Former pearl Urals

 Former pearl Urals    For many residents of the village sunk into oblivion mine III International Miners’ Day is still a holiday. In 2002 the company would mark the 75th anniversary since the founding, and another, no less significant date: 60 years ago, in the grim 1942, Mine decree of the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR, was awarded the Order of Red Banner of Labor.

    It all started even earlier: in 1909 near the suburban station of San Donato literally on the ground was discovered copper-zinc pyrite. Places around the quiet, half wetlands, grass above the belt. Merchant Cyril and his brother Andrei Terekhov quickly found out what was happening, and to bargain with people all the meadows on the square where the precious stone found. Soon Terekhov already hired a couple of artisanal 10-12 people for surface mining and hauling ore parties until frost.

    Meanwhile, as it turned out, at a depth of 50 meters was a huge copper reserves. It was only after the Revolution, the Civil War, in 1926, geologists have done the necessary research, which was born as a result of the conclusion of more than encouraging Homeland get another precious gift. Some new deposit called the pearl of the Urals.

    The first miners hidden bowels became miners neighboring mines, and Vysokogorskogo Lebyazhinsky and prospectors from nearby villages. They have renovated the old pits and shafts laid "Uralmed", "Sulphuric", Im. Schmidt. To get to the copper was not easy: lay on top of the so-called "iron hat"With impeccable copper treasure of the human enterprise. However, the use of extracted and hence, because of the protective layer turned high gold content. One such car concentrate pays off all the monthly costs of the nascent mine. Sometimes tons of ore shipped was recovered 300 grams of gold.

    Work on "rich" enterprise was a convict, landslides buried dozens of people, in addition to all the mines are often flooded with water, and the trolley on rails pushed manually. Pulling force shaggy horse-the Mongolian appeared later. Poor animals are not raised to the surface by two to three months, so that they quickly go blind and dead. Personnel issue decided in the Stalinist operative in August 1931 drove to San Donato a trainload of dispossessed contingent of Chuvashia, then from Mordovia still lives on bike arrivals: "Brought grief kulaks! A lot of children da bag bast".

    The very next day, all was transferred, including a 15-year-olds, went to work, in fact, for 800 gram bread ration. Special immigrants lived behind barbed wire, with the onset at 23.00 curfew. Their forces at the mine created part-time farm with cows, pigs. Fists cleared from the forest of 60 hectares of land and planted potatoes there, sowed rye, wheat, peas, this was supposed to three more hours of leisure after exiting the mine. Vintage shared "fraternally", Taking the lion’s share of nowhere.

    Gradually, the regime relented: children no longer deny the need to go to school, adults began allowing to build housing with garden plots. And in June 1941, was the first to call for the children of special settlers in the Red Army (before it pursuant to the honorable duty of Fatherland Defenders did not trust).

    War bitter resentment on the fate of dulled. In the years of hardship forces usually no regrets. Fists at first did not take to the front, they drove up with women, replace those defending their homeland. Legendary mine "Capital" put into operation more quickly than expected. A volume of the twelve months of 1941 exceeded half. Perhaps that is why Mine the first enterprise in the People’s Commissariat of nonferrous metallurgy and awarded the highest award.

    We had an interesting and ceremony of the Order. September 13, 1942 rolled heavily guarded wagon with the commander of the Urals Military District. Hastily put together a podium in the shift change at the rally were herded everyone could. General issued a decision on "Freestyle" for miners displaced 42 people soon got the agenda to the front, small family Stakhanovists benefits and passports. Mobilized found ourselves in the infantry at Stalingrad, where in November the military created an advantage in manpower in two or three times by calling 157 000 inhabitants of the concentration camps and special settlements structure of the NKVD. From the first group (42’s!) Returned home only two of all the belligerent miners mine killed one in six.

    Children at home dispossessed mastered in factory training specialty that then on Alapaevskih branch railway every day to ride UVZ to produce the famous T-34 tanks. Last "enemies of the people" Passport received only in 1947. On a selected small home in Krivoy Rog, Mariupol, Kharkov, Leningrad, in the village of Chuvashia and Mordovia returned items.

    Century mine is short. After the closure of the mine miners village hirel right before our eyes. And cinema "Crystal" worst proof. Was abandoned only in the forest park. Attackers overthrew Stella DK relief from the Order, and the rich museum fund mine from the village "shake off" somewhere in the archives. About former glory resemble a street names: Ore, holer, Copper. Was, in a word, a gem, but all went

Valery Markov.

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