PRODUCTION AND Manufacturing of MEAT.

Without food a person can live a long time, but in a combat situation, when spent an unlimited amount of energy, the fighter need food high calorie content. As is clear, the combat outputs is taken very probable ammunition to the detriment of the food, but the story left a lot of examples when such outputs are delayed indefinitely, forcing fighters to projdennomu starvation, which led to the loss of strength and loss of combat capability. In such situations, to the rescue comes the ability to find and produce more food.

• The hunting of animals.

The best time for hunting animals are premature morning and dusk. To hunt better in the lowlands, meadows (feeding site), ponds and trails.

Sign animal trails can serve countless prints of paws and hooves on the soil, abundant litter, branches of bushes and trees with wool, overhanging the path and constantly lashing across the face and chest. To bear trails peculiar
snow trampled thing, devoid of herbaceous vegetation, soil, often in the form of the deepest ruts up to 0.5 m wide. On separate trees visible deepest furrows torn bark.

Hunting large animals with guns, you need to aim at the neck, chest or head. For injured animals need to go on the traces of blood not earlier than 30 minutes after the injury. To approach their fallen animal can, with full confidence in its destruction.

To catch small animals using traps, traps, trap.

When installing fixtures need:

snares, traps and traps to put on the tracks, which you can simply search for the freshest tracks of animals, feeding, watering, near the shelter;

to come to the place of installation of the snare from natural prepjadstvie (Bush, tree, and so D.);

traps to do the ordinary in design and simply masquerading on the ground;

fresh slices of wood to cover the ground, a trap to fumigate smoke, snares mask branches and leaves;

fixtures placed in more narrow areas without changing the environment;

use bait (guts caught animals, fish).

For catching small animals hiding in holes, use a loop placed around the entrance to the burrow. The size of the loop must be less than the bore hole. You can also use the horizontal hole in the ground a diameter of 6-7 cm and a length of 65-70 cm, which drops the bait.

From shallow burrows or hollow tree of the beast can be removed longish line with the split end (if the branch twist, she clings to the skin of the beast and firmly entangled in it), smoke using fires, smoke flares or pour water.

The snares and traps of the shock acts are used for catching small animals (squirrels, hare, Fox, badger, gopher, and so D.). For catching animals of enormous size (elk, deer, ROE deer, Zebra, and so D.) used traps piercing acts.

For catching animals such as boar, bear, and so D. you can use the pit-trap size, the respective animal, to which they are provided. These animals are targeted to stimulate the attack, in order to drive the animal into the trap, previously installed on the route.

Bats can be caught using a makeshift net. For this great Rohatyn intertwined rope or vines, like mesh tennis racket. Then lit the smoky torch rushes into the cave, inhabited by a colony of bats. Then active sweeps of the net departing from the cave alarmed stray animals on the ground, stunned by the blow, and reached by a stone or a knife.

In the polar regions and glaciers in the presence of appropriate tools, you can hunt seals, sea elephants, white bears.

Fresh carrion are also applicable in the food. In southern latitudes circling in the sky the vultures — a sure sign of a fallen animal. If the vultures do not fly away when you approach them, means they have overeaten and can not fly, and production, respectively, is somewhere quite near. Usually, the vultures eat fresh meat.

That animal died a few hours back, may also indicate a small number of flies and the absence of a specific flavor decomposition of the flesh. Such meat is fully applicable for use in cooked form.

• Processing of meat animals.

Predators and omnivorous animals should not eat raw, the meat should be boiled small pieces more than 2 hours.

All hoofed animals, not including wild boar, can be used on the steak. Steak is made from breast grouse, wood grouse, black grouse.

Applicable in the food fresh carrion. In this case, a dead animal is inspected, if it shows no signs of decomposition, are chosen more applicable in food pieces of meat, which belong to the large muscles. The meat is cut into cubes with sides 2.5-3 cm, painstakingly washed in running water and cooked for a long time.

The animal is unhealthy if the lymph nodes (on the cheek parts and groin) has hardened, enlarged or discolored, wool in the head and wiped the back, got out or discolored.

Before making a meal of meat rabbits, squirrels, rabbits, kidney and tongue large animals it should have excellent wash and soak in cool water for more than an hour.

The meat of a brown bear in cooked form has a bitter taste, because it is better to roast or stew. The flesh of seals, walrus, seals need to separate from the fat, soak in cool water with salt 8-9 h, then washed 2-3 times and scalded with boiling water.

