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Health care during survival. What to do?

General recommendations:

• During halts wash your hands with cold water, remove clothing, vytryahivanie her and ventilate. Shoes need to be dried.

• Daily wipe the skin between the toes with a soap solution. You can also pour skin folds pounded into dust dry mushroom-tinder, pounded into dust sheets Ivan-tea, sphagnum moss. Sphagnum moss is widely distributed in the swamps, he has a red or yellow tint. His tear, purified from crude lower parts of the stem, wring out by hand and dried in the air. Then grind to make it softer and softer. This moss absorbs moisture and contains substances that kill the microflora festering wounds, scrapes and cuts.

• Regularly brush your teeth. Little green sprig, well chewed on the one hand, will serve you as a toothbrush. Then rinse mouth with water. You can brush your teeth in the absence of a paste of crushed charcoal or crushed leaves of wild mint.

• Obturate found the fruits of dry grass or leaves.

• Protect food from flies and other insects.

• If you have diarrhea or vomiting, stop to rest, do not eat food until symptoms improve your condition. Eat drink small portions and often, at regular intervals of time.

• To dry the clothes hanging out of her during movement on the back. Good drying Shoe is filling her hot sand or small stones.

• It is impossible to dry the shoes close to the fire and the cold of winter. Regularly lubricate the shoes with a thin layer of animal fat or tar. To get fly you need to heat the bark in the Bank (canning) on the fire until, until distills over dark liquid. Then cool it, this will be the tar.


• Hands and feet are cooled faster than other parts of the body.

• Poorly fitting clothing reduces the area of still air around the body and prevents the free circulation.

• The greatest heat loss occurs in the head, so never forget a good hat.

• Tuck pants into socks to prevent ticks, mosquitoes, etc. it is Advisable to wear light colored clothing so as mosquitoes and many other insects are afraid of bright colors. Dark colors attract them.

• Lubricate the face with mud (silt) before going to sleep.

• Wear all her clothes, especially at night.

• Use the smoke to disperse mosquitoes.

• Lice are very afraid of the sun. So passivate the seams of your clothes in sunlight.

Natural medicines

• To stop the blood can decoction of leaves of plantain.

• To heal the wound and effaced toes will help the crushed leaves of sorrel or wild Rowan (tansy), squeezed from the leaves of elderberry juice, decoction of oak bark.

• Reduce the heat will help the tincture of the flowers and fruits of elderberry.

• To ease the pain and remove the bruises will help tincture from the leaves of birch or cranberries, chopped sorrel leaves or wild Rowan, tincture of poplar buds, and relieve the headache will help decoction of willow bark.

• Means that cure colds are tincture of leaves and berries blueberries, raw horseradish root, tincture of nettle leaves or the leaves and stems of the plantain, and a decoction of willow bark.

• Indigestion can be cured decoction with blueberries, blackberries or cranberries or infusion of horseradish root, and a decoction of dandelion or oak bark.

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