I’m coming for you, Mary!

— At any cost be wary of unrest and problems! — Dr. Meynell said these words and bodrenkim measured tone.
The last phrase of the doctor, instead of to reassure Mrs Harter, made her still a huge concern.
— Do you rather weak heart — said Dr. patter — but nothing severe, I assure you. All the same, it would be good to construct an elevator. As you look at this?
Mrs. Harter person expressed concern.
— Elevator, xM repeated Dr. Meynell, unsuccessfully trying to come up with something nibudt uspokoitelnoe.- This will give you the opportunity to avoid undue stress. Of mandatory everyday walk — assuming good weather, of course — but be wary of lifts. And, most importantly, more distracting your mind training. Under no circumstances shall focus on their own health.
An old lady’s nephew, Charles Ridgeway, Doctor gave more guidance:
— Do not get me wrong — he said, — your aunt can live for many years, but an unexpected shock and strain can reduce it to the grave. It should lead a measured way of life, but, coupled with the fact, and not get bored. Need to maintain it bodrenkoe occupancy spirit and otherwise distract her thoughts from the disease.
Charles was one of those young people who thought that fortune comes of itself — you need to help her.
The same evening he proposed to establish radio aunt. Mrs. Harter, upset the need to construct a lift, did not support his proposals. Charles insisted.
— I’m not a big fan of all these newfangled austere, — said Mrs. Harter plaintive These electron waves in a voice they can destroy me.
Charles, tone advantages, but not without notes of complacent, tried to justify her all nesuraznitsa this conjecture.
Mrs. Harter, whose zaniya in radio were quite vague, but has an extremely perseverance in defending their own representation — was unshakable.
— Oh, it’s electricity You can read anything you want, but it has some very bad acts I have always before the storm terrible pain in my head.
Charles was a patient young man, and quite energetic.
— Dear Aunt Mary, let me explain to you all that relates to this issue.
Being in a certain degree of spices in this area, he said, a real lecture on the radio. With great animation of it reads on the electric lamps of the highest voltage and an electrical low voltage lamps; of the highest frequency and low frequency; about amplifiers and capacitors
Potonuv in a stream of words, which she did not understand, Mrs. Harter surrendered.
— Well, of course, Charles, if you feel it’s necessary
— Dear Aunt Mary! — Charles exclaimed with entuziazmom.- This is just what you need to — the radio will not let you get bored, and to think about the disease.
Elevator, physician prescribed Meynell, was soon installed. But the presence of workers, mount it, almost drove her to the grave, because Mrs. Harter, like many of old ladies were seated prejudice against the party people in the house. It is all up to the 1st suspected of improper intentions with respect to its silverware.
Soon after the lift was installed radio, and Mrs. Harter was left alone with the hated her subject — a huge awkward box studded with knobs and buttons.
Charles had to bring to bear all of its inspiration to reconcile Mrs. Harter with the receiver. But he was in his own element — endlessly turning the handle and silver-tongued rant.
Patiently and politely listened to Mrs. Harter’s own nephew, but at heart remained with their own world view that all these new-fangled venture — absolute nonsense.
— Look, Aunt Mary — is Berlin! Is not it amazing ?! You hear the voice of the great speaker?
— I can not hear anything, except a terrible crash and rumble. Charles continued to twist the knob.
— Brussels! — Exaltation he declared.
— Neuzh something? — In the voice of Mrs. Harter sounded a hint of enthusiasm awakened.
Charles again turned the knob. There was an indescribable roar and whistle.
— And at the moment, it seems to me that we were in a dog shelter — murmured Mrs. Harter, who was not without a sense of humor.
— Ha, ha! And you joker, Aunt Mary! A very successful joke! Mrs. Harter could not help but grin.  She adored
Charles. In a couple of years with her are her niece, Miriam Harter. She was going to make a lady’s own heir. But Miriam did not live up to their expectations. She was impatient, obviously hardships society aunts, and constantly goes somewhere — «somewhere wandered» in the figurative expression of Mrs. Harter. In the end, Miriam met a young man, in respect of which her aunt was set up very negatively. Mrs. Miriam Harter sent to mom with a short note, if it were the product on trial, Miriam married that young man, and became Mrs. Harter send her boxes of handkerchiefs and napkins under the Christmas prazdnichkom decanters.
