Bread after rains fire.
Every day they shovel it, forward, laid out around.
Top mutiny grain was dry. When he was taken from the height growth fused with shovels on the ground slow jet, it rang like a summer rain.
To the center of the rebellion shovel deepened with resistance, as in the dough. Damp grain flattened, their was a bit conspicuous parkas. On each side of the grain allowed white and thin as threads, roots cling to the ground and thrown skyward sharp blue grass. Hovered over piles of huge flies gorged itself. Rebellion, this big and fat golden mound was already half a kilometer long, but all came, grew. To him and then approached the car, filled with grain on most boards. Tired, dusty drivers lifted the car on the ramp to the top of the tree-insurgency and Bulk grain. Dry sand and salt from the salt flats flying, crunched on the teeth.
These days are not a lot of people laughing and voices. United one sorrow and passion, work, understanding the foreman at a glance, with the eye. Was not at the farm no more problems, not counting the one — save the bread.
And there were not many cars. And shovels was not much. And the people was not enough. And the elevator at the station could not accommodate the grain.
Sometimes, people looked at the sky. Quiet, gaping white, it did not threaten rain.
People doused the heat.
Of grain went sour smell Prelov, but when the wind attributed it to the smell of sagebrush steppe floated, and giving rise to the heady smell kupeny, dizzy, drunk and lure away somewhere, not as bad a strong song. I wanted to sit forlornly on the shore of the lake, quietly dreaming and sorrow.
Uchetchitsa Nastya Kronova, which is now also served to dry the grain brought to revolt an armful of flowers wither kupeny and laughing, filed a foreman.
— Insist and drink a tablespoon before meals — less than a frown will, every longing pass!
Brigadier unclear why angry:
— For you only have to fool around, too fast. About bread all heart hurts, but your not affected — and threw flowers to the side.
Bouquet of dried up, became a walk on the red-haired broom. His teacher picked Seraphim Tarasova and carried home. He reminded her of home. In the forests of the Urals summer blossomed Solomon’s seal. On a thick rhizome oblong leaves are turned to one side, in the corners of their tassels hang small florets. White with green markings, they do not entice beauty. The maids do not break them for bouquets, not recoiling from their wreaths, regardless of their spicy smell.
But in the fall, when osypetsya many colors and in the corners between the oblong leaves appear purple berries, bitter taste, travyanitsy collected rhizome and leaves for pharmaceuticals.
They say specifically kupenoy treated dogs against rabies; hostess fed kupenoy cow when they shall take away her calf; drink its infusion orphaned people; it removes eat up heartaches of losing loved ones, relieves depression. That’s why it is called by the people grieve &# 8211; grass.
— From here Solomon’s seal? — Conceived Seraphim.
Past the station went on and the car filled with grain. For each ascended grader tail of dust. Brigadier watched them gaze. His face softened with all this.
Nobody noticed that the teacher works flegmantichno that her voice is colorless and in the eyes of longing. All were engaged in business. Well, she did not find a role.
Four years eating lady suppressed sadness. With her left Seraphim of Sverdlovsk, it lives here, in the virgin soil, never with anyone not sharing.
Well, as you tell that somewhere out there, in the Urals, the surviving spouse, with whom she lived for a few years and who left her for another? No one knew that she was already married. She was considered a girl-touchy with weird, closed-minded. Seraphim did not pull songs and jokes. It made around the void.
In particular, she missed when business was not occupied. Working in the winter at school, she will not go on vacation, find themselves any case at the farm. So she huddled to team Alexei Skvortsov.
Two years back the clock to the farm came the young Dr. Peter Zlobin, just graduated from college.
From time to time in the evening he called the teacher to the lake, where whole armies of mosquitoes attacked on their own.
Seraphim, laughing, waved, and the doctor complained bites seriously, with great offense. He complained and pas anguish, and a lack of books, movies and radio.
— I was just with you rest from all Serafim V. — read it.
Lady to believe. She had to believe in the fact that it is necessary to someone.
Kissing him, Seraphim forgotten all fancied that this Gregory. Somehow, his eyes closed, a lady by mistake Named Zlobina naming a spouse and being ashamed, ran away. They never met.
And when she found out that Zlobin disappeared from the farm, not upset: he was a stranger.
It was clear that she loves Gregory. Face wife has always been in the eyes. He is a fine, the highest, and strong, thick brown curls were not developed from time to time; proudly held his head with dignity. Greedy for words and smirk, he seemed to know something special, something no one can figure out.
And here he sometimes hit se trusting issues, as if he knew nothing, showing so much confusion for life, then decided that the Seraphim: without it he can not do.
Now from time to time she would throw everything and go, to find that the lady, whose husband is gone, look in the eyes. Curiously, what it is, what they say they are? Wanted to know it all, for what Gregory broke family. Or maybe he will come back? And suddenly return?
The thought tormented Seraphim sweet weakness, leg gave way. Lady biting her lips, drowning cry, ready to break out. So she burned herself. Recovering himself, asked:
— How did this happen? How could you, Grin’ko ?!
Brigade, in which she worked, was divided: men mowed and threshed grain, ladies perceived grain, watching him, if necessary, to shovel.
Mutiny built the first all.
One morning Alex, as usual, stuck a thermometer into the center of the pile and suddenly turned pale, tightly clenched jaws. Forcing the team to shovel the infected area, he began to build the rebellion itself. And now its construction stood strictly reconciled, sloping walls were smooth as poryzhely Sun paper. Sharp tip of the cut sky. Skvortsov pacing the shaggy from the steppes of breads from the 1st section to another.
— Played at me guys! — Heat read it, rolling the sleeves of his shirt.
Seraphim work could no longer walk: it’s time to prepare for classes at the school. NIGHT MODE but was raining, and in the morning she again ran to the rebellion.
Cut through the steppe road. Them going and going with the grain of the machine. When Seraphim crossed grader, one of the cars touched her wing. From the cab driver jumped out lanky tired and began to scold;
— Steppe small for you, turn nowhere! — But litsezrev face lady was silent, just realized that she had already gone through all the adversity, which can happen to a man, and she had nothing to fear. Sitting in the cockpit, croaked: — If I could I then regretted

Per night steppe was exposed. Just yesterday there was rocking wall wheat, corn leaves rustling languid, and the earth seemed abandoned.
Salt marshes tied up her as white rope. Towards Seraphim of rebellion swept thick voice foreman.
— Knížek sent us thousands of volumes, and there is no place to place. Club grain busy, and books are in bundles
Seeing the teacher, Skvortsov gently inquired:
— What is not a lot rested?
Clouds in the sky walking, swinging on the steppe large dark shadow, then closing, then letting the sun. Thick black hair foreman seemed piebald, serious eyes — carefree.
This bruised lady puzzled Alexis. He rolled a cigarette, lit and protracted, said indifferently:
— Angry snuff!
In the quiet rustling was heard echoing from the falling grains of spades.
By rebellion came machine.
Seraphim himself suddenly clicked:
— Sturm, girls!
— We thought that you and read per night unlearned: deaf-mute! — Laughed Skvortsov.
— Certainly, the house letter of guessed Nastya.- Either of sympathy!
