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The Adventures of Princess Bulgakov

Early June ended with the movement of trains to Siberia: the Czechs captured Omsk and Chelyabinsk. In Perm, has accumulated 10 thousand passengers who wanted to east. Titled nobility and adventurers, lawyers with political ambitions and criminals with proletarian unsullied eyes, artists of the Mariinsky Theatre, officers and gesheftmahery. At night the streets were heard revolver shots, horse neighing and screaming «Help!». Cheremuhovo small color already fanned, lilac is just starting to inflate bunches of muscles.
Early summer in Perm no grass juice and fragrant floral scent in the nose Shiba sodden in the puddles of horse manure and rotting the land, with no flabby vegetable garden: the streets flowed Pogrebnoy spirit, lime, what is poisonous sharpens tightly knit with a century of urban waste ground. Going by past Siberian fur shop, Alina beheld fascinating man in the gray suit and hat myagenkoy; Bel’veders’ka posture immediately gives guards. Only managed to interested passers zashushukalis «Mikhail», «Grand Duke». And I have not made up sponge! In general, catch the eye of his brother ruler for every incident was currently no reason, since I poobnosilas significantly, making the hotel «Boyarsky Dvor» benevolence even perceived flirtations Kupchikov Tskvirashvili who traded silk fabrics. But tell him, sewing machines of the «Mont Plaisir» I’m not interested and looking for a place in the city council or in the zemstvo. That would be bad, and I would, for sure, to cope, though in Sventsiany Mary gymnasium, though remained in the first year of the 2nd year, but adoptive ancestors moved to Vilna personal gymnasium Grapevine, and I almost acclimated more fractions, but to come close was the Teuton. Georgians, in general, was not interested in me at all, but Misha Barandohin, which I saw at the police station, when there appeared to gain permanent residency, seemed very nice, also wore strapped to your belt naval dirk, mysteriously hinting at a probable romantic elapsed own carrier.
Hand feeding, cracked wrist — pointedly, for a kiss:
— Princess Bulgakov!
But the eyes of Perm inhabitants remained empty. Because:
— Princess Galitzine!
So the first time I had the Colonel Yegorov, when she came to him to stay on the ad. Colonel fun wrinkled his mustache and is rolling out a pale blue eyes. He smelled of Marsala. The apartment was on the second floor of a house on the street Kungurskaya, or rather, the house stood right on the steep bank of the Kama. After admiring the river in the window, I hastily unpacked their things, took «The Adventures of Princess Tarakanova» and lay down on the bed neraspravlennuyu. Tenknula guitar string, swung the bow on the neck:

Are beautiful, I love the passion
And French women will not yield.

Childhood was spent in Vilna. Neighbors were that Kuleshov I do not own daughter. Wicked servant I cut out a cilium, and I imagined how my mother if real — Princess and dad ordinary fighter. Their love has happened, and I became an unwanted fetus misalliance. Not the case, my real name sounds princely: Bulgakov. In general, not enough if I had have known the names of 2-officers, one Elisha, and other Saale. Because of the house escaped Kuleshov, took for himself nomme de guerre Elisha Saale. Naturally, it was better to determine in the cavalry, but I’m afraid of horses. Decided to become an infantryman, a maid and get «Egor».
Even fired from a machine gun system Maxima. However, not by Teutons, but only on the exercises. The Captain Infantry Regiment Akhtyrsky Michelle Erofeev razlyubeznaya showed how to put the sight on a thousand steps and turn the aiming ring when undershoot and flights. Surprisingly, I met Michel in Perm. Suddenly forced a burr baritonchik:
— And, my dear!
He gave me «Golubchik» called (and I him if in exasperation — «Staff»). Just the same as in Australia and find yourself there in the bush, in the middle of the natives and the kangaroo encounter high-school teacher with a sprinkle chalk patterned cuffs. But with the step knocked, the heel does not give way. With a cool look, eyebrow not sweep, passed by. Erofeev, of course, caught up, grabbed him by the elbow.
— No, really, you wait! — Painfully squeezed. — What are you talking about on every corner about komplot officer? What these officers contacted again, the princess as-you-there?
— As if you do not know that in Perm currently lives stately Prince, Michael Romanov. Well, here’s his officers and wish to steal. Since the Kuban and Don Cossacks already have Yekaterinodar former imperialist allies entrenched in Murmansk and Arkhangelsk, Samara has announced a «Komuch» and Lieutenant Colonel of the General Staff Kappel chernozem Jacobins in the Volga drowns. Bolsheviks autologous blood imperial banner on the issue of counter-revolution is not better.
