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Novel «Rage» recognizable British writer of Indian origin Salman Rushdie published in 2001. Russian translation was followed 10 years later. When it comes to Rushdie, hard bypass the main event of his biography — the publication of the novel «The Satanic Verses.» Such effects on the political and cultural situation in the world, for sure, did not provide any novel in the second half of the twentieth century. Now the action that unfolded around the novel, known to everyone — the fatwa of Ayatollah Khomeini, the gap between Britain diplomatically relations and Iran, murder novel publishers. In the light of such events from time to time overlooked that scandal is only one piece of the writer. Most of the written Rushdie has neither the smallest business to the free image of religious figures. His book about love, awareness of India, the image of conflict or points of contact of western and eastern cultures. In the midst of these books is not scandalous and «Rage.» It belongs to the reflexive works on identity crisis. It put sharp for many modern Europeans question — Can the South American style of life to heal native Old World from spiritual ailments? Immediately topic local crisis mentioned in the question grows larger issues. Neither more nor less — an attempt to understand America.
Malik Solanka, born in Bombay, made a good career in Cambridge, making his way from student to doctor. His specialty — history and philosophy of mind. He not only reaches Prof. recognition in their own region, and manages to put together a rather big state on their own passion — the manufacture of dolls and writing scripts for television programs to their role. Its main and most successful doll named Silly. She talks with prominent philosophers of the past, ask them tricky questions, try to argue with them and so makarom spiritually enriched itself and enriches the viewer. Puppet show with her role incredibly popular. So that the TV people purchase from Solanki rights to it and come up with more scenarios themselves, now without the glitz of mind corresponding to texts Solanki, from a purely commercial purpose. Selling rights Solanka not expect where it leads, and new series about silly cause him this angry. In general, rage — poisons his life. It would seem that it is all there. A loving wife, a small son, tools and recognition. And, despite this, one fine day he finds himself standing over the bed with his wife hanging over her body with a knife. This becomes the last straw. Neurotic reality that has developed around the hero, becomes intolerable, and Solanka like Indian hermits-sannyasins, sees the decision to throw everything. He sails away to America to start there the latest life, with no room for anger.
But life in America is not completely made up because he wanted to. He as previously prone to fits of rage and hear the beating of the wings of the Furies, flying over New York City. In the town, he meets a young woman Mila Milosevic, which has an affair, despite the more than thirty years difference in age. Pleasant educated, knows and appreciates poetry and has leadership qualities, being the ringleader of a group of young hackers. Solanki and Mile perfectly together, but their relationship soon dropped. Brand new companion Solanki — the lady of Indian origin Nile Mahendra, once mistress of Jack Rinehart, davneshnego other Solanki. She works as a producer of documentary films and finds herself embroiled in a political conflict fabrications Pacific Lilliput-Blefuscu where sails away to shoot another movie. She Solanka reaches the brain — gets rid of the rage. Immediately he feels creative flight and adopted for the creation of a new puppet show, now about Puppet Rulers. He writes an epic story about the planetoid Galileo-1, where the unfolding political and spiritual struggle between the people and make them Puppet Kings — cyborgs, capable of thinking. Like the show about silly, this story also achieves unprecedented success, and its promotion Solanki helps, despite the broken love relationships, nicely Milosevic and patronized her small group of young Mad burglars. Meanwhile, action in Lilliput-Blefuscu, where the Nile Mahendra sails away, begin to unfold like this show, and the main figures of the conflict the characters wear masks Puppet Rulers. When the country right behind Neela misses Malik Solanka, for him it is an individual hell.
How it paradoxically, but Rushdie’s novel lacks specifically of what he’s written — rage. Malik Solanka — this is the usual intellectual, combining within itself all the stereotypical features are very educated person. And these features, in general, not necessarily positive. They are superfluous, peremahival the danger of the scale reflection, indecisiveness, inability to talk to people poordinarnee uncertainty in actual plans and values ​​intellectualism on with or without cause, etc. .. What could happen to such a character? Oh, nothing! With Malik Solanka nothing happens. Not counting the usual romance and unworkable in real life miracles. In general, the miracles in Rushdie 2-types. The first type includes things generally probable. For example, a fabulous treasure Solanki, which he headed for selling brand pupae silly TV people. In the novels of property such characters as Solanka need. This allows them to work and not always think about your life. The second type of miracles are things that will not quite real. A common example of this — a lonely middle-aged business Solanki and twenty girls Mila. Cases drawn between them, represent a routine flight separated from fantasy land. Fantasy crafty intellectual who has taken after the days are spent reading Hegel, to invent a story about romantic emotions. It is enough to follow the passage where it belongs smooth twenty (!) Maid.

