Finno-Ugric Peoples

Finno-Ugric Peoples

peoples speaking Finno-Ugric (Finno-Ugric) lang. Finno-Ugric lang. constitute one of the two branches (along with Samoyed) ur. lang. family. Linguistic principle Frank-U.N. are divided into groups: Finnic (Finns, Estonians, Izhorians, Vepsians, Livs, Vod), perm. (Komi Zyrians, Permian Komis, Udmurtia), Ugric (Khanty, Mansi, Hungarians), Mordovia (Mordvinians-Moksha, Mordvinians-Erzya), Mari (Mari) and Sami (Lapps). F.-U.N. settled on the ter. Northwestern. Europe from Scandinavia to the U., Volga-Kama region, the Lower and Mid. Tobol region. Num. Russia in approx. 4.4 million people. (1983).

In anthropological terms, the majority of AF-U.N. belongs to Europe. race, with the exception of Ob-Ugric peoples (Khanty and Mansi), to-rye relate to ur. anthropological type; ancient Mongoloid and Caucasoid mix of features observed in Saami.

Grouping F.-U.N. stands for lang. principle, they share a common origin. It is assumed that in ancient times there was a community of people who speak Finno-Ugric prayaz. The origin of AF-U.N. complicated by a number of issues at the Inst. there is no consensus. According to Naib. common point of view, prafinno-Ugric lang. separated from prasamodiyskogo at the turn of VI-V millennium BC. The ancestors of the present-day. F.-U.N. maintained relative unity until the end of III millennium BC. (Finno-Ugric era), occupied ter. D & Rec. Urals may have lived and at certain neighboring district tries. In the era of the Finno-Ugric contact is made with the Indo-Iranians, to-rye reflected in the language and mythology of Frank-U.N. At the end of the beginning III. II millennium BC. there was a division of the Finno-Ugric and perms. branches. In the process of resettlement in the III and II millennium BC. Finno-permtsev in the west. towards a gradual separation of independent groups of languages ​​(Finnic, Mordovia, Mari, perm.). The Sami are the result of the transition of the autochthonous us. Far Northern Europe to one of the Finno-Ugric lang. Probably the Finno-Ugric lang. previously said tribes Mary Moore, have fallen by the end of the I millennium AD. on vost.slavyanskie lang. Ugric group lang. collapsed to Ser. I millennium. .; BC Baltic-Finnish to beg. BC .; perm. to the VIII. BC During the development of a separate Department. groups FA-U.N. played a large part of their contacts with Iranian, Baltic, Germanic, Slavic (Eastern Slavic peoples), the Turkic peoples.
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