Next to Michel marking another ofitserik, presses his elbows and chin braid with snacks and necks sticking out. Lieutenant-chik-check-cheschechka. Cute little face. From time to time he would forget grassirovat and embarrassment accepted fiercely bristling mustache non-existent and growl: «Tae-ex!»
Pulled elbow. Erofeev claimed surnames. Well, the names I grinned illegally. Erofeev began to scold. Between expletives as filling between layers of dough poured recognition that a group of dedicated fellow soldiers arrived in Perm, looking for a way to retained the loyalty oath armed compatriots, but was struck by the news of the finding here, near the front line, most of Misha Alexandrovich. And developed a disposition abduction. But! Neuzh else some monarchical enthusiasts parallel weave snares royalist komplota? He needs to know their names and addresses. That must! Asked Michel, and where is he going to take the kidnapped majestic Prince of corked Bolsheviks Perm? Stopped. There passed by the Chinese (and maybe Voguls, I do not understand), and I told him, I do not know why, winked, and he winked back, and came out very well. This is what you kitaёzoy with winks, barked Erofeev. And it’s not Chinese, I answer, and Siamese. Well, the captain of the third division of the collapsed stage began to shout that the difference does not see where the Chinese, who have a Siamese and a Persian occurred to anyone, and would have done, and I say that’s something we own up to the final Fri cooked the rest, have a connection with Buddhist abroad, and ruler of Siam, is willing to accept his Highness in their possession.
— So this is the lord of Siam by you at the moment ran, — laughs Erofeev. — Implements, I suppose, his Majesty kosoryloe at Haymarket local market porcelain nodding Confucius and Buryat opium.
I pretended as if mortally offended. Michelle ran track and midges, «our regiment disbanded as a whole folded Mother Russia!» Cute lieutenant, excites a bussenarovskimi fantasies, glowing eyes, rang nonexistent spurs. Danger! Feats! Grated service Erofeev barracks prudence lost in rhombic as drawing geometry textbook, the staff-captain’s head mixed improvisation, glued options. Launched dukatovsky butt hanging trajectory in the weeds. Ventured poostorozhnichat:
— A Ticket to looks?
Did you say to him that looks more in the cup with Marsala.
— So let Checa looks for you.
— What is it?
— Napleti them about komplot, about officers’ No, says — not the officers, and the capital has to know the hidden cell in Perm, ministers, graphs, here you yourself some princess
— Golitsyn.
— And well, and Golitsyn. Not only very vaguely hinted at the local revolutionary troglodytes on the forehead with two fingers barely put, they need to communicate clearly poke Proclaim higher nobility, families pozvonche, all sorts of passwords and secret signs invented. Realized? And distract attention from us. While they will catch the chamberlains, we Misha really stolen and hide some places here, well, where we find, as long as the right not to move close the way, where does he live?
— Who?
— Yes stately Prince.
Here, I laughed. Erofeev’s lobster red in the face. I made a gesture, how usually ask for a cigarette. Erofeev remembered and took out a cigarette case.
Most of the ordinary that I Misha Barandohinu Something caught me Misha? Erofeev, Barandohin, now here’s the majestic Prince with the same naming adventures in orbit was involved; I do not whether this marks my mysterious and until then the promised sign? .. Yes, I Barandohinu after the third glass of wine has announced that the hotel «Boyarsky Dvor» braked some princess, and, moreover, after a shaky marsala my tongue twisted: Golitsyn. And this is the secret of intrigue and counter-revolutionary. Not later than this week, particularly in Perm befall an outstanding event which will shift the axis of world history.
I immediately Barandohin fourth poured a glass of rose and setter in the rack.
— And I beheld it, — says. — It is an excellent man. Sublime soul, generous properties Nightingale flight (There are drank himself.)
And suddenly began to sob. Sobbing drunkenly, declared that salvation majestic Prince lusts side and strongly pospeshestvovat and thus wash away the sins of the Bolshevik serious.
— Dear Mish! (I did Mishem called to other Michel and Miho tell the difference.) — I do not want to needlessly sacrificed. There is still time to see reason. If you want, you can even have me arrested. Although all of the springs too wound up, and all the belts are brought to bear. I raise this city for the buck, even if I lie to the top events in the ravine with a bullet through his forehead. It’s fate, you know. Fatum names. I was born to administer world politics.