— And that, perhaps, from the bow of sympathy received, — teased her Seraphim and she believed it.
Knocking the grain by the end of the rebellion, the car moved. Ladies again continued boring job.
Teacher quietly tightened:
As if the heart, the lake extensively.
Waves splash astern
Nastya braked, focusing on the shovel. Seraphim, without noticing it, continued:
Circling hawk circling forlornly,
Hawk circling over the water
Realizing that sings, embarrassed into silence.
— Sing, Shem, Sing! Cancel the song! — Shouted the girls.
And she continued, glad that he had not forgotten the song and that it is simple.
If you fell in love with another
Here and there, there, in a strange land.
All that was carrying that you loved,
In a boat on the waves sing!
Catching the attentive gaze of Alexis, was quite silent.
— To change our Seraphim Vasilevnu! All was as of itself off! — Nastya handed.
Teacher enveloped happy confidence that depression was gone, that now everything will be different. I wanted to move, laugh, naughty. She whirled sharply Nastya, pushed her to the grain, as in the feather bed, plopped down beside him.
Alexei shouted, jumping around them:
— I Give someone a kiss goodbye: the manor cause
Nastya shoves from a Skvortsov and squeal:
— Proklyatik damn!
— Oh, and tender! As sandpaper! — Rustled one — and I have my eyes on you in pieces, heart to pieces! I plucked leaf by leaf.
— Yak for you and do not touch it, me too!
— Is that so? And it seemed to me!
His jokes the right flooring. She blushed. Her eyes glittered sparingly.
— And you do not get married? — Asked Seraphim.
— It? — Outraged Skvortsov.- can wait, not poppy, one day does not fly around. She gave me more than once bewitches even grass some brought. Casts need me! And I anxiously: now leave for the estate, it will survive the separation ?! But you will suffer, Nastya, I’ll be back soon!
He came back, really soon. The car drove up to his little wagon. Standing at the side, Alex yelled ladies:
— Help!
On their hands fell from the body of the mattress, 2nd, 3rd, fell down pillows, blankets, underwear sets. Nastya, funny crouching on the load, a burden for the burden lowered to the ground, his face pale with excitement.
— Alyosha, who? Who will come to us? The one with the deliberate seriousness silent.
In the trailer for free beds spread out bed. Nastia began frantically mopping the floor, and then asking:
— Maybe an agronomist?
— I myself am an agronomist — posted impressive Skvortsov, — the second is not necessary.
— Then maybe geologists?
— Why, they give us here?
— Students? Ah? Well, tell me!
— Get away from me!
— Students! Means students!
— Thawed ?! — Laughed Aleksey.- And here sighed loudly, almost groaned — Oh, if we warehouses more! Bread save!
Tosca eats Seraphim, seemed to her pitiful compared with what is going on around. Love for these people with whom she works, a hot wave engulfed heart.
Seraphim swallowed wormwood wind and said:
— Will rain, cashmas steppe will not close, and students do not posodeystvuyut! We need to build elevators in the outback.
Alexei, looking into her face, whistled
— Long are you silent!
Seraphim threw those words case. On elevators she knew nothing, and did not know whether it is possible to build them on the steppe. Whoop Alexei confused: so very seriously took foreman   her idea! To hide the embarrassment zadoristo asked:
— And what? We’re able to?! — Like the first time she saw the face of Alexey energetic, measured and hard his eyes, and immediately believe yes, they will be able to! Now they all fail!
In the evening, on the way to the grader, all turned to the trail, drowned in the bread to check whether this site is ready for harvest. Starlings and ripped carelessly filed Seraphim flower.
— Look how gentle Well, take Lady, shocked, raised her eyes.
— How do you said, Alyosha?
— How? — Peacefully laughed one — wink, say, for you weed-currents Big face foreman always amazed Seraphim own completeness. Dark eyes were strict, full lips firmly folded.
— Not that you said it perfectly kak Seraphim bitter laugh: how could anyone even in small things repeat Gregory!
— You would not have worked, Serafim V. For you before classes at school need to relax — advised her Skvortsov.
— No, I’m better with people, — replied the teacher, and was appalled that betrayed myself.
— Well, well, I know without work hard. We hang out here in the winter without dela- voice sounded foreman excitedly broke. He interfered Seraphim think, would not let go of his own.
She looked in the direction where the floating bubble swell, swaying and  flinching.
Dry ears thrashed them on the shoulders, rang overwhelmed. Starlings continued:
— I wish to raise the question do we need any seasonal enterprises to build the farm after five or six months of winter disappear.
— What kind of business? — Her question was not enthusiastic.
— Well, not enough brick factory, woodwork reed plates make ladies sewing workshop for the summer it all covered. Why do you think some people skiing here unwinds? Bored doing nothing, that’s why!
Wheat roared like the sea, and rolling waves, splashing in the sky gold foam.
It was bread. To grow it, save, send to all parts of the country, people live here, and give their power.
And, as a reproach, Seraphim scratched the idea that it is something she lives all these half.
Nastya suddenly tore off his shoulders Alexei quilted jacket and with laughter thrown in wheat. Jacket drowned and swayed over the bread, as if floated in the wake of yellowish.
— Catch, utopnet!
— Land-it may burn as an oven! Evaporate any bread! Who would have expected as much bread ?! By sixty grains per ear! Everyone — heroic, — whispered Skvortsov and pulling his jacket, too late threatened:
— Wait, Nastya, I’ll answer for you!
Never so much fun not rotates the Seraphim home: it is bound to these people — Alexei and Anastasia. With them, as a family, will not perish Loneliness is not scared
The teacher felt a strong, ready for anything.
— Here’s the elevator to here on the site, rather than on vokzale- she repeated.
Letters home, as usual, was not, and again she felt unwell. Had no strength, and of the desire was not to clean up the room.
This huge room she got in a new house two years back. School in the village is not yet built, and because it worked with the students here. First, there were 5 people, then — fourteen. They sat down on the bed, on the bags. The teacher has posted on the wall of the benefits and the board and taught kids.
Nights room belonged to her one hundred percent. Then she Machala, sleeping and preparing for lessons.
Summer students in the village were not: they were deported to the camps and to relatives on the vast land.
Without them — even more difficult.
The lady took out a bottle of nightstands with infusion kupeny. Maybe drink? Dull the pain! And come again to trust people and bygone serenity?
Thinking that it will disappear together with it the longing, Seraphim abruptly shoved the bottle back: she had grown accustomed to the anguish and unrequited love. Fancied, liberate it from burning emotions, life would be empty and uninteresting.
Seraphim again took the bottle, shake infusion. Neuzh that this liquid, similar in color to the tea stronger feelings? Neuzh that exists in the world nibudt something that can distract from the melancholy ?!
She angrily shoved the bottle to its original location, the stove ignited and grinned; sick person is arranged: you need to cook dinner, take out food, even though all the same — you live or do not live in!
Joyous, dangerous rags flame as alive, then disappeared, went somewhere, lurking, then vzmetyvalis sparingly taken lick firewood.
Suddenly came to Seraphim confidence that Gregory also suffers from depression, as she did.
