The young man mad


Accompany Lisa Guriev came all the family: father, mother, brother Andrew and his wife and 3-year Lyonka.
In a single cabin of the second class at first all were silent, depressed luxury, magnificence and purity steamship situation mirrors in the entire wall, reddish wood, plush on the couch and blinds zheltenky planochek.
My father looked at, touched, experienced the strength; checked cranes: cool poshipel cleared water, hot paused and gave nothing; raised the blinds and saw the shattered latches keep bad frame. Pulled out his pocket knife and began unscrewing the screws.
No one is no longer dissuade Lisa from this trip and not because of its hardness assured all the futility of persuasion, as well as everyone realized that no, it can not go. And if you do not go, it will go against their own conscience. Lisa beheld that all vsekrete approve her decision, though, and they say this.
One only Lydia, the wife of his brother, begin to plump beauty, still could not justify Lisa. And although she, too, like everyone else, knew that she did not keep Lisa, still does not tire of repeating that no tough love there can not be, as both Lisa and her Igor this still very young, almost kids. And she pressed on this event, as if love — a lot of advantage and old, who are experienced.
Lisa Distorted his strong tanned shoulders:
— Lidka, it’s funny!
— Just wait, not to be laughing …
— This is where else?
— With your temper long.
— You’re talking about?
-A Kids! — With a brutal directness and coupled with the fact with undisguised tenderness in his voice exclaimed Lydia.
— And immediately! — Do not hesitate, Lisa said.
— And how are you meant to? — Lydia attaches great snow-white hand to his own belly and smiled triumphantly: here beats and live the very proof against which Lisa did really will not be able to make an objection. — Here’s the second! A married, you know yourself, the fourth just godok.
— So what? — Lisa smiled and saw that, too, and Andrew grinned.
— 2nd! — Confirmed it with a boyish bravado, obviously not wanting to slay his sister and will support her and even knock out for some mischief.
Lisa so it and realized. She rested her head on the soft shoulder and Lydia said:
— Well, all the same, you and me to nurse help.
— Well, that’s a dream! I do not own enough.
— Can you help, -uzhe openly laughed Lisa — you Lidka, we have the most good.
Father finished his work at the window. A couple of times he raised and lowered the blinds to show everyone that latches operate properly.
— Now for you will go perfectly, Lizaveta, quiet.
— Thank you — Lisa replied, still laughing, I pressed against the warm Lidino side — and I, folder, do not worry.
— Properly said. But others of you concern.
Stop laughing, Lisa moved away from Lydia and straightened. Another concern. Is she to blame that these «others» tried to separate her from Igor? But looking at her father, she saw in his eyes of that merry mettle, which differ Vse Guriev, and realized that he is not very concerned about her departure. And Lisa has also erupted in the sight of the dashing lights.
— Well, that still, — she said.
Father,  lapping rigor — played out like the wrong time — coughed into his hand.
— Here is the newspaper for you, read about Sosnogorsk. An old chief fired Bakshina. Now Emelyanov around construction chief
Not understanding what does this event has to her trip, Lisa still picked up the paper, put it on the couch beside him and here forgot about it.
Clinging to Lydia, she overlooked the laughing eyes of all, do not hesitate any minute that they are all great and good and no evil lust to her, but only good and that they only vibrate, does Lisa herself, that it is good, and that is evil. And most of Lisa in this respect there was no doubt: that is fine — good, bad — evil.
In the window sits a mother, holding Lyonka, so it does not fall off the table.
— Guriev — indomitable tribe — she said — and you Lidushka, late to dissuade some from their. Youth is not a sin. Slade would have them all there in the good.
Stroking Lisa’s strong shoulders great good hand, Lydia sighed:
— I’m afraid for Liza: she painfully we primanchivaya
Mom reassured:
— She and lure it and place indicate where someone standing up beside her or distance.
And Lisa thought, would quickly run out of these discussions too, and was glad when he heard the second beep, followed by mourners hastily climbed out of the marina. Now it remains only to stand on the deck, waving his hand until a marina not be postponed so that those people will become indistinguishable.
But first had to go down and there, the most similar, again hastily to kiss everyone. Not particularly, it is nice when you are pushing on all sides, but for some reason it is considered that this should be, and if necessary, then here’s nothing to be done about it in the family tradition Guriev observed strictly. Farewell is a farewell; all to tears with all this and Lisa, wiping her cheeks with his own and others classic tears just ran up to the upper deck.


On the shore of a brass band. Blazing pipe generously scattered echoing blinding glare. Accompanied by construction Sosnovye Mountains small group of women. The maids were very young, must have nedavneshnie schoolgirl. Musicians, boys, students, too, carefully blown bodren’kiye melodies, making everyone who was leaving and who saw off was a solemn high spirits, and the smiles and tears of farewell was greater than ever.
Mourners were very many, they are dense mass stood on the deck and balcony as two colorful layers: the landing stage was like a big cake. Lisa and thought, and smiled at the thought, she waved her hands hard. Mom something screamed, leaning over the railing, lattice, it must have been a most important advice, but because all the mourners chanted and passengers too each his own and probably most importantly, the Lisa could not make out. But she still agreeing nodded and smiled.
In short, it was because it is necessary in such a joyful sunny day.
Steamboat gratifying and powerful roared into the clear blue sky and drowning his perekatistoe echo, even briefly barked three times and later began to hiss and from below, from the water’s edge, to produce white clouds of steam. Moustached, old sailor, pushing the mourners, with a roar jerked gangway. The captain, too, with a mustache, but the young, one-track up the steps, padded on the sides, as well as all the steps on the boat, to a high gloss polished copper strips. The captain was dazzling. Buttons on his snow-white tunic at the moment then started to scatter around the dazzling fireworks star. And in fact, as he climbed the stairs, like standing on the bridge, and all his movements were noticeable, it is insignificant, but with dignity and flirted and flaunted his brilliant views, and dark mustache, and youth, and the consciousness of their own power. He took a blinding as a ray of sunshine, shout and spread a mustache.
— Watch. In places to stand! — To distribute his team.
Everything went as it should in the administration of the ship on a long voyage, and, as expected, there was even one late. It would be sure to — late passenger. He also needed a third horn, waving his hand as a farewell. From time to time this softy, often sufficed surpluses have lunch counter in the circle of friends of the mourners, and even more often daring head that bravado waits for the last moment.
Such will not mindlessly rush to the landing-stage, he immediately busily pushing the mourners, directed specifically toward the stern. Under amicable cries surrounding it slowly climbs over the railing and at the moment when the ship, popping Bypassed by Krantz pier quite ready to sail, peremahival on deck.
So at the moment, a little steamer, foaming water, started to fall off the nose on landing stage ran late. It was a big, strong young man and immediately you can see that he is not very horrified. In one hand he carried a suitcase in the other a large bouquet of colorful flowers. Behind him hung a shotgun in a greenish tarpaulin cover. Knocking boots languid, he flew on landing-stage, destroying all in its path.
Own bag, he threw himself on a ship and climbed over the railing quickly, but do not panic. He jumped into the moment between the steamer pier and began to develop the abyss into which bubbled and foamed naizloveschaya brown water. Only here everyone breathed a sigh of relief, since no one was expecting such a massive young man would so agile and strong.
And Lisa sighed, too, but, in truth, an act of this great guy she even liked, and she decided to vsekrete ever get the same experience on a ship in such an extraordinary manner.
Steamboat went into the middle of the river, headed north and farewell boomed. Captain generously throwing dazzling rabbits, down from the bridge and disappeared into his own cabin.
Lisa waved her hand again. Everything farewell ritual is over. She had done all that is necessary, and has earned the right to stay with myself and obmyslit everything she did. Always, until she was about and justify his relatives that she should go, as long as they have all learned that it still leaves, it is not left alone. And family and friends, and even bosses — all tried to persuade her not to do something stupid, «Well, what is it? He, if you like, he will arrive, here uzreesh «And every added:» So I would in your place, «and is sure to give any proven by experience advice.
Tips almost all were excellent, comfortable, but, that they follow, it is necessary only to do nothing, to rely on fate to chance. Either the one or the other Lisa pinned its hopes. She pinned its hopes on the only act and, thus, immediate. She still did not know, she did well or not, and going obmozgovat this issue, it remains alone.
It is a turn to go into the cabin, and came across the very powerful figure, late, romping. Pushing back his cap, he was not completely unblemished handkerchief wiped his burning, shiny face. His eyes glistened and sparkled too swashbuckling sparks. Very tattered bouquet he held in his own fist tremendously carefully as caught bird.
Bit husky tenor boy reported:
— Because of this, it was not a bit behind. This bouquet.
Lisa was confused — a sudden obstacle on its path to loneliness, shrugged
— And for what?
— Like what? Florets.
He opened his hand. Bouquet lying in it, as on a platter. He handed it to Lisa.
— Me?
— Take. For you.
— But how is it?
— And for dating.
— Here’s another! ..
— Well, take it, you tried.
— I did not ask.
He smiled.
— And I have no requests. I saw you on the deck with a good mood, thought about it: that’s what it cost krasivenko, of course, I’m sorry, what is a lone. And here on the banks of parasites bouquets are trading and cucumbers. Yet returned, but found what you prettier
Lisa laughed — a man, you see, ordinary, simple-minded — and took the bouquet:
— It is possible to think as if you are his otymali, and yes they fought.