Instead of an answer Barandohin finished sobbing, took cloves mandolin and began to play «On the Hills of Manchuria», Italian silk vibrating strings.
In the night air rustled acacia, dropping yellow sweet sucking flowers. Under the Transfiguration spire sighed big bell. Silently, only lights blinking barges, ran Kama, stumbling on the island in front of the plant. Further and higher purple curtains tightly meshed and darkened to be fooled by the hopelessness of the Roma, but a glimpse of the east has found a hole, and it promised to stick his face wild Siberian sun.
By Motovilikha to «Rolls-Royce», expropriated from the majestic Prince Misha Alexandrovich drove General Eskin. Imperialist war hero looked straight ahead of him, and his face was expressionless. In an open car with Colonel were sitting four equally impenetrable Chinese rifle butts resting on the bottom, bayonets join.
Russian authorities Eskin did not trust him and also pinned their hopes. As such trust? Nicholas Afanasevich Irbitskaya its reserve battalions first meeting in May industrial idlers on the HSE-Mount dispersed, and in December of the same 1905 per day killed an armed rebellion by shooting barricades Tomilovskoy and anadromous gun factory.
In the opinion of the Bolshevik authorities, the general had to create an operational plan for the defense of Perm. And he could not tolerate this city. Then his father, merchant Athanasius Eskin, suddenly went crazy and for no to this, grabbed the dagger and began clumsily plasteel his wife, and later killed his sister, but kids — eight blown by wind blowing fright fledglings — huddled in a coal storage room, pinched ears to did not hear the screams kill the maid, and later collapsed in the kitchen pans and pots, and cook, contrived to jump back door, besides cabbage soup first scalding. Galloped police, doctors carried bleeding mom Alexander Venediktovna — brother and sister for the first time beheld as waves on the parquet strolls blood reddish ruffles with stringy fringe connected with stairs.
Soldiers irbittsy, proceeding to the icy barricades on Tomilovskoy street rhymes with preparing for the bloodletting, but when they saw that in the alleys accumulate horse Ingush, almost zabuntovali: like this, they — our cut will ?!
In the fifteenth year of the cruiser «Borodino» slipped from the slipway Admiralty plant and sloping like a troglodyte, chin hit the Neva grayish water. St. Pete everyday bad weather suddenly broke wide sunny feathers, illuminating thousandth of the mass and factory buildings rdyanym gold, and later the wave, are stained, and sold extensively reared Sink with Buckle. And sir, without turning on the imprinted photographers patriotic performance without removing gloves, pressed his hand — the one where the bone above the elbow shattered by shrapnel during the assault on the fort Frantseshek, and if a handshake Nicholas was not clear sluggish, perhaps, on the type of waves and the Reds pain fell to Colonel Eskin without emotion.
Future, whatever it may happened, I saw Nicholas Afanasievich only bloody. Because, whether chatting with the Bolsheviks provincial military commissariat, meeting with the white conspirators Permian underground or, ah well at the moment, driving under the shadow of the Chinese infantry stitching on the Grand Duke’s engine, every expression of his own face with General painstakingly erased.
Kama really wood some river, many wogs and chips, waterlogged osminozhistyh stumps circling in Weathertop from passing barges, slippery log crocodiles that lurk between the waves, only unblinking swirls exposing the surface. The boat pushed the heavy wood-feeding Kama brown water. The oars were sitting Barandohin and Andrei Markov, Gavril Myasnikov, removing boots, luxuriated in the bow, putting his hand in the running back working burunchiki.
— I was brought up in Dumas — read Myasnikov wandering eye on my knees silk upholstered in Georgian. — Have you read Dumas? I will give to you, by all means read. The time has come very French adventure. Plekhanov and Lenin it comes through between the lines.
If I could have guessed for me to grab a sun umbrella, proletarian musketeers.
— S’s! — Cried out in unison Barandohin and Markov, and the boat shoved another jerk to the right bank of the resort. In plaiting rang liqueurs and «heres» as uttered Markov, who smelt of undiluted alcohol.
— I’m over there — pointed to half a mile upstream, where podmytuyu shore tilts willow — roach last summer dragged, dragged, and later — PPases! — Sterlyadushka, like honey poured juice. Bona fide business word.
Poked in sand saves, jumped over the side. No one has thought to file a lady’s hand. Barandohin stretched tube rolled carpet, dirk stabbed him in the thigh.