The lady rushed to clumpy mattress in a snowdrift, and firmly pressed against the pillow. Was simple. Tosca passed. Seraphim fell asleep almost happy.
But in the afternoon, as opened her eyes, her stunned wicked idea: «How now Grin’ko slept? How healthy is? «- And the first flour replaced all that she lived yesterday. Resentment that can not be fooled, Seraphim began to sob.

And this day has passed, as were others. In fever, trying to make as much as possible, working people.
Still swept the smell of wormwood and grieve &# 8211; marijuana. Swam across the steppe far sounds.
Nastya first heard the song. Because of the band horizon of the central manor in purple evening seemed machines. When the moon is dark they shone, thickened, grew. Song about rebellion broke off. From the body of the first car jumped girls, men, throwing each other nodes and suitcases, shouting:
— Here you go! This, heavy, Shurkin! She dresses to the virgin lands captured!
— Students-s! — Jumped up and screamed Nastya and rushed to the machines.
— Maybe not to the same to us may, in other brigades, — said Alexei, and unable to stand, also rushed to meet visitors.
On the road swept votes:
— Girls, where my suitcase?
— Alex, do not get lost!
— Here I am!
— And where are we going to sleep?
In leather coat, with a bloated satchel in hand,   bareheaded, rushed from one machine to the highest persons:
— No one here does not sleep? Jump to the ground, let the machine rest.
Seraphim sighed voice, thick, broken, recalled the voice of Gregory. With hilarious fright she peered ahead, straining the neck. Larynx dry.
A man in a leather coat running away all further collecting visitors.
Lady, stupefied, awaited. That’s from the last handful of cars are girls, and behind — it is. Those sweeping motions, the same height, voice, mop of curly hair. Not far from the Seraphim he called:
— Comrades, do not wander! — And passed.
Alexei caught up with him, plaintively said:
— I   leave,   please    guys   accompanied Comrade!
— We decided to give the director of the farm to you only 3 women. This sophomore Polytechnic Institute in your team work easier.
Not understanding what makes Seraphim jumped up, ran to the edge of rebellion and, exhausted, fell. In it, nothing has changed in four years! And it hurts to hurt the lady. In a daze, she distinguished individual voices:
— Man I need! ..
— I certainly wish to combine work, certainly
— I’m in the garden! ..
Mixed feelings wrapped Seraphim: resentment, wounded pride, and yet something strange to her now, similar to the pride that here he is, it Gregory, came to the virgin lands and will be engaged in one thing with her. Here he yells:
— Tomorrow I’ll let you, the girls, come visit!
Steppe rose above Seraphim, and floated, rocking her, became malehankih as felt.
Students in my own way scattered around.
— Oh, how much bread!
— Why, the wind will spread it!
By hobbled by high-heeled woman with longish, at times, spits. Nevdali, oyknuv, sat down, took off her feet with shoes, shaken out zabivsheesya it grain, rose and wandered on.
Seraphim spent her evil eye:
«Ruined my life! — And here is a thought for the women’s pity: — On the heels is not au us, Ishmael! «
The tramp of feet, noise, laughter, bad song, started shrieking out of tune — all passed by, drifted.
Machine, leaving the girls have gone on.
Seraphim was in the grain, looking at the sky.
Then her and found Skvortsov.
— Sima, and we are looking for you
Sluggish smelling later, he plunged heavily around and spoke lazily.
— Saving to grain looked into her face, zavolnovalsya.- you talking about? About this?
— Well, Denmark is not thinking, she said, and brushed his hand slezy.- Znaesh- she began, and stopped short. Alexey expected shocked her bored eyes.
— I’ll explain to you when I’m better at the top seemed to paly star.
— Quiet! Though drink it, even a bucket to scoop — Alex whispered. In the dim light flashed his teeth. The voice trembled as he thoughtfully added: — A huge heart you, Serafim V. Apparently, he realized tears teacher in his own way.
The lady closed her eyes in shame, that fools the man in something very fundamental. Not even explain the reason of tears, she muttered incomprehensible, trying to calm an alarmed conscience:
— No, not that, Alyosha
He jumped up, held out his hand. She said to himself, his hands dug hard, ugly, as groomers, and even more ashamed of his own helplessness.
— No, it is in this! — Insisted on.- Maybe right, build elevators on plots to store grain on the spot and assured sema-: — Wait, come out of the situation
Seraphim stood up and said, only in order not to be silent:
— And how much grain dies with us! — And shuddered again she stabs.
By grader in continuous raced cars. From headlights road seemed river lights. Alexei smiled
— All is not lost! See how driven!
His face brightened from sneers, ordinary expression of concern was gone.
— Driven, driven, and from the pride of the steppe clear still do not have time — he added to the same breath: — Of course, many die But now we have learned and rotten grain used: for the yeast to feed yes malt nothing in vain. You know very well how we first had to!
Seraphim, as everyone in the farm, of course, knew that to start work, the government gave them a multimillion-dollar loan and that at the moment the debt which all scare, paid.
Alexei repeated
— You know yourself, now we will work for the future! — After a pause, with sadness and disappointment exclaimed:
— I’m afraid I had just run away from us these students, difficult pokazhetsya.- Skvortsov again looked Seraphim in the face and said sympathetically: — A cry is not necessary!

Schur, Claudia and Valya — so called new. Shura — krosotka with longish braids, shimmering copper, dreamy and heavy; Claudia — nosed dumpling dressed flashy, gaudy. Watery curls framing her a short, forehead; Valya — the highest slim blonde with palely face. On the white hands stood out painted nails.
Brigadier deliberately confused their names than girls are very amused. Here he nodded anxiously Claves and inquired:
— Curls something from the mother or the curl falls, Alex?
— In 1-x, I do not Schur — offended one — in-2, curls are irrelevant. Let’s work will not interfere with the curls!
— I love the curly — agreed Aleksey.- only once for you to mess with them.
Looking at the sitting aloof Shura, said:
— Heel is higher not find it?
Student broke out and picked up his legs under a colorful dress. Maid takes the words of Alexei seriously.
— Not because you can work on his heels! — He continued.
— Alex, I have a spare shoes — calmed Valya. Catching sight foreman on for themselves, begging, folded her hands: — I want to work on the tractor! — Good, her eyes flashed a little catchy brilliance.
— And I know you all my life wanted grain shovel! — Seriously convinced her Skvortsov.- Job foolish things! Come on, it’s time to start!
First detachment of visitors rapidly disappeared. They took turns driving from harvesting to the heap of grain, night duty at the mutiny. Dressed in light suits, all hidden in scarves face so as not to get a tan, but his hands, bare above the elbows, already blackened.
Seraphim worked as before sadly, thinking that Gregory close that it is not good that even tears, tears like a woman everyday, issued for the movement of a huge heart.
Students learned from the teacher that Gregory Chufarova allocated regional agricultural offices to accompany students on the new ground, and that at the moment he lived in one or the other team.
Seraphim and afraid and unbearable waiting for him.
At one point, Skvortsov, coming from the center of the estate, handed her the freshest edition of the newspaper:
— Read about your proposal to write elevators
— Who said that?
— I said, And your tears said
— Not all Alesha- screamed with fright Seraphim.
