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    Soldiers of the city
search association «sable» tenth summer
Streak spend their holidays in the expeditions. These
boys and girls dig the ground for weeks on the ground
battles of World War II to find
remains Soviet soldiers and honor them
bury. And some, they return and the names,
striking in the history of human phrase «disappeared
conduct. «

The mystery of the Order of the «Red Star»

    In summer 2008, «Sobol» was
its 15th expedition seven tagilchan
went to the «Watch of Memory» in Stary Oskol
Belgorod region. Here the summer of 1942
out of the environment, two Soviet army, carrying
huge losses, and been here for 40 years, search engines
find hundreds of remains of our soldiers.

    The combined team of searchers
from Nizhny Tagil, Stary Oskol, Belgorod and
arranged their camp by the river Chufichki near
settlement Nizhnechufichevo. During
search works they have found the remains of 107
people and only five medallions. And yet — the Order
«Red Star».

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    Set the name of the owner
award was for search engines honor. And they
it worked! It was found that Order belonged
Nikolai Ivanovich Volsky, and he received it in
December 1941 because he was an Assistant
commissar of the 18th pogranpolka NKVD «adequately
met offensive invaders «
«Showed their skills, self-confidence, courage
and courage «, and under his leadership the district school
MHC «took up defensive and firmly repulsed attacks
invaders, causing great damage to the Nazis. «
By the way, in the registration card of Lieutenant Colonel
Volsky for 1946 year appear two orders
World War II, Order «Red Banner»
medal «For the Defense of Stalingrad», «For
Liberation of Warsaw «,» For the Capture of Berlin «,» For
Victory over Germany «, and the Order of the» Red Star «
listed as lost.

    How could a political worker
losing his first award? Do Search Engines
there were several versions. The most
plausible and patriotic became this:
Wolski, born in Astrakhan region, could
to drop Order, when hastily buried, leaving
environment, the bodies of three officers of his 63th
Infantry Division. Two of them — his countrymen. To
Fortunately, the names of all three of them were able to establish. It
Senior Political Stepan Ulyanov, Captain Michael
Grishenko and Lieutenant Vasily Stepanov. Daughter and
granddaughters Stepanova searchers could find in
a few days, and those putting all things, came to
ceremonial burial of the remains of their loved

    But the guys on this not
calmed down. Realizing that Nikolai Ivanovich
Volsky, 1902 year of birth, it is unlikely still alive,
they decided to look for his memories. Such
people had to write them! And then there is a chance
compute the names of fallen soldiers and others,
buried beneath the words «unknown.»

Missing in Action

    Search team working
across the country, and recently received tagilchane
information that their colleagues in the Leningrad
area on Nevsky patch found remains warrior and
medallion. On paper, it says: «Cain Boris
Nikolaevich, 1915 p., Nizhny Tagil, st. Lenin square.
18 Address family: Mr. Alapaevs.k str. Pushkin (15 or 16
— Inaudible — ed ed.), The father of Carpenters
Nikolai Vasilievich. «

    The men «Sable» found
that the Book of Remembrance of the Sverdlovsk region, Boris
Nikolaevich Cain unaccounted for.
They found out that in Alapayevsk lived and
mother of a soldier — Evgenia Petrovna Protopopov. But
this information will only confuse the issue. Why
father, mother and son have different surnames?

    Surprise was and
Museum staff stories Uralvagonzavod,
ascertained that Kaynov worked as a driver on their
venture with 30yanvarya on June 26, 1941. And
He lived on Lenin Street in the house 14, Apartment 18
but on the clapboard. The fact that the street is one Ilyich
time wore no middle name and surname of the leader
proletariat, hence the confusion.

    And now the task of the «Sable» —
find relatives Boris
Kaynova to tell them about the fate of this
human hand and a medallion that has
stored in Moscow.

The country needs to know the characters

    The men «Sable». Oh they always
write so without selecting someone separately. All types
Well done, thank you all. But today we want to
to break with tradition and call participants
Expedition name.

    This is the head
Unions Alexandra B. Vanyukov one
of the «elders» (8 years in the «Sable»), and now with the
Military Prosecutor’s Office Maxim Kryukov, an employee
patrol and inspection service of militia Vladimir
Kolpakov, a student of social and pedagogical
Catherine Academy Kharlamov and three «newcomers»
— Dmitry Atmathanov and students Cadet
school number 85 Vadim Arefiev and Athanasius

    Believe me, the work of the search engines
worth it to them noted the good word though
at least one local newspaper. They’re not for themselves
try to country. A trip was made possible
with the help of director of the nonprofit
partnership «Ural Union,» Assistant
State Duma deputy Yazeva,
Major-General A. Gorodnicheva, General
Director of PPI «Protection» NA Goncharova,
Director STK «Builder» SP Kislitsina
Director General NTIMT VL Rudenko.

    By the way, in November-December in
«Sable» is scheduled next expedition. On
This time, the Central Archives of the Ministry of
Defense. Upon request tagilchan searchers
will be looking for information about the fate of their loved ones,
missing and killed at the front
Great Patriotic War.


    References: Newspaper
"Tagilka" from 22.08.2008, №20 (45).

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