Hour winners

    So you can call a lot
an event that happened yesterday at the construction
ninth floor of coke oven battery.

    Resulted in a lot of work
builders and installers, all those who took
participate in the construction of this unique facility.
Yes, there were skeptics who doubted that it is possible
learn in such a short period of forty three
million rubles, perform unique works. In
"body" battery had put 20,000
700 tons of refractories of different brands, more than two
tons of mortars. But no doubt his success
owners of the site. They were well aware that
means for our city, for the community
Metallurgical Combine timely commissioning
"Nine". And they did it all in order to
Battery "breathed" as scheduled. More
addition, in the course of socialist competition was
made a significant amendment to give products
first of December. This is the concrete answer
Tagil builders decisions XXVII Congress of the CPSU.
This is actually accelerating.

    So momentous day
come. Gleaming steel "armor",
krasavitsa-Battery Ready to bake first
coke "pie". Yesterday in 18 hours, it was
loaded coal blend, and today begins
Continuity of Life "Nine", Her work on the
five years. At the start, all pre-operation
subdivision of this large and complex
complex: coal and coke unheated
biochemical installations that considerably
improve water and air environment of the city.

    The music is playing. To festively
decorated podium flocking people with flags and
banners. Builders and installers,
designers and installers, koksohimikov,
numerous guests. Happy faces,
congratulations. So big and so difficult
long-awaited victory! Recently, invoice for
construction was on the clock. In a single pace and rhythm
work brigades acted headquarters complex.

    16.00. To the sounds of
grand march at the podium is built
symbolic team in white helmets, with scarlet
ribbons over his shoulder. This she granted the right
release of the first coke. Solemn and
excited team members: YF Shumilin —
Brigadier roofers "Prokatstroya", VP
Mayer foreman fitters
"Promzhilstroya", JL Frantsuh foreman
fitters installers "Koksokhimmontazh",
GN Denisov foreman fitters
"Vostokmetallurgmontazh", MV Subbotin —
service engineer the commissioning management
Trust "Uralelektromontazh", VV Novozhilov —
Head of coke shop number 3
product coke plants, GM Kiselev driver
POGAT, AS Yachevsky Excavator driver
spetsupravleniya number 1, VV Knyazev Head
"Metallurgstroya", H.A. Ivkina master
a complete set of control equipment
capital construction of metallurgical
plant, IA Kupriyanov Fitter Trust
"Uralstalkonstruktsiya", LI Endakova —
operator of concrete products plant number 1, VI
Boldt master "Uralsantehmontazha", VI
Kozyrev crane operator control mechanization
Number 3, AB Shahs unit commander of the cruiser
"Aurora", VP Suprunenko foreman trust
"Uralelektromontazh", Hero
Socialist Labor.

    The podium leaders
Regional and City Committees of the CPSU,
construction units of the city and the region,
foremen, operating manager, representatives
legendary "Aurora"Who came to the
holiday. A meeting dedicated to the start batteries
operation, opens the first secretary
Nizhny Tagil City Party Committee EN
Sushilov. He thanked the builders, all those who
was engaged in the construction of "Nine"For
hard work and the right to speak
Chairman of the State Commission,
Deputy Director of the West Siberian
Metallurgical Plant in
of coke production VK Kachaeva.
Today signed an act of reception ninth coke
batteries in operation, said Vasily
K.. Battery, where embodied all
the best that is available today in the coke

    Early entry batteries —
stressed in his speech the First Secretary
Sverdlovsk Regional Committee of the Communist Party YV
Petrov is a big victory for all participants
construction Tagil party
organization. She was given a hard time. But unless there are
easy victories? On behalf of the Regional Committee
Executive Committee of the Party and Y. Petrov thanked
those who won, who selflessly
worked on the final result.

    On the podium honored
builder RSFSR, Hero of Socialist Labor,
noble foreman "Promzhilstroya" AA
Gorinov. He remembered the grim days of the past winter,
when his team led device "Sole"
battery. With the honor came out of this test
promzhilstroevtsy. With honor and held his
Brigadier. Veteran Tagil buildings Arkady
A. Gorinov for health left
was a construction site, but he was asked to
return was necessary at this unique facility
experienced specialist. And Gorinov rose to the ranks. He
entrusted today handed over the symbolic key
which receives Head coke shop №3
VV Novozhilov. As if in response, went
first coke! That electric wheeling his
tribune in the car with a banner: "Take,
Birthplace, coke new battery!".

    I give the floor
chief building complex EE Rossel.
355 days have passed since that time, he said, as
the battle has begun for commissioning "Nine".
These buildings did not know Nizhny Tagil, such
rates did not know a single building of our country. He
expressed confidence that this robust
plant, it can be called complex, hit the
reliable hands Tagil koksohimikov. Expressed
thanks to those who all this time was
away from the operator of the builders,
representatives of many cities of our country,
who helped tagilchanam in their difficult battle.

    Oh what a great front
work was carried out by trust "Koksokhimmontazh",
said in his speech, Brigadier
fitters AI Tebenkov.
Koksohimmontazhniki worked with great
acceleration, making a worthy contribution to the early
fulfillment of the socialist
obligations. Head of product coke plants
Nizhny Tagil Iron and Steel Works
AV Golden Eagles assured that the operating manager in
turn will do everything to ensure that in
shortest period of time to master project
capacity of the new battery.

    On the shores of the Baltic brought
hello to the Urals captain I rank VP Vlasov. From
behalf of the sailors of the Baltic Fleet, personal
of the cruiser "Aurora" he congratulated
tagilchan a remarkable victory and said that
they are always on duty, always on guard
safety of our beloved homeland.

    Suppose further stronger
patronage ties between the legendary "Aurora" and
collective association "Tagilstroy",
begun in the first five years. On
construction of nine coke was
organized a competition for the prize of the cruiser

    The car is the first coke took
Course on Iron and Steel Works. After half an hour
he arrived at the blast furnace. Began working day
ninth coke.

D. Wender.

References: Newspaper "Taghilsky
working" from 02.12.1986.

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