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Kaslinskim CASTING

Kaslinskim CASTING

thin. cast iron. On Kasli chug.-lit. and iron-s de, founded. in 1747, the development of thin. casting early. in 1820, what a great role managing z-ing Kyshtymskoye mountain env. G.F.Zotova and foundry master M.E.Teplyakova. Models were used, made using the original German and others. Europ. sculptors and brought in Castle of bronze casting workshops Upper Iset and Vyisky s-ing. In 1860 the range KL has grown considerably. MY. the so-called armchair casting (small plastic, candle holders, podchasniki, ashtrays, decorative plates) became a regular. Showed his characteristic features (sharpness of the silhouette, well crafted items, imitation invoice dec. Materials). In 1870, 80 graduates worked in Castle IAH M.D.Kanaev N.R.Bah and that contributed to the establishment of close links KL the overall development of Rus. sculpture. Kasli casters immaculately reproduced in cast iron Mfr. F.P.Tolstogo, K.A.Klodta, E.A.Lansere, A.L.Obera, NI Liberiha, RI and R.R.Bahov, N.A.Laveretskogo, F.F.Kamenskogo et al. continue to use their West. models. In the late XIX early. XX century. MY. thin. casting and completion assembly models hands. Chap. Managing Kyshtymskoye mountain env. P.M.Karpinsky. Under his self-taught master V.F.Torokin, DI Shirokov K.D.Tarasov and created a number of independent Mfr. on cum. working and living conditions that are included in the s dskoy range casting.

Manuf. KL been exhibited at the All-Russia. and int. hud.-prom. exhibitions, which have seen high awards and prizes. The pinnacle of craftsmanship kaslinskim foundry iron pavilion was made on the project to the World E.E.Baumgartena hud.-prom. Exhibition of 1900 in Paris and award it with others. products h-ing Kyshtymskoye mountain env. Grand Prix of the highest awards of the exhibition I cl.

Later models were used in Castle capital and N.V.Tomskogo MGManizer sculptors, as well as local authors A.S.Gileva, P.S.Anikina, A.V.Chirkina and OA Skachkova. KL has been used in the arch. ensembles Moskov., Chelyaba. and others.’s. countries. The largest collection of KL, incl. Pavilion in 1900, is located in the ECAT. muses. fig. claim-in. Works KL are also stored in the SRM, ET, music. Chelyaba. et al.
Lit .: Repin NE Castle. Chelyabinsk, 1940; Pavlovsky BV Castle. Sverdlovsk, 1957; Pavlovsky BV Art metal Urals XVIII-XIX centuries. Sverdlovsk, 1982; Pyeshkova IM Art kaslinskim masters. Chelyabinsk, 1983.

Author: Gubkin OP, Shaydurova GP

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