— That there, to go through the pines — confidently offered Myasnikov. — Just look at his feet, there in the sand ditch longish, since the time when the factory test firing created. Uh, yes under our pines have some company goes.
I have a majestic prince learned from afar. With him was a shorty Secretary Johnson, a British citizen, someone else from the gang of lackeys and light-eyed hunk Znamerovsky, past blue coat. I beheld him on «Dreams of Love» together with the stately Prince. During the intermission, as usual, arranged long auction, at that time played a painting by local artist Zelenin «On the days of the sea.» It was then that Michelle took a moment to squeeze Erofeev Misha Alexandrovich, a way out of the position they are usually the bottom left box. He momentarily benevolence tilted his head to the wiggling whiskers captain. But here shrugged, not looking back, strode into the lobby. A handsome policeman, leaving behind him, blindly ran into Erofeev and almost stepped on his foot. Michelle, as usual, nalilsya crayfish red. My sarcastic inquiries answered trench nekomilfotnostyu.
My cavaliers conferred and, so as not to smuschyatsya neighborhood former noble, decided not to go into the woods, settled near the water. Markov cursing:
— It is well beyond, Romanov walks on complete freedom, the theater is walking on boat rides. Why did the revolution?
— From the CEC such installation, — sullenly pulled him Myasnikov. — There is another setting, then we’ll see.
— In jail it! — Markov snapped and kicked wet sand. — In the house of detention, and all there is to it. Let eats porridge convict, forget about fricassee and lodge the stalls.
Drank, got excited. Empty bottles left in the river and had a shooting competition. Barandohin always smeared, butchers, too often missed than stints, but Markov, squinted and bit his lip, the first bullet shot off the neck of the pre-war Czech Becherovka. Apparently, for the sake of laughter gave me a pistol handle forward. I pulled out of her bag Browning, it is very surprising and even startling. Laughed, put her gun back in her purse, so as not to give out their short-sightedness.

Since we Germans razuvazhim,
Lips they saber smazhem,
And sharpened bayonet
Nose William we utrem.
We’ll go to Prussia,
Get drunk tea in Strasbourg,
And for dinner, as one
All go to Berlin.

Gavril Myasnikov boasted that his service in the cupboard kept a sword engraved with «Daredevil Kozma Kryuchkov from the newspaper» New Age «and» Night time «.
Returning from a walk after midnight, I seemed to me, quietly slipped past the colonel’s door, through the crack under the yellowish light that leaks. A little washing up, took the blotter and nearly spilling, put it on the table inkwell. Correctly enough getting a pen in her tight neck, began to write a letter encrypted Erofeev.
At the top of Adam’s head painted.
«Dear sir! (Crossed out). Zugzwang struck! Kulevriny charged. Famous persons intend tomorrow to kidnap a famous face. His fate awaits the ace of clubs. Overlord is a bit of a fiver. Without wasting a minute, collect the deck dedicated jacks and hit the bank. «
We wish again to portray a skull with bones, but the handwriting I have had a great NIGHT MODE, place on a sheet of virtually no choice. Drew a grave with a small cross, a little to one side of blockages. Yes! Signature.
«V. OS AR BA. » Anagram had to squeeze the side of the fields.
Leaving a letter on the table, fell into bed and fell asleep, as expressed by my local friends, no back legs. Happy is laughing herself above him: midnight soiled secret message, as if it could immediately send somewhere.
Yes, but can you trust an e-mail? Perhaps, the boy with a note of this kind can not send. She went. Stupidly, I guess. Why carry a letter, if she can tell all. While there was suddenly became shameful that yesterday all the same bathing, though Kama water and dirty.
Erofeev lived in Razgulyai, surplus funds to hire a cab, I was not available. A metered time decreases with every step, with every jump through a bunch of horse manure. The House met an old woman, was able to explain to her who deliver a letter. And that response will be expected in the garden under the bird cherry. A minute from the house came a disgruntled staff-captain Harkany suddenly testy response squeal grandmother. Kartavykh cursing, Michelle jumped on the back porch, pushing my letter in pants pocket. Rotate eyes saw.
— Ah! Darling. Well, you may say, and a fool.
When he previously has permitted himself to such we parted. It can be seen, and he remembered that mad night in the dugout when he crashed head on Lieutenant Zaalova guitar, and I kept two, third otymal German Gothic dagger.
— Oh Wait. What the hell? You besides Brasov? What the hell, zugzwang and kulevriny and what famous person
Stopped short, serious.
