Hurricane «Xynthia» covered Europe. Photo

Andernos, France

Hurricane that formed in the Atlantic and struck first on the territory of Spain, reached the French coast on Sunday night. He swept through the central region to the east of the country and across France got to Belgium.

Wind gusts in some areas exceed 140 kilometers per hour. Together with showers, who accompanied him, the hurricane pulled down the dam, felled trees, tore off roofs, forcing airlines to cancel flights and delayed trains. Killed dozens of people, disrupted transport connection, there is no electricity.

Hurricane "Xynthia" covered Europe. Photo

The number of victims of the hurricane struck France «Xynthia» has already reached 45-50 people; in Germany, Portugal and Spain, the death toll is close to 30, said on Sunday, Agence France-Presse.

Severe storms that struck the territory of France in the last weekend of winter, have already given the name of «the terrible hurricane in the last 11 years.» In 1990, the victims of a similar disaster began more than 90 people.

At the moment «Xynthia» retreats inland, the hurricane has already caused 27 deaths in Germany, Portugal, and Spain. Gusts gradually subsides and reaches an estimated meteorologists, currently about 120 kilometers per hour.

In Germany, where according to the latest two people died, strong winds uprooted trees literally from the ground. In the Black Forest, a tree felled by the wind, fell on a car, killing 74-year-old driver. Near the town of Wiesbaden tree fell on 69-year-old man, he also died.

In Portugal storm «Xynthia» caused the death of 10-year-old child, who prishibla broken tree branch.

In France, where the hurricane hit with the Atlantic Ocean on Sunday night, «Xynthia» unleashed the dam, many areas of Charente-Maritime and Vendee flooded with water. Wind speed at the coast reached 150 kilometers per hour. Nearly a million French customers without electricity grids ERDF.

Three people were killed in a powerful hurricane that struck on Saturday at the Canary Islands and north-west Spain, convey the Spanish media.

Among the victims — 82-year-old woman, which fell part of a collapsed wall in the Galician town of Vilar de Barrio, and two people died as a result of a car accident near the town of Burgos, caused by strong gusts of wind.

Another eight people received injuries of varying severity in a fall on a highway billboard that caused the collision of several cars. Nevertheless, the effects of the hurricane were less damaging than expected meteorologists.

The State Agency of Meteorology of Spain (Agencia estatal de meteorologia) on Sunday canceled a storm warning and all warnings on the occasion of the hurricane.

The first «victim» of the hurricane began to Canary Islands, where on Saturday were canceled and delayed dozens of flights. By Sunday morning, air traffic was restored.

Total in Spain on Saturday because of rampant element 124 were canceled flight. Sunday was canceled 14 flights to Paris, but due to the hurricane in the French capital.

On Saturday, the elements raged all over the northeast and the north coast of Spain. In Galicia, where gusts of wind reached 196 kilometers per hour, more than 30 thousand people were left without electricity, in the Basque Country, where wind gusts reached a record 228 kilometers per hour — more than 60 thousand people, the Autonomy of Castilla y Leon — about 65 thousand people. By Sunday evening the electricity supply was almost completely restored, except for a few hard-to settlements in the Galician provinces of Ourense and Lugo.

According to Interior Minister Alfredo Perez Rubalcaba, so minor in comparison with other countries, the impact of Hurricane largely made possible «thanks to the coordinated work of rescue services, as well as vigilance and awareness of citizens» who followed the advice not to go out without the need of their homes during the elements revelry.

In Switzerland as a result of avalanches caused by Hurricane «Xynthia» to cross the territory of the Confederation after the devastating «march» in neighboring France, killing two people.

According to local TV channel on Sunday TCP victims were two elements of the skier, and ride off-piste in the canton of Vaud in the west of the country. It is in this region were recorded the strongest wind gusts, which reached speeds of 160 kilometers per hour. Another five people, including three British nationals were injured in the avalanche in the canton of Valais. Currently, the victims were hospitalized, a threat to their lives is not.

At the moment, many ski slopes of Switzerland avalanche danger is estimated at «four» on a scale. In different parts of the country, strong winds knocked down trees, but there were no casualties. According to the Meteorological Service «Meteosyuiss,» such as hurricanes come into the country once every ten years.

Turned road sign in the Canary Islands

Floods in the French Fyut-sur-Mer (Faute-sur-Mer)

Flooded homes in La Fyut-sur-Mer (La Faute-sur-Mer), in south-west France

Torn roof in Saarbrücken

Vitoria, northern Spain

Federal highway 412 near the Nurburgring Eifel

On the coast of Ver-sur-Mer, France

The community Eifel Bal


In Frankfurt

In Essen, Germany

In the port of Saint-Martin-de-Ré

In North Rhine-Westphalia was stopped train

3 completely blocked the highway at Frankfurt Airport

From the construction site centers «Airrail Centers Frankfurt» near the airport in Frankfurt were sorvony on the highway.

At the airport in Frankfurt was canceled many flights.

France is seriously affected by Hurricane

Between Neu-Isenburg, Frankfurt am Main

Source: RIA Novosti, Conduct, FAZ

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