(Date of birth. Reserved. 6.08. 1584 or 1585), Cossack Ataman, the leader of the expedition to Siberia, as a result-cerned Siberian Khanate collapsed Sheibanids Kuchum and was laid early. joining Siberia to Rus. state-woo. According to popular belief, the name is derived from the E. reduce them. Ermolai. By Buzunovskomu chronicler, has come down in the lists of the XVIII century. Ermak TALES road team of trivet, but in volski zhernovnoy Melen hand. Another nickname E. Povolsky traditionally associated with the Volga, where he was allegedly involved in robbery. On the origin of E. and his life’s journey as there are several versions. On one of them, going back to the testimony of participation. campaign, it was Don and Volga Cossacks and not less than 20 years carried state service in the field; by others. described in Buzunovskom chronicler, his name was Vasily Timofeevich Alenin, originally he was from Chusovaya estates Stroganoff have to-ryh worked Strugi on the Kama and Volga. According to the chronicler years old (the list of the XVII century.), EA was born in Solvychegodsk h. Stroganov possessions in s.Borok on the Dvina. According to one of the later legends he came from Totemsky y. Vologda province.

Because of contradictory sources (the Tsar’s Stroganov, diplomatic documents, ur.-Siberian chronicles XVII-XVIII centuries. Etc.) much in the assessment and in the history of the Siberian taking controversial scientists. In 80 of the XVI century. Order in the embassy there was an official interpretation of the campaign, E., according to a swarm Cossack brigade acted as a vicarious agent of the supreme power is Ch. org-torus interconnection and development of Siberia (in one way or another this view was shared by GF Miller, P.A.Slovtsov, N.V.Shlyakov, G.Krasinsky; A.A.Preobrazhensky close to it). According sinodikah Ermak Cossacks (approx. 1622) and Yesipovsky Chronicle (1636), Ye and his squad acted as envisaged by the heavenly forces and were the bearers of the idea of ​​Christian education heterodox peoples. Stroganov Chronicle (first floor. XVII c.) Determining role in the org-tion of the expedition E. W. assigns Stroganov (this version was supported by NM Karamzin, Solovyov, A.A.Dmitriev, SF Platonov, A.A.Vvedensky, S.V.Bahrushin, V.I.Sergeev). According to the concept, which goes back to the Cossack traditions and reflect in Kungurskaya, Remezovskoy and other late chronicles, initiated a campaign to Siberia were the Cossacks; this view was shared P.N.Nebolsin, Siberian oblastniki (S.S.Shashkov, N.M.Yadrintsev, GN Potanin, P.M.Golovachev) V.G.Mirzoev lately RG .Skrynnikov. Start date of the campaign in E. Siberia historians call Sep 1. 1579, 1580, 1581, 1582 The last of these (1582) Naib. detail to substantiate RG Skrynnikov. According to him, Ye, who fought with his stanitsey beginning in 1581. 1582 as part of arm. D.I.Hvorostinina near Smolensk and Novgorod, after release from service connected with the Volga on Yaik Cossacks thieves chieftains I.Koltso, N.Pana and S.Boldyri to-rye were announced pra-tion outside the law, as for several. months. previously defeated on the Volga Nogai embassy and robbed were with him ordobazartsev (merchants) and Russian. Ambassador V.Pelepelitsyna. Having been invited to the service of the Stroganoff in need after the raid in 1581 Pelymsky Prince Ablegirima to protect their perms. possessions, E. and his comrades in the late summer of 1582 defended Stroganoff towns on Chusovoi from attacking Tatar-Pelymsky rati headed son Kuchum prince Aleem and 1 September. the same year moved to Siberia.

Cossack neg. E. a part of 540 people. (Referred to as chronicles and other figures) climbed up the courts and Chusovoi Serebryanka thence moved dragged through Ur. Ridge on Baranci Tagil and then rushed down Toure and Tobol, overcoming the resistance of the path of the local tribes and Tatar military people. October 26. In 1582 after the Battle of Chuvash Cape Cossacks captured the capital of the kingdom Kuchumov Siberia (sources also call it Isker and Kashlyk), located at the confluence of the Tobol and the Irtysh. Kuchum and his men fled to the steppe. E. squad left to winter in Siberia, where he was soon began to come with an expression of humility local Khanty, Mansi and Tatar princes and nobleman. December 5. 1582 battle of the oz.Abalak ermakovtsy defeated neg. Mametkula nephew Kuchum. In the summer of 1584 with a small group E. moved to hike up the Irtysh. On the night of 5 to 6 August. during the battle on the island on r.Vagae E. died (this date is called almost all ur.-Siberian chronicles; according R.G.Skrynnikova and certain other historians, E. death should be dated 1585). A legendary personality E. was poeticized oral cum. Creativity

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