For quick manufacturing meat is fired over a strong flame, and then dozharivaetsya over the coals. Fresh meat you can eat half-cooked.

» Cooking in water. Before cooking the meat you need a lot of effort to wash and soak in cool water for more than an hour, and cook for 50-60 minutes. Meat polar animals should cut into slices no thicker than 2.5 cm and hard boil for 2.5-3 hours. Tough meat can be made more gentle, if you discourage his mallet (wooden hammer) or smooth stone.

Cook meat and other animal bodies in geothermal source, stringing it on a string or stick and dropping into boiling water.

Water for production of food in a mountainous area can be nicipality in the stone fill. For this purpose the recess is filled with water and placed the red-hot with fire stones. As they cool the stones out and heat up, replacing the other with red-hot stones. This process lasts until the boiling water and can last always needed to produce food.

» Frying. Will fit any iron sheet, which can be vohnout that is not leaking oil. In some places it is possible to use large leaves (banana), quite juicy, so as not to dry out during cooking on the coals or flat stones. Eggs can be fried on a hot flat stone podhodyashaya.

» Production of food on a spit. Animal (pieces of meat) strung on a twisted and constantly turns over the coals or next to a blazing fire that fat to moisten the surface of the carcass, installed below the vessel for collecting fat. In the process of making meat layer after layer is cut with a knife. Small animals and birds roasted on the spit, without removing the skins and not browsing from. After fabrication of the charred skin is removed and the carcass is cleaned from the viscera.

» Production of food in the land. For the manufacture of food dug a hole depth of 30-40 cm and is lined with fresh leaves or grass. Meat or vegetables are placed on the bottom of the pit, filled 1,5-2 cm layer of sand on top of a fire is set. After 40-60 minutes the food is ready to eat.

» Production of food in the ashes. Meat, vegetables and other foods wrapped in the skins of dead animals or in thick sheets and put on the coals. Above the fire is covered by leaves. 1-2 hours masorotica to use.

» Production of food in the clay. Fish, poultry and small animals can be cooked on the coals, previously coated with clay. With carcasses of small animals (birds), remove the tail and head. The carcass is covered with clay width of 1.5-2 cm, is placed in the fire and covered with a layer of coals. The production of food in the clay takes up to one and a half hours dependent on the value of the carcass. When you remove the clay skin (feathers) is separated together with her. Cooked meat should just be with spicy wood stick, not releasing blood.

» Hot Smoking. For smoked meat (fish) over programin fire driven three stake height of about 1.5 meters, at the top of their ends in contact. At half height tripod deleteself in the form of a lattice. For this purpose, the fork stakes placed three longitudinal pole, and across them — rods (not coniferous tree). Meat (without fat), cut into strips with a length of about 30 cm, width 6 cm, width 0.5 cm (the fish is gutted, but not washed, cut, trimmed, and bones are removed).

Before you hang up, the meat should be very
add salt, mixing it with salt, or
sprinkle on the rods; the fat in advance clipped because it melted and drained into the fire. Quite 13-15 g of salt per 1 kg of meat. The salting is also possible to create in a hole lined with a piece of cellophane, they meat is covered from flies.

The duration of the salting more than 4 hours in the warm season, when the weather is cold, a little more. Then the meat is taken out, hung until you drain the juice. Top tripod covered with a cloth, branches and humus or not bark of a coniferous tree. The cracks tightly closed. In the burned-out fire is enclosed wood dust, starenkih stumps and trunks, leaves hard rocks, pine cones, juniper adding in their oak bark, fragrant herbs, Bay leaf.

The duration of hot-smoked meat mammals 6-8 hours fish — up to 3 hours at a temperature of 60-70 °C. Initially within hours is drying on high heat, then fire is filled with sawdust. You need to constantly watch that meat did not overheat, rake away the fire from areas where meat is ready, and push rods with the finished meat along the poles.

When the meat is perfectly cooked through, spread the fire and let it cool. The smokehouse for a hot Smoking can be done in coastal cliff or a small ravine. To do this, dig two graves are dug. One for the fire is placed at the base of the cliff. Another niche is placed at the top of the cliff.

Dimensions niches must match the volumes intended for smoked meat (fish). Niches between them are connected by a tunnel, which at first goes deep into the cliff from the fire, and then rises vertically to the 2nd niche. Cooked meat (fish) is placed or suspended at the top of the fortified niche sticks and served. In the lower niche of a fire is set, in which they leap above the fuel for the formation of smoke.


PRODUCTION AND Manufacturing of MEAT.

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