— Really Misha Alexandrovich intend to do something?
Well, off wrongs girl’s honor is at stake the fate of the empire.
— That’s exactly — I say. — You yourself instructed me fooling check.
Nodded not very confident.
— Not more than yesterday I scouted that majestic prince willing to kidnap and Shmalnut somewhere quietly.
— Who? Agents of the king of Siam?
— Local Bolsheviks — explains patiently.
Michael shook his head, found in the pocket cigarette case, which can be seen left in the house.
— Why do I steal? — Was for something to shake out of the inside-pocket tobacco crumbs. — Guillotined would, uh, officially. The power of theirs that they want
— Officially it is impossible — to spell. — Plekhanov and Lenin fear. Because five policemen will wear a soldier’s uniform and 2-chaises will approach to the royal rooms with fake mandate.
— Oh!
— Will remove the prince, still have not decided where, shoot and bury. Trust, that suspicion will fall on the officer or komplot or the terrorist acts of unknown parts. Anarchists are something or, even better, the SRs. In their half of the Council of the Socialist-Revolutionaries, the bone in the throat. Well?
— What?
— Where are your loyal minions battalion? Lupi, drum, build, hay, straw, nightingale, nightingale, ptashechka
Turned out to have no Erofeeva no minions, not counting the second lieutenant-mordashechki. And weapons do not. And ran out of funds within, like yesterday, does not know how to pay the rent.
— The Captain! — I shout suddenly dry, woody tone. — Kindly buttoned. You have an hour. Tarantas. Gun. Means. Reach where you wish.
Nala-in, and left.
Step — and jumped penny of lean purse remaining time, she even tinkle not about what was on the overgrown grass razgulyayskoy trail. Another step — another penny. Is it conceivable to consider the remaining fines. Cabby is rapidly delivered to the police. The soldier at the door lulls trehlineyku and sniffles. Commissioner claimed. All times are gone, came the «There’s up to you some splendid lady.» Back: «I ask the office.»
For an office desk sorts of paper man with the face of eunuchs in crumpled shirt. Judging by the armchair air, non-smoker, but to let the digestive gases in the service not smuschyaetsya. Secretary, or what? Then where is the door to the office of the chief?
— I was Commissioner.
— I am the most — like offense. Let. Add to voice intonations Livonian:
— I Natalia Brasov wife entrusted to you Misha Romanov. Just arrived from Kiev. Request permission to meet with her husband. Somewhere to spend the time to take a walk.
Silence. Moved hard mental work. Commissioner Ivanchenko should begin to worry, to strengthen surveillance at the king rooms.
— Must for you to refuse.
— On what grounds?
— Michael Romanov enjoys freedom walks where wishes.
As we read as in the regiment, an artillery logic. With a huge spread. Lost fifty dollars, not counting the cost to the driver.
Znamerovskogo not home. To NEGOTIANT Tupitsyn not to reach. Alina met at his shop, square snow-white cloak, snow, both on the Shat-mountain, Caucasian fur hat almost hides puhloschekoy face Cherdynskii Kupchikov, spoiled cranberries, salmon feeding. Glas — expected falsetto:
— Lady! Are you going? «All of passionate bliss in her wonderfully much everything in it is intoxicating and burns like wine!»
Another dime rolled across the cobblestones of the mew. My list of Perm inhabitants admitted to an acquaintance with the stately prince, was exhausted. Clouds gathered. Browning stir in her reticule, as a trained mouse. Poured without counting last Groshik and mite. That midnight. The rooms of the window came the sound of a quiet guitar. Here ran lieutenant, all rashristanny. Almost crying. Vanities crumpled cardboard wad. This is my encrypted email! Stuffed in the pocket of his jacket.
Lieutenant, sobbing, said that after me to them in the KGB raided Razguliay. Erofeev 1st pushed and rushed through the fence, and those without, «Stop!» Descent of Vintar. Himself Pukhov (surname mordashechki was Pukhov) fright into the far corner of the room clogged and shouted: «Bomb! Currently throw a bomb! «And arrived to arrest porsknuli yard, lay down, and who hid behind an old bird cherry where I Erofeev, God rest his soul for two hours back the appointed rendezvous. Pukhov window, swoop through the garden, and there in the alley and then can not remember where and how. Still sobbing. Do not seem to realize that it was me his windy visit turned the security officers to Erofeev’s apartment.
Therefore, observed. Means yesterday’s half-drunk discussion about the kidnapping — primitive provocation, and I believed him.