Litsezrev that niece does not justify its aspirations, Ms. Harter sent his own view on the nephew. Charles from the outset appeared obvious fortune. He was constantly razlyubezen and respectful with her aunt, slushival memoir of her youth with a look as if they had never heard anything more exciting. Here Charles niskolechko not like Miriam, which is bored to death of these stories, which she did not hide. Charles nothing ever bored, he was constantly cheerful, in good spirits and several times a day own aunt said that she is amazing old lady.
Absolutely pleased with the new acquisition, Ms. Harter said his own attorney about the desire to make another will. The will was drawn up, sent it and signed it.
And now, even in the matter of radio, Charles soon settled, that is to be commended.
First, militant, Mrs. Harter later became tolerant to this event, and in the end — came from him in ecstasy. In particular, it is the receiver taken pleasure in the evenings when Charles was not at home. Comfortable sitting in a chair, she loved to listen to the symphony concert or lecture. These minute Mrs Harter felt like a contented and happy.
First supernatural event came three months later. Charles was not at home. He was playing with friends in the bridge.
This evening concert was performed, consisting of ballads. Fit concert weird thing happened — music and singing at one time ran out, took some time noise and crackling, and then all was quiet. It is a silence which was soon broken up slightly perceptible buzzing sound. Suddenly quite clear and clear male voice spoke with a slight Irish accent.
Mary Can you hear me, Mary? Patrick says, I’ll come for you. You’re ready, do not you, Mary? ..
And again, almost immediately, the sound of music filled the room.
Mrs. Harter sits motionless, firmly clutching hands in armrests of the chair. Dreamed it, or what? The voice of Patrick! It is referred to Patrick! In this very room! No, it could have been a dream, and maybe a hallucination. Most likely she just fell asleep. Why not just dream! The voice of her late husband spoke to her on the airwaves. It scared her a little. That he had read it?
«I’ll come for you you’re ready, do not you, Mary? ..»
«This is a warning,» — thought for Mrs Harter, slowly and with difficulty rising from its own kresla.- «How much money is wasted on the elevator!»
She told no one about the incident, but in the following days of strolling worried and pensive.
After a while it happens again. Again Mrs. Harter was alone in the room. Radio, which aired orchestral miniatures, and at one point stopped. There was a silence, a feeling of great distance and, in the end, the voice of Patrick. He did not sound because during his lifetime — was a long-range, with a weird unearthly tone.
«Mary, are you Patrick says I’m coming for you now very soon»
Then I heard a crash and roar, and again sounded orchestral miniatures.
Mrs. Harter looked at the clock. No, now she had not slept. She heard the voice of Patrick awake and was fully convinced that it was not a hallucination. Mrs. Harter tried, quite messy obmyslit everything explained to her about the theory of Charles radio waves.
Maybe Lee to Patrick really spoke to her? Maybe Lee to her, through a tremendous place came the genuine voice of Patrick? At the receiver did not have enough of long waves or something like that. She remembered that Charles had read about any «gaps in the scale.» Maybe that specifically because of missing waves and there are these so called, psychic phenomena? Under this assumption, there is nothing absurd. Patrick used the achievements of modern science, to warn her about what needs to happen soon.
Mrs. Harter called her maid Elizabeth — the higher, the dark lady of sixty years old.
— Elizabeth, do you remember that I read to you? The top left drawer of my desk. There’s all cooked.
— Why cooked, madam?
— For my funeral — snorted Mrs. Harter.- You very well know what I want to say. Thou hast helped me to lay these things.
Elizabeth’s face was twitching.
— Oh, madam, — she wailed, — do not need to think about it. I pinned its hopes that you have a lot better?