— In practice it was.
— You are a hunter?
— You guessed it — the young man laughed, clutching the hand of lysine. Lisa has been outright laugh and pulled her hand away.
— What’s it for? ..
— So, I mean, for dating. My name is Peter. Peter means. I am joyful person. What would you like, I will do.
— All do?
— All. Let’s orders!
— Keep your bouquet. That’s how you go. And to me no longer bother


The cabin was stuffy and gloomy. Lisa rolled down the window and raised the blinds. Deliquescent glare reflected rough water coming through the oblique slit and ran down the snow-white ceiling light streaming rings. Glare flew over his head like a vague thoughts and hopes, but they sought in a certain direction, and it has been excellent: nothing implicit, indefinite Lisa could not stand.
Came the conductor, a middle-aged and ugly, brought the bed and went out, looked accusingly at Lisa, a young and beautiful.
Such wanton condemnation angered Lisa, she raised her chin defiantly and opened the newspaper, which had left her father. There’s something about Sosnogorsk. Yeah, that’s «a lot of talk about the Pine Hills.» Sitting down to the window, Lisa began to read: «Sosnogorskiy plant — one of the most important buildings seven-year period.» Well, it is already clear: Lisa did not just read even with Igor. Plant will recycle anything that gives taiga, from the stump to the last conifer needles also understandable.
Then there were detailed descriptions of all sorts of errors and failures. Lisa tried to think about it in detail, to find out who and what povinet, but soon realized it was too much for her. She wanted to postpone the newspaper, but here he met an acquaintance Bakshin. It is recommended to read about him father.
Here she found a lot of exciting. Revelries! That’s the right word. And how could endure it? Lisa read: «Bakshin being administered the construction of the plant, almost became the head of the entire neighborhood. Logging enterprises that supplied the wood construction, fully complied harsh «owner» who, with the support from the top, commanded them, as desired, without regard for anyone. He is not having any rights, deposed in Lespromkhozes objectionable to him to appoint their own people and pets. So he proclaimed illiterate chief Brigadier Aliyev lesouchastka and plant, which supplies construction lumber. Because of the inability to manage such a huge deal, Aliyev did not provide shuttle bus raw materials to the sawmill. A  so  do not stop   plant   started   cut down the surrounding protective strip along the river Vesnyana. It is not the first year the river has tightened sand, there appeared to shoals and rapids.
Bakshin not prevent predatory cutting. It read: «I was so wood, and where did you get you cut, I do not care.» And Aliyev tried to please «owner», for which he was known as an experienced activity of the head and received a gift from Bakshina house. Such houses which people nicknamed «Bakshinsky mansions» Bakshin prized  all own «favorites».
After reading all this, Lisa fiercely hated Bakshina and testing obscure satisfaction, found that he was removed from his job and recorded reprimand. Not enough. He ruined everything here, but he’s only a reprimand. But soon she calmed down: the new chief appointed Emelyanov, professional and energetic builder Sosnogorsk town. This she read with special pleasure as Igor worked specifically on the construction of the town, at Emelyanov, read three times, worrying, as if reading about himself, Igor.
Taking off her dress, Lisa washed from the waist up, and embarrassed his own nakedness, inhuman reflected mirror, quickly slipped into bed.
Lying under the sheet, excited his first independent trip, she tried to imagine for himself his meeting with Igor. Oh, how is he to come across it? The neck, of course, does not and will throw no gentle words  not whisper. This, Elizabeth V., do not wait. Themselves to blame. All this for you will have to suffer, to earn, to achieve. He thrust, Igor something assertive, nepokorlivy. And the indomitable, Guriev match for. And he hurt hurt.
Only the latter case could force Lisa to offend  someone. Oh, how she later despised myself for it! There were, of course, exceptions, as not to offend the person was really quite unrealistic. Need to offend — well,  such a person. And then he ceased to exist for her to delete from the list of living forever, maybe forever.
And Igor, unless such? What he was surprised face when they suddenly kissed them both for the first time under the poplars in Komsomolsk park. Night, the stars and the broken voice of experiences:                                                
— You know what. I’m here in good faith the word, still do not like you. Very much I need it? Let’s get married just for us that they did not stick.
«They» — is her family, and, most importantly, his mother. As they tried to push them away from each other. His mother Lisa said: «I know you will spoil his life, the boy my! ..» She even before Lisa got up on his knees — a thick, pink lady business. As she begged Lisa to abandon Igor. And was terribly sick. But it is not Lisa endured and honestly laid all she thinks about it. That this was the case when the person you asked for in the offense, and Lisa had insulted her. And Igor stood under the window and heard it all, and did not enter, and do not say a word. Lisa thought it was a betrayal. Igor did not exist for her. Sissy. Correctly, then he worked in the printing and there appreciated as a good technician, but still, in his personal life he devoted son. And he’s been 20 2nd year.
That night, Lisa thought that she, the first to know and love has survived the first treason, outright old. And she thought that everything that happened to her so hard, it’s hard to find a way out and a completely unrealistic forgive Igor. He’s just not worthy to be no forgiveness.
And he did not think about forgiveness. He is not such. He overcame his love for my mother, and even his first love. He broke. All that kept him bound and build a life because he wanted to. He went to a distant city taiga and came to say goodbye to her. Maybe he wanted to call her with him? Everything came out stupid. She was unaware of his intention not even have wished to speak.
Lisa smiled, looking at the solar ring, floating on the snow-white ceiling, as if all that she has to suffer to deserve love Igor, and have the basic satisfaction, what she expects from life. And if he will not forgive? Her thin body natuzhilos as at that moment, when he said goodbye to her, and she did not believe and did not turn around. And it seemed to her that she and currently hears his dreary whisper: «Oh, Lisa!» And it seemed to her so clearly that she was clutching her hands, said loudly:
— Igor, please forgive me
Suddenly burst into tears and just as suddenly fall asleep. She just woke up in the evening, when the floodgates were passed, and the ship was at sea, in which swam the evening glow.


Steamer, which drove Lisa, was an old wheel, with wide decks and bolshennymi comfortable cabins. It’s all skrepel on the go, this veteran, but still vigorous and bassist shouted counter Boat and raft to give way. He walked up to Pine Mountain. Then begins the shallow water, where ships could leak only the highest vernal water.
Evening glow selflessly bathed in the river. In general, at this point the river was called the sea. «The sea, — thoughts Lisa — a reddish sea!» She had never seen a real sea. But of the books know that the sea can be limitless, and rapid, even if it is quiet, it is still a lot of threats and mysteries. Nothing per se was not here, no mysteries, no threats. Ship went along the left bank, and the right shows the distance. He was coming, then moved away. It was the river. Large nice hard-working river, sea betrothed, for sure, just for the fact that it invested so much human labor as you can to the true sea.
Passengers settled on the white sofas, and in an old wicker chair looking like burns day. Maidens, which accompanied with an orchestra, are sitting at the bow on the lower deck. So the whole class and are sitting.
Bollard on the side perched at the very young man with a guitar. His true figure is drawn on the background of running water evening. And his posture and his movements are filled with indulgent, lazy contempt. But he’s a musician, to stretch it looks and soul; it all is forgiven. Carelessly he spends his fingers on the strings, but even at this point there is: if it will unfold in full force, the range of only gasp.
And flowed melody simple, well-known songs. In another time and another place no one she would not hurt — so sing it, began to play, but at the moment it is all excited as a remembrance of the living, close-up, unforgettable, that remained in their native far shore.
Charmed girls sang softly. The song first rather weak, little is planned as the dawn on the final night, began to gain strength and evenly all around to win her pensive powerful force. And guitarist pokorlivo bowed his head, but his hands were doing their job, and the strings sounded very well.
And here there were two guys, not that that dudes, but rather a little rowdy and loafers. As they crept into this ship, they come in handy in the middle of the taiga edge of the working people? Some of them very still young children with round cheeks, where he grew their is something not a lot of similar beard, snub and desperate to see, zabiyachlivy, stepped into the middle of the deck and slung over his shoulder rolled flagellum greenish cheap mac. And he pushed over his forehead filthy purple beret, his chubby boy’s lips were stretched — it must be, he smiled.
Second Lisa did not have time to see it as something hastily retreated around the corner.
— Girls — gently sang snub — girls not Shchekotov nostril tear.
And immediately withered Cancel song. Maid made room for each other, and the oldest, highest pyshnovatymi with dark hair, she asked:
— What do you need?
Turning to the guitarist, snub claimed:
— Maestro, reflect modern.
— Gone to you —  recommend guitarist.
— Reflect the modern. Can you give a rock.
— Monkey dance is not valid, — said firmly highest woman.
— And I said go away, — a languid voice repeated guitarist.
— I do politely ask — threatened to snub — until beg. W-well!
Guitarist, even though, put the guitar virgins. One of them at the moment as it grabbed. Lisa considering that without a fight here will not do if and guitarist will not be easy, as those — two of them and probably have experience scandals and hassles. But there are still girls, a lot of them, well, Lisa was ready to join them. She leaned over the railing and very taken aback, did not immediately find that second. Heard, as he recommended from their own angle:
— Rip claws durilo!
