archaeological. Culture Bronze Age, named after the village. Tashkova II. Refers to the beginning. bronzes. in. the first third of the II millennium BC. takes compact ter. Lower Tobol region. Regular. memory. pos., located in the bass. pp. Claims, Tours, Iset, Uka tributaries. Tobol. There are three DOS. group memory .: Tyumen (Lake. Ipkul, Lake. Andreev, p. Duvan) tashkovskaya (pr. bank of the river. Iset) Zavodoukovskaya (p. yk).

TK developed as a result of interaction of cultures alien steppe us. and Zaur. Eneolithic (Lipchinsky, Andreev), but its genetic origins is not clearly traced. The most important factors to influence the shape of culture, were the transition to a settled way of life, the development of metal-working and by the house alive Islands.

According V.T.Kovalevoy, TK formed in doseyminsky period and is included in a single circle with memory. Sintashta and ranneabashevskoy cultures (see .: Sintashta, Abashevo culture). Settlement patterns and culture, developed a system of signs, based on a swarm are dualistic myths, have their origins in the Indo-Iranian environment.

Pos. TK unfortified, pl. 1000 m. m to 3500 m. m, including with a circular layout, home Sq. from 25 to 50 square meters. m, Log, slabouglublennye, odnoochazhnye, excl. c. home to the village. Tashkova II (three centers).

On the village. ordinary features is the wreckage of crucibles, metal objects, slagging vessels. Perfect stone tools on flakes and plates decorated solid bilateral retouch, including kosostruychatoy made metal tools (arrowheads, darts, hunting knives, scrapers, axes, chisels, Drawing knives, etc.). Dishes punt, with ornaments throughout ext. surface formed by the method of backing sticks, walking and protaschennoy comb, comb prints stamp impressions pit. On of certain vessels, especially tashkovskoy groups, neck little relief rolls.

X of a complex type, combining form with appropriating producing. Us. also engaged in woodworking, weaving (fishing nets), weaving (ceramic spindle whorls found for pulling threads from the vertical loom and stone knives for cutting the plants with a solid stem).

On ter. Tobol region TK there probably until Andronian memory.
Lit .: Kovalev VT Tashkovskaya culture of early Bronze Age Lower Tobol region // material culture of the ancient population of the Urals and Western Siberia. Sverdlovsk, 1988; MF Kosarev The Bronze Age Siberia and the Far East // The Bronze Age of the forest belt USSR: Archaeology of the USSR Moscow, 1987; Kovalev, VT, Ryzhkov OV The transition from the Chalcolithic to the Bronze Age in the forest Zauralie // Late Chalcolithic and Early Bronze Age culture forest belt European part of the USSR. Yoshkar-Ola, 1991.

Author: Kovalev, VT

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