Historical amnesia

    Nowadays it is fashionable to show
his affection for his native land, to the far
ancestors (if they were nobles) to high
Arts and if search association
Hunt in the territory of the city remains
representatives of the genus Demidov all his men
would put the monument during his lifetime. Right next to the
Nicholas Nikiticha bust in the park.

    But "Sobol" no luck:
he took not a fashionable thing — look for the fallen
tagilchan who saved the Motherland during the Great
World War II. And who is he, this
"Sobol", Who took upon himself the duty —
treat people from historical amnesia? By what
the rights of young people are demanding action from the government on
perpetuate the memory of the soldiers missing
to more than 65 years ago? Why do guys this
headache? Would live in peace, do
career, sunbathing on the beaches in the summer, and did not spend
vacation and holiday search

Homeless Patriots

    Its actual
existence search detachment began the fall of 1998
year at the Dzerzhinsk branch of the Russian
Youth Union. But the official date of birth
it was announced March 4, 1999. And apparently, since
have "Sable" two lives, two destinies and two
reality: whether it is, or it is not. Matter
that create a unit created, but
official lists PCM he did not appear. Well,
collects teacher Alexandra B. Vanyukov
children in one of the rooms, to tell them about
the glorious past of the Soviet stranyNu communicate
they are with the veterans and their patrons SWAT Well
what? Who will give children money for a trip to
other region in search of the remains of soldiers second
the world? The government lacks other concerns.

    But then they still
lucky intervened Deputy Head
City Leonid Zadorin,
supervised youth policy. And so
already in the City Committee on Youth
rate appears the leading expert on
search and archival work, which offer
Alexandra B. Vanyukov, and given
"light green" all the undertakings: the revival
№1 post at the Eternal Flame, holding shares
"Veteran", "Charity"Organization
paramilitary games "Victory" Even Mayor
Nikolai N. Didenko finds time to
communicate with the search engines.

    And come to "Sable"
finest hour. Squad, who became the union,
invited to all the solemn city
activities where children were handed to relatives
documents confirming the heroic death of their
fathers and brothers half a century ago. They found
medallions, medals, tombs missing
returned forgotten names. And all of them said:
grateful relatives satisfied officials
local, regional, and even the Russian media. And then
accustomed to their work: the so-called "presentation
destinies" became traditional moment for two or three
minutes without lyrics and other "frills".

    "Sobol" still
went to the archives and search expedition, as well
spent all of their shares, met with veterans.
But to surprise the audience could not. And then there’s Zadorin
changed jobs. And in the end the exhibition
unique items "Sable" exiled to
KDMovsky basement, states department of social
programs of the Youth Committee, including
leading specialist Vanyukov reduced for
unnecessary, and unite in the search
once again made it clear that it is homeless.

    The relationship between power and
searchers reached the court
proceedings, but that the media have not been contacted — not
put municipal publications "wash dirty
out of the house". As a result, the exhibition has sheltered at the center
social service veterans
action and their families, and "Sobol" tried
to take under his wing social-pedagogical
Academy and a detachment of special purpose
Bunk, trying to provide all possible assistance
deputy city council of the 4th convocation
Chairman of Nizhny Tagil branch of the Union
Veterans of Afghanistan Andrei Bannikov
Head STK "Builder" Sergey Kislitysn

    And today, an asset search
Unions going public reception
State Duma deputy Vladimir Yazeva,
assistant who now works
Head "Sable" Vanyukov. But if it is
change jobs, the search engines will again be on the
street, as a branch of the Regional Association of
search groups "Return",
military-educational-methodical search
Association "Sobol"In spite of all their
titles, still has their own home.

Something should not miss

    According to popular
once the author and performer of songs Vyacheslav
Malezhik, full of happiness always "something
should not miss". "Sobol" for happiness
not enough houses, funds for the expedition,
deliberate policy on urban
civic and patriotic education.

    That’s what we have just ?!
War Game "Zarnitsa" — There. Cadet
classes — there. Local history game for schoolchildren
"I — tagilchanin" — There. Public
Patriots organization "Power" — There.
Search association "Sobol" — there. A
that can combine all of them — no! Well, not in the
Nizhny Tagil system
civic and patriotic education!

    And that is why in our
a city that is proud of its
lore traditions, had failed
presentation of the new film by Vladimir Makerantsa
"Gold snake". Young tagilchane,
forcibly collected in a cinema hall
"Contemporary", Were entirely
indifferent to the Urals tales. They honestly
director admitted they do not know the writer
Bazhova and with a clear conscience during a demonstration
pattern played by mobile phones.
Of course, a creative meeting with the creator
children to have the film was "nevermind": Students
just got up and left. A director stood at

    And because of this lack of
most thought-out policy breeders Demidov
steel tagilchan more important than
Cherepanov inventors, artists Hudoyarovy
Because of this local history museum should
survive by renting the exhibition halls at the zoo
itinerant "monsters tropics".

    And, of course, because of this
municipal media no longer warn about
achievements "Sable". Well, went his fighters
9 years in 14 expeditions in Smolensk, Tver and
Belgorod region. Well, found and buried
the remains of 747 soldiers and officers of the Red Army. Well,
spotted in the archive information about 139 fellow countrymen,
unaccounted for. So what? To
it’s interesting, except relatives? Now, if
grandson found his grandfather or someone discovered
dud and prevented a tragedy
in the forest, or the search engines would have got the remains
ancestors President And that in fact no hint of
sensation or scandal!

    What a sensation that the 30
searchers have entered universities, 12 have returned to
military service in the special forces
destination, 6 arrived in Yekaterinburg
Artillery Institute? This is normal,
natural and not at all surprising. As well,
that passing a school "Sable"Svetlana Ushakov
became director of the Museum of the plant "Plant";
Andrei Pichugin — Tutor NTGSPA,
Christina Malikov — a history teacher, Artem
Novikov — MOE officer, Vladimir Kolpakov is
PPP, Catherine Shamanaeva — Special Forces on
contract, Michael Mytnitsky — a criminal investigation, Paul
Skosirskiy created search Squad "Honor and
Memory" in USUE .. But would any of them
oligarch or the president of the bank, would take
participation in projects "House" or "Factory
stars", You see, and would have remembered about the city
"forge frames", About "Sobol".

    Yes, about "Sobol" once
forgotten. Yes, there is a deliberate policy. Yes,
promised power a few years ago "house
Patriots" has not been established. But all this —
consequences of a problem, which is called
historical amnesia. In the period of the cult
entertainment as any drama becomes
the reason for the show, the usual honest work is not
interests of the masses. Even if it is for the benefit of the motherland.
Maybe it’s time to change something?


    References: Newspaper
"Tagilka" from 03.04.2008. №5 (30).

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