— Intricate you
She gently broke off: how to explain this great guy that she acquired his honor not those tears. And again conceived Seraphim about Gregory.
«Meet with a smirk would only stand there!»
The meeting will happen soon, and Seraphim did not survive.
Evening resting, sitting encampment. Teacher lay hands crossed behind his head, trying to hide the state of doom.
When approached na bike Chufarov, girls jumped. Surrounded accompanied, vie started to say something.
Skvortsov caught the eye of Gregory on the Seraphim, saw how she stood up, walking unsteadily, disappeared behind the insurgency and how to immediately rushed visitor.
He crept up behind her, spoke something unintelligible, pulled her to for herself, and she took a step, feeling his strong   hands, happy that she is weak-willed. The hard-frozen lips opened and supposedly only realized it was him, she called funny:
— It can not be! — But here is thought for her joyful voice — heresy, did not resist and sobbed: — No, no, go away!
Gregory said:
— Well, Simushka Well, my dear, I also found you a long time. I learned that you’re here, and yesterday read on for you, and, you see, has arrived!
— Therefore, I found that I had read?
— Well, I have long been foolish, I say to you, find. Well, do not cry, you’re tired of waiting me!
Tears Seraphim passed. Released from his hands, she said belligerently:
— Are you sure you expect?
— Well, not ershis because that’s what! — And, as before, patted her on the cheek. This conventional gesture relaxed lady.
— A you know, divorce is very hard! — After a pause he said esche.- And I realized that I did stupidity I did not have to release you.
— And that the other? — Asked Seraphim. He shook his head dismissively. She saw that he had a surprisingly twitching lips, eyes were unbalanced. He seemed to be no one wants to look in the eye, glides past, just hiding from all nedodumali.

Intimacy with Gregory did not bring calm. Seraphim have come to expect, and seemed still expected in something cheating spouse. And he is the first meeting felt Seraphim also something to impale her. Starlings to learn that the stranger — a spouse teacher, turned pale.
— Well, I placed his hopes that you and I will seek the elevator.
— And we will!
— What is there! Is not up to the bread for you
Some days they did not speak. But Nastia cheered, loudly, bezumolku chatted and certainly brings up Chufarova.
— And you are perfectly matched, Shem! Both teachers, both finished one institution. Ok, when the husband and wife at one job — more enthusiasm. And you’re in love with him, even in the face of Shem me when he comes here
In the eyes of Alexei appeared rage, chenille sponge. Seraphim did not support these discussions, but Nastia her silence did not stop.
— Something quite a while to us he will not be published — continued ona.- And how did you leave the 1st, Sim? After such separation is necessary for you, along
Chufarov, settling on a homestead in the room Seraphim, in rebellion arose occasionally, but whenever asked students about life. His gaze at all this became sorrowful.
Somehow Valya, looking at her nails, complained: — I thought, we’re all on the tractor or the combine will work.
Foreman with Gregory almost did not say only pohihikival.
— Homesick? Nastya, where you grieve &# 8211; grass? — On his swarthy face gleamed some eyes and teeth. Gates burned extensively shirt open. Nastya and then glances at this bong chest.
— The feet rastaskali, — she said.
— In vain, Skvortsov, laugh at the girls! — Cut Chufarov his face poured gnevom.- not use them as intended!
— And you know what their purpose here? — Alex turned to limp Serafimu.- not come to you to my team, accompanied, not bifurcate to workers!
Seraphim felt weak all over. Everything seemed to her at the moment, that very second, end times forever.
Chufarov left. Alexei again keenly looked at Seraphim. Hurriedly, said, to no one in particular:
— It is necessary to pick up the grain in the late rebellion by step-on, girls!
— Yes, there is nothing to do! — Made an objection Claudia, fingering his curls, stray from under her shawl.
— Try to do to build a wall revolt of students, as long as I live! Seraphim foreman left here. She did not understand why he puts it in her hand shovel and says:
— And we Oh, and we’ll work now! — And looked back at nee.- Need drier the pile.
— I can not, the foreman! — Moaned teacher.
— In other words, it «can not»? Begin! — Alex the first shovel hit the heap of grain, laudatory shouting:
— Come on!
And the lady, too, made a bunch of shovel. A foreman kept repeating, throwing her eyes rather short:
— Come on, come on! Well again, harder!
Grain dry rustle of falling on the ground. Grew around the mounds, whole yellow snowdrifts. Widely echoed tense voice Skvortsov:
— Come again! That’s it! That’s it!
In some places, the car rumbled. Seraphim hands were trembling. In his ears hum. The lady stood knee-deep in wheat and sowed and sowed all around brilliant and hard beads, grains, as hail, thrashed on the face, on her shoulders.
And suddenly I saw Seraphim that flow down from the sky solar hot filament that glows and smells of steppe kupenoy and day — big and clear. She laughed happily. With an emphasis on the shovel, Skvortsov watched her curious, then, raising his head high, yelled
— Girls-a! Stay-aTb!
Seraphim fallen grain. She longed for something to thank Alexei, but she did not know for what. When the girls came running, she was already asleep, throwing his hands in the same direction, as if in a dream and continuing to move in the same direction.
With the arrival of students Alexey Skvortsov noticeably revived, often joked:
— I came today to the combiners. They are sitting at dinner dense, cloud, dark as a damper. Ka-ak snapped at me: you, they say, all the women around him leave! Jealous!
— What do they envy? Took, well, would come to us — quietly stuck Shura.
Alexei with mock ferocity looked pas it. The girls laughed.
But on the same day, at lunch, tractor and combine appeared about rebellion. The girls quickly disappeared into the trailer, quickly dressed up, got rid of scarves. When they left, Seraphim complacent grinned shawls not rescued them from sunburn. Schur limping. Huddled to the teacher, complained:
— DO NOT know what happened: the legs barely squeezed in shoes, do not climb and only
— Rang na expanse — seriously explained to that.
Valya often corrected on the chest giant as a badge, brooch, trying not to look at the boys. Her face was now black, arms and neck, too, were dark, and his hair even more white.
Alexei winked at her,
— It is a pity that the paint polish we’ve got no see, broke all the nails you.
Claudia in a flowered sundress looked fatter and awkward. Her hair was crinkled, straight strands fell over her shoulders. Woman and then load them up by the ears.
Nastya and Seraphim only stayed in dusty overalls.
Maid shyly looked at the boys. Alexei took from the trailer harmonica, sat down on a bench at the table dug into the ground, and began to play with the fluff dance tune.
Young brave combiner bowed Shura. Ghanaians began. An hour later, sitting in a circle in the rebellion, and sang songs. Schur, throwing shoes at high heels, stroking his hands stuck to their feet. Alexei grumbled, looking sternly at the men:
— I brought you hard. I am here with them freely lived: one or the other will look at me, heart darkened! What Shura, heels something your appetite? Let me ax their compartment! Claudia, that’s enough for you to fan me with a handkerchief, I can catch a cold! Oh, soon you leave, I’m sorry! ..
Alexei again took accordion, long tried frets and, eventually, began to play. On his face there was sadness. Accordion rang, lunging, breaking knee.