— Earlier or later we all must die. I’m over 70, Elizabeth. Well, well, stop whining, or, if you already have the hunt — cry elsewhere.
Elizabeth married, continuing to sob. Mrs. Harter with great love she looked vosled.
— Sheepish old woman, but very loyal to me. By the way, how much I willed it? 100 pounds or only 50? To throw her 100 pounds.
This issue is so alarmed Mrs. Harter that the subsequent * day she requested a lawyer to send her own will. On the same day Charles *, over breakfast, struck by her question:
— Incidentally, Aunt Mary, who is this funny old crank up there in the corner room? I mean the photo above the fireplace. This old dandy in a cap, with sideburns?
Mrs. Harter strictly looked at him.
— It’s your Uncle Patrick.
— Oh, Aunt Mary, forgive me, for God’s sake. I did not want to insult you. With dignity nod, Mrs. Harter gave to understand that an apology is accepted.
Charles embarrassment continued
— I’m just taken aback. Aware of whether Ms. Harter said sharply:
— Well, what do you wish to say?
— Nothing, — he replied hastily Charl.- I wish to say — nothing worthy of attention.
Mrs. Harter finished talking, but on the same day, a little later, when they were alone in the room, she returned to the subject:
— I would wish that you explained to me, Charles, why are you talking about the photo of your uncle?
— I said to you, Aunt Mary, foolish imagination — nothing more. Completely silly.
— Charles — Imperative said Mrs Harter — I insist that you told me everything.
— Well, my dear aunt, since you insist I thought I beheld him — a man with a photo — when ascended the avenue yesterday evening, he looked out the last window. The play of light and shadow, should be considered. I still use your loaf — who would it be? Later, Elizabeth said to me that the house did not have any third party, no guests. Later in the evening I went to the case of a corner room and saw a picture above the fireplace. A hair’s breadth a person who was looking out of the window! It’s natural just to clarify — the subconscious phenomenon! I must have seen this picture before, and later, just imagined that he saw a person in the window.
— In the last window? — Abruptly asked Mrs Harter.
— Yes. And what?
— Nothing.
This conversation alarmed Mrs. Harter — once there was a room of her husband.
That same evening, Charles again went out somewhere. Mrs. Harter was sitting in my room and listened to the radio feverish impatience. If the third time she hears the voice of a spouse, it is no doubt confirm that it really is in contact with the other world.
And though her heart beat quickened, she niskolechko not taken aback when the transmission is broken and, after the ordinary interval she heard a distant voice with an Irish accent:
— Mary you ready? .. I’m coming for you on Friday On Friday, at half past nine Do not be afraid — it will be completely painless Be ready
Again, the music started.
A couple of minutes, Ms. Harter sit quite motionless. Her face was pale, lips clenched and blue.
Soon she rose from her chair and moved over to the desk. Trembling hand, she wrote the following lines:
«Today, at nine o’clock in fifteen minutes, I clearly heard the voice of my late husband. He said to me that he would come with me on Friday at half past nine. If I die in the designated day and time, I wish that this fact became widely known as an undeniable proof of ability to communicate with the other world. Mary Harter. «
Re-reading the letter, she put it in an envelope and wrote the address on it. Then called Elizabeth and gave her a letter.
— Elizabeth, if I die on a Friday evening, give this note to the physician Meynell. Do not argue with me — she said, litsezrev that Elizabeth is going to her vozrazhat.- You often read that you believe in premonitions At this point I also have a hunch now that’s what I left for you as a bequest of 50 pounds. I hunt, that you got 100 pounds. If I before his death will not be able to go to the bank itself, will take care of the Emperor Charles.
As before, Mrs. Harter broke tearful objections own maid. In an effort to complete the fulfillment of their own desires, it is the very next morning and talked with his nephew:
— Remember, Charles. If me something nibudt happen Elizabeth should get another 50 pounds.
