Guerrilla movements (WHITE)

Guerrilla movements (WHITE)

armed struggle against the Bolsheviks in the spring and summer of 1918 was preim. rebel guerrilla. White finished the regular army was not. Illegal military groups during the fighting unfolded in neg. In DOS. they occurred in a setting of natural recovery. cross., office., etc.. groups of us., opposed the dominance of owls. authorities of the indemnities, prodotr., repression, etc. Ch guerrilla forces White W. broke the rear battle order red neg. with V., from Siberia and Trans. One of the major foci belopovstancheskogo movement began in Zlatoust. Ufa Province. Anti-Bolshevik recovery. occurred in the prom. us. points: in Satka, Kusinsk s-dah, Turgoyak and others. Satka Union soldiers led by F.F.Eretnevym et al. risen on the night of June 19, 1918, to the end of the day broke the resistance fighters and the Red Guards seized power. He held it until in the village. not yet white and Czechs. Max. scope of the insurgency in the northern reached. h. Zlatoustovskogo y. to remote cross. p-tries adjacent par. Krasnoufimsky y. Perm. lips. This district is not already in the middle. June 1918 belopartizanskie neg. numbered up to 5 thousand. pers. Gradually p. guerrilla action moved to the east, to the French., w / d line. In par. and c. formed staffs in charge of both military and civil. character, i.e. bodies partisan power. On June 16, s.Karantav was formed at the headquarters of Zlatoust. under before. K.P.Leonteva. Later, the headquarters moved to the subordination of the military authorities. Later guerrilla neg. Zlatoust and Krasnoufimsky y. was formed Krasnoufimskoya Volunteer Brigade. Com. it was formerly. guerrilla gang. cross. A.Rychagov during peace. the war was promoted to officer rank in 1919 and produced in gene-l-Majors (killed during the retreat of Kolchak’s troops near Krasnoyarsk in January. 1920). Similarly unfolded guerrilla movement and the subsequent formation of volunteer hours. Compounds and a number of other white. Districts of the AU, in particular in the north and south of Ufa Perm. lips. subsequently compiled a number of regiments 8th Kama them. Admiral Kolchak div. In Vyatka Province. beg. mass guerrilla movement against the Bolshevik regime was initiated recovery. Mosk. food shelf to-eye com. formerly. Captain A.A.Stepanov in Malmyzhsky y. August 8. 1918 recovery. Izhevsk slave. was supported Votkinskaya then Sarapulsky, Kambarka and others. slave., thousands cross. Izhevsk-Votkinskoe recovery. led to the formation of the two rebel armies (18 thousand.). In the south, W. formed guerrilla neg. slave. cross., Cossacks, including to-ryh were Yuryuzansky, Verkhneuralsk and many others. etc.. were formed head. neg. included within the head. pr-tion to regular hours. early formation of Ur. body gene-l Lieutenant M.V.Hanzhina preceded recovery. We, incl. Orenbah. Cossacks. In Zap. Siberia and east. p-tries Avg. W. acted guerrilla neg. captain and lieutenant colonel N.N.Kazagrandi I.S.Smolina (later gene-l Major, com. div., then the body).

Gradually rebel-partisan step in the actions of the white replaced the inclusion of regular units. However, later in prifr. guerrilla band appeared neg. In particular, the significant scale of the guerrilla movement gained in the district of Perm during capture its 1st Sr.Sibirskim body gene la A.N.Pepelyaeva in December. 1918 and in January. 1919 Later, the guerrilla movement was no longer strong enough. A much more powerful it was in the rear of the white, when h. Cr. Arm. went on the offensive on the Eastern. fr.
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