Snub at this point already and he realized that he needed to move on. He just did not know how to do it, as a guitarist with one hand very firmly grabbed him by the shirt and the other waving in the face. With all this fun he asked:
— Tickle the nostril?
Without getting out of your own angle, the second gave emotional support:
— Got involved, fool, like a fly on a piece of paper.
Snub and the truth resembled a fly on sticky paper he suchil thin legs and toskuyusche humming:
— Get off you are from me, let me live a fun and culturally.
Pushing snub, guitarist allowed:
— Live long.
Everyone laughed, and here on the 2nd dude got out of his own shelter and whispered something to snub-nosed. That frightened look on guitar, and both are gone.
— «Exiles» — all with the same sad smile explained guitarist — they were driven out of town. Move into the forest, to communism to get a job.
From Lisa hid not fear and reverence, with what looked at the guitar driven out of town parasites. She did not realize what this is? Who is he such, the guitarist? In appearance did not define. Medium height, broad shoulders, his hands are huge, weathered — these are the people who work in the air — from lumberjacks have masons. A deft fingers, moving as a musician.
And he is dressed as a lumberjack, who traveled to the city did not visit, but by their deeds: blue, is not a new suit, a blue shirt and a blue cell and without a tie, ordinary boots, brand new greyish cap. And his face some very common: tanned, weather-beaten, a bit bony. Face of a healthy person who is used to the freshest taiga  air. Unusual were only dark brows. Very lovely. Looking at them, I think that this man is not so simple that he has a talent for something more than guitar.
Tossing her lovely brows, he looked at the silent women, and his grin appeared compassion:
— And you, of course, at the behest of the heart?
Highest woman so broke that even dark hair seemed enveloped in flames.
— Yes, — she said — we, of course, at the behest of. Inca, give him a guitar.
Inca immediately see, very accurate, industrious woman, obediently said:
— Take your guitar.
And on his outstretched hands pink, lovely and ceremonious, like bread and salt, brought a guitar. He accepted it.
— Thank you. The guitar is not mine, I did have a friend lent sailor. I see the girls become sad. Entertain you wish.
Inca blinked bolshennymi good eyes:
— Always you Klavka, printsipialnichaesh! ..
But did not give the highest:
— And you stop glazishchami blink. Everyone to feel sorry for you, my mother’s comfort. How do you know who this citizen with a guitar.
— The name I have is not bad — Semyon.
-A Us your name to anything. And, in general, those of mockery his throw. Will not work.
And another woman, very beautiful and very confident in his own glory, eyes narrowed, looking somewhere past guitarist:
— Of mockery such we have already experienced, when only going to go. And, you see, have resisted. So you need not try. Play, in truth, something nibudt. To not sit in place.
Guitarist smiled again and sighed. Lisa loaf is not without envy: «From such zavzdyhaesh» and decided to go down to the lower deck to these Devchenki that the entire class move into the forest to the building site. Naturally, they will live all together, and work, and run to the dance. They have long will all do the whole class. Even to think.
Guitarist sighed and strictly announced
— School Waltz!
Reddish sun was pinned to the tops of the mountains and firs dazzling flared goodbye. Guitarist cocked his head to the guitar, and on a red background, as in the theater of shadows, silhouettes appeared enthusiastically dancing women. Unusual and beautiful.


Wide roads, wide-open spaces! Not so little and often talk about the their home and at school, and at work, that long has passed all sense of reality of the roads and open spaces. They seemed to exist solely in the imagination of the people, as, for example, meridians and parallels, as the Earth’s axis.
Never no roads Lisa had no choice. All came out by itself and by the due date: growing up in their own family, ran to school, learned, went to work in a printing house, was the typist, linotipistkoy. And then suddenly fell in love with Igor. How does it happen? Igor — a friend of youth and youth, grown together, used to each other as brother and sister. And suddenly — love!
As Igor react to her arrival? Knowing his character, decent expect nothing. At least, from the first meeting.
Lisa sighed, though, in truth, the expectation of modern life did not bother and did not scare her. She took the time to this life with the speed at which the river is capable veteran, worried only expectation of the ordinary.
And here, seems to be responding to her sighs, there was a heavy sigh steamer ring. Lisa laughed and suddenly saw Seeds Ivanovich. He walked along the moist evening dew deck focused and collected, it is not similar to the guitar, with lazy movements and condescending gaze from his lovely eyebrows. Passing by Lisa, he looked at her sternly and, as it seemed to her anxiously, as if asking, «and that what’s needed?»
Everything came so suddenly that Lisa did not have time to take a look at least remove the dumb grin. Another loaf that all this for him? Well, of course, he had thought about it.
— Good evening — he said on the move, but here braked and asked — you to us, in Pine Mountain?
— Sosnogorsk — defiantly corrected him Lisa. Oh, how, for sure, stupid all she goes: first and pyalila smirked at him, and now angry. Stupid.
But he, of course, nothing is no such intentions. He did not even smile, but simply explained:
— Pier is called Pine Mountain. A Sosnogorsk — a city. You with those girls?
— No, I was alone for himself — still defiantly replied Lisa. She could not take hold of him and talk just as it should be with a stranger who has nothing do not have time to be guilty.
And he seems to see her plight and turned away, leaning against the railing to give her a chance to make up your disheveled hair and rearing feelings. She appreciated that. Pulled the head scarf and tied it tightly under her chin. Holding the ends of scarves, how could friendlier — and that she could — said:
— Are you out of Sosnogorsk?
— Yes, —  he said tersely, but exhaustively.
So in one word, that Lisa was entitled to continue to wait. A few seconds later she listened as noise under water Plics, and looked at the slowly drifting saved. Sequels followed. She asked again, trying to be welcoming:
— Do you work there?
And she heard a vague answer:
— There are all working.
— Hmm! — Lisa threw the ends of scarves and slapped his hands on the railing. — And I thought, there are all just do that guitar playing.
As if taking seriously lysine remark, he said,
— Not all. Some, of course, play.
— You, for example.
— For instance, I, — he smiled again and took this incomprehensible tone: sadness and immediately mockery of sadness. — If I was playing.
— Yes, if you play?
— It would have been much easier.
He waved his hand, but there is much to Lisa started talking generic zeal all Guriev  — Assist a man, if he had to tight. And she: claimed Answer:
— What’s all the same way?
— Love.
Love? Lisa knew it. But it was clear both love nothing can stop it. And if you interfere, then what is love? Lisa looked with pity on the man who became entangled in such a case the Ordinary. But he saw nothing and said something really quite irrelevant:
— I am a builder, not a musician.
— Let’s go astray. Yes?
— Why are you thoughts?
— Nothing I did not think of.
— That’s right, you do not understand anything.
— I have just seen. How do I know?
— The truth — how to you know.
— Yesterday I was when I saw you there, across the bottom, thoughts, Behold a man playing and burning it is not enough. Means wrong.
— No, you’re right thoughts. I love the music for the pleasure that it gives to people. And me as well. Like yesterday the girls turned and saw? And the music is a guileless, and they all cheered.
It said in a low voice so thoughtful, deliberate composure with which people are accustomed to read, understand, that no one would dare to kill or nedoslushat through. Having said that, Lisa thought: who is he? The foreman builder, for sure, or a technician. Either party organizer? Excellent talks about music. Inconspicuously only music to cheer him up. The guitar plays perfectly. Maybe he was director of the club? But Lisa did not dare ask.
— It’s all about love, — he continued — and adore can only be something that is worthy of love. Do you agree?
Lisa did not answer. He paused and asked again:
— Would you love a man, not respecting him?
— Why should I?
— In life there. As they say, love is evil course naplacheshsya later with such an evil love. And I was lucky. I am fit to realize that music is not my calling. Love, vocation, work — that’s what gives a strong happiness. You understand it, and you will live well.
Does not seem to him life was excellent. Means something, it fell out of the system. What?
— To visit us or to work?
— Do not know yet — readily Lisa said. — As you like one person.
Feeling for his vision for yourself, it is consider that this would not need to read this, because it is something so nothing said about his own love. Evaded. And all hurried to explain:
— This is my best friend — she said dryly. — We grew up together with him in the same yard. In one school ran. Together.
— It is clear — said Semyon, looking as if he knew that Lisa entangled in its own affairs of the heart.
Lisa even seemed that he scoffed at all of this as well as if and when he talked with the girls. And she, too, wanted to break it, to click, like the krosotka: «You throw those of mockery his!» And she has swung violently from his half-mast eyelashes looked at him and broke off Yes, he grinned, not looking at his companion, he did not thought to laugh, he never thought about it. He had some of his, does not seem very happy thought. He smiled at himself, and it came in his unusually offensive. And the way he smiled, and said, as «Do you agree?» — Around Lisa beheld sadness that he did not hide, and did not send her any attention.
Lisa did not know: that of a strong open-minded person and suddenly sad? It can not be, so as not to  lucky in love. In fact, the girls are like. Well, is not that liked what he needs. No, probably here something nibudt more. She posoboleznovala:
— When a person is all clear, it should be too bad
He laughed, and Lisa again considering that he a good man — that of his laughter frank and in Him is no sorrow. Man laughing with all my heart.
