This is necessary so as not to get in the way closed and rugged terrain.

You must identify the boundaries for relaxation, observation and listening.

To identify the hidden frontiers for leakage between
secret-posts of the enemy, the frontier combat deployment.
Increased attention should be directed to those places where the enemy can ambush.

For group movement by night need a lot of effort to keep the light and sound of camouflage discipline.

As already mentioned, shiny logos and other shiny and light insignia perfectly visible in night vision, with clear and great long distance.

Camouflage must be worn and shabby, gray-green color, made of cotton fabric or overcoating and under any circumstances — not synthetics (it takes).

Gun camouflaged any «Tohmatsu».
On clothes to sew much «rahmatali» not recommended — it increases the silhouette.

«Rahmatali» sewed on as much as necessary to «blur» silhouette.
Many logm» is too much noise when you walk,
«Lahmi» cling to branches, limbs, etc. and, in addition, hold down movement.

My head is masked by «shaggy» camouflage on the subsequent principle — it should not look spherical.

In nature there are no straight lines, and all have more or less geometric shapes, will immediately stand out from the crowd.
Very visible head turned in profile. Because the person is put on «shaggy» mask or «shaggy» mesh with holes for the eyes, or, in special cases, for 1 eye, so as not to unmask yourself Shine proteins.

Any of the fighters and commanders led their own camouflage himself. The ultimate goal is to choose the color and configuration so that the distance of 100 m to become invisible in the night vision device.
The same camouflage with virtually no configuration is used and a day.

Certainly camouflaged «shaggy» gloves on the hands, or at least are rubbed with charcoal, silt, moist earth or makeup.
When the movement cannot be waving your hands — it is very clear.
Hands should be pressed against the trunk.
Of course, the shoes should obezbjecivati».

Even before the training output the commander must look at the group in the NVD and force to remove everything that gives glare or became noticeable.

Then the commander of the forces the group to go quick step two hundred meters away, and he himself with all this moving 30 metres from it
with all of this detected sound discloses errors.

After that, the commander of the forces the group to walk in the Bush — it detects noise error in uniforms and camouflage.

Uniforms must be completely hemmed,
without the broken places that will always cling to the branches and make a noise.

And of course, the commander of the forces fighters to jump in order to identify «swabaudio and knocking» items.

By night, the group must travel off roads and trails and they will always be under the supervision of guerrilla secret posts.

When driving by night you want to avoid bright spots — the glades, clearings, etc., Even the night you want to move, so you had a background similar to the color of your choice.

In light and moderately bright night you want to move beyond the vegetation cover and try not to go out in the open.

The night should be on the ability to move in low places — you will not actually be visible, and the enemy will be noticeable against the sky on the crest of the heights, on the hills, amid some glow.

The night is less visible that which is below (the hollows),
and more visible that is above the observer.
Because the night should go so as not to be projected on the crest of the slope. You will actually be inconspicuous on the slope from the enemy, if you ground the array, bushes, trees, high grass, etc.

When moving the group through the woods or Bush fighters go one by one at a distance of 3-4 meters. Why? This allows you to move more or less trannoy trail and not get all under one burst of machine gun fire or a grenade.

Parent patrol consists of 2 pairs of fighters coming in 20-30 metres one behind the other.
The distance from the head to watch the main force should be such that the head of the patrol could signal its blue light.
The same blue light signal is passed down the column.

* While moving every fighter in the column should conduct orientation without the help of others, with no hope for the rest of the staff.

When the smallest suspected deviation from the route fighter should tell the commander the Commander must suspend the group and check.
Such individual-collective orientation allows the group to avoid catastrophic errors that occur due to the invisibility of prominy landmarks and terrain, incorrect assessment of their size and irregular determine distances to them.

Not counting personal orientation, each soldier in the convoy must sharpen auditory perception to identify noise unmasking as the enemy and his band, also flair
In the forest the night need to smell to focus on the smell of smoke, fumes, food, especially unwashed body and tobacco This specific «guerrilla» smell that specific night just captured a person (dog and even more so).

Before overcoming some configuration on the landscape (topography) need to slow down, take a breath and listen closely and panihati» the area at the rate of movement.

* Group certainly Troitsa on a sharp decline and dispersal at the flash of the rocket.

Attention At night the commander’s work with the documentation, when doing a session with radio and orientation is provided by radial cordon and cover

* Directly with educational classes at night advancement in the area of storm guerrilla base conducted training night observation.

To do this in a dark room or in the gathering dusk on the Cape spread out any objects.

The subject to give a look at them 5-6 seconds, then the song closes (or turn off the light) and are forced to remember and tell about the items and their order. Equally the level of illumination and viewing miniaturized.
This cultivates a keen visual attention in the black time of day and also develop peripheral vision, which when driving in the woods and day and night should be involved, really.

As already mentioned, in bad visibility, the person makes all movements slowly, with the extra voltage.

In the mist of the horizon visually is not controlled, and therefore man is not difficult loses his balance. This may fall from nenadovim noise. For prevention, it is useful to train the vestibular apparatus of any method is better for aviation and parachute simulators…

Helen Adeyewa

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