Just as suddenly put down his harmonica Alex aside and said to no one in particular:
— Two and a half thousands of hectares have already mowed. And a collection of the crop! Who would have thought! And oh so save ?! Need to save! Five years with the glory done, but as a seven-year period will begin, so we’ll hold and will not be! What Crane, maybe stupid from songs? Let’s work, what do you think? I think I will vote. But in order to reduce the time and will vote «for» and «against» together, okay? Raises hand! Let’s work?
Maidens raised their hands, jumped up, grabbed the shovel, admiring:
— What!
— Otletny! To bad, and he was — Bring God! — Supported Nastya, putting their own meaning in the words and looked at askance Seraphim.
The teacher asked:
— What are you, Nastya, frowning? And at me as if angry?
— What are you, Serafim V. — Nastya stretchy and dry rassmeyalas.- I am glad that you are with us. When is better for you without you Alyosha, like an owl, silent, staring at the road so brovonki knits whole soul he gives to you, and you do not take!
So found out Seraphim that without even though it is not clear excites fun foreman.

Students worked willingly, brightening the praise, waiting for a gentle gaze foreman.
— Thus, the way devchenki! Oh, and work — cracks on the ground running! Nastya, you did not look after me, — joked that irrepressible. — Look meanders, stick not otmasheshsya!
— Someone around you, Screwtape, winds! — Said the woman unfriendly. Silver-blue eyes lit up in anger, but quickly faded. The more fun the girls, the more darkened Nastya.
— Amuse my something grief! Skvortsov surprise drawled
— Are you serious? For you, is, or give all or do not need? Breaking down the rebellion, which laid down the girls, he growled:
— You see because, damn, you’re here done!
— How should you? — Asked Shura.
— Well, come here, I have to tell you why some bread burns! Maid immediately surrounded him.
— The walls of the rebellion should be smooth, like a monument. Peak — acute. Then bread nor rain, nor the winds are not creepy!
— Why not?
— And here’s why. Small bulge, and the rain does not trickle down from the wall, and lingers in the pit, and the bread starts to rot. Well, the wind is where poozorovat: flies, plucked on a smooth wall, it is nothing to do here, and then it obmoet pret. And will find recess utopnet and begin to deploy it. Realized? That’s the decent rebellion may be years.
Girls shoveling grain to the center, and when a bunch headed for a suitable height, Alex nobody to not let her, clapping shovel scraping walls frequent rake.
— Now corns nothing creepy — he kept repeating.
— But on top of a bread still from rain smoknet
— Smoknet bread right But no more palms. This is the loss malenkie- and came to life again by a thought: — You know, do not stand for hair — beard will not!
Seraphim suddenly felt some anxiety, bad words began to realize in the end turned around to focus on her dark eyes looked Gregory. He always drove up to riot silently, like stealing.
Wryly, Gregory made the objection Alexei:
— I find this attitude to bread wrong. Skvortsov dry cast:
— Where all are guilty, no one there povinet!
— As no one? Why not build a warehouse?
Alexei was gone from Chufarova away, but came back with pity ;, as a child who does not realize, he said:
— Warehouses build, accompanied, with this new ground and began to raise up to now build not stop. From warehouses soon steppe sag. But these crops no one expected. That’s why it happened. Unless the government can rapidly build as much? Virgin soil for a long time, whether to raise start?
Gregory looked at him as the enemy.
— Torture people in vain! — His voice broke.
Seraphim was shameful and scary. Picking up the Great, Gregory clicked:
— Sima!
She pretended not to hear.
Great baked onto the wheel exactly in the end, jumped up. Picking up speed, Gregory ran across the steppe and soon was lost in the infinite flickering haze.
— Scratched, where scratching his — muttered Skvortsov. Restless grin juggle his lips.
Seraphim worked silent, suffering for her husband. Gregory words, mangled bread gloomy picture of the steppe — all this could confirm doubts. Alexei seemed vulgar jokes. Second laughter silly girls. All could do for feeble memory big lie. «And an elevator forgot! — She thought bitterly of brigadier: — In the newspaper wrote. Well, calm down! «

During leisure, not even hear jokes Skvortsov, Seraphim; moved away from the camp. His head was empty. Thoughts, unbalanced and ragged, slid by. Heart ached.
In the steppe it caught breathless Alex.
— Do not be in the way?
— What’s all the same, go, — she said coldly.
— Air-it! Breath and snorted like a sheep! — Alex said and paused. As if realizing that it was not his words, flushed crimson. Seraphim felt that at this point he would say something significant and was horrified.
— I have something spoiled, Sima? — Curious, looking at her, asked Skvortsov. Big his face twitched.
— Itself not usvoyu — thoughtfully said teacher — I do not understand, for example, why are you so risky joke with the girls, as if each is interested in?
— Must also them with something to keep in the desert — confusedly explained to Aleksey.- They’re like book in his hands. I’m afraid that does not seem to run away, that’s amused: one eye blink, another push the baton. So that’s I bet.
Seraphim smiled so that’s what price he is holding the mood brigade!
— In vain. They do not think to escape — she made an objection.
— And suddenly, yes! — Alex sighed Heavy us- until after a pause, said quietly: — With the girls something I can do but love? — Alex licked his lips. Both braked, looked at each other in the face. Seraphim of her head.
— No need to
— No one would have running away from here, if everyone realized the steppe — dully began Skvortsov. — It is necessary to see the aircraft And what can be done here! Nobody in the world has ever faced such arrays! — The voice of the foreman broke with emotion, he straightened up, as if grown taller and broader in the shoulders.
— You’re an agronomist, Alyosha? He did not reply, looking around the steppe.
— Remember, first we read: «If you are 6 tons per hectare will take, it will be fine.» And we are in the same year took a 10! And in the past — 20; Did you learn that can give the steppe?
And just responding to your thoughts, Alex added thoughtfully:
— And I do not care for it, in what criteria I live! 5 lives would be made to always collect the bread! Whole, which gives the steppe!
— It is you believe in their cause, Alyosha! — Escaped the Seraphim.
— How to deal not to believe? See how we land a warmed with love! At the moment it still while our sweat buckets draws, and in fact soon Why, you know yourself a heart aches for all the bread
— And you forgot about the elevator, even though you have a heart for bread and it hurts! — Seraphim grinned.
— Always remember! But you are silent, and I act awkward one: your idea’s together would — said Alexey and hot, almost fawning, looked at it from the side.
Seraph spread her hands, «What he’s funny even the voice was different!» — And marveled at the fact that it was easy and relaxed, as if she painfully long time could not come to a normal conclusion and suddenly came.
— Come together! — Agreed Seraphim. — Where do we start? Here they went to the cottage.
The director, as usual, it was noisy and smoky. Seraphim went in, and immediately rushed to the window and opened it extensively. Greenish smoke, floating on top, started to leave the room. Rumyantsev, seriously follow him, muttered:
— All machine operators! ..: — The latest and took a cigarette. Thick sponge myagenkie it blossomed. Benevolent big face, happy little eyes, wrinkles coming from the fleshy nose to the corners of the mouth — all expressed cunning and complacency. Everyone laughed, knowing that it is not machine-Nakuru, and he, without ceasing, smoked, not letting one die out a cigarette, lit a second.