Still laughing, he said that it is the smartest woman, no, fair word of it has not yet met. Smartest and observation. Lisa listened to him and smiled: all she herself knew — how she fell for a sharp tongue at school and at home. Girlfriends loved it, of course, as long as it does not hurt them. And the boys did not like it. But he is not a boy.
And who is he?
It seems to be answering her question, he turned to her and said very funny:
— I think we need to meet. By this all goes.
Lisa said:
— Let’s.
He introduced himself:
— Wow! — Lisa exclaimed delightedly. — Here is a fiction! Cam known Emelyanov, the new head of the construction. Nothing more, nothing less!
— The faithful word! — With the obvious confusion he said, clutching his broad chest broad palm. Traditional gesture uveritelnosti not worked on Lisa.
— Well, I — actress. Tatiana Samoilov. — It’s cold she reported. — That’s for you!
He specifically said seriously:
— I understand your distrust: not I look like a decent manager. Not one do you think so. There are still people Pochetaemy beloved. There is a man.
Lisa subsided. Who is this man? Wife? But he added no more. He became sad again. But not because the same as some people out there, most likely it is a spouse, argues as if he is not fit to the heads? To laugh at it is still possible, but sad, upset not even walk on that distrustful person, Lisa decided to go to the end to find out.
— Well, well, if you Emelyanov, you should know Yurtaeva.
— Do you understand it? ..
— Naturally. He lives with us. In our house.
— I know Yurtaeva, — he said in a tone that immediately had the idea that this knowledge does not give him a special joy. It made me think Lisa. Judging by the telephone discussions that she had heard, was a real Emelyanov Yurtaeva a strong friendship. They were like-minded people. Yurtaev always and in all supported real Emelyanova. And this is what?
More than anything she could not think of it, since Emelyanov was the most real: he brought so many different details that immediately dispelled all doubts. It is not authoritative tone he, for example, said:
— I was even clear to whom you seek. His name is Igor Platonov.
— Yes, —  Lisa confirmed surprise.
— You see, I know everything, except the 1st. Your name
— Lisa Guriev. As you have guessed? About Igor? — And here she laughed. — And you hitretsky people.
— I? No
— Yes, yes! Sam sighs, and he elicits all. I never saw him, and told all. Very hitretsky.
He grinned:
— Well, not really — and Igor began to praise what he clever mechanic and what he has golden hands, and just a great character.
— Yes? .. — Lisa cringed. Igor temper? Oh, she knows something, which is a great character.
— Gold temper.
— Yeah. If gold and suddenly make a rasp — Lisa gave a hint, thinking that it just kidding.
But it and ideas were not. He really was the very best understanding of the disposition of Igor and, together with the fact he does agree with her.
— This is the most real character. Like a rasp. Not gold, of course.
Lisa beamed when he heard touted as Igor, and reflect that once he Emelyanov respectfully says of him, that means she did right by going to Sosnogorsk. In vain she only agreed to send him a telegram. Never need to succumb to the entreaties. Naturally, it did not come across Igor on the pier with a bouquet. And without a bouquet also not come across. Most likely, he was talking something with it do not want.
And this is true. And need. And if only thoughts that Igor will meet, even without flowers, it never would not come. She was happy and did not hide his own joy at the fact that, he Emelyanov so well said of her friend.
He does not will lose his head for love, will not run for a girl who only knows, that perk. Rather, it will run about him, zaglazhivaya your fault. She has run about as sure of his love, and she insulted him, and because he loves him and does not hide it.
And the fact that Igor Emelyanov praised specifically for hardness, for the steadfastness of character, that he himself was lifted up in the sight of lysine. Strong praise not feeble, weak and strong only envy.


Without turning on the fire for a long time to sit in Lisa own cabin on the couch, resting his elbows on the table. Through the cracks blinds the cool air smelling river and a little steam.
Roared and clapped water under the wheels and heard myagenkie blows motor, muffled and rhythmic, like the beating of the heart, and all that was on the boat, skrepelo and trembled, subject to these shocks. Everything, even, it seems, the beating hearts. Lisa put her hand to her chest. No, her heart is beating very often and not so dull.
Someone came up the deck. No, did not pass, braked near the window, so close that Lisa heard even breathing. So heavy as if a man perched something difficult and forced to carry. And suddenly a voice Emelyanova Seeds Ivanovich.
— Well, that still on?
It was so sudden that Lisa thought for —  not whether she fancied this voice. Now he sounded irritable as if Emelyanov all tired of all these meetings steamship, travel discussions, from which there can not hide. No, it seemed to. Semyon aggressively repeated
— Then what?
Lisa broke out. Well, what a flutter, fool. After all this — the question and the tone in which it was set — do not have any work to it. Ask the person to whom hard to breathe even in such an evening. And he said defiantly:
— I’m sorry, of course. I drank in part. Maybe that is not clear — explain.
Peter! A young man with a bouquet.
— No, it is clear, in general, I do not know what you got to the conclusion?
But Peter with the tenacity of the person someone who insulted and got drunk with grief, he insisted.
— In general, everyone understands. And I wish that did not in general. To directly. Since I — man open himself a damn, I’m sorry, I do not understand. And I do not like people. That’s why it: thought is, and I do not understand? I’ve been following the craft immediately went into the forest, to build communism. And why not? All I need something more than others! In the town it is that it is not enough?
— And you know what communism is?
— We all know that. And who knows what will interpret Koshechkin.
— Who is that?
— Koshechkin something? Do not you understand? Timekeeper at the twelfth station. This is our most important spec for communism. Knows everything and everyone will interpret how it would be and who is worthy and who is close and would not let. He knows everything. Koshechkin something. About communism it to us in the lunch breaks reading lectures. The public is.
— It is clear — said Semyon — all clear. On the twelfth site I was not. Now, of course, necessary. Come on, have a cigarette case.
Pure white sofa creaked at the window: Peter sat down. Broke the match, and the cabin has pulled tobacco smoke.
— Talk to me.
— Yes, I do and say nothing. All my autobiography on one sheet is described. Father, mother, born, trained in a trade, worked for three years. And at the end of the number 47, paragraph «a».
— This means: to resign.
— That’s right. Kicked me out of the brigade of communist labor on their own Koshechkin. I — a man and a lover of joy in the company to live. And the guys have to find a suitable work like the devil. Well, all we are doing: read books, go to the movies, all sorts of important dates to note, as it should be. Pay divide equally. Strive for a beautiful life. Cleanliness are observed. And what is Koshechkin us attached? Walks and walks. Come to the dorm, sit on a stool and hands knees to get caught. He has this habit. Hands to get caught, so as not to interfere, and start midges      something nibudt. Such that all or without clear as for example, a spittoon. Everyone knows what is delivered, but he still has to explain what it’s worth, and previously she was and is a step forward on the road to communism. Listen sick! .. We upsets him, and he was the only thing that you need. He even angrier midges. I did, as I see, hands begin to shake. «Not Mara — say — communism unclean in their own words.» Guys they say: «Come on, Petka, not vyazhis. Bother him, he will leave. » And I can not. I need     to do something, say something. «That’s like you, around the brake. With these remnants must be beat. » — This he says. And I told him: «Come, wrestle.» — The guys are laughing: «How a mouse with a cat! ..» — And he says: «We will fight verbally, ideological.» — «Ideologically, I say, I can not. My ideas sour and salty, and you’re used to the sweet. » — «And where did this for you sweet? In such an amazing era? «-» And as boring «-» Clearly, what you type. In our country it boring. The question is: why? «-» And since you are tired of everything. » — «For all do not act. You know, what should be the man? «-» And I know I’m the man himself. » — So he sits on a stool, knees and scratches all midges, right up to greenish eyes. — «You have to argue from the premise that the moral code is not studied.» — «You know what — I say — maybe you rolled out on the freshest air, people will create a moral holiday.» — «This is immediately evident that you are under a moral code does not fit. You are no longer a criminal. «
Peter slapped his hand over his own heavy snow-white plank couch, why, it seemed Lisa shuddered table under her elbows. She remembered what Peter hand and, just in case, removed the elbows. Most likely it is she shivered because the story was so loudly interrupted.
And Peter said, his voice husky:
— In general, I finished this bagpipe.
— How killed?
— Give him the time.
— And for you?
— And I what? Two months spent.
— And that Koshechkin ?!
Lisa clenched her fists. Neuzh something Koshechkin otvertelsya slight shock and still «Snuffles» confusing such simple-minded, ordinary young men like Peter?
— Koshechkin something? And he’s nothing. Midges angrier.
— Here’s something that midges. Fist Koshechkin not pereshibesh.
Silence. Splash of water behind. Narrow chime bells. Heavy sigh at the window — Peter is going through. So it need. And Semyon, completing his idea, also confirmed:
— So much for you and you. Got what he deserved, the groom
«Why is the bride?» — Lisa thoughts. And Peter said:
— Who’s the groom?
— Yes, you did, — said Semyon, — look, with a bunch of walking, and he, like, crazy from broken love.
— Guess — grumbled Peter — exactly. One is here. Hit on the brain.
— Sometimes — vaguely saw Semyon seemingly hinting that conversation coming to an end.
