Past and Present of the White Mountains. Part 2

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In 1837, at the invitation of the Urals breeders Demidovs coming Russian artist Vasily Ye Rayev. In his book «Memories of my life» Rayev emphasized the grandeur of nature with white «early in the morning we rode to the White Mountain. Spectate, and the higher you go, the wider picture is opened. By noon, reached the top of the mountain. I offered a toast to the beauty of nature, for its clear rivers, lakes, forests for its capped mountains, which in the blue distance of the horizon in a quiet grandeur look at us. My welcome nature was adopted with enthusiasm. Cheers echoed in the mountains, and they seemed to have waved their tops on our welcome. Then long admired the majestic with Shihan, a hundred miles, panorama. At this Sheehan coined our families, and in 1837. «
In his youth, the White repeatedly hunted future writer DN Mamin-Siberian. Once on the steep slopes of Mount Dmitry Mamin sprained his ankle, and he and his brother Vladimir somehow reached home. White mountain Mamin-Siberian mentions in his essay «Green Mountain», «From the Urals to Moscow.»
In the novel, Mamin-Siberian «Mountain Nest» called Loose Stone was listed White Mountain.
«And in front of already higher and higher rises Loose Stone, you might consider the top-rocky Shihan and individual placers stones, which extend laterally correct lane. The top of the placer Stone is a slightly rounded plane with three rocky ridges. The highest of them went to the lake; beneath the mountain steep arching came down to the water from the site except for the forest and rocks, nothing could be considered; but worth the climb to the Shihan only some ten yards, and before the eyes open wide mountain panorama, with a hundred miles in diameter. Under his feet stretched a long lake with green islands and Zaozernaya plant at the far end; right, twenty miles, as the cap has fallen down on its side with the green top, the famous mountain rising Kurzhak, almost entirely consisting of iron ore. «
Very interestingly described White Tagil ethnographer SN Pankratov in his book «Nature Trail», published in 1949: «In a haze like the top of the White curls, clinging to the gloomy sky Urals. A shroud of mist fall over wooded slope, proud vertex White powerfully rises above a sea of ​​clouds. From the top, as the glacier slowly descend stone rivers, invisibly slide multi-ton blocks of stone. «
Foothills of the White Mountains surrounded by multiple ramifications of different purpose roads, so there is a choice of route to lifting its rocky peaks. A simple path runs from the village to Uralets glade where the rope-tow ski road. This swath cut through in 1966, and a year later was installed only lift.
On ski slopes can climb to the top of the mountain, there is a marked trail. When you climb higher and higher on the other side overlooking the village Uralets and the surrounding mountains: Large Shulpiha, wisecracking, Kozhurina, dunite and Solovyov.
From the height of the oval size seems Prudok Upper River Marian. At the end of the climb a small section of the young growth of birches. When you exit the birch near tor straight before trippers point upwards radio repeater tower height of 85 meters, set in 2003.
At the top, in the last column of the lift, the path goes to the left and after 250 meters go out to the rocks of the central peaks of the White Mountains. In mezhskalnom opening swing of cold water. On the highest rock set concrete geodesic tour. Tor with white, with a height of 715.4 meters above sea level, open vast blue gave forests Gornouralskogo urban district, in gray-blue haze seen the city of Upper and Lower Tagil, Kirovgrad, Nevyansk. But disappointingly look at rock surfaces autographs hapless tourists who spoil the beauty of natural objects.
Andrei Pichugin,
freelance correspondent.
(To be continued)
Pichugin A. Past and Present of the White Mountains // Taghilsky worker. — 2007 — 20 June. — P. 3: ph. (Local history box. — Vol. 4 (43)).

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