IREMEL on the 5th of October, the marathon

In the area of ​​the village Mykolaivka Beloretskogo district on Saturday October 5, 2013 g.budet launched 7th mountain marathon on top of Big IremelHotel (1582 m.) Length distance to the top and back is 45 miles. Competitions are held on the Statutes of the All-Russian official sports competitions on climbing, approved by the Ministry of Sports of the Russian Federation, in the category SkyMarathons (Tall Marathons), finishing tenth step Cup Russia. Expected role of the more than 120 mountain marathoners naisilneyshy Russia.
Schedule of the mountain marathon on top of Big IremelHotel (1582m), the end of the Cup of the Russian Federation on the mountain heats
1 General information and management competitions
Competitions are held in an approved Ministry of Sports of the Russian Federation and the Russian Federation climbing the «Regulations of the inter-regional and all-Russian official sports competitions on climbing in 2013.» The competition is the final step of the Cup of the Russian Federation on mountaineering in ice — snow class. Mountain marathon held in accordance with the rules of competition in skayraningu in Russia and to meet the requirements of the International Federation of mountain races (ISF). Competitions are held in the category SkyMarathons (Tall Marathons). Overall management of the Office of the competition produces FKCiT Magnitogorsk and Public Organization «Alpine Club town of Magnitogorsk,» with the support of the Directorate park «IremelHotel.» Specific management competition produces judicial organizing committee: Director marathon Fighters Sergey (89026172582); Chief referee of the competition Shtopin Viktor Ivanovich (+73519033342); Chief of Course — responsible for the safety of Alexander Ovchinnikov (89127948142); Press-secretary Natalya Kurganova (89128931082).
2 Security
The receiving party provides the first medical assistance if necessary, transportation and delivery to the medical institution. Each athlete without the help of others provides the necessary security measures and assumes full responsibility for their actions when passing the road, and the preservation of the natural park «IremelHotel.»
3 Time and venue of the competitions
Competition will be held from 04 to 6 October 2013. Arrive October 04, starting October 5, patrol Oct. 6. Basic accommodation of the participants in the 2-ways: in field criteria (in their own tents in the area of ​​the grid), or in the tourist haven in the village. Mykolaivka (500 m from the grid). When placed in a tent at the stake manufacturing, gas or other method in accordance with the rules visit the Nature Park «IremelHotel.» The drive to the launch site to the north of Beloretsk (Republic of Bashkortostan) to the village. Tirlyan asphalt 25 km, and at a decent dirt road to the village. Mykolaivka 20 km. The drive from the village. Mykolaivka to the grid (500m) on the signs. Directions from Beloretsk (bus or train / station) only on private cars or taxi (500 rubles). Registration from 17-00 to 21-00 on Friday 04.10.13g. and from 6-00 to 8-45 on Saturday 05.10.2013g.
4 distance, route description, participants, admission, distance competitions 45 km.
Route: starting field — manual gearbox number 1 number 2 — KP number 3 — KP№ 4 (the top of the Big IremelHotel) — mark, turn the finish line to the starting point. The difference in height of 1200 m;
The route is marked with warning tape and signs. The trail to the very top and on the top of the plateau is marked racks with signal flags. Schematic map of the route is attached. The organizing committee reserves the right to change the route, in order to ensure the safety of participants. On the track: streams, 3 ford places marshy trail at the top of a large rock scree, kurumnik. Potentially unsafe places on the course not. At the top of probable snow, wind, Frostbitten stones. It is recommended to have a windproof jacket and gloves. Participant must reflect the actual weather conditions and the state of the route at the upcoming race. Exit participant at the start means that his physical abilities and health status is sufficient to overcome the upcoming race. All controls are organized feeding centers, medical assistance. For the role of the competition is open to all interested persons who are authorized doctors and of mandatory insurance. Participants who do not have a medical certificate, pass a medical examination at the site before the launch. Prohibits the use of doping drugs honey. Participants who violate this rule will be disqualified. Prohibited the use of any transport, the use of third-party assistance. Competitions
held in three age groups in the midst of men and women:
• Group 1 — up to 30 years (1984g.r. And younger);
• Group 2 — 30 to 50 years (1983g.r. — 1964g.r.)
• Group 3 — 50 years and older (1963g.r. And older).
Funding at the expense of sending organizations and the personal contributions of the participants. Entry fee is 100 rubles.
5 The program of competitions
4 October 2013.
• 10-00 Arrival, accommodation.
• From 17-00 to 21-00 Registration.
5 October 2013.
• From 6-00 to 8-45 registration of participants;
• 8-45 grand opening event. Total photos.
• 9-00 General start of participants;
• 11-30 the first time on manual control number 2 (the return of the participants did not meet the monitoring time);
• 13-30 second monitoring time (returning members anywhere, if the tip is not reached);
• 16-00 Awarding favorites;
• From 19-00 Gala concert bard songs around the campfire.
6 October 2013.
• 10-00 Departure of participants.
Registration of the participants completed in 8-45 a day start. Competitors who are late at the start, course time is taken into account, starting with a general start. Registered participants, not aspiring to win prizes, but willing to try absolutely full distance and climb to a legendary light energy of the top of the Big IremelHotel permitted earliest start (in the 6-00: 7-00, at 8-00), in agreement with the the main judge.
6 Summarizing and rewarding
The result of the competition is determined by the total time of the passage of the entire route (From the start to the rotary manual №4 at the top of the Big IremelHotel return to the finish line on the start clearing). Number of participants finish, without the help of others reach the gate finish. The participants, coming at a distance, without registration and bib number, participate out of competition. Protests are received not later than 30 minutes after the publication of preliminary results. The decision on the protest is accepted by a majority vote the Judicial Commission. All winners in each group will be awarded with diplomas and valuable gifts. All participants will be awarded with diplomas, badges and gift bags.
Soaking climbing tradition, competition will take place in all weathers.
Real Regulations is an official call on competition.

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