Jacobin, a scientist, a metallurgist

     At the end of the XVIII early XIX century in the field of theoretical development issues metallurgical advanced French scientists laid the foundation for a new scientific approach to technology. Deciding to take advantage of their knowledge and experience, NN Demidov, owner of nine large, well-equipped Nizhny Tagil plants, decided to invite the Urals former Jacobin, scientist-metallurgist. Dr J. Ferry. Although zavodovladelets Demidov was a stranger any "freethinking" and was a staunch serf he made this decision because I was prudent businessman. He made much progress in mastering the techniques of capitalist management, in its plant employs many talented serf masters: NG Kuznetsov, family Makarov, family Cherepanov, PP Mokeev, FI Sweden and others. Demidov, as a rule, do not let them go free, but gave them the opportunity to study in a local factory school in St. Petersburg and abroad. According to Demidov, all it had to give him "prophetic profit".

    June 17, 1805 Demidov authorized Ira Vester Ferry and entered into an agreement. It said that, having arrived at the Nizhny Tagil plants Ferry take all measures to improve the hydropower units in order to have enough water supplies not only to the then-existing time, but also on all the new places that are planned to be built. He improves logging and burning and use in industrial practice of charcoal production will adjust cast, "natural" (Pig) and cement steel, each in its own way should not be inferior in quality to the best of English and any foreign. If need be stipulated in the agreement, he must build a new blast furnace or fix the old, will also smelting strong elastic l varieties of cast iron casting hammers and anvils, explores and adjusted, if necessary smelting copper ores, the most economical way. Annual salary Ferry identified about six thousand rubles a year. It was a very high salary for that time.

    First in St. Petersburg and then to the factories professor Mr. Claude Joseph Ferry accompanied by newly appointed director Mikhail Danilov Danilovich. Who knew (though not perfectly, the French language, this Demidovsky clerk was an interpreter and guide for the Ferry. Outwardly showing any more helpful to a scientist, he essentially skeptical of his diversions. Besides, how petty people proud, he was annoyed that some foreigners are allowed to interfere in the affairs of the factory, on which, according to Daniel, he was entitled to only, the director.

    On arrival in Nizhny Tagil Ferry set to work, drawing on the experience and resourcefulness of the Ural craftsmen. If our masters for the benefit of themselves acquainted with the advanced Western European experience, then Professor Ferry learned a lot for myself. And probably right biographers who called the journey Ferry the Urals "Scientific". Circle actual lessons Ferry on Demidov plants was even greater than envisaged by the contract. In "Memo" and "Prescription 1806" was listed 26 items, which, along with the plan for the construction of reflectance "Air" furnace for the production of iron, medeochistitelnoy oven at Vyisky plant was supposed to arrange a hospital, earthenware factory, establishment for the manufacture of glass

    But Ferry succeeded only partially implement this program. Factory administration did not want to go to meet Ferry, does not contribute to the implementation of the proposals. For time his stay in the factories have not started construction of the steam engine for pumping water from mines or for any other purpose. The blame for this lies primarily in the Danilov and other office "Lords ruling".

    As is known, 1806-1809 period. were a time of turning to the reaction in the internal policy of the government of Alexander I. In this situation, Demidov became burdened by the contract with the former Jacobin and signaled Danilov, that Ferry can be especially without gloves.

    In spring 1809 Ferry was forced to return to France. The scientist’s career, despite its incompleteness, was undoubtedly useful for Demidov factories. The factory correspondence subsequently been mentioned several times on the structures built or projected "under Prof.". Contact Ferry with Russian specialists metallurgists not interrupted nearly to the death of the scientist.

S. Clute.

References: Newspaper "Taghilsky working" from 02.04.1991.

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