Four hours a day

    In 2003, the Tagil
broadcasting celebrated its 75th anniversary. It takes
back to April 13, 1928. On that day, seven
pm on the premises of Nizhny Tagil
station located on the street Shamin
attic №10, was handed over to the first issue
local radio newspaper. Head station Otto
P. Bolson has received numerous
positive feedback on the transfer of
listeners. By May 1928 in
there were 204 radio receiving.

    In March 1929, the local
Newspaper "Work" took into their own hands
training working radio newspaper. In late February,
1930 with the District Council of Trade Unions was
organized its revision. Soon she was
renamed to the editor and radio, where
worked for fifteen radio correspondents. In
to organize collective radio listening
journalists held meetings with the workers and
officials, meeting in the business club, meeting at
workshops about the importance of radio. Editorial prepared to the airwaves
not only working, Komsomol, pioneer
radio newspaper, but radiomitingi, radiopereklichki,
collective farm and factory scenes, radio concert,
"working afternoons", Information, reports. In
August 1930 was approved estimates
development of local broadcasting. The estimate
provided for the purchase of the amplifier
expansion of the station to 5,000 radio outlets.

    Since September 1930, local
broadcasts were held regularly
up to four hours per day.
Newspaper "Work" published program
local radio. Here’s a program for October 18
1930: "C 6 hours. to 6 hr. 30 minutes. (Pm) conversation
Editorial "Desktop" how to construct
massive wall newspaper. C 6 hours. 30 minutes. to 7:00.
(Pm) on the roll of Trade Unions
preparation of collective bargaining campaign. C 7 hours. to 7
hour. 45 minutes. Working radio newspaper №71. C 7 hours. 45 minutes.
to 7:00. 55 minutes. (Pm) message CRK (tserabkopa).
C 7 hours. 55 minutes. to 8 hours. program on October 19. With 8
to 12 hr. transmission of other stations".

    In connection with the liquidation 1930
year Nizhny Tagil District Ural region
the question of the means for local radio
escalated as the material basis mainly
funds were former district
organizations. Not solved the problem of providing
Editorial radio room. Furthermore,
upon the occurrence of the first frost
there was a threat razmerzaniya batteries
radio unit. Editorial radio issued an appeal
public organizations to prevent
termination of local radio.

    Back to top 1930-ies formed
team of employees of local radio. Workers
were interested in the success of a new business.
Tagil held radio unit is not
last place in the Ural region. July 19, 1933
executive editor of Broadcasting Katkov
meeting of the Presidium of the Nizhny Tagil
City Council in his speech on the outcome of
Broadcasting noted that local broadcasting
is not the first year in a difficult position.
Due to lack of a solid financial base was
even reduced staff.

    July 9, 1933 the Presidium of the
Nizhny Tagil City Council adopted
resolution on the development of local broadcasting.
Responsible persons instructed to seek
ten-day term funds in the amount of 7,000 rubles,
support the operation of the local broadcasting
through the participation in the matter of economic
and trade enterprises and institutions in the city.

    During the short period of its
existence in 1928-1933,. Taghilsky radio
achieved considerable. Was equipped with a City
radio in a separate building. By the end of 1930
local radio broadcast
up to 4 hours per day. Steadily
growing number of radio sets. In the city in 1933
There were four of the radio: the city, on
Uralvagonzavod, Tagilstroe and Mine them. III


References: Newspaper "Taghilsky
working" from 18.04.03.

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