But Peter, fearing to miss a friend, quickly spoke:
— Oh, so it goes. I back people laugh. Bouquet of flowers, these, I bought at the sight of a stranger to me a citizen. Beautiful dating willed. The girl went out to the deck krasivenko. This self, as if the sun was just for her and the wind blows to her hair to move. And if she would not care about anything: let blowing.             And, incidentally, it is all shining as if exactly that from the cutter. Young. Here me as I turned: so I think that’s for you, Petya test. Well, in short, she liked me. And I also wanted it to look and feel. Never before thought about it. Such thoughts did not appear — like the look. As it should be, that is required for such activities, I do not understand. Well, I think straight: to start to get to know. It has been three calls pounding, ponder, is that once you need something to do. Maybe her with flowers rolled up, they love, girls. I guess I love it. On all the cards they are all more than the flowers smell. And in all of their movies with bouquets show
Bouquet Lisa smiled.  Large,  awkward, like the bouquet. And such a disheveled.
— Here’s a gun bought. And for what? I do not know how to shoot.
Emelyanov, laughing, said:
— Hey, you. Hand a lady why miss?
— Was horrified that she will run away at the moment. Do not know how I am with them.
— You do not know. That is correct.
— I wish more beautiful
— But it turned out, both Koshechkin.
— Koshechkin from me will not go away — and threateningly said Peter so fidgeted on his own couch, that it drowned out the squeak of a moment all the other noises steamship.
— That’s what I say to you. Let’s agree as follows: Koshechkin you do not touch it. I’ll talk to him. Realized? And you, as we get to Sosnogorsk, go to your own twelfth on the old place.
— Do not perceive me with a criminal record.
— Accept it. With the guys we agree. And about their own strength to think about. Force — that’s not all. Force the owner needs.
— What is the owner?
— A head. She, brother, all power is stronger in general, we’re now familiar people. Not forgotten. Zahazhivaet. Realized?
— I understand. I mean, in which case for the right to have


Lisa started mokrovatuyu dew deck, shivering from the morning freshness. Everything was as it was yesterday: the river, turning pink from the dawn golden whip pine trunks on a steep bank, and business-like sound of the water under the wheels. Only the river seemed quite narrow, making the shore moved and became as if higher and steeper. The forest on the banks also allegedly became higher, more attractive and filled with mysterious gloom.
At night the ship rolled in the estuary Vesnyana, great, taiga krosotki, and seemed fascinated by her beauty, and slowed its own course without time soon.
And in truth, all around was so beautiful, and it was so beautiful is not enough, with such force it occurred on all sides, that Lisa was confused and grew quiet.
On the nose and a striped sailor stood sixth-namitka determined by the depth of the river. Snatching baster out of the water, he raised his head to the captain’s bridge and shouted some of which, it seems, did not predict anything good, since the captain without any admiration krosotku looked at the river and its magical shores. From time to time he thrust his dark mustache copper bell speaking tube and gave some alarming orders.
Summed up now nature, with all its beauty, slipped roll. And at the moment it started out actions violated lysine contemplative mood. First appeared on the deck of Semyon. Like yesterday evening, he suddenly appeared from around the corner on the nose and, as if pushed by the wind, rushed to the place where there was Lisa. Only now, Lisa saw him first. She was surprised to see how suddenly came to life and senselessly pounding in my chest. Why would it? It is not the boss, he’s just a familiar road. Satellite. Conventional satellite. What does the heart with his goofy knock?
Thinking so, she was waiting for him incomprehensible wary gaze, his first words. And do not wait. As if confirming Lisa’s reflection, he said, as it should be just a friend, the usual companion on the move anxiously nodded her head, and with a running start just ascended the ladder to the bridge. And at the moment over her head as he heard the conversation, the meaning of which is not immediately reached Lisa.
Captain rasped damp night voice
— That I would be broke Aliyev.
— Aliyev at the moment I will kill — promised Semyon and generously added — and Gikina kill.
— Gikina hang is not enough — dark captain gave a hint — Bakshin their nabaloval, in my opinion.
Listening to this robbery komplotu, Lisa began to delve into the true meaning of it, much less something she read in yesterday’s newspaper. Despite the strict prohibitions Aliyev hitherto knocks the guard band. It lasts for many years. River shoal, sand drags, reeling impassable rapids.
Lisa thought, there must be at Seeds Ivanovich The old acquaintance with the captain, as he confidently said:
— Bakshin did Aliyev on his own image and likeness, but was unable to add the brain. As foreman, he was on the spot. And at the moment fool just helpful. On such a cult of personality kept. A Bakshin, he is smart and hitretsky. It is time to readjust.
Heard a slight clatter of many feet, excited voices and laughter. And here there yesterday and the girls together, the whole class started to praise the coming from all sides of beauty. Maybe in this particular moment the first time they have seen as enormous in nature beauty supplies.
— Girls! Here desperately perfect! ..
— Birches something, look at the cliff! ..
— And these, I do not know how their so these trees.
— These trees — pine.
— From Pine hear! This cedars.
— If you do not know, you can use your loaf, that you and the truth is so smart
— Girls, do not hang out, breathe ozone!
— Still have time, inhale
They admired the beauty loudly, openly, without embarrassment of others and not paying them any attention.
— Girls-and .. — exalted sang Inka — Mom’s comfort — look what domichek on the mountain! ..
All looked at the house and priumolkli occupied entirely already raschudesny view. Nothing special like and do not expose them to: yellowish clay cliffs, pine trees, gleamed from the dew, and across the bottom, at the foot of the cliff, very long hill, covered with bright green grass, and the house on it. Clean, sloping of the new logs, under the plank roof, he stood as the gold, and three windows open looking at the river. Hovering over the pipe-track snow-white smoke. Young lady, slim and very slender, hung just rinse in the river motley clothes. She was wearing a reddish shirt and dark pants tucked up to the knees. It is so simple and well done its job, that it seemed as if she was dancing on the greenish hill.
Further along the coast, between the rarest pine trees turned village — a huge number of old and new houses chopped off, and even further above the trees stood a dark steel pipe factory, from which flew a light smoke.
Nothing in particular is not revealed, but the girls priumolkli together, the whole class.
Steamboat, firing in Zorev light sky snow-white cloud, and demanding growled briefly twice, and all around shuddered and went to roll this roar of the mountains and forests.
The lady on the bank turned around, waved his hand and something clicked. Out of the house looked very low squat man, naked to the waist and very tanned. He jumped off the porch and smartly working small feet in huge boots, rolled across the greenish mound to the river.
With the bridge thundered the voice, amplified Straseni mouthpiece:
— Aliyev!
Aliyev yelled back something unintelligible, but on the bridge of his immediately realized, and at the moment the order is thundered:
— Come here!
Maidens began to look, leaning over the railing, who so commanded the entire river? .. Lisa also looked into. Emelyanov stood on the bridge was shaking and menacing snow-white tin horn.
Aliyev went something yelling, banging his hands on his own bronze chest. But because the ship went on its own way, Aliyev was heard all worse and worse, then he turned around and something clicked young lady, and she did not seem to interrupt raschudesny own dance, just soared to the highest porch and disappeared into the house. After a moment, she ran out of the house and waving a blue shirt over his head, jumped on the greenish mound to the river.
Aliyev was standing in the boat and pulling on the rope, Start Your Engines. Pyhnuv blue smoke, the engine earned. At the same moment the lady  jumped into a boat and sat down at the steering wheel. Boat sped down the river, bobbing on the waves raised by the steamer. Aliyev hard, as if nailed, standing in the middle of the boat, rocking along with her and at the same time tried to squeeze into his blue shirt.
A girl on the deck alarmed, zaahali, whispering. They learned yesterday guitarist, immediately recalled all: and his smiles, and his terrible scorn, and his humility with which he endured it all and did not even hurt, but on the contrary, the whole evening was distracting them from sad thoughts.
Plump Inca grabbed the pink cheeks:
— Oh, Klavka, all you!
— Well, are not due
And all the girls, grabbing each other by the elbows started something and whisper to each other and their own Komsomol organizer, and that by moving dark eyebrows, discourages:
— So what, after all. It does not say who he is Where could I know?
The finest indulgent as it should be, grinned:
— What if it’s self Emelyanov ?!
— It does not say that it’s self Emelyanov.
— For you, as a Komsomol organizer, you need to understand people. According to the state should be.
— Leave me alone, Thais
— Do not worry, Klavochka, I’ll take it just the eye, like so
It is also shown how it is one of its irresistible eye slay Emelyanova. And it came from her great. Coupled with the fact it was evident with some humor Thais treat their triumphant opportunities. Here, Lisa decided that the time is the perfect time for dating, and said:
— Girls, this is the truth, Emelyanov.
— Oh! ..
— Well, all the same! — Even more frowned Claudia.
Lisa said:
— Naturally. Yesterday he said: Well done, girls! It’s about you.
— Who said?
Girls at the moment immediately surrounded by Lisa.
— You heard it yourself?
— I said, — said Lisa — we spoke to him, he said.
— And that after all you had something did not say who it is? Not warned.
— But I’m with him she just met in the evening.
— Oh, in time? .. — Krosotka grinned in spite of Lisa.
— This, girls, he could, but not me.
— Oh, even so!
-When Than here «oh»? — In turn laughed Lisa.