But here the clatter. Move two chaise, tops drawn, so the rain was krapat.
— Lieutenant — I say. — Here they are robbers. In the doorway, quickly.
And she followed him — gallop!
Climbed five of them in the midst of a scoundrel Ivanchenko, the two do not know. Barandohina not. Four entered the rooms, butchers remained at the entrance. After some time at the top of the noise. Later the stairs noise. But no, the knocking and rotates the fuss back to the 3rd floor.
Speaking out of the gate. I press the Browning to the heart Myasnikov, so will not miss.
— Bonsuar Gavrila — blithely say. — So it’s time musketeer adventure. Do you manage to die for his own proletarian Cardinal?
Gabriel took a step back. I winked playfully began to unbutton hanging on a belt holster.
— Yeah! — She took a step back, yelled: — Bomb! Throw a bomb, Lieutenant!
Pukhov, as I expected, out of the gate and leaned out. Butchers stiffly ran toward the Kama. After a half-block horror was to let him go, but he just took a decent overclock at the Monastery of the corner vybrela mangy mongrel snow-white, happy and ran for Gavrila, set in the frenzied barking and seriously aiming to bite in the ankle.
Noise again began to descend the stairs. First, on the porch pushed plump Johnson. Later, holding the elbows brought Misha. Majestic prince frowned and hunched, seen it again tormented attack ulcer disease. Again, I slipped into a narrow doorway (second lieutenant was not there), stuck her nose only.
— Gabriel, an infection, runout, — muttered someone I do not know.
Steals seated on various Phaeton. Disguised as soldiers boarded the KGB for cabs, small procession started, the first crew here turned on Trade and began to move away in Motovilikhinskiye side. Second as something leaped skyward in the Siberian, horse had upsetting, pyatit and abuse turn out next to the first.

The night wind dispersed the rain clouds. I realized that much wet during his own dynastic adventures. Hand still clutching the gun, which I had never vouchsafed to shoot.
Colonel oblique light as before seeping out from under the door. Came the muffled kurlykane Egorov or hoarse throat rinse, or revel in their sweet provinces. Slept solidly, nothing in a dream not beheld.
Eleven o’clock came with ordinary Barandohin own basket. I poured his icy contempt.
— It’s all Myasnikov chairman Cheka told — was justified Mish, exposing the bottles on the table. — Want to get tacit approval. Yes, you, probably, and without it under surveillance has long walked.
Asked, why he did not show up on the kidnapping. Chickened out?
Barandohin was slowly unwrap a bundle of brown paper, spread the smell of ham. I desperately wanted to eat this ham directly from the paper without slicing. And to drink hard liquor.
— I’m not a coward, — said in the end. — Would a coward, at the moment would not come to you. But I was able to do? Shoot them all in the king’s room and shoot himself?
— Destroy it? — I asked.
Owner heroic Dirk knew nothing. He just kept saying that he had looked for a moment, he will certainly need to be at this point in the service, that’s just drink ryumashechku and go. For his bolbotney I have not heard the creaking steps. Imperious knock came on my door. Barandohin flinched clanged a glass neck.
Himself appeared stern chairman Cheka Malkov, Deputy Vorobtsov with him. I felt uneasy. Says he introduced the custom of mass executions to save bullets. In this last Sarapul sailor drowned hostages on barges. I sat on the bed and pulled the blanket to his chin.
— Take it, — said Malkov.
Misha insulting sigh-track drank their ryumashechku and replied
— Take yourself. I am powerless against it.
All the same, he was a darling. I even ended up on him to get angry. Jumped out of bed, ran to the water bottle on the table. Pretended as if I throw in a glass of some kind of pellet. Vorobtsov did not move, but his longish, like a primitive savage hand was in my face, kicked the glass out of hand when I started to swallow the «poison».
Colonel Egorov was sitting quietly in his own konurke mouse.
— What is it under your pillow? — Asked Malkov.
And it was another joke. Large bag with the inscription: «Mikhail Alexandrovich Romanov into their own hands, secretly, immediately,» at the corners, I even made wax seals, ottisnuv with pen paperweight sketch playing goat and dog. Malkov took the envelope.
— «Princess Galitzine,» — read the name «otpravitelnitsy.» And Vorobtsova: — Gregory, the findings.
Dirk, who Barandohin began to cut ham, lay on the table. I grabbed a cutlass, put the tip of the breast. Only managed to significantly spoil the jacket, hand Vorobtsova again nesusvetno stretched and grabbed the blade.
