I asked the chief Belov: How’s lights on Gorbunovo?

     In August 2008, a group of residents of the street Gorbunovsky Leninsky district of Nizhny Tagil addressed to the then head of the city NN Didenko collective statement. People are asked to organize street Lighting, because over the past decade and a half Street Gorbunovsky by individual building lengthened almost doubled, and the lights on it has not increased.

    After all, even in the wild nineties, it was found that street lighting reduces crime at times. And in accordance with the requirements of the well-known federal law № 131-FZ "On general principles of organization of local self-government in the Russian Federation" "organization of street lighting and installation of signs with street names and house numbers relate to local issues".

    In short, the people demanded that only comply with the law. But all the previous years, they were not idle when kerosene lamps or kindling. Their own people Elektroopora established to bring electricity to their homes, and most of them hung lights, hoping that sooner or later the government will remember their responsibilities. Fortunately, Gorbunov, though, and is located on the outskirts of the city, but extends along the path on Stolbovoye Chernoistochinsk, being, in fact, the second most important entry into the capital Gornozavodsky District.

    In late August, when the city has already started pre-election fever, the answer came from the administration, signed by the Acting the mayor VV Pogudin and deputy head of the city administration, VA Belov: "Funds for the construction of a network of outdoor lighting on the site that you specify in the city budget for 2008 are not provided. In forming the plans for the construction and overhaul of outdoor lighting for 2009 your application will be considered".

    Passed the dark muddy autumn in the city changed Head, and at the end of winter, in February 2009, the long-suffering residents of the street Gorbunovsky re-directed collective statement already addressed VP Isaevoj, and a copy of the Leninsky district prosecutor SY Garmash. People wrote:

    "Assuming that the application of the requirements of Article 18 of the Constitution of the Russian Federation the rights and freedoms of man and citizen shall have direct effect, and they determine the meaning, content and application of the laws in the activities of local government officials, we have to wait for a positive solution of our appeal.

I asked the chief Belov: How's lights on Gorbunovo?

    Of the glorious history of the city, we know that in Nizhny Tagil in the late 19th century was organized street lighting, but in the 21st century, as it is strange (wildly), we realize there is no".

    Described in detail modern Lantern byurokratiada.

    First in the department to work with citizens decided to fight off demands of the residents, citing the fact that there is no street lighting poles who, they say, will dig holes in the winter? In the end, the officials were forced to admit that there are poles along the street, and they are powered by electricity new homes.

    October 23, 2008, through the week after the election of the mayor V. Isaev, at ten o’clock in the morning on the street Gorbunovsky incognito attended by representatives of Nizhny Tagil, a branch of "Roskommunenergo" "Tagilenergosbyta" and administration employees DV Kolpakov and DM Safronov. Administrative and energy council found that it is necessary to resolve the issue to conclude an additional agreement with power companies to pay for street lighting and traverse just one wire to the remote account. It has been said that there is an indication of Valentina Pavlovna to complete all this work by December 1, 2008. Residents said that they themselves can acquire the necessary wire to accelerate the commissioning lantern line. But Energy and officials refused to work on aid is small, and they will do it without problems.

    Month passed no revival at the tower was not observed. At the request of the residents, Mr. Safronov said that the agreement signed with energy, they are transferred to 46 thousand rubles, and in the New Year Gorbunovsky residents will be able to drive a dance around poles with shining lights.

    However, all the powers of the energy bureau under the curtain of the year have been thrown on the decoration of Christmas trees in the Gorbunovsky poles have the time or did not have light bulbs. People celebrate the holiday in the darkness, and in the middle of January, there were in the office of the chief specialist DM Safronov, who with sorrowful expression reported that "no street lighting in 2009 will not be, because the city does not have the means".

    Residents of the street Gorbunovsky could no longer remain silent and wrote the chapter of the city:

    "Dear Valentina Pavlovna!

    Why city officials who, receiving a good salary (and then receive a pension that will be much different from the people) and "positively" solving such "expensive" problem for the city, only to discredit our local government?

    At the moment, taking into account the above, we do not ask and demand, as provided by law, to organize Lighting Gorbunovsky street in the Leninsky district of Nizhny Tagil".

    The answer, signed by the deputy head of the city administration VA Belov, people got at the end of February 2009. Vladimir blamed residents that the facts stated in circulation "not correspond to reality"That they willfully are connecting lights and indefinitely carried siphoning electricity". To convict people of stealing electricity, the deputy mayor of reported home "joy": "In the city budget for 2009 funds to build a new outdoor lighting networks are not provided. During the formation of the work plans for improvement for 2010 year your request will be considered".

    Residents supported only on the audit Prosecutor’s Office prosecutor of Leninsky district in the name of Ministry of Defense "Nizhny Tagil" presentation was made to eliminate the violations.

    People had to wait and more year mud puddle on the dark outskirts of Nizhny Tagil. In desperation, they appealed to the public reception of the House of Representatives of the Legislative Assembly of Sverdlovsk region AA Chekanova. The senator made a request and received the following reply on the form of the Mayor Nizhny Tagil:

    "Dear Mr. Arkhipovich!

    Upon appeal to the public reception of the residents of the street Gorbunovsky with the question of the organization of outdoor lighting on said street to announce that in June 2009, the Company now "Tagilenergoseti" details the installation of outdoor lighting is completed and accepted by the ME "Customer service of municipal services". (A copy of the certificate of completion is attached).

    Chapter Nizhny Tagil VP Isayev".

    With this document you can go on the street Gorbunovsky where you can endlessly rub your eyes, standing in the electricity towers, but to find them lights will still fail.

    But by the act of work performed, which is attached to the answer, it is clear that the client settings for the construction of a network of outdoor lighting on the street Gorbunovsky acted MU "Customer service of municipal services"And contractor JSC "Tagilenergoseti". Works were carried out with 10 to 18 June 2009. The estimated cost of the project of the century amounted to 42,648 rubles 43 kopecks. The document stands for, how much money was spent on the construction work, but on the installation, as the salary as on the acquisition of the control panel, how to clamp supports, but rather on the anchor clamp, etc. As a result, and rolled amount transferred from the city budget.

    The document is signed by a leading specialist AV Istomin, director of MU "SZGH" FF Evtuhova, fees tested EN Merzliakova. Moreover, the paper endorsed by, and agreed with the head of the municipal order VV Klyus.

    Well, Valentina Pavlovna could not believe a document signed by the entire team of officials of different levels?

    The document is, and the lights on Gorbunovsky still no. Some bureaucratic surrealism, more abruptly than Gogol and Saltykov-Shchedrin. In this sense, Russia is not changed.


    PS On Tuesday, August 25, administration officials had 20 hours to carry out an evening detour around the city, in which the planned visit Gorbunovsky street. A group of residents of the street with 20 hours waiting for the distinguished guests. But perhaps they had passed earlier. Electric lighting in the streets from 58 th to 78 th house and has not appeared. But because of this all the fuss, including the publication. The ends of this story looking in the administration and in tagilenergosetyah.

References: Newspaper "Tagilka" from 27.08.2009. №17 (75).

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