Records Mansi metallurgists

Today, many specialists believe that metallurgy in the Urals, at that time, was developed much higher than when­measure» The neighboring Slavic tribes. This is easily explained. Where it is not in the region since time immemorial cultivating the manufacture of metals, where untold mineral wealth, many of which look out directly on the surface of the earth, where it is not there, and grow mighty metallurgy! Archaeologists found­hidden many places where melted and processed before our­Ki metal. One of these ancient villages is not­far from Yekaterinburg, on the mountain Petrograd (near the village Palkino). Here the ancient masters, as it turned out after races­the buttons, built a mining and metallurgical combine. In there were all the basic metallurgical production­STV: the mines, where he mined and copper, and iron ore (by the way, in copper was a large admixture of silver), Plasil­nye furnace and machining workshops.

And that’s what has amazed scientists in the analysis of findings: cagdas­the wizard could perfectly at the bottoms to separate from each other nonferrous metals. Melting furnaces under this special­but were built. Pods and forges them, for example, was not built out of clay, as at that time, usually in Russia, and from special material«ash mass» sort of specially manufactured­tulaema coating. Was it three quarters of ash, washed to remove the alkali, and one quarter of small dead-burned animal bones. Only one with­fatal part was clay to bind the masses. Was salesianos it all on the urine or «polypipe». Already not­directly before the melting process of the then masters of the oven sprinkled more and ceramic bone. So prepared pods allowed, absorbing the oxides of some metals, to leave on the surface of Rapla­VA other. Using this technology, it was divided CE­an edge from copper. (Note that the described method of production­of metals in the Urals was used until the thirteenth century. It is set correctly)

In the excavation of the cultural layer on mount Petrograd were identified not only the furnace impregnated with oxides times­personal metals, but also stored here and there a variety of goods­these articles of copper, silver, alloys of non-ferrous metals.

So the ancient Ural knew, and how to get the silver from the ore, and how to handle it, and what is its real price. And not one of any particular tribe so skillfully. Such discoveries are found throughout the Ural protogenos­ti on land Mansi, Bashkirs, residents of the Western slope.

The most ancient furnace at mount Petrograd and articles of metals date back to the second half of the 1st Millennium BC So that by the time the Persians metallurgists­ical production of the Ural was quite able to develop and OK­repot. Moreover, the survey findings here about­the production of iron was delivered really «on Shiro­forge leg». Obviously with «export» intentions. Archaeologists have found on the mountain eighteen melting furnaces. And what! For those times they were giants metallurgy to one hundred twenty­CATI inches in diameter, one and a half meters high, made of massive stone slabs standing on end. But, what is most striking, these furnaces were built with a very precise engineering calculations! The fact that ver­tire mount Petrograd dotted with numerous deep and narrow crevices. The furnace was put directly on them so as to use the natural education as a blower moves. Were conceived and management aims­ness and accuracy of air flow through the jet. Applied and hand air supply. For excavation glands­different bloom from the oven one wall after melting can be easily dismantled, because they were not built of slabs, and small­Shih boulders.

So the Urals have something to trade with southern and Western tribes, especially when you consider that, according to witness­the government this YEAR Strumilin, «the emergence in Russia of smelting iron ore in a special land furnaces Domnica, with hand-blown furs, archaeologists refer approximately to de­ninth century of the new era» (History of ferrous metallurgy in the USSR. M., 1954. So S 13).

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