Remember Ural artists and veterans

«Free Kick yourself no longer take it!»

— Do you remember your own first fight?

— It was in 1944, well into the army, in the penal battalion, I got 40 3rd. Was orphanage, hungry to live, not enough food, stole something from the Kazakhs, we lived in Kazakhstan, and — for the tribunal. At the trial, given 2 years, and I shouted: «To the front! On the front is «, and my wish was granted. Sent to the front towards the company.

Fight first, large, was out of town Bauzka. There was a reconnaissance in force on our part, we Germans broke through the defense and fired a number of «Katyusha», there came the advent of the main; I think we were thrown into battle to distract the Germans.

In that fight, I was wounded. In the infirmary he came. Was wounded in three places: in the head (a splinter stuck in the skull), in the arm and shoulder blade. A splinter in the blade I still sits. Did not remove, because it is very close to the heart.

Polotsk, in a monastery, was a hospital where I lay a certain number of days. Next sent me to step in Rostov-on-Don Lofty Yaroslavl region. I have not drawn for a long time then, for two months. Do not lift a finger. Touched a nerve in his right hand and the radial bone. A cured us perfectly. At first the same day in the hospital I kid, he was a Jew, brought sugar, I am for him in the train stood up in front of a bully when traveling to the front. The other guys also dragged food, they knew me. Even though I was injured, but had a good appetite!

And that shard sits on my shoulder blade, I only in 1950 on physical examination vyznat.

As I lay in the hospital, the surgeon promised me: «Soon you will go to liberate Riga!» But without me Riga released, did not have time! After the hospital, I got to the battalion recovering.

— I wish the tide to come back again. In the penal battalion you have a gun?

— Beautiful gun was karabinchik. This Mikhalkov in his own movie nonsense indicates that a fight with sticks go. I shot the rifle very decently. We were trained to shoot in Alma-Ata, a three-month military training were there. Later, in the 60s, I Chukotka excellent shot with karabinchik, hunted.

— And after recovering battalion?

— Back to the front — in the Baltic states. There was a city, it seems Miltau. I enrolled in the scouts. Why? We kid one, Gena nun in the hospital became friends — on the couch next to sleeping. Ate from the 1st pot. He — of the 52-th Guards Division of the regimental intelligence. I have him in the portion of the recorded. After being wounded me of penalty discharged. But even before the battle, the commander down the line I announced: «Free Kick itself can no longer be considered». Since I’m on patrol — even before the fight for Bauzku — scored. We were sitting with a kid-Kirghiz on patrol, expect change, she was about to come here already. And suddenly in the night sky, with the moon loomed two stealthy figures. We shot them. They were German spies. Pomegranates with wood handle sticking out from their boots.

In general, to the best us perfectly prepared, trained, given uniforms, even Finnish knives issued.

And at the same time collected in parts of the young soldier (three people) to be trained in military schools. Infantry, artillery and tank. I was taken to tank school, we Gena nuns decided to go tankers. He died at the end of the war.

And then we arrived at the second tank school in the city Vetluga Gorky region.

This Tale, these tankers! Who tankoshleme who tunic who what traveling by train past us form was not honored — we were standing at the station, watching. When passed through an old border with Latvia, the fire of the guns, volleys in honor Directions border firing from whatever is handy! All commandant at stations and stations in hiding, they were not visible, when the tankers through their land passed! That’s what they are, tankers, I had them then the first time I saw.

In April 1945, we, the students, were taken closer to the front, to the town Proskurov. And when Moscow was passed, and it was on May 9, there was a victory!

I regret that some places do not get not get there. If the war lasted another month, we used rapidly released lieutenants, and I would take Berlin!

Yes, and we still make war. We were brought to the Western Ukraine. And there Bandera. Clashes were. Almost in the balance of death was.

We were sent to school to produce firewood, beech, hornbeam. Two cars chopped firewood. We lived in a small house, 16 people cadets all had two machine. Gave us an old shinelki and two cars.

Firewood we have prepared. Have come to expect their car, the second car was supposed to arrive. We drove to the station firewood Deaf.

We had two, both unarmed. We went out on the bridge and suddenly litsezreem: on the other side of the river two carts, and their coming to us eight people; some of them in the form of a Russian lieutenant.

I went through fire and water by the time a second boy, younger, he did not realize what was happening. I say dump the shoulders overcoat and into the water jump to escape, if that.

Starley to us at and reads your documents. I sent him to hell. I have realized that it is Bandera.

And at this time due to the rotation seemed our car. They — hop on the trolley and rode away. Very quickly disappeared, not a living soul on the other side!

We used to change the car firewood in the village the inhabitants on the moonshine. So in that day drank. Not very, but Kripen’ka. And already go to the station and we met again this Starley. They’re walking everywhere — the owners feel … And we scored, covered in blood lay on the ground.

— You killed him?

— We Bandera this … rend. Corpse left. They did not spare our, massacred. Ruthless is a thing

Here’s another episode. Was a gang in the forest. Where our airplane flying, «Anna», was looking for, showed. A platoon of tanks and a company of cadets began to surround the forest. At one point a company braked, where the edge of the forest, the road and rye, a huge field. Two cadets went to recover and immediately ran into automatic. Destroyed them. We had four tanks, thirty-four, and the company of the students went to a chain. They pop up, 40 people, and their tanks under pressure. In captivity they did not take.

I served 5 years in Ukraine tanker. We sent in the autumn Chuguyiv. Monument to the painter IE Repin was standing there, I was pleased because I was listed as an artist. I then draws a lot of draws, I was taken to the army painter for yourself. Motto write, if you want, or, for example, a club issue. Believed all my artist. I and the army released a piece of …

— And in what year did you demobilized?

— In the fifties. I had 5 brothers. When he was still alive and father when I was a man, they all porazehalis. And older brother and I — we are from the same mother. In 1945, out of a tank school, I wrote a letter to his brother on the old one address, in Kazakhstan, in the village Stanichno. And he lived in a different place in the Tyumen region. But I received a reply, then worked as a post office, a brother spotted him and forwarded my letter.

And after demobilization I went to the town of Ishim. He lived with his brother and is drawn in the evening school. One teacher saw me, she liked my sketches. «Go to Sverdlovsk — states — there decent Alliance of Artists.» So I came here and.

Anyone here knew. Shooting angles. Sam-I — harmful, malicious per se, as in the photo. Driver job, tinker 1st control. Later in the drama theater decorator went. I was given a room on the theater.

After the Drama Theatre in the Palace of Culture Top-Isetsky plant I put two performances, sketches done, he played all the scenery.

Took me to the Alliance painters. It allowed me to travel a lot, my dream come true baby travel. I love the Russian North, Solovki, Arkhangelsk Oblast. Ural Mountains, Lake Baikal — is my theme. Went to art trip to Kamchatka, Chukotka. Chukotka led diary, published two years back the album in Chukotka.

— Why did you not war paint?

— And her draw something damned? I love the landscape, like the portraits of the relevant draw.

Interview by Svetlana ABAKUMOV

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