— Single Tread on me. See Tarasova here. Certainly, on elevators came read.
Skvortsov confirmed:
— We must also think about this. Roared in the newspapers, a noise It was absolutely not a person who  minutely  cracking jokes with the girls in the rebellion. Anxiously furrowed eyebrows, full lips compressed into a hard line, and in the sight of so much hope and faith that Serefima horrified.
When the principal’s office, they were left alone, Rumyantsev got some folder, rummaged in it.
— Zagotzerpo refused to help us in building. Trust — as well. This is understandable: the stations they lack such construction! — Rumyantsev shook a sheaf of papers. — Here, rattle, so we built warehouses! And that does not understand that only preserve grain warehouses, and we need and to save and dry. You’re right, Serafim V. needed elevators.
— Himself need to build! — The teacher said sharply.
— What? That is the question!
Seraphim jammed. She knew just elevators can store and dry grain. But the confidence that the team itself can build them, from the Seraphim did not pass. Alexei came to her rescue.
— Concrete ourselves not overpower Stone? There is not enough stone and wood tree need to bring
Seraphim, Encouraged, I saw:
— Either way, as you need to build. In the riots can not keep bread.
— Who will build it? — Asked Rumyantsev.
— Builders They long as we have — saw Seraphim. Litsezrev that the director smiled, realizing that reads trusting things and turned purple.
They did not come to anything. Rumyantsev promised:
— I’ll look for consult call back. Out on the street, Alex asked:
— You’re currently home? Seraphim nodded.
— And so would need to talk! — Shouted the foreman. — After all, we can find not only the director of
— I need to home — she said shyly. Alexei turned sharply to the side, do not argue gone. Seraphim ran to the house with a single idea: at the moment it all Gregory
will interpret help. Of course, he knows that the elevators are reinforced concrete, stone, steel, wood. He will give a hint of what they build here in the desert.
Gregory, as usual, she had found in the room. He lay in a mangled bed. Wife met with irritation:
— Tosca all one
— Would you have us in the wilderness worked. There is better. And then you come back guest!
His eyes running around in the way. She could not trust this man his thoughts, and as luck would have it looked like:
— I accompanied sent here. My task is not to give students an insult. Live my guys like? In the carriages so in tents, beds do not doze on the land floor! I’ll write about it where you want!
Seraphim suddenly felt that his whole life, which she has here, is alien to him.
Before the eyes of the pop up is the first days of the virgin lands, tents spread out on the ground with grass, which had to sleep, then direct the exact band of new streets.
Looking out the window, with boring for asked:
— Cancel my room? — She did not tell him that this room served as her home, and children in the village — the school.
Gregory looked glumly plastered wall, bookcase, swollen from the books. Staring for themselves at the feet, muttered:
— In Sverdlovsk, you threw the best room. Seraphim seemed that his eyes at the moment will pop out of their sockets.
— I Uvezu you Simukov, here! — He continued. — I can not allow the teacher to work as usual charwoman
Seraphim through the teeth made an objection:
— I work in a school in the winter the summer helping on the steppe
— For what?
And again in the sight of the Seraphim came out picture of wild steppe, which the settlers have seen her for the first time the flowers bloomed purple surf yes I remembered steppe grasses in winter, covered with snow mounds. Low horses diving into snowdrifts, front legs cut crust. Cut it in pieces, and dig up the ground, gnawing the roots dry grasses. Emaciated horses, «on the edges, then at least play the game!»
Somehow to the trailer acquired a mangy, bald horse with shaggy legs. Settlers dubbed it coot, fed crusts of bread, potato husks. She left them when the snow melted.
— The grass here fat, juicy grows — with a grin said Seraphim.
— Why do you say that? — Sternly and asked incredulously Gregory.
Seraphim often and breathed heavily, as if holding back a scream.
— Last winter, we have a large bread mutiny mutiny storm blew We girls frostbitten fingers, collected on a kernel nobody sent, on their crust crawled fifteen miles. But is all gather! Freeze, the snow crust otplyashem hollow, as if the bell otplyashem yes again, like birds, grain klyuem.
— Why did you tell me? — Kept asking Gregory. Seraphim did not know why. His eyes did not stop running around and angry.
She paused, panting. Gregory sighed:
— I’d drunk at the moment! — And bent. The skin on the neck of his spongy. This is why any Seraphim filled with pity for him. At a certain moment, she realized that she did not impress Gregory, do not open it.
He took out a bottle and bedside tables, shaking it, said resentfully:
— Hiding from me! Seraphim, pale and jumped.
— This is not a wine grass nastoena- She was very willing, that Gregory was interested that in the grass, but he silently put the bottle back. As if the force pushing the words added — This grieve &# 8211; herb Solomon’s seal so as not to grieve for you ..:
Gregory became interested in others:
— Vodka infusions?
— No, — said dryly Seraphim. Only here he reluctantly asked:
— And you saw this pot? Helps?
— No, it does not help
— Vodka would assist! — And, in its own way realizing her staring eyes, hurriedly explained: — Jan drink, do not think from time to time, when agitated
— What are you still agog at the moment?
— Everyone. Here you are some other, — said plaintively Gregory. Seraphim sat down on the bed and fell to him.
— I could not change from that change
— You remind ?! — Stepping back,   exclaimed  it — so   and we live on a reproach?
— No! — Seraphim would soften his words. — I do not reproach you explain, too, was different!
— I’m still the same!
— Zagrubel and began to fear the problems!
— Stopped loving?
— No, not that I wonder how changed!
— I am the same. But I can not stand silly cases that’s why you went to the new lands?
— Like what? Work!
— Sheepish idea! Dust in the eyes of their own work start up? Like, that’s what I have to cancel. Squandering so much energy; And so far not able to remove the bread, the youth all over the country should help, and later bread nowhere to store processed Single excellent land in the collective farms, it is for you to give such a collection!
Seraphim, depressed, silent. He does not think that everything is the first time that such a crop was not expected because lacking and warehouses that, in the end, particularly in her moment had the idea to build a silo plots each brigade. She wanted to tell him this, but looking at it in a cool person wife, swallowed words. Extraordinary indifference to everything around her.
— How long have you here means work? — Do not let Gregory. Seraphim winced.
— You is bothering you? — Grinned ona.- No matter how much earned and do not want to run away. That after all the whole country is our mistake? One is endowed with you head? Bread rots? Yes, rots. But we have learned and rotten bread to turn into gold. Well, how many rots? Celina on 10’s years flunked country bread is hard? Yes, it’s hard! But not all, as you are afraid of it!
Gregory lay down on the bed, watching his wife with narrowed eyes. She did not see that long really worth of the room and throws violent words:
— And the people? People something, you know, too — virgin! And as this new ground we have raised!
— Yes, you ran off half of the people! — With laughter made objection Gregory.
Seraphim Peter remembered the doctor Zlobina who escaped from mosquitoes, as stated at the farm, and turned purple.
— Ran only slabnyaki like you! But they have nothing to do here. Remain true!
— Well, well, silly! Why, none for you for it at the feet adore.
Face fierce Seraphim filed a closure.