— You have something very dark in the last days, Aunt Mary — joyful tone said Charlz.- What can happen to you? According to Dr Meynell, 20 5 years with excessive we will celebrate your century!
Mrs. Harter gently smiled nephew, but said nothing. After a moment’s pause, she asked:
— What are you going to do on a Friday evening, Charles? Charles a little taken aback.
— I have been invited to the bridge to Ewing on Friday, but if you want me to stay at home
— No, — said Mrs. strongly Harter.- Under no circumstances, Charles. Specifically, this evening I wanted to be alone.
Charles looked curiously at her, but she found Mrs. Harter necessary to provide further clarification. She was a courageous lady, and felt that one should, without outside help, to cope with the upcoming test.
On Friday evening the house was unusually quiet. Mrs. Harter as usual, sit by the fireplace in the chair. All of its manufacture were completed. During the day she went to the bank, took 50 pounds and gave them Elizabeth dismantled all their personal belongings and made a list of orders for Charles.
Picking up a large envelope, she pulled out a document — a testament, sent her sovereign Hopkins at her request. She had previously read it carefully, and at the moment again looked to refresh the memory. It was concise, accurate document: in gratitude for his loyal service she bequeathed 50 pounds Elizabeth Marshall; 500 pounds sister and cousin as much; everything else — her beloved nephew Charles Ridgway. A couple of times while reading Mrs. Harter laudatory nodded. Charles is a very wealthy man after her death. Well! He deserved it! Always treated her with love and kindness. Was always cheerful and tried to please her.
Mrs. Harter looked at his watch. Three minutes before half-past nine. Her nerves were stretched to the maximum.
Half-past nine. Receiver is turned on. What did she hear? A familiar voice announcing the weather forecast, or the voice of the wife, who died May 20 years ago?
But instead, she heard commotion at the front door then the room cool wind swept jet. Ms. Harter enveloped panic. In the brain, an idea:
«Twenty-five years is a long time. Patrick has now become a stranger to me «
Enveloped her nightmare!
Behind the door, he heard steps myagenkie — myagenkie faltering steps Then the door swung open silently Reeling, Mrs. Harter rose from her chair She stared at the open door A piece of paper slipped from her hands and fell into the fire from the larynx broke a strangled cry, and here stood in the light faded doorway stood familiar figure with brown beard and mustache, old-fashioned jacket the time of Queen Victoria.
Patrick came for her!
Heart her, dreading, made a desperate spurt and braked. Mrs. Harter fell to the floor. An hour later to find her Elizabeth.
Immediately sent for a medical Meynell. Charles Ridgway hastily summoned from the house where he was playing bridge. But no man was no longer able to assist Ms. Harter.
Only two days are later Elizabeth remembered the note I received from a private owner. Dr. Meynell read it with great enthusiasm and showed Charles.
— Just saying that your aunt Macha hallucinations. She imagined the voice of her late husband. She brought herself to such an extent excitation that died from the shock.
Charles nodded his head.
NIGHT MODE other day, when everyone was asleep, he destroyed the wire that ran from the rear wall of the receiver to his bedroom, located on the floor above. In addition, because the evening was cold enough, he asked Elizabeth to flood the fireplace in his room and slept in it brown beard and mustache. And the time of Queen Victoria odezhku belonging to his late uncle, put it back in smelling of mothballs chest in the attic.
He considered himself above suspicion.
Charles — affectionate and attentive young man, pet of old ladies — smiled to himself.
After leaving the doctor, Charles took up their own commitments. Should resolve some incidents with the funeral. For relatives coming from far away, it was necessary to elect a suitable train. Some of them stay overnight. Charles engaged in all this to the accompaniment of his own thoughts. No one knew what he was distressed. Its activities, painstakingly concealed from all over the world, led him so far, that has loomed in front of him shadow bullpen. If he does not succeed in a relatively small period to get an impressive amount of money is enough, he found himself faced with the prospect of exposure and ruin.
Now — all right! Due to the successful jokes — yes, it can be called a joke — he is saved. Now he is rich.
