Slowing rotation of the Earth!

Slowing rotation of the Earth!

Scientists say they have found the slowing rotation of our planet, and predict that the Earth will stop spinning after three years! The slowdown will lead to an increase in days and can cause everything from disastrous floods, earthquakes, and mass starvation.

«This is certainly now the most serious and urgent problem facing humanity,» said geophysicist Joseph Jankowski, who first discovered this phenomenon.

Scientists have long believed that the Earth’s rotation is slowing down. It is believed that three billion years ago, the night lasted about 13 hours, and now one full rotation of the earth on its axis takes 23 hours, 56 minutes and 4.091 seconds.

The old theory holds that the effect was a gradual increase in the days and occurs at 0.002 seconds per century. But now, thanks to new improvements measurements, it was known that the changes in the rotation of the Earth has become even more dramatic than before.

«By the summer of 2011, in the day will be up to 38.6 hours,» — said Jankowski. And, according to his calculations, a full stop rotation of the Earth will be in the January 16, 2013. Incredibly, it will cause permanent day on one side of the globe, and of eternal night to the other!

«These people are not lucky enough to be on the dark side of the Earth. They will be in a dark, cold world of eternal darkness, «- said the expert.

«Almost all of the plants — which are dependent on photosynthesis — will die within a few weeks. Because of this will not be possible to agriculture and will be a terrible famine which it was not possible to test mankind. » But life will not be a picnic for those who are on the sunny side of the Earth, said the scientist.

«Imagine a spinning top slowly moving away from the momentum — until it stops it begins to wobble. The same will happen to our planet, causing the continental plates collide furiously. This will cause massive tidal waves and earthquakes, from which billions will die. Moreover, constant daylight disrupt normal life cycle of insects and birds. Snowball effect, a violation of the whole ecosystem, «- said the professor.

All this may lead to mass extinction until the food chain.

Some other scientists cautioned against panic, calling for calm, while this phenomenon should be «thoroughly investigated.» But Professor Jankowski insists: «Governments around the world need to start planning for this inevitable disaster right now!»

Source: Weekly World News


Here’s an interesting turn of events) However, what is important is not considered, even in theory, the reasons for this phenomenon. By the way, quite recently we had the news on similar subjects.

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