Not bad on the steppe August. Blue sky slips down firmly to the ground. Stars at night are below, it seems reach out and collect them like flowers. The sun bakes days are not, and silently warms the earth, just grown old in the summer. Birds thrown on top of ecstatic song. Their voices joined with unblemished shake the haze in the distance, get to the heart of the wilderness, absorb honking cars and quiet heat.
In such a day the estate rumor that removed the last tent.
Hastily covering faded kerchief head Seraphim ran into the street.
— Just think, a noise: the tent is removed! — Grumbled Gregory, lashes for his wife. — How not to shoot, if you do not need!
— You do not understand — hiding excitement quickly clarified Serafima.- tent removed — means another house builders give us soon near poplar grows up, put a branch on a window A tent removed last, you know, the last! Means all now live under a roof!
She did not understand why she did not say it head: Free builders who will build the elevator.
Of the street, in the meadow, the kids rolled steel bands. About their dog to sit satisfied, his tongue hanging out, watching the game. Where the street ended abruptly, turned stubble. Curved hump steppe this time of year was a gold.
Whenever going past the new school built not so long ago, Seraphim slows. Soon it chunky spacious building is full of joyful roar of voices.
Piling on top of each other, standing in the garden desks. The sun melted, crushed and wafted in their dark depths.
— On the days are already lined up desks in the classroom and I say, «Hi, baby!» — Whispered Seraphim.
A lady influx smell kupeny. Quietly she went to him, climbed on the desk and looked out of the window class. Of the room, slowing-down edges to the wall, stood a tremendous pile of grain.
Seraphim rushed to the window of another class, the third — everywhere, filling the room up to the ceiling, lay grain.
School for a long time will not yet be ready to accept students. Why any teacher would like to hide it from her husband, but he approached, also looked out the window and prisvistnuv, said sarcastically:
— Good morning, kids!
Seraphim quietly walked down the road. Gregory followed silently behind.
— You see? — Neposlushlivymi barely moving lips, she asked.
— What?
— All of them! — Seraphim extensively led by the hand, but on the person’s wife realized that he does not see anything special. Maybe this greenish wide street for centuries was a footpath on the steppe And behold as an outside person for the freshest homes for frail twigs of poplars, all suffered here virgin landers and what else ready!
— And this is the club? — Gregory asked, pointing to a reddish two-story house with columns, and was headed there, but she stopped him.
— The club does not work. There is also stored grain! — She did not want to go back to the tent, did not want to show his wife Tselinniks no joy, no sorrow.
— Come on, that you stand? — Pulled her tot.- pulled out, so go! His words were passed.
— I’m not dragging you, he had come
They crossed another street. Litsezrev lot of newcomers, Seraphim went rapidly, almost ran.
Rumyantsev, as usual in festive occasions, read, sbychu head; Seraphim not listened to the words. She beheld this steppe naked as the tablet on which grasses only left their letters, without a single building. There, outside the town, on the ancient site of the central farmstead in autumn they put three trailer and tents, and in the spring came here and builders began to erect houses. Now their settlement by 4 streets, straight and wide, shops, school, club. Quietly stood around virgin landers.
— Modular cabins and tents emptied: workers moved into homes — read Rumyantsev.
People were bareheaded, just said goodbye to a part of the difficult and inimitably beautiful life.
— Modular cabins and tents, we took them to the field camps, — continued the director — and this one stands up to this time. Here from time to time, seasonal workers slept.
Seraphim squinted at her husband. Gregory smoked. Not owning a, clicked:
— Caps off! — And tore off his head a straw hat. Several people turned around. Seraphim barely hold back the tears: is there, on the mainland, not everyone understands what they have created in the desert!
Here she thoughts: «And let not understand! Not so here we come to later enjoy yourself! «- And proudly looked at the wife, glad to be released from something languid.
— Begin! — Clicked Rumyantsev and straightened.
With rustling swayed the highest peak of the tent. Tarpaulin sprawled at the feet of workers.
Young guys swiftly and deftly turned the tarp in a pipe, dragged to the side. Under the tarp was naked rammed earth to hum. Two guys started digging spades in the middle of the pit.
The old woman with a small, just shriveled face, ran up to one of them:
— Give me, and I sometimes!
Weight was taciturn, festive. At times, people came out of it — men, old ladies, one after each other: everyone wanted to participate in this work.
And Seraphim someone changed and digging compacted earth, weeping with tenderness to the people.
They dug a round hole.
Director clicked:
— Lays!
And the people rushed to the thick poles, prepared in advance, pick it up, put in a pit, supporting began to bury the butt.
Naked on clearing up the dry, hot pole on top of which the guys nailed longish nails snow-white sheet of tin. On it was written:
«It was our last tent settlers of the farm.»
— The monument would have to put on a stone tent — someone said dully.
Rumyantsev, breaking the left cap, fixed his gaze into the distance. His face took on an expression of softness, love and strange excitement.
Gregory smoked one cigarette after another. When they began to disperse, said with a laugh:
— Well played!
Seraphim away from him and ran out into the steppe.

Nowhere more responsive drivers, as in the virgin lands. Leads youth car heavily loaded with grain or barrels of fuel, carefully preserving from the shake-up, in a hurry to whether a summary of the principal, but the man standing on the sidelines to raise his hand, he will slow down, ask where it is necessary, and clicks are weary:
— Climb in the back! — And chase the wind whistle in my ears.
Seraphim lying on grain, looking at the sky.
The evening sun flooded land reddish swell. Steppe melted. Flies hovered over the bread as blue sparks. Top of the flying cranes, as if putting on a copper sky dot. It was necessary to relish cried so that nobody beheld; but the tears were gone, only a very clenched his chest and sighs escaped intermittently and resoundingly as sobs.
Alexei met a teacher with a searching gaze.
Mutiny in these days of increased, lengthened, and to it all hauled and hauled grain. Maid fit about the rebellion to rest.
— Sleep, Restless, the sun a long head fell in the steppe! — Read Alex; when everything calmed down, quieted down, he sighed: — Ah, yes books to unleash here at camp, bring! Here we construct warehouses, and the club will be Club and Library — library
— Soon to begin classes, and schools no grain busy though go! — Whispered Seraphim and froze: somehow respond to her words foreman.
He lit a cigarette. Paly fire lit match tousled head, parched lips. He closed his eyes and held:
— Angry snuff!
«He, of course, still, I’ll be in the team or leave» Unable to stand, the lady again said:
— It is necessary to collect the kids again in four shifts to his room
— Angry snuff! — Repeated Skvortsov in silence.
Offended, Seraphim was silent. Baked by the heat of grain yield heat. There was a smell of autumn in the forest and JuggleStay grieve &# 8211; grass.
Seraphim suddenly realized that she had no desire to build a spouse, no desire to read to him, take his caresses. A melancholy, old, eats, is not lost. In a watery mist was seen as Alex sat down, put his head on his knees, clenched his hands and stood.
Steppe sighed convulsively.
«It must be great when someone believe» — ​​loaf Seraphim, watching foreman. He got up, took off his coat, covered her legs. Near the village of Anastasia. Skvortsov surly asked
— And for you cold? You lie down on his tummy, back nacrite! — And promptly went to the steppe, took off up the steep path and disappeared. Nastya lay down again.