But here imperatively intervened Claudia:
— Let’s not bicker. Nothing quite good will come of it. And we may have to work together.
— Naturally! — Lisa said with conviction,  — I think so too.
That’s what she thought about the legal wrangling, and all, of course, decided that Lisa says about the future joint work on a construction site. Lisa is realized, but did not explain anything — even think that they want.


Here over their heads again thundered shout:
— What do you mean you think Aliyev?
Loudly slapping on a wide flat bottom steamboat waves, the boat was rapidly approaching. It was possible to see the tanned face of the woman sitting behind the wheel. Perfectly arched his agile body, it narrow dark hand firmly holding the steering wheel and something sternly read Aliyev. And he still could not cope with his own shirt. Surely, it was a tight fit him or he was in a hurry, but nothing he did not go. All beheld how angry he works the head and hands, beating like a big bird, thrown into the bag, but all in vain. Then, in desperation, he pulled his shirt with the power and probably blue crackled matter, as the lady yelled at Aliyev and waved a free hand. But he did not listen to her. Pulled off his shirt, he twisted it and cried so desperately that even on the boat all heard:
— Why, says think? What to think? Let the chief thinks. Head orders — Aliyev does. And you says Aliyev thinks
Draw a steep arc under the nose of the ship, the boat flew to starboard.
Soon Aliyev ran on deck. He was so full of resentment erupted that seemed to him at the moment it breaks out longish, knee-length shirt, which he wore all the same, yet ascended to the top. Meet with the bridge, down-track Semyon.
— People now listen, comrade Emelyanov? — Exclaimed hotly Aliyev.
— Where is your conscience, Aliyev? — Asked Semyon.
— What are these words? Conscience! Chief gave the order, I order them from us reddish banner trust. Come take a look, hanging on the wall in the corner of the reddish! ..
Here Emelyanov saw women who crowded the railing. He looked at them in the same exasperation and sarcastically, watching Aliyev, as if they, too, like all around, were responsible for some, I see a great sin.
— Heather you Aliyev, great cunning, and not a damn thing you know And if the boss will give the order to burn down the house?
— I will burn! — So passionately and devotedly yelled Aliyev that it became kind of awkward for him. And realize that nothing he does not, he just flips.
— Heather — accusingly, as a sentence, said Emelyanov. Shoulder pushing Aliyev, he went to the railing. There was a thin lady, who arrived with Aliyev.
— Hello, Nazia! — Clicked it still annoyed.
Suddenly, a strong and deep voice she exclaimed:
— That we expect you very much! — Dazzling teeth gleamed on her tanned face.
— Well, Aliyev is not expected
— As expected. The new chief? Expected.
— I’m not the boss for it.
— When a person is outrageously, he still, every chief fears. Own, someone else’s. Here’s a look at his work.
The mountains, the plains stretched boundless taiga arrays. And then near the river it was empty. And conservation, and the sky above the beach and the water, which reflects the miserable that void. On the crest of the highest shore loomed in blue emptiness only naked hemp yes rearing paws uncleared branches. Several drooping birches and pines, battered, bruised with the tips of only emphasized the picture of the evil deeds.
— See — showed Nazia — look away: cut! All in a row.
Maid indignantly zaohali the whole class, and they previously had to hear and read about all sorts of lawbreakers life and plunderers of natural resources. They were taught to respect nature and protect it from numerous opponents.
Here it is, the enemy. So devastating traces of his villainy. All there is, as a poster, as a nice benefit to the school. Even not immediately believe that this is in fact what it is in life, before everything clearly.
Standing on its own small, blunt, with both thumbs, feet, Aliyev languid gaze past all that for beauty. Eyes that, taken over from the memorable boss, he even lumberjacks catching up if not horror, bewilderment and confusion. And rightly so, on the deck came silence, began to hear the splash of water behind, shouting sailor on the nose: «One hundred and 40! .. 100 30 5! ..»
But if Aliyev could look at everything closely, he would have seen that it is not pressed hard gaze, and his hard work. Everyone looked like on the top of a low cliff, one after another fell trees. People could not be seen, only one quivering tops.
Assigning one moment the silence magic acts known Bakshinsky gaze, Aliyev decided to try it and Emelyanov. And his press. Looked and did not work. But then, when Semyon looked at him, then staggered Aliyev on his own strong feet, confused under pressure it measured and demanding gaze. And he really wanted to sink through the strong deck boards. But, as we know, this desire, is familiar to many, never executed. Aliyev remained in place. He did not realize. Bakshin, so what was a master catch heat, but never Aliyev did not arise such unusual desires. On the contrary, I wanted to run, buck, to be always in sight. But fail — never
Pico is that at this point follow any order, Aliyev was ready to immediately execute it. But instead of orders Emelyanov asked. Asked, pointing to the saves:
— Please complete it.
Legs still not get what they want the strength. Please? Now, if ordered, even shouted — then everything is clear. And here — «ask.» Carefully, as if stepping on young ice, said:
— No. — And a chill: «Will the floe?»
Stand it. Not a muscle twitched face the new chief.
— No, — he repeated firmly, — can not be, Comrade Emelyanov. The plant will rise.
— How to get up? Plan blanks because exceeded. Banner received. Where is the forest?
On a black face Aliyev condescending smile flashed like a nurse to explain to the kid, why not thumb sucking:
— So in fact there are no roads. Winter ride. Snow attacks — the road will be. And the ride.
— And at the moment on the bank to cut you?
— Through the swamp did not povezesh.
— Dazzler! — Aggressive, but still relaxed Emelyanov said. — Under the Tribunal for it to.
Absolutely baby! Who really Aliyev did not conceal any private grin, nor its own advantages. Young still the boss, does not think. Nothing will break the head off, learns. Again flaring up, zadoristo Aliyev said:
— Where to chop wood, yourself, probably, realize there chips fly
And heard in response:
— Do you cut chips and forest flies. Oh, so I understand.
— We all happen — noting solid laugh overbearing pun encouraged Aliyev.
— Is he chops wood? — Again intervened Nazia — do you think it dries the river? No, dear girls! He is our life-chops dry. Look how many failures done And he does not care. He say, Aliyev, and cut down the most beautiful city park, and for this you in the presidium  jail. Cut down. Ahead of schedule. Here’s a parasite! The cult of personality you are, that’s who!
These last words Nazii completely destroyed Aliyev, but he still pretended to not give up, and still eager to fight.
Here squeezed snub dude. He enthusiastically and even, it seems, looked with admiration Aliyev smiled. Feeling a sudden support Aliyev and cheered excitedly appointed:
— Communism build — regret nothing! ..
— Oh, you bastard! — Exclaimed with admiration snub. — Oh, and you skin from an old drum! Where you have been taught the language of twist?
— Sam mastered, — said Nazia.
— What’s that? — Said Aliyev, addressing any reason to Emelyanov, as if he was responsible for all that happened here. —  It is an insult?
Emelyanov but instead he asked the answer, but menacing, overbearing:
— So you do not finish your outrage?
— Under the tobacco .. — desperately exclaimed the sailor.
The captain stepped back from the railing. Pressing his mustache to the copper funnel, he said something, but here the steamer unconsciously swayed and bumped into the sand.


First appeared in the water Inca. Here’s to you, and my mother’s comfort! Beheld her only when she was up to his waist in water, moved by tumbleweed, waving over his head like a flag, his colorful frock.
— Girls, and — she screamed — that still you guys-and! ..
Inkin booming voice amplified shifted shores, just as thin wings, wafting over the river.
The sun at this hour of early morning still flirt with taiga krosotkoy Vesnyanoy, will drive it into the paint. They — and the sun and the river — at the moment is pulled Inka in his game, decorated Inkinen, cherished parent keeping watch, elastic body in light and gentle fire. She rose and powerful, ran out of the water quickly, as new Venus.
For a man there is nothing more despicable sense of their own powerlessness. And if that consciousness suddenly destroyed by another, more powerful knowledge that there was a means and the power assist is perishing perish, the satisfaction of the triumphant consciousness erupts with such passion, that really is no obstacle it will not suspend.
Submitting such a joyful consciousness, Lisa ran downstairs, where the narrow passage crowded girls, making their way to the spot on the nose of the ship, from which sprang the Inca.
They were all silent and efficiently on the go, dragged off their colorful clothes dresses, pants, blouses, shoes and slippers are dumped and just undressed, cried out in ecstasy and horror and rushed to quickly roll coursing through the water.
Lisa hurriedly yanked over his head his dress dressed up in what was going to beat all. At the moment, she did not think about it. She wanted to be the best, and in front of everyone. Grabbing hold of the railing, she flipped through a deft push them ran on a wide circumference and jumped near the place where all jumped.
Cool water blinded her, knocked down and dragged off somewhere to the side. Dress at the moment is out of her hands. Well, let them. Itself-it is not horrified! Caught devchenok and saw that they were joined by other passengers. There was even a snub dude. Waving his own motley shirt and loud whining, he jumped out of the water and fell back quite as rambunctious boy.
And they all ran, crying and laughing, fell, jumped again, and again fled. Water rushed on them, boil underfoot snow-white cascades, and it’s even more exciting joyful, triumphant mood.
— The girls, I have something that cast! And I’m with you, girls!