Over time Solanka realized that was for Mila one of its projects. She had an unusual hobby: she is going to break people’s lives and their leisure time engaged in mending. When he asked her about it, she said, as if apologizing, said: «This is what I have coming out. Restore the soul. Someone repairing the house, and I — the human soul. «

But the writer refers to similar passages seriously. For him, these things are completely traditional and realistic means of revealing character (Solanki), and at the same time provide relevant material to the broader theme, namely, to wake up America. But what are these things? They are all cut from the same mental fantasies, strung on a sharp vector intense reflection, striving endlessly to clarify, refine, expand and complicate feelings. As a result, the case Solanki and Mila Rushdie describes fully carefully, right up to the fine details of specific mental decent novels. But here is to show them so that they could see it as a shame it did not sound, can not. As he is not able to depict the radiance of the first performances silly, about which he wrote only in the 3rd face and in the past tense. Almost all of the spoken Rushdie looks breathtakingly narrow and once even unique, but it is not shown on the level of plot and direct speech. Hence the feeling that the story is not told and retold. Well, in general produces a novel memory-critical article on another novel, for example, about the life of the writer, because many of the details look completely autobiographical.
Or is it another Americanism, or the assignment of postmodern reality, but rather dispassionately Rushdie flirts with low genres, freely mixing, for example, «Solaris» by Tarkovsky with signs of mass culture. When it is necessary to issue a sense of illusion, namely, the illusion of fatherly love, he turns to finish the stage of «Solaris.» When it comes to young burglars Mila, he can not do without the Hobbits and «Star Wars.» In general, talk about the mixing of genres, may not be worth it. It is the desire will delineate the reality as it is. In «Rage» in general being thoroughly inning reality in illusion and falsehood. Malik Solanka is in protracted crisis, the result of which should be or final defeat or the final victory. In other words, respectively, or the madness of rage, or life without anger. This battle for the liberation takes place on many fronts. Not only on the front of his personal life and public recognition, and on the fronts of evaluation past and present — as privacy Solanki and America as a whole. Many people growing up or spending reappraisal after severe tests, they say that in the past were not a. That all happened before did not happen to them, and with other people. Solanka also of those people, but he drew the experience, attempting to rehabilitate virtually held that man, as was earlier. He tried to do it and understand the illusory nature of their own children’s love for the pope. This key rethinking led the rest of his life. Not here whether it is rooted unconscious following a passion for fabrications worlds dolls? But America, which was supposed to cure him with rage, only strengthened the sense of falseness.
The fact that «Rage» is impregnated with a satire on contemporary South American reality, not just made in the abstract. In fact satire in the novel do not actually have. Perhaps not enough someone will come to mind ironic attitude to the bloody events in Lilliput-Blefuscu, even fabrications. Place of satire in Rushdie occupy quite painful reflections, which form the catalog of critical statements at the South American lifestyle. These expressions are generally unoriginal and repeated reflections of certain philosophers of the twentieth century, more traditionalist who saw in America crown ugly, wrong evolution of mankind. Solanka sees in America the standard soulless, mechanical life, quite passive and aimless («American personality vengeance perevossozdaet themselves in mechanical definitions, but is constantly getting out of control»). Immediately he sees in America the epitome of peaceful use, which kills slowly, like a drug («Behind the facade of the Golden Age, the time of abundance, is growing and gaining strength spiritual impoverishment of Western man in general and the destruction of the personality Yankees in particular»). As a consequence, in the United States are only meaningful success and money, and nothing, not counting them («Making of success in America — that became the sole indicator of human viability»). Solanka also repeats some Baudrillard’s ideas: «Power-Supermarket», «even anti-American movement is actually their own pro-American.» And, in the end, it sounds very strong accusation that Rushdie to allow for a class of people except that of Carl Gustav Jung. It is charged with multiple personality, in other words almost schizophrenia. Against this background reveals a terrible picture of the psychological health of the Yankees: unchanged dreams of success and self-realization, the inability to meet them, and as a consequence of living in constant stress and neurosis, and the never-ending increase in the use of antidepressants. America saw itself Solanka — and should be considered, Rushdie himself. America, which was supposed to cure him of the hero, but in fact turned out to be fake kingdom, where everything is based on the paid services and replacement concepts.
On the example of the Solanki Rushdie portrayed odyssey, or rather, pieces of modern odyssey euro introvert, having the means and as the time on what to enter into a long conversation with his suffering. This odyssey «Rage» interfere be very small, two incidents. In 1-x, small scale of the personality of the Solanki, claimed that rage in the observations of the modern world is more reminiscent licking wounds. In the 2, leaving in the third person and the elapsed time, where would be the main action unfold. The reader never sees firsthand silly and shattering her brain ironic. We only know that her brain had such quality. Also, the reader will never see the twists and turns of the world Puppet Rulers. Rushdie brought their story only in sketches, with built it, by his own admission, on a mix of mythological motifs, from which, in general, did not win the story itself, or mythological motifs. So successful and profitable history of Puppet Rulers obviously not shine with originality and is a second-rate fantasy series with calculated not on the other as a calculator dramatic twists and turns. The rest of the «Rage» looks like a painstaking and very detailed retelling of the spiritual suffering middle-aged man. They are not as refined as it was in the «Invitation to a Beheading» Nabokov or «Steppenwolf» Hesse, and not so straightforward and naturalistic, as an ordinary physical pain. They possess a certain subtlety and complexity, not just allowing them to formalize, but probably correct at least one — with pinpoint accuracy they express the fate of modern educated Europeans. Sorry for just their image Rushdie stinted rage. It is foolish to even find it — it is not there. In the novel, there is no hard feelings jerky, no hassles and clicks, or impulsive actions, from which would freeze the blood. Rage is absorbed by the heavy straightening energy retelling. Which, however, is surprising — after all, it is believed that Rushdie himself experienced what he wrote.

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