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History photo

Bogdanov 86 years, 60 of them, he writes our
newspaper, but when you consider the total family experience,
it is likely typed a century, because even
his father and grandfather, as he remembers reading
"Work". It so happened that he himself Valery
A., and his children, and more recently also
granddaughter became heroes of our publications.
Entered, so to speak, in the history of "Tagilki". And do not
just a story, and the story of the photo. These
cut from newspaper photographs stored in different years
as family heirlooms. To the Editor, he brought them
But for what reason.

    In one of the materials to
100th anniversary of "Tagil working"
commented on photojournalist Nicholas
Burashnikove, in particular, has been written in
editorial he worked since 1938. Maybe in the state and yes,
but published earlier, said enigmatically
Valery and proof of
presented yellowed newspaper photo
two recklessly boxing lads. The one that
left, yours truly, and it was in 1935-1937, m,
not used because in 1938, in the same
gym DC railroad Gorky, I
already engaged in gymnastics. And with
author picture Burashnikovym we met in the 60s
years when he came to work for us
Electrical Repair Shop NTMK. I led the team in
Laboratory, Nikolay was the master at
We began a very friendly relationship. Both to
Moreover, the former front-line soldiers.

History photo

    By the beginning of the war, Valery
Bogdanov served in the Navy on
Far East, but was determined to go
volunteered for the front. Before the release of
Perm mortar and machine-gun school named
Molotov him among the other students, and not
having to assign the title of lieutenant, was thrown into
breakthrough under Vitebsk. Their mobile team who could
shoot all kinds of weapons, including
adapted for small mines Sapper shovel,
threw from the front to the front. For two and a
half years Valery passed
Kalinin, Belarus, Baltic,
Leningrad and the Baltic again. That’s where the
handy good athletic training,
the perceived once press photographer "Tagil
Desktop" Nicholas Burashnikovym. Right after
Victory, when ordered by the Marshal Bagramyan
arranged between the Olympics and the Leningrad
Baltic fronts vtororazryadnik on
Gymnastics Bogdanov joined the team
team won first place. "Of the five
gymnasts I was very weak, I was given a bad
"horse", But did not let his and are very
proud"Recalls veteran.

    Next newspaper picture
from the family album refers to the mid-50s, on the
it, in a group of boys, little son Valery
Anatolevicha Tolia. Our photojournalist spotted on the street
a group of guys huddled around a scooter, on
which then dreamed of every self-respecting yourself
serf boy, and made the frame. The next photo
have the exact date, November 25, 1972. On this day in
"Tagil working" came Latest Photos
Alexander Merkusheva, the heroine of which was
daughter, VA Tatiana Bogdanova, a young worker
electrical laboratory TSLA
Metallurgical Combine, zavevavshaya title
the best in the profession. Himself Valery A. At the
already led "Tagilgorsvetom",
who led the ten years from 1970 to 1980.
By the way, is not without its participation appeared in our
town tradition of Christmas trees in the main
Square. Here is what he says:

    This idea has emerged as a kind of
by chance, in one of the friendly conversations we
speculate, they say, like a good idea to arrange.
And soon the instructor calls me
industrial and transport of the city party committee
Volodya Komov and puts the question squarely: "You
talking about? Do it!" Our tree and then from other
cities came to see, to adopt their experience,
taken as a model.

    Tied Valeria
Anatolevicha Bogdanov with the newspaper not only
photos. For many years he was friends with journalists
Elena Ilinichnoj Ramm and Margarita Nikolaevna
Litvinova, which is always a difficult moment
were willing to help. Bunch with
"Taghilsky work" has proven to be
strong that continued into the third family
generation. And again, not without a photo. In
Room "TR" for May 20, 2006 published
shot granddaughter VA Elena Bogdanova Uskova on
which she takes an autograph from the famous
Brazilian writer Paulo Coelho. On their
impressions of this short but memorable
meeting the heroine picture wrote herself. And did
this is so pathetic and fascinating that
editorial pappose her stuff "As I took
autograph Coelho" was reported as one of the
the most interesting week. That there are such
newspaper and family history with photos.


References: Newspaper "Taghilsky
working" from 02.06.2006.

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