Lisa turned around at the familiar voice. Peter ran on shoals, throwing barefoot feet high and lifted up his hands: one boots from which water flows into another something dirty-yellow, some rag seems lysine dress. Oh, what a dress ruined!
Deft, as a boy, in his own pants tucked, Nazia immediately ahead of all, she first ran on yellowish sand sun — tan would this — and its reddish shirt flashed in coastal thickets cherry. Something she screamed, sure, wanted to show the most proximal road. Her raced Inca — Vesnyanskaya Venus, still brandishing his cheery colorful flag.
With the ship thundered through a megaphone voice Emelyanova. What’s he doing? Cheer? Decries?
They are a motley gang climbed the cliff, determined to defend the beauty of the land.
A top popped chainsaws and whine crashed into tree species. Wringing longish branches like arms and whistling through the air, falling pine and spruce. Tractors, spitting blue smoke in the blue sky, to take on its mighty shoulders ancient trunks and roaring uvolakivali them on the road to the sawmill.
Yes, it is not dismantled, cut down all in a row: and mighty old trees, and just gaining momentum young, and every little thing unworthy saw or an ax, smashed by falling trunks, ironed caterpillars’ tractors or simply trampled boots.


While all that happened was all of a sudden, it’s not very amazed Seeds Ivanovich. Specifically so strongly wanted to do, and he himself, but that he lacked the youthful enthusiasm, or, more precisely, was felt over responsibility. 2nd constantly thronging first raschudesny quality, and we can only regret it. Here, everything is exactly as in arithmetic, one back in proportion to the other. The higher the position a person holds, the more cautious, more careful of his deeds. From time to time it is called wisdom that hardly fair.
In this case — Semyon this was firmly convinced — wisdom was on the side of women. What they did, not saying a word, obeying the impulse of hatred for everything that is ruining lives, at the moment it was the only right one. Immediately suspend barbaric flogging with nature! And let all the bureaucratic niceties allow experienced, prudent, burdened with age and rank of people. Because, if you start with the permission of bureaucratic niceties that Aliyev would expose the whole river, and have no need to resolve.
When Emelyanov Aliyev came to the scene of the crime, then caught a painting completely peaceful. Clasped his gun, Woodman smoked. Tractors working at idle. Girls were sitting, fanning branches mosquito poshlepyvali themselves on the shoulders and legs.
Seeing bosses, all expectantly priumolkli.
— Collect tool — ordered Aliyev tone Marshal, who lost a fight, but firmly convinced that history will judge who is right, who povinet.


Steamer aground. Quiet. «I can not hear it on the captain, sailors can not see it» But it only seems so. Every quarter of an hour on the river rushes narrow hum ship bells — bells beating. Means, it is the captain and sailors there. Means not sleeping bear watch. Service not forgets, despite stranded.
Passengers are located on the banks: who sunbathes on the sand, who rest in the shade of cherry bushes.
The sun begins to prizharivat, flowing over the beach light haze and water pulls freshness. All around sparkles, sparkles: the river, the sand and the leaves on the bushes.
Girls were great, ordinary, Lisa immediately became friends with them. They are a little bewildered by his courage: this took so yes stepped straight out of the house, but in some unknown life. In the taiga. In Pine Mountain. Excellent would stay at home, in the town. At least some construction site, at any plant. And here they went to where the harder where you need to. And do not repent. Of course, it’s not so easy when and weep, maybe. Not without it.
Moving dark bushy eyebrows, Claudia not very confident said:
— As a class, go, at the behest of the heart.
And sighed. Lisa smiled encouragingly, and one of the women saw judiciously:
— Come on, Klavka. Need, and that’s gone. What we do not realize? While young, all you need to experience. Each to his heart lies. I personally do: work a year and doskorogo Dating, there are places more interesting.
This woman, very measured and sensible, seemed the oldest and, of course, the most experienced in the classroom. Looking at her, Lisa consider that such in each class is. Certainly. One for the class. They are trained medium, no talent is not burdened accuracy do not differ, but the number of smart and prosaically opytneyshemi. Should be, because answering the lesson they condescendingly schuryat eyes on the teacher, like saying, «If you want it badly, please just know — all this nonsense.» Teachers, especially the young, are afraid of and begin to oscillate in the reliability of the methods of teaching. Lisa was not friends with such, well, no friends. And with their views soon cease to be considered as made sure that all their mundane experience currently only on family troubles. Skepticism? No, most likely a bad temper.
— It is necessary? — Claudia smiled. — Who do you need?
— I need — relaxed sensible answer. — Willed and went.
— All the same wished for?
— Oh, Klavka as you know how to man to bring his own brain. So do you think he thought about it.
— Everyone has their own thoughts — hot Claudia said and slammed his fist down on the sand, as the table. — Thoughts of their own, and collective actions. Means and thoughts are true.
Again, reasonable voice interrupted her:
— Yes you chill after a rally, chill. We’re going to work, not to pluck flowers. Romantic, commanded heart! Do you think if I did not have these words, then no one would have gone? That would come to us and said, «We propose to you to go to a very important construction site, there will be 100 times more difficult than in the town, and we have for you a decent do not promise anything.» Think, be afraid?
Lying on the hot sand, under the July sun heavy to severe discussion, and because no one answered. But the silence — the worst kind of loneliness, and that they are all at the moment the most feared. There was a warm voice: lying on his back, the Inca shared the secrets of beauty:
— If you want to have your eyes gleamed, need sleep for eight hours in a row
— So I’m looking: your eyes are and sparkle — handed krosotka Thais.
Inca lazily turned to her whole body:
— You think you’re the most beautiful?
— Imagine for yourself, as many think, and without any effort on my part.
-Oshibaeshsya, There are prettier — Inca looked at Lisa.
Thais squinted glanced at Lisa:
— I’m not very worried.
She is very stretched his narrow girlish body and rolled over on the sand, sat against Lisa. Pulling descended swimsuit on sharp little chest she said:
— There are fools, and even in the midst of us, this week will golodovat, means to save that hair dye. Well, so, of course, can not explain why we’re going.
She glanced at Lisa, and it was quite clear that she wanted to say and wanted to hear the answer. This is Lisa realized by the way they get accustomed to it. The easiest way, of course, say that Lisa is going too at the behest of the heart. And it would be the right answer. Having said that, it would not niskolechko twisted soul. Specifically heart pushed her on this trip.
But while she was thinking, Thais without any connection with the previous conversation said:
— Here comes that your young man who touted bouquet for you. Your friend.
Lisa grinned’s girl, nothing is hidden from them.
— No, he is not familiar. Just foolish. Would see you, too, would have presented a bouquet. Even two.
— And he saw something you all the same. Is not looking.
— There is no need to look him.
— How do you as soon familiar with them?
— No. This they soon get acquainted with me.
-We, All the girls, too, immediately wanted to get to know you — admitted Thais.
— Girls, reads me «you.»
— With you — willingly agreed Thais.
Inka was next to Lisa, looking into his eyes and asked:
— We’ll see you at the pier and the loaf: here what is going dressed up means there’s nothing. Can live. You probably in the office working on the construction?
I had to tell about themselves and about their own work, and that in Sosnogorsk it does not happen, is going for the first time, just as they are.
All the girls were silenced and some even raised their heads. Waiting. You need to tell them what it was going. And she bravely confessed:
— I’m on the dictates of the heart.
Thais responded hollow voice:
— Yeah. We are too.
Sensible bored yawn:
— In our berry basket.
Naturally, they thought, that she does not want to say anything about himself, gets off common words, and maybe even pohihikivaet over them.
— No, I am, in truth, girls. In my youth Sosnogorsk.
As all at once revived, as a knowing eye warmed many smiles blossomed on a sunny beach! And even sensible woman completely reasonable tone asked:
— Bride? ..
Because Lisa said about his own love, and even more because of Igor dubbed her fiancé, she broke up with tears, and it’s quite endeared her devchenok. Here it is so beautiful and dressed so perfectly arranged in the town, threw all well and went to his own beloved in the taiga. At the behest of my heart! There’s nothing to object. And a lot of time to read in the newspapers, heard on the words of farewell meetings suddenly got hold of its true meaning and its original luster.
Lisa said that, sensible:
— Bride? Well, it’s not immediately. And certainly not.
She said, not quite sure, but it turned out as if not the most important thing that commanded her heart do not love, but something else that compels a man to devote all my strength and did not seek for it.
— Well, okay, not immediately, — said instructive sensible — not only states that do not fail.
Thais, without opening his eyes and breathless from the heat, asked:
— Be sure to fall in love?
— And turn around in no time.
— And love — happiness?
— For you know better. You’ve got it all was. For you from the 5th grade boys started to run.
Someone else, exhausted by the heat, gave counsel:
— Klavka ask, she received instruction.
— Claudia, as it is, love — this is happiness, or vice versa.
Lisa said, just to be clear, in this complete vagueness question.
— From the 1st person I heard yesterday: love, vocation, work; when all this is, a man happy.
— The ingredients of happiness — with a slight chuckle grabbed sensible, — clean, folded into a saucepan and cook over low heat. How very simple. And we do not know.
Lisa slowly rose. She had no idea what could be so measured, when it is necessary to respond at once to the person:
— All can be ridiculed. There is little need of the brain, one needs to have only a bad temper.
