theater of operations, operational and strategic integration of the armed forces, formed on the W. from the beginning. CET. War. Hand. fighting 05/25/1918 Kishtim up headquarters Ekat.-Chelyaba. direction (N.G.Osipov) 28.05. Turgoyak headquarters in Zlatoust-Chelyaba. direction (A.G.Pahomov) 29.05. in ECAT. Roar. Staff Lv. region. (Pers. F.I.Goloschekin, S.A.Anuchin, A.G.Beloborodov), centralized hands of troops in all areas of French. in the province. With the arrival of Ufa before. Higher. Military Inspection N.I.Podvoyskogo, who took hands. on Kinelskiy (V.N.Blohin) and Miass (I.M.Malyshev) directions for the Roar. Staff Lv. region. remained Zlatoust and Chelyaba. direction (I.F.Molotkov, A.L.Simonov). The latter was divided into railway Ekat.-Chelyaba. to combat land: approx. (P.I.Zhebenev) and a lion. (I.A.Onufriev). V. act formed in Tyumen 16.06.1918 zap. Siberian rev.shtab (G.A.Usievich) generously shared the following groups: Tyumen (A.I.Okulov) Ishim (R.P.Eydeman), Tobolsk ( V.A.Kangelari), Tyumen flotilla (P.D.Hohryakov) summarized 06/20/1918 in 1st C-Birsko Army (R.P.Eydeman). On the South. W. acted created 13.05. 1918 Ur.-Orenbah. fr. (V.V.Yakovlev). It is composed of 25/05/1918 formed Orenbah. fr. (G.V.Zinovev), the headquarters of Ur. troops (Blvukher), a group of troops Poletaevo-Chelyaba. direction.

4/6/1918 post. SNK formed Czechoslovak fr. (A.F.Myasnikov) divided by Eq. (Eastern). Troops roar. Staff D region. and in the district of Ufa (N.I.Podvoysky) and Volga (Zap.). 13/06/1918 in ECAT. established North. -Ur. Siberian fr. a single body of the operating hand. troops on D and Zap. Siberia (R.I.Berzin). On the same day the decree TRC formed VF hand. D & troops on the Volga (com. M.A.Muravev from 11/07/1918 I.I.Vatsetis from 09.28.1918 to 07.07. S.S.Kamenev 1919, from 19.07. 08.1919 to 15 MV Frunze). As part of the VF held org-tion 7 armies 16 06.1918 of troops Sizran Simbirsk-direction 1st (A.I.Harchenko); 20/06/1918 from Ufa formations 2nd (V.V.Yakovlev); 18.07. 1,918 troops from North-Ur. Siberian fr. 3rd (R.I.Berzin); 20/07/1918 of neg. in the region of Saratov, Uralsk 4th (A.A.Rzhevsky); 14/08/1918 of troops operating near Kazan, 5th (P.A.Slaven); 11/09/1918 of neg. north-east. portion of the Veil covering Vyatka Province. and Pechora district, 6th (M.V.Gittis) transmitted 01.10. 1918 in the North. French .; 03.05.1919 based Orenbah. formations Turkestan (G.V.Zinovev). On the South. W. summer of 1918 acted Lv. Army guerrillas (N.D.Kashirin). Owls. troops to the US-led offensive of defensive battles against the Czechoslovak Corps, the White Guard h. Komuch and White Cossacks A.I.Dutova. Thrust their defense negated the first successes Czechs allowed to eliminate the Izhevsk-Votkinskoe recovery. At the end of December. 1918 AV Kolchak captured Perm, Balezino eyes. Securing the success of on-Vyatka Perm. direction, he unleashes the full power against the 2nd and 5th of owls. armies, focusing n. strikes at Ufa. At the end of January. In 1919 he takes the offensive owls. troops in the South. W., leaving 19.12. 1918 Sterlitamak 31/12/1918 Ufa, 22 01 1919 Orenbah. Conducts regrouping and 04/03/1919 hit 2nd owls. Army seizes Izhevsk and Votkinsk, 03.06.1919 it h. intrude fr. on p. direction, taking Ufa, then Belebey Bugul’ma, Buguruslan. As a result of the breakthrough white Turkestan to the Volga and the 4th Army were cut off from DOS. Red forces and pushing off to the south post of 10.04.1919. RVSR VF divided into 2 groups: North. (2nd and 3rd Army) under the command of V.I.Shorina and South. (1st, 4th, 5th and Turkestan Army) under the command of Mikhail Frunze. At the end of April. 1919 began a counteroffensive VF Chap. South hit deals. Group Buguruslansky, Belebei and Ufa operation. Concurrently. Sev.gruppa releases Kama (SARAPUL-Votkinskaya and Perm. Operations), passes through the mountain range and releases 07.14.1919 ECAT. 5th Army Order dated 05.11.1919 is derived from the South. group completes John Chrysostom and Chelyaba. operation. Directive of 07.16.1919 from the VF output 2nd Army, 15.08. 1919 South. group transformed into Turkestan fr. VF (V.A.Olderoge) as part of the 3rd and 5th Army completes the release of W. Kolchak and their expulsion from Siberia. Directive RVSR from 01.06.1920 VF disbanded.
Lit .: VK Putna Eastern Front. M., 1927; History Civil War in the USSR. T. 3, Moscow, 1957; Spirit LM The defeat of the army Kolchaka.M., 1957; Vargin N. On the illumination of the fighting of the Eastern Front of the Red Army in 1918-1920 // AUIAB, 1968. № 5; Nenarokov AP Eastern Front. 1918 Moscow, 1969; The Civil War in the USSR. T. 1-2. M., 1982; The Great October Revolution and the protection of his conquests. Moscow, 1987.

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