It seems to be responding to these thoughts, the room looked Elizabeth and said that he came to the emperor Hopkins and his wishes to create.
«In Time» — thought to Charles. Resisting the urge to whistle, he pulled a right to the case of a severe mine and walked into the office. There he was expecting a cautious old gentleman, last more than a quarter century, Charge d’Affaires of the late Mrs. Harter.
At the invitation of Charles, the lawyer sat in a chair and cleared his throat and began to talk business.
— I did not quite realize your letter, sire Ridgeway. You, of course, believe that the will of the late Mrs. Harter is in our custody.
Charles stared at him in disbelief.
— But my aunt read about it
— Oh, of course. It was in our possession.
— It was?
— Specifically so. Last Tuesday, Ms. Harter asked us to send her will.
Anxiety enveloped Charles.
— It is, of course, will be found in the midst of its securities — continued attorney measured tones.
Charles said nothing. He had already looked at the paper, and it could be no hesitation that wills among them was not. In a minute, but he pulled himself together and said this attorney. His voice sounded unnatural, and he felt as if his spine narrow stream of cool water slides.
— Anybody examining personal belongings of the deceased?
Charles replied that it did Elizabeth. Called Elizabeth. Yes, she has examined all odezhku and personal belongings of the deceased, and fully convinced that among them there were no official documents, similar to a will. She knows how to look testament — her poor mistress held his hands in the morning on a day of destruction.
— Do you believe in this? — Snapped attorney.
^ Yes, sir. She said to me. And led me to take 50 pounds. Will was in bolshennom blue envelope.
— Quite correctly — confirmed Hopkins.
— At the moment I remember — Elizabeth continued, — that the subsequent morning beheld the envelope, but empty. I put it on the desk.
— I also beheld it there, — said Charles.
He got up and went to his desk. In a moment returned with an envelope in his hand and gave it to the emperor Hopkins. Last looked at him and nodded his head:
— This is the envelope in which last Tuesday I sent will.
— Can I have something else to be useful to you? — With reverence she asked.
— At the moment there. Thank you. Elizabeth went to the door.
— Wait a minute — suspended its poverennyy.- burn in the night fire in the fireplace?
— Yes, sir. It is constantly burning fire.
— Thank you. That is enough.
Elizabeth left the room. Charles leaned forward, his trembling hand on the table.
— What do you expect? Hopkins Emperor shook his head.
— We still have hope that the will be found, if it does not
— But what if it is not found?
— I’m afraid that in this case imposed only one conclusion: your aunt sent over a testament to kill him. Not even, that Elizabeth suffered from this, she gave bequeathed her cash.
— But why? — In a frenzy exclaimed Charlz.- Why did she do it?
Sovereign Hopkins coughed.
— You did not have any trouble with your aunt, sire Ridgeway?
Charles gasped.
— Oh! We were in most of the best, most affectionate relationship — until the last days!
— Ah .. — said Hopkins sovereign, not looking at him.
At one point, Charles became clear that the lawyer does not believe him. What a drama of fate — when he lied, he believed; Now, when he says the truth, he does not believe!
His aunt did not want to kill the will, he did not hesitate in that! At one point, his thoughts seemed to be met with some obstacle — in memory picture appeared: ancient lady with one hand holding his heart From the other hand a piece of paper slips and falls on the hot coals
Charles became lifeless face palely. He heard a husky voice — the voice of his own:
— What if it’s a testament not be found?
— There is the old testament, dated September 1920. By the will of Mrs. Harter leaves all his property niece, Miriam Harter, now Miriam Robinson.
Suddenly the phone rang. Charles picked up the phone and heard the voice of the doctor — a hearty and friendly:
— Is that you, Ridgeway? I thought that you will be curious to find out the results of an autopsy. The reason for the death, as I read to you — shock. But heart disease was much more serious than I meant. With all the precautions, it is still not extended to more than 2 months. I believe that is the message you some comfort.

Translated from the British E. Kosman

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