History of hospital Mine

     Experiencing hard times Nizhny Tagil. But if the center somehow solves its problems, the outskirts of the city are in poor condition. It is in this position themselves today villagers Mine III International and in particular its least protected part of the pensioners who because of their age are also more likely to apply to all doctors.

    Now in a medical facility of the village there is an elementary fluoroscopy, x-ray. To carry out these simple procedures, residents have to go to the city. But in 2009, the hospital of the Mine, which is already in the Russian time was reorientated to the clinic, is celebrating its 80th anniversary.

    As the hospital began the history of this our story today

    Before the Great October Revolution in small "treuhovskih" Future developments Mine is no medical care was not. In case of any ailment or injury, workers were rescued miners tested folk remedies. But after the revolution, in 1927, with the launch of the mines "Serna" and "behalf of Schmidt" opened a health center, which served paramedic Andrey Pavlovich Baklaschev and several nurses.

    Only in 1929 was organized by the additional clinic, where she was receiving doctor-therapist Maria S. Kiselev, and the nurse did Faina Garipova ligation and took delivery. This date is considered the official "birth" hospital at the mine.

    In the 30s of the last century after "Great Change" in a village in Mine a flood "special settlers". They brought with them a "bouquet" diseases. For the treatment of the villagers was determined 1 Sovetskaya Hospital, that in the area of ​​the current Red Stone (its building was demolished as early as 60 years of the twentieth century).

    And in the summer heat and winter cold walk in the ways sick. This state of affairs mine management recognized abnormal, and in the shock procedure, as was the custom in those days, already 1932 in the Small alley was built on a 25-bed hospital.

    Its chief physician and head of outpatient visits was I. Romashov. As he headed a team of senior doctor AI Hmelkova paramedics MF Gorodnichev, NS Hunter, GM Shkabara midwife Daria Afanasevna Kuplinaska through whose hands afterwards passed hundreds of newborns "rudnichat".

History of hospital Mine

The staff of the therapeutic department of the 6th city hospital. 1963 year.

    Before the war Mine time gaining momentum increased production grew and the population of the village. But in those years, as well as before the revolution, people often had to "interrupted" folk remedies. Director mine Dubko then stated: "Very bad at the mine to health care workers. We do not have offices, even for two doctors, and we need the doctor of all specialties. It is necessary to equip the dental office and increase the number of hospital beds".

    Spring of 1936, construction began on a new outpatient and inpatient department was expanded to 75 beds. Chief physician of the new hospital was AF Poblaguev (Romashev led the surgical department). The press then enthusiastically wrote: "Goes to the end of construction of the building, which will open a therapeutic, surgical, women’s and children’s rooms, as well as physical therapy and X-ray. Open a credit for 60 thousand rubles for the construction of the clinic-ambulatory and home to miners, all of which should be completed in the current year".

    By the beginning of the Great Patriotic War, the hospital has become a major medical institution in which the employee worked 62. The outbreak of war surgeons and Poblaguev Romashev went to the front (in 1941-1944. Chief doctor was Vera Zalesova). But even in extreme conditions came in those years the expansion of the hospital. So, by decision of the District Council of 22 June 1943 recommended to equip the night sanatorium in connection with the increase in the incidence of tuberculosis miners.

    Dispensary entered service April 1, 1944 (it was the chief doctor Zalesova and hospital headed by VK Novikov). Thus, before the end of the war the hospital was mine from the hospital, ambulance stations "Ambulance", Health centers at the mines and sanatorium for TB patients. After the war, the entire health care of mine joined the newly formed ore district of Nizhny Tagil.

    April 20, 1950 the district was opened under the direction of a physician sanepidemstantsii BZ Zabroda. Hospital itself expanded, at the time it worked great doctors: therapist MA Kashkina, venereal SA Antipov, gynecologist OV Evstigneeva. On April 9, 1954 NFM Mine them. III International has been converted into 6-th city hospital. Until 1991, it was headed by seven people: EM Neuburg, AD Boiko, B. E. Wiedemann, MP nevolin, AN Morozov, NN Surova and NF Gubarev.

    In the end it is necessary to say a few words about the simple city hospital doctors great enthusiasts of the business. Such, for example, as VK Novikov, in 1939 graduated from the Perm Medical Institute and, together with her husband, a geologist who came to Nizhny Tagil during the war. From 1944 to 1952 she worked the head physician, and then for three years working in China, and then reverted back to our city. Or a PS Putilova, who came out of the hospital nursing home "Rush" and worked in the hospital mine until 1985.

    In early 1950 our city was visited by the then Minister of Health of the RSFSR MS Kovrigina. While in the hospital acute problems with the acquisition of a new machine "Ambulance". At a meeting of physicians Putilova appealed to the Minister with a request for the machine. Two months have passed, and Hospital mine got a new car

Sergey Pudovkin.

References: Newspaper "Tagilka" from 22.10.2009. №21 (79).

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