The street was expecting a hired coachman. Chuckling, but holding guns in his hands, the chairman of Cheka and his deputy sat me in the cab.
— In what hotel braked Princess Galitzine? — Asked Malkov. I said nothing. Then he made a detour to the driver to start all city hotels, starting with the coming.
Were off.
I have little understanding of where and why we are going, well if that security officers who arrested me always pohihikivayut, and what happened to me will eventually be able to do for not too innocent jokes in the spirit Salgari. Boys whistled, hissed geese. Left leaning steel Vorobtsov shoulder, right shoulder belt buckle pricked Malkov. I suddenly remembered that I had with the previous night in the pocket of his jacket is crumpled letter to the «Staff». There was no conviction that the Cheka usvoyut facetious temper «cipher.» From the letter should get rid of. Reached for the pocket, and here clasp did not prick me. Malkov in an instant jumped out of the cab and ran down the sidewalk now, zealously overtaking horse. Vorobtsov turned bolder, he just jumped on the bandwagon and pritisnul gun to my temple.
I convulsively chewed cardboard wad.
— Do not have to go anywhere — announced. — I will make a confession. I Princess Galitzine.
Malkov winced.
— Whoa-oo. Turn around time in the Cheka.
Jumped back into the cab. Again, going, rocking on its springs, again stitching fityulka tormented the right side, and the severity of burning feet vorobtsovskogo leans left.
Do Malkov’s office stuffed mallard on the table. Remingtonistka blowing into a glass of hot tea inhumane. From the hallway fly hubbub and drafts. Put me in a corner behind the screen. With a minute studied painting, the Portuguese in dark pants sag under escort hard flegmantichnyh Japanese string go along blossoming sakura, tricky peeking around that would steal, and that destroying the holy land of Esso. Later started one start participants in the abduction majestic prince.
«You! Shoot! Where? With who? «
Not very frightened. Otrugivayutsya grumpy. Hardly another villain howl indignantly: «And you do not seem to know!» Immediately handle revolver has a table top, and mallard, must be senile drops down.
The main question is: where Misha? Respond differently, confused.
— Fuck knows where. I was not there. We did not touch him. Come, and it is not.
— Bloody banner accursed tsarist and blood descendant of the Romanov himself threw in a factory in the bucket of boiling steel!
— By Solikamsk path reached approximately Nobel oil depots, and there on the right woods, you know? We command, «Come out!» They rushed in both legs, a Briton and Bear. Well, I say, pray
— Myasnikov has escaped from the room! In Markov revolver misfire jammed. Misha I killed. Kolpashchikov lies that for Johnson pursued. Johnson, too, I shot.
There were five of them, but here, I hear, and the second as a penalty for plaiting helpful, and the seventh character in the regicide climbs.
Droops started after the requirements:
— Show me where buried.
There SNM On Motovilikhinsky ancient cemetery. Lime on the mountain, and it is quite the Siberian highway. Not buried, just threw branches. Comrade Malkov should not hesitate, that’s reliable evidence, personally took off the dead hand of the British Secretary. (Stuck his nose out from behind the screen. Stamp shows silver watch in the form of an egg poludolki.) A certain settlers presses, pokes gold «hexagonal», a very clear move (as if he had the time to verify that), another gold ring, gave Swat. Well, a coat, a pair of boots.
Drove the latter. Called me from behind the screen.
— All are lying bastards — complained. Asked, do not want to have some tea.
— What do you have to tell myself on this issue?
— Yes, that’s — I say — obmishulilis your falcons. Do not look for you now his royal highness Prince stately Misha Alexandrovich. He tucked me firmly and is under the patronage of the King of Siam.
Laughed as if he showed Fair focus.
— Something you are very stale vodka carries — his laughter is not supported. — I think your daredevils breathe. Would you care to ask the owners of the Permian drinking establishments that they have to tell on this issue?
Malkov laughed. A Hope Nikodimovna my parable to believe. When on the boards inside the barracks ice freezes on three fingers and under the bunks frost faith as on a Christmas card, I have this story Nikodimovna Catherine said she remembered perfectly majestic prince, he sent her a bouquet after the premiere of «Eros». To believe me, as if Misha was saved back when breaks the sacred hour, and everything is done as before. And as for questioning in the Cheka, I did not read it unnecessary. Malkov called guard.
— Take That — darkened eyes. Simply: «Take.»
