Poem about survivalist

I did not write, just caught accidentally, like, decided to share …

Once in a beautiful summer time
I’m out of the house leaching and there full seams.
Collider create a black hole,
Ominously swaying in different corners.

Lektrichestva no kurochat kiosks,
Water does not flow out of gas and
ATM with me does not want to pay
In the outhouse zahryukal empty bowl.

But I’m the guy shredded, I read books.
About knives, nychki, dugouts and gunpowder.
So quickly in his knapsack shove
According to the list of Exodus harvested heap.

Farewell neighbors and evil do not hold,
What I Snitch from the yard SUV
His series of interrupted you wait
And I have to empty the market dolzhOn

Now I will score the eyeballs trunk
With gasoline canister take on refueling.
I need a gun and not need a wallet
First visit to the weapons shop.

Trunk clogged firearms in bulk
Snoring in the background fighting girlfriend.
Here are just a check from a beacon fired.
In response, not out of malice, but rather fear.

And here is my secret lair:
grub for six months, firewood for the winter …
But it turned out differently than thought, reading,
Online survivalist clever books.

Plaguing we were not given. Had to fight,
And then I fought with the partisans, as best he could
With barley and stewed meat had to say goodbye,
Therefore heifer its well … I Ate.

On the first snow I was caught.
No lie, this is the city I myself stated
That’s just not understood by INTO planted?
After all survived what I scored?

I sensed something was wrong but once:
With the ice cream booth, garlands on the tree …
But thought ready to lend contagion
Well Schaub odinkogo catch a wolf.

A won both overlooked the actual fact:
Kirdyk not happened, fox did not come.
And the gas shut off for only a week,
And the world has lost one of our quarter.

Oh citizen judges, I did not know about it,
I would not if I shoot in white light,
I would not ride on Forests I all summer
Would not have a girlfriend to cook for lunch.

I would not select a gun threatened
I would not miss the Crossroads goods
Would not I shoot cops on wheels,
Tent for the money would be taken, and not in vain.

Oh citizen judges, I’m not aggressive,
Not a whim for hiding in the dugout.
Yes, I understand, is not very pretty,
As a company of soldiers put on the meadow.

But citizen judges understand, believe,
During blame damn rumors.
These people I did not plan to death,
I myself was running away from the bony old woman.

Why has shattered bridges and filling?
Yes, just for the sake of their safety.
No, I’m normal, I do not even help.
I burned two tanks and APCs on the Ring Road?

Slander! You train me in those times was never caught.
Do not need to mold me teroristy.
After all occupants surrounded Moscow,
I could have more, but went quickly.

Yes citizens judge, I’m guilty
But only in the fact that I went for Prima
Slightly under Shafei Well … a little screwy,
But there was a prima kiosk Galimov.

Oh citizen judges, as you do not understand?
Robs people I used against their will.
B Blokaut said on the radio clearly.
Because I survivalist and notparanoid.

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