How delicate flower petals

They flocked from all over the world, and a motley bunch of dipped in the museum hall.
Modest Belyankov and urticaria native Ural side and cast pearl guest from South America, prozrachnokrylye dragonflies and spread like a sail, sailing their wings, tiny bugs and beetles giants. About three thousand insects appeared before the audience at the show, which opened at the Museum-Reserve, and almost all of them are assembled, as emphasized by presenting a new exhibition, senior researcher Galina Kotin, one man alone VI Markin, metallurgical engineer and collector-entomologist.
Inspired by collecting insects during his school years, Vasily half a century does not change his passion. He seems to know about the «bugs-spiders», if not all, almost all, and peeped in their lives such moments that are usually hidden or prying eyes: like a caterpillar turns into a butterfly pupa, like the wings of a dragonfly came to light «razleplyayutsya» of soft lump and harden in the first flight
Once I came to the shore of the pond Vyisky — says Markin — and saw a cloud of small dragonflies. They are called bandaged dragonfly in the dark bands on the wings. My presence did not deter them, on the contrary, they have to sit on your clothes, on your hands. Neither before nor after such meetings would not happen. And this I immortalized in the song «Fly Dragonfly».
This composition will be able to see and visitors to the museum, and next to her collection «Dragonflies of the Urals», «Butterflies in the woods», «Insects neighborhoods Nizhny Tagil.» When something like display attracted the attention of Czech collector, started a correspondence, exchange of rare specimens of insects. With this tagilchane can meet today with some of the most beautiful day butterflies uranium «dressed» in black velvet, pearl and colorful silk, shiny Kipridy, Saturniidae and other beauties that flutter in the southern latitudes. Correspondence between the collectors are still preserved, but the exchange, alas, come to naught.
I have nothing to send, says sadly Vasily. Favorite gathering place of insects, according to the old Visimsky path for a mountain of debt, on the key, or Evstyunihe departed for gardens or so littered that butterflies do not fly there. That and look, that even with Belyankov hives become rare, and only for such luck, once again on the edge of the forest fly rare in our part of Apollo, as it happened in the late seventies, even dream afraid.
The exhibits will include species listed in the Red Book: international, Russian, Middle Urals. As a reminder of the need to protect the living beauty of the Red Book is in one of the windows. Not by accident did Galina recognition that the purpose of the exhibition is not only to acquaint tagilchan with the mysteries of nature, wake up the responsibility for its preservation, but also to raise funds for the purchase of 150 specimens of insects for mobile collection, which could serve to demonstrate to the nearby towns and villages. It is good that at the opening of the exhibition «Insects of the world» on environmental issues said not only adults but also children. They take care of those «winged flowers», so that decorate the ground.
Irina Denisova.
VI Markin with visitors.Photo by Anatoly Gorkova.
Denisova I. As petals gentle // Taghilsky worker. — 1998 — 15 May. — P. 4: ph. (Local history box. — Vol. 4 (152)).

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