— And what this love can be? — Heard a voice in the silence of ce.
— Surely, man, when loves himself does not remember! — Think out Valya. — But you only need to identify which person adore, and find out what his temper.
Claudia hot shouted:
— I like to fool. You need to choose a wonderful!
Schur, lying on his back and staring eyes in the darkness of the night, something laughed.
«I Chose own Gregory and adored him for that?» — Conceived Seraphim. He remembered how the institute gazed at him maid, as she flattered his attention. Did not think it was then that the need to do something to find in a person, in addition to beauty. Maybe it’s because the whole life and went to the side. And now? And suddenly she realized quite clearly that the wife does not like anymore. Unable to stand, warned:
— Make no mistake, the girls! At the moment, no one can adore only for beauty. At the moment, love for all, together, and most importantly — for the attitude towards life to the world.
Nastya confirmed:
— Oh, so you Grigory Stepanovich.
Seraphim was silent. How to tell the girls that the attitude towards life, she and Gregory different and what exactly it breaks their family. With grain raised her head Shura.
— Neuzh then you, Shem, hence leave?
— And what? — She asked dryly.
— I never would not have left. Here curious. I and the next summer here and will certainly come to the brigade Alexei Ivanovich!
— And what is still here curious?
Schur indignantly gasped sharply waved his hand.
— Well, that’s you! Here notice — what force  in every person.
— That’s right — chimed in Valya. — To do and see how everything changes So we dried the bread, he will lie relaxed in the rebellion much as you want to be! .. And do not hunt to leave! But soon, in a week leave
Someone whispered:
— Soon the city I otosplyus so otosplyus!
Several cars drove up the grain. I had to get up, unload. Skvortsov, appeared at the rebellion, was quiet and thoughtful. The maids kept the conversation:
— First, the theater will flee!
— Forget you have! Out of curiosity, tasted life on the virgin lands and hvatit- Alex said and looked at the Seraphim.
The other day, in the morning departure Alexey students rushed off to the central manor. As usual, without it, the girls worked silently, looking into the steppe. Seraphim knew expect. And just to show a bike foreman, all cheered. Just before the rebellion, Skvortsov yelled:
— Crane, you know how much you have earned by: tysche! Maid did not believe. Schur sighed:
— I buy shoes for yourself now only low heels. Nastya laughed.
Claudia whispered:
— For what? Do we work for the money here? Left the team in the evening the girls.
Seraphim had gone unnoticed from the camp for fear of questioning that she would go with them or remains.
We caught up with her tract Skvortsov.
— What’s all the same you do not even say goodbye? — A modified sharp voice prervalsya.- You’re leaving?
Seraphim was offended: «Is he able to think that I leave, not bringing our case to the end?»
— What in the office came up with the construction of the elevator? Alexei boring answer.
— Detained builders. On the shores of the lake found the gravel, will cement his build walls. Director has sent a draft for approval.
— A if you do not approve?
— For own account will build! — Is perking up, said Skvortsov.- However, you need a lot of hands. But think before winter supply.
Seraphim any reason whispered:
— I do not know, Alyosha, tell me all about all elevators Brigadier smiled knowingly.
— This is a huge building! And silo building, and operating the tower, and reception facilities — everything as it should be.
Seraphim listened with cheerful excitement. As Alex was silent, Customized eager questions:
— Well?
— At the reception facilities will be several journeys there and tipping machine: fill the cargo, ssyplyut grain — and post there and conveyor that will carry through the galleries of the grain to the tower — read it eagerly encouraged by the Seraphim.
— And in the tower will be weighed, cleaned and dried corn. That’s the main thing — to dry! — He smiled broadly stretching strong jaws. Looking into her face, threw reproachfully:
— Yes, what for you all this? After leaving! .. This idea has filed, and we worked well together, and leaving. Decided?
Purple shadows swayed from the side. Towards the light breeze blew, enveloping steppe heat waves and shine.
— Do not ask me about anything — Serafima.- pleaded not turned, walked to the road and soon disappeared behind a hillside.

Litsezrev the window light, Seraphim slow steps and marveled at how it was hard to open the door, not podymali hands.
The kitchen is long washed, pulling a meeting with her husband. But when he heard commotion in the room incomprehensible entered.
Things have been collected in the nodes, the table was laid bare, shelves and closet were gutted, curtains from the window and the bed linked belts: Gregory going to leave not one.
«He thinks I’m so just throw comrades. He never learned that I can not leave it unfinished! «
— Well, that’s the way came, but then I wanted to look for you, — joyfully spoke Chufarov, seeing suprugu.- Now go
Empty eyes looked Seraphim spousal and discreetly asked:
— And where are you my things packed?
— What? Portfolio of one!
— Well, that’s about it and take care my rags leave!
With a sense of relief and disappointment start Seraphim untie knots. Books again placed on the shelf, throw pillow on the bed.
— Think! — Gregory’s voice sounded awesome. — You gave your virgin!
No objection, the lady moved around the room, bringing her into the everyday order and frightened own peace of mind.
— Are you kidding me jokes! I am your boy? — Went into a frenzy and Gregory fell silent, seeing the expression on the face of his wife suffering and reshimosti.- Yes usvoy same Sima- he whispered, — our personal happiness is the most important thing I mean. And it all my life, like a thread, rvesh! Again, I’m going to marry somebody with me so it is impossible!
Seraphim laughed:
— The fine you heart, you can go wading Go!
For a moment, Seraphim was terrified. But here it seemed sleepless longing davneshney, and the real-life light and strong.
Homeworld Gregory was so small in comparison with wide latitude steppe and its people that she was terrified for her husband.
— You have to be with someone, Grin’ko together. Can not be separated from all
— Yeah, you’re taking revenge, — exclaimed one — do not want to be abandoned, you leave itself Want to throw the last word!
— I do not fundamentally of who has the last word! — Unnoticed yourself Seraphim read already maliciously as he.
— But you’re very grieved gap
— Experienced with hope is better than to live without hope! Gregory did not realize.
— ‘Cause you again one stay — he recalled. Seraphim laughed:
— Who is alone, he will not leave!
Gregory was breathing noisily, with a whistle, like the wind was walking around the room
— Various we But I can not live without you!
Neat, wrong steps, he walked to the table, pulled out a bottle backpack.
— Here’s to the lion’s milk, so quite decide!
In the knapsack was found and cooked in a way starter. After opening the bottle, Gregory filled with vodka glass. Seraphim detained him.
— I do not pour. I own drink is-bent to the nightstand, picked up the bottle to the light with the infusion kupeny.
Gregory amazement and jealously asked
— You saw this pot of longing for me And now whom yearn? Seraphim poured into a glass infusion, clinked glasses with Gregory and volley ispila.
Infusion was without flavor and aroma. Color of strong tea, he had left on the walls of a glass of dirty foam that dripped vesicular wave down. Glancing intently  wife  face, Seraphim said:
— Drink of longing for a person in for you.
Gregory drank vodka and not biting, rose. Their eyes met. Without taking his eyes from his wife, he picked up his briefcase. Head down, quietly left the room.

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