The ridge Chistop. (First option)

The length of the walking paths 58 km.
The duration of 18-20 days.

Ivdel town village. Ushmaev. 115 km.

Starting point is the northernmost city in the Sverdlovsk region Ivdel (4 km from the railway station of the same name it). The city in two shares river Weeks, originating from the master of the Ural mountain range. In the translation from the Tatar Ivdel clear water. On the right bank is cedar park recreation favorite place of citizens. The museum of history can learn about the history of the city and learn about the natural resources of the area.

From Ivdel to the village Vijay (90 km) Regular buses. From the station Midnight (north Ivdel 18 km) can also go to the village of Vijay. To the village of Vizhaya Ushmaev (25 km) to reach by passing cars. Village stands at the mouth of the river Ushmy, which flows here Lozvy. In the village there are shops, a bakery. Gather everything you need on the road to the village for Wells (on Vishera) shops in the villages will not.

pos. Ushmaev pass Chistop r.VIShERA. 58 km.

In Ushme will question the way to the side of the ridge Chisgop, from the settlement out west pas throne to the wetlands along the river Ushmy. Go hard, as the trail littered with windbreak. In order not to lose the trail, guided by the northern spur ridge Chisgop which is visible na south. After 6 km trail crosses the meridian clearing, after it starts to wind through the woods and finally come to a rocky ridge placer,

Ferried across the river Large Tosem-I (inflow Ushmy) and climb the trail to the Ridge, until you see the descent to the river Choporov-I (also a tributary Ushmy). The trail winds along the right bank, crosses two tributaries Choporov-I and goes to the rocks wooded mountains PACC who cover the trail from the north.

In the south-east ridge seen Chistop. River Valley in sgsienno narrowed. Overcoming small pass, go down to the numerous tributaries of the river Malaya Toshemka.

The trail goes to the meridian clearing n stretches it to the south. Here you can break camp and after&# 8217; stay off the main summit ridge Chistop (altitude 1292 m). Stock up on warm clothing and food as well as 10 kilometers (round trip) will take the whole day.

Take the direction of a pointed top. Recovery will be steep and difficult. Just before the top of the cliffs are piled, which is better to get around from the north. From the top you will see the distance traveled, towns Ushmaev and Vijay. In the south is clearly visible hill Razorbacks Chistop and away over the forest horizon rises Denezhkin stone. K. west from the top of your lies further path. There, beyond the Urals poyasovym flows Visscher.

Back at the camp, continue path the trail. From the glade she turns na west waterlogged mountain taiga, often winds, crossing numerous forest streams. Before the rise in the Pass, divides Europe and Asia meet another meridian clearing. Notice it’s not just because it is overgrown with deciduous trees. Ascent to Pass not difficult, its height a little more than 900 meters. Coming in from the ridge due west 5 more miles, get down to Vishera (from the pass it is not visible). Near the river get a welcoming clearing and settle in for Recreation. Anyone can go out of the camp to the very origins Vishery. For this campaign, you should bring food for 2 3 days.


Rafting begins at 7 8 or 15 miles below camp (depending on the water level).


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