Come on. Do not feel my legs. Eyes painfully dark at the leader of the provincial security officers. Breathed deeply, but quietly and ran. Behind the back gate clanged. Knocked. Leg of shoes unscrew, I fell. On the cobblestones hurt. I lie, I do not understand, I shot a target. Dragged by the hair. Raised the jump. Turned out to be only a foot podvyvihnuta. Limp on, one foot barefoot. In solitary confinement tore his jacket, knit knots, stuck his head in the noose. Already quietly so quietly flowed lullaby that my real mother is probably singing to me, adjusting his blanket. But no. Creaked shut off the iron. Below the knees grabbed, pushed upwards. My knife cut the rope. Cheeks nahlestali, forced to drink a full glass of water. Wagged his finger with a rope clipped claimed.
Or NIGHT MODE, or hour of the morning I heard a familiar voice: Barandohin. Where it has become of romanticism! Scandal breaks me: «Personally, this hand! ..» He replied: «The document show!» — Fearless voice of old regime, so rounded spelled owners grizzled beard puchochkom on professorial chin.
Dr. humming, tapping, puts a bone whistle, delayed the lower eyelid.
— Oh, girl, you’re a girl what to do with you? Let’s write-ka «Maid Bulgakov-Kulesh intellectually retarded due to of early onset of sexual activity. Accountable for their actions can not bear, effectual limited «, you see, and utseleesh with such a diagnosis.
Barandohin angry, yelling about appeasement. Dr. innocently raised an eyebrow, «You do not, get it?» — And the owner of a naval dirk, dirty cursing, lost forever in the prison corridors.
Got a lot to shoot. Not only the former is noble, and the maids, had the misfortune to serve in the Royal Room, and the old woman found that milk Misha Alexandrovich sold. After drinking the first blood, have become insatiable. Executed bishop Andronicus, rumored to Diocletian ruthlessness.
Evening and came to the house on Kungurskaya, Found out where I rented a room. One, wearing a cap with a broken visor, lazy butt banged on the door.
— Uh, yeah not so much.
Another, in sturdy boots, raised vintar, slammed with the butt of a blunder. In brownies inwards, shaking his shelves, ran the echo. On the second floor there was a crack flying casements. Policeman gasped, raising his revolver:
— Look at the top!
In the black window appeared Colonel Egorov and threw the bomb. Jumped from the window sill to the fire escape, I almost broke, overweight. Was able to grab a metal bar with one hand, in the other a gun. Even fired. Later rattled roofing iron. Nedalny from home, from the window, and maybe out of the bushes in the adjacent yard too, someone fired at the policemen, the officer found a well-wisher, or high-school student with any komplotom not connected, use the chance to shoot for the company in the Bolshevik channels.
— Uh, someone destroyed, answer! — The voice of the owner filed a stunned sturdy boots after the roof fell silent rumble. And already peacefully sigh, stretching his legs and tugging at his jacket, complained:
— The enemies are everywhere. Mom ichi, where will no harkni.
Was right. The December morning when still dark, overgrown eniseytsy in frost sheepskin hats, with an icy crust on bashlyk and straps fell a steep right bank Egoshihinsk log on to hit him point-blank range, the tube on the canister, and that ended in a desperate used in Barreling frost but with a side wind nasvistom, ski throw 35 miles — but the head of the Artillery Brigade passed Belyakov all 26 guns, standing on the left slope. Officers, gymnasium, just rejoicing citizens vied pointed Siberians, behind which lurked reddish houses, well, not quite organized Bolshevik firing in the back have been many. Urban matrons inciting Receding Red Army on its own yard kabyzdohov. Seven officers joined the Liberation Army, but one infantry regiment, but by the full regular cavalry defected to the side of the white. Nicholas himself Afanasevich, villa speed reaching a staff car from Perm Perm I to II, came out of the car and in the muddle New Year’s frosty cod, panic, mat, crumbly shooting and Chinese, three colors, doomed yelps, humming under his breath, «You recall, arrows, early November, when we fought with the Germans, took the city by storm, «safely evaporated. When the last Chinese left the station and keep Kama bridge, which under the pressure pepelyaevtsev rolled to the right saves scraps of the 29th Division the Reds were one and all perekoloty Eskin materialized in the house of his own younger brother, doctor Dmitry where, in spite of the samovar its brazen face, sang the satisfaction «Rasproklyataya plain under Soldau-town …»
But it will be in December.

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