I know that many people, especially young tagilchan, wondering whether Demidov was a prison in the city center?
Here’s what I know about it. But first, a little description of the historic center of Nizhny Tagil.
In 1832, construction was completed Nizhny Tagil office by architect AP Chebotarev. It was one of the best architecture firms factory buildings built in the Urals. The main administrative body of the Nizhny Tagil factory floors, facade overlooks the Predzavodskoy area. Center of the building is emphasized an eight Doric portico with pediment. Inside the building, a grand staircase made of wrought iron and cast iron.
Opposite him at the elevated site Predzavodskoy area worth going Jerusalem Cathedral 51 meters tall. It was built from 1770 to 1777 years, now this place trade and economic college. For an input-Jerusalem cathedral on the corner of the street Shamin (Karl Marx), opposite the present military office stood abandoned unfinished two-storey building with the windows boarded up. The building was constructed for the Chief Commissioner to the factories and the Lord’s name Demidovs gornozavodskogo District Anatoly Frenchman Oktavovicha Zhones-Sponvilya. According to some sources, was a natural son Sponvil Demidov. Now at this point building industrial college.
In the center of the factory area in 1843 opposite the factory office was a monument to Nicholas Nikitich Demidov made in France. Downstairs, in the corners of the quadrangular pedestal has four groups: the first boy with a book in hand listening to the goddess of wisdom; the second — a young man pours a cornucopia of fruit on her knees her mentor; in the third soldier in the guise of Nikolai Demidov defends the fatherland; in the fourth elderly Demidov in conversation with a woman in Greek robes seem to embody the patron saint of Sciences and Arts. And finally, on the pedestal of the monument Demidov in a frock coat with medals graciously extends a hand of a kneeling woman in the royal crown. The idea of ​​the monument is clear: without the generosity of the Demidov bad would Russia.
Now this place is a monument to the organizer of the Communist Party, the founder of the Soviet state Vladimir Lenin. Design of the monument was designed by the teacher of the first school of drawing them. NK Krupskaya AI Frolov. The decision to build a monument at his own expense tagilchane adopted in January 1924. Figure of the leader cast in Sverdlovsk, and the remaining parts of the monument working Nizhny Tagil made with their own hands. November 7, 1925 the grand opening of the monument.
In addition to the main shops, located directly at the plant, were necessary and ancillary buildings, such as the «Saw Mill», running on the water energy. Sawmills were built outside the factories that meet fire safety. At Nizhniy Tagil plant Veshnyak (slots for the passage of vernal water) was at the beginning of the dam. In order not to make a special bridge to lift the timber to sawmills frame last floor sawmill a par with the top mark of the dam. In the lower placed mechanism, consisting of a water wheel to the shaft and gear, crankshaft connecting rod­E and flywheel, designed to regulate the speed of the crankshaft. By connecting rods attached saws through holes overlap the top floor, where there was sawdust.
Sawn timber had to be stored, remove from the rain and dry. Therefore, the warehouse was built next to the sawmill. It started from the factory’s central square and dragged to the shore of the pond. For masonry walls used natural stone that was mined in the floodplain Tagil. Warehouse wall thickness of about half a meter were built of brick and mortar. Particular attention was paid to the preparation of lime, as on its quality depended on the strength and durability of masonry. Using local materials, the Ural builders solutions were prepared great strength. After all, many buildings, walls and foundations, which are saved already during the second century, is by no means destroyed. And when disassembling cause a lot of trouble, because they represent themselves monolith.
With the end of the warehouse to the factory area had large iron gate in the side wall are two large iron door. The other side wall was blank. The windows are inserted thick square iron bars, reminiscent of the bars. These openings are always unobstructed wind blew, and helped draft the accelerated drying of timber.
Shortly after the end of World War II in the city was opened Ural School of Applied Arts. It was out of the plant. Kuibyshev Street. Starobazarnoy (nasal). Director was B. Nechaev. Castle of the Chelyabinsk region was requested by us in Nizhny Tagil highly skilled, master the art of casting KP Shcherbinin. And then it was decided in an abandoned building that lesosklada do liteyku. Built a small cupola furnace to melt the metal. Studied here molding and artistic cast some of our famous sculptors: VI runoff, IY Bogolyubov and Yu Kleshchevnikov, Ushakov et al. I remember in the thirties of the last century, we were taken on a tour of the teacher and explained, summing to an abandoned building lesosklada: here was Demidov prison. At the sight of these windows with such bars to attack us fear. Then we walked down to the dam, where we explained that this dam is built Demidovs on human bones. We often then ran to the dam, all looking for the bones, but found nothing. And yet, there really was in this building Demidov prison?
No! This building has never been in prison. But in the early thirties of the last century was bolshevistkaya Stalinist propaganda against the deposed king’s regime. Therefore, and created the myth that it was possible to clearly see what fearsome «prison» Ural factory owners Demidov gnoili their serfs.
Leonid Tolmachev.
The same «prison».
Tolmachev L. Prison — phantom // Taghilsky worker. — 2003 — 12 February. — P. 3: ph. — (Local history box. — Vol. 2 (5)).

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