tell the young man about the collapse of the Japanese economy, monstrous impoverishment of the population, the increase in crime, the ten-year growth of discontent, he graduated from the revolution and civil war, the new period of unstable equilibrium, samurai rebellion ten years after Revolution and the strict regulation of the economy, the growth of militaristic attitudes and much more. The young man was shocked. Several people harder to dispel the belief that the West can not assume anything bad, but good, but the lunch break ends and I have to go to work)))


These words are often found, and what they mean, not everyone knows (for the overall development)

www.xpomo.com / ruskolan / liter / mif.htm

A few more words about the myth of «Our grandfathers fought against»

Recall already considered a myth, codenamed «Our grandfathers fought against.» This myth repeatedly pulled out of the dusty trunk and presented the current «anti-fascists» we, nationally minded people. More love and priplesti: «Your grandfather once you begin to flog or first ask why you think so?» Or «Yes, your grandfather you would now be a belt on the soft spot would be taught a good lesson.» A feeling that they knew personally and our grandfathers knew how they behaved in a certain situation. Anyway, the word is not about a small volume.

Consider two hypothetical and average people — liberal (Democrat obschecheloveka, cosmopolitan adept human values, human rights activist, «anti-fascist» etc. — are one) and nationalist. Try to write their characteristics and compare.

Liberal. Characterized in that reveres the «blessed» the West, denies the existence of racial and ethnic differences between people, denies the existence at a certain nationality, considers himself a citizen of the world, rabid maverick who puts on the altar of «freedom» even the relationship between close relatives, not to mention is about distant, of which he is aware and knows (and not want to know). Enjoys her life, often leaving no offspring, because believes that there is no need to coddle children, because they gave him nothing — so why should he give them something different. Loves everything alien, constantly falls chuzhebesie, ksenoman and xenophobia. Dislikes his inventing various abusive and derogatory epithets all that was done by the people, from a little man came out. Postenat loves about the dominance of xenophobia and chauvinism of innate hatred Russian people to the Jews and other non-Russians, loves to encourage the «international community» to force people to pay Russian and repent. Russophobe and passionate death desirable Russian people.

Nationalist. Characterized in that it does not separate himself from his people, he feels one with the big Russian body knows that he — one of numerous cells, which makes the Russian nation to work cohesively. Knows that all nationalities differ certain features, sometimes not compatible with each other, but it does not adversely affect the rights of any nation to exist. The existence of the land of their ancestors, where each nation can develop harmoniously according to its own will. Sometimes — moderate individualist who knows that the interests of «peace» above the interests of the individual, so willing to sacrifice their freedom for the sake of the interests of their communities, villages, people. Rod knows his, knows his relatives until further relatives of the seventh generation, knows that all Russian people — relatives each other, brothers and sisters. Loves his people, knowing that people loves it.

And now the question: who, rejecting all his thoughts and desires, he went to defend his people, their families, their land from foreign invaders? Who left his family and put life for that we lived — their descendants? Who worked hard in the rear by 18 — 20 hours a day? And who brought a jug of gold coins and went to Bukhara?

Answer, «anti-fascists» …

To the heap:
Idealism. Human desire for purpose, are lying in the field to meet his personal animal instincts. The world around us change idealists without idealists community of people turn into greedy and stupid crowd, tending as effectively as possible to satisfy their instincts in the remaining time before his death.
Materialism. Initially — a view of the world as something that exists outside human consciousness. Materialism in practice degenerated into a negation of the immortal soul and of the opinion that neither the will nor the human mind capable of changing a «historical process», and why a man to death in a rushing stream of «process» is the only opportunity — to get from Earth life as much as possible animal pleasures.
State. Self-organizing people for collective protection in cases where the individual to protect themselves unable to.
Empire. State uniting several nations.
Capitalism. Complex ideas in the state formally Singles, according to which the law allows some people to parasitism by others.
Imperialism. Complex ideas, which, under the guise of creating an empire or not, it is considered legitimate parasitism of some nations by others. The desire of one nation to parasitism by other nations.
Communism. High Objective Humanity on earth. The purpose of the idealists to create a community of people of creative work from all the nations of the earth, in which there would be no parasitism capable people at the expense of others. Society of universal justice.
Socialism. Community unprepared for life in communism people that already proclaimed as the goal, complex ideas of communism, and introduced principles legislatively prohibiting parasitism of some people at the expense of others. Due to the use for building socialism Marxism, socialism never managed to implement.
Marxism. Path from capitalism to communism, Marx said. In practice, confirmed its complete uselessness as Marxism only changes capitalist parasites on party and government parasites and parasites adjacent to them intellectuals.
National Socialism. Originated as a negative reaction to communism. Complex ideas of the idealists, is to try to create something similar to communism in a nation-wide. Accordingly, based on racism and allow any violent and parasitic aspirations against other nations. By way of reaction to communism, of the currents of National Socialism best known Jewish (Zionism); Italian (fascism); German (Nazism).
Zhidizm. Complex ideas degenerate materialists, consisting in complete denial of the full idealism and started blowing up instinctive in man. Parasitism by others is only worthy Jew fishing and supreme pleasure in life — instinctual gratification.

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