— What does the character?
— But with it: bad temper is only found in unhealthy people. And so nothing cute.
— Do not put up with fine words and gestures pyshnovatyh.
— In healthy people, and words and movements are beautiful.
Krosotka Thais took off the nose piece of sun:
— What is right, that is correct. And the man who for you about happiness
— Yes, — with a beautiful serenity confirmed Lisa — you guessed. It gave me Emelyanov.


Quiet Midday — napping the whole world. And the old man-ship, weary road and irrepressible passion, nap in private flats and snuffle, producing pale blue, lazy smoke.
And the song: standing in a boat on the shady side, sailor renews the peeling paint and a sleepy voice pulls «Amid resounding ball, a case in trouble sea fuss» All the same, crows and here starts a non-stop first. Lisa, while changing her clothes in his own cabin, listened 10 times came on deck, she leaned over the railing and clicked:
— In alarm the madding crowd. E irskoy! Realized?
He lifted his head: Boy, it’s still young, tanned and very fluffy.
— You’re on the sea visited it?
— No. And you?
Without answering, he explained it:
— Ahoy — sea vanity. Do you understand?
Raising his hand to her already quite sleepy voice cried out:
— I saw her! ..
Lisa laughed and went to the stern, where I saw a lone figure. Nazia? Lisa after the raid on the logging site Timber harvesting has lost sight of her. What is she doing here?
Nazia sits in the deepest, promyatom as a nest, but, despite this, a comfortable chair, which are still found on the old steamers. She sits, putting one barefoot tanned leg over the other. Eyes, looking back, where a greenish cape was hiding her lovely house, gave her troubled thoughts.
Seeing Lisa, she picked up and smiled, then immediately became clear what she is a girl. And wanted prigolubit it. And Nazia, as if it already prigolubit, reached out to Lisa. Confidence like a girl, convinced that all trevozhut her experiences, she said:
— I sit here, I wait
— Who?
— Yes, you have the same!
— Well, well, I came.
— You’re fine with sex talking, and Semyon all for you knows. And I is not with whom to consult.
Did not yet understand, Lisa said, just in case, to cheer this girlfriend.
— Yes?
— Yes. I walked away from Aliyev. It has long been collected, but all suffered. Sitting on the edge of the adjacent slot, Lisa asked:
— How to go?
— And that’s decided. Your speech listened and decided: go!
— It is?
— I do not know. Father all the same.
— Father? And I thought the husband.
Nazia laughed:
— Spouse? No. For such would never have gone. For what? I too would choose for themselves, so choose. Real. A father can not choose. What is.
— And he seemed very young.
— In the forest lives. 40 years old, and all like a little boy. And I mean ancient?
— Now, I see: the young.
— And it is not very much. Nineteen already. Soon two 10-ka.
— And I’m 20 two — Lisa said and sighed, like bending under the weight of its own and another 2-stuck for solidity years.
Nazia repeated sigh of respect for the honorable lysine age. There was a pause, filled with singing exercises sailor-painter, who still wandered sleepily «amid resounding ball.»
Nazia willingly and openly told about himself. She is trained in Sosnogorsk. Defected in the tenth grade. Living in an institution, and the summer is coming here, to the Pope. No, he is only half-Tatar, Nazia and she has, for sure, a quarter of mother Russia, it is the third year of living in Sosnogorsk. So it was: married there for mechanics are trained not to hard, but there is never enough time. What motivates? Yes, all curious. A movie? Of course, who is opposed to a movie, especially if about real love. Books? Only about the war or about spies. Well, such as «Russian forest». Book is not bad. Writer, for sure, the forester, so all he had correctly «You hairstyle is the most prestigious at the moment, and I’m here in the forest all launched» I love reddish and blue and pink can not stand. The boys? Oh them. No, not yet conceived. Separated only by learning, by the Komsomol organization. At dances necessary. Music? If only such a joyful, so to tears. I wish to enter the Institute of Forestry, will plant new forests and old keep away from such pests as Aliyev.
— Aliyev, I, of course, to re-educate — Nazia knocked tight fist on the rickety chair armrest, — he had nowhere to go.
— Going away to college, he is here without you unfold.
— No, not at the moment unfold. Semyon will not. My father was thinking. Her mother had gone, I was gone — completely alone. What a life, eh?
— One bad — agreed Lisa — I could not. You condemn mom?
Instead of answering this question, Nazia said:
— It comes to me in the hostel, such a shame that her life is so perfect. All thinks: left us, she is fine, we feel bad. She says no, and I see something — her eyes are open and happy. And with my dad lived — nobody beheld what her eyes.
— Lovely it?
— Well, how to say — hesitantly said Nazia and with all the simplicity of the soul explained to: — such as myself. We like how still sisters.
Lisa decided to:
— Beautiful.
Nazia naively agreed to:
— Certainly. She is very fair. A father often hurt people. Offend and see. It really used to that. From Bakshina learned. A Bakshina everyone called «bombers». Feared. When he built the house of the Pope, the mother immediately left. She said: «I can not live in a cottage Bakshinsky from people ashamed.» Gone and I’m gone. For any such awards Aliyev house?
In general, Nazia liked Lisa for her young resentment, honesty desires in which everything was as clearly and completely absent semitone. Well, this is the last of his youth. Having reached this conclusion, Lisa felt myself quite old and experienced to understand all the Kohler and the transition from good to evil and back. Who does not like it should assist this devchenke understand all these transitions that make up the complexity and wisdom of life. And she was about to completely get down to business, but here along the river expanse driven, similar to distant thunder, motor grumbling. Because of the greenish cape on a steep turn rendered the boat and headed straight for Naziyu.
She smiled and, without changing his own comfortable position, said:
— Rides. Thinks I can be persuaded.
— Why do you think that he will try to persuade?
— Suitcase not picked up. Did not take anything. Oh, put on a vest. Well, now a full parade. You know what, you do not leave. Now there’s nothing to be done about it, since you know everything. And he waistcoat
Lisa promised, though without a request, it would have done the same. Throw a man when he has hard — none of Guriev could not have even thought it is displayed.
— You just be quiet at first — she warned Naziyu — let him speak.
— Oh yes, all I know! — Exclaimed impatiently Nazia — all his words and all inventions!
— And I need to know —  Lisa said so firmly that Nazia immediately surrendered.
— Well, I will listen to 5 minutes. No, three is enough.
Actually turned so that all their entreaties and manufacturing were useless.
The boat, motor silent and Aliyev raised voice calling Naziyu with such fear and passion, as if at the moment is to befall the inevitable failure of her and one independent, to live or not to live it.
— Wow! — Nazia whispered, grabbing lysine hand —  is it something new fiction.
She got out of their own nests and not letting Lisa’s hand, stepped to the railing. Aliyev was in the boat. Blue shirt buttoned up and on top of it that brown vest, which is so confused Naziyu.
— Stepan Osipovich arrived! — Said Aliyev.
— Wow! That vest! — Or have explained to Lisa — he always wears a waistcoat for a holiday option. And here he Bakshin. Wow! — Asked: — Now, why then did he come? To say goodbye?
— Do not ask for anything. As guests arrived. Guest did not ask for anything. And without a mistress can be a guest?
— She’s with me, — warned Nazia, not letting Lisa’s hands.
— What is it? — Clicked Aliyev of boat: — We do not need anyone.
But Lisa Nazii promised not to leave her, and stop it no one can!
— And I’ll go, — she said, and took Naziyu arm.


All that Lisa knew about Bakshine, did not lay down in its presentation of certain visual form, though she tried to do so. What is it — the chief retired? Maybe he was the highest, thin, bilious. Shaggy, overhanging eyes, languid eyebrow. And the word says, languid, and all tremble before him, and try not to fall into his eyes. Or maybe he’s a big and bulky. All around shudders at his gait. Yes, and certainly such a heavy look, which all fear and try to avoid.
Blade, as unnecessary scrapped? Night storm, which no hunting and remember, breathing air mokrovaty sunny morning? Lisa and thought, when in his own cabin to read the newspaper. But why are so alarmed by Nazia? What does she fear? And Aliyev also alarmed. And poddavlen, as if feeling the brunt for Bakshinsky sight. Have to understand all this, once she agreed not to leave Naziyu. So conceived by Lisa myagenko grumbling motor and splash of water underneath the boat.
At the coast against the house itself was a large blue and white boat with a deck under a canvas tent, with the captain’s cabin and interior, shining mirror   glasses. Real little ship. Should be enjoying a ride on this.
On the roof of the cabin and reclining youth, like showing that there is something really is a delight, constantly yawning widely gaping mouth towards the midday sun. Nazia clicked:
— Bear, swallow the sun, as we shall live? Hello!
Bear shut his mouth and with a desperate grin waved his hand. All clear: what really is the sun, there is no time to sleep, not to mention shaving.
— Stepan something Osipovich not get bored —  laughed Nazia —  where it is?
Bear did the brutal face and barefoot heel gently poked in the roof of the salon: Bakshin here. Resting overnight storm. Otshumel the — sleep. And all were silenced even Nazia spoke in a whisper. Horror? No. Habit.
A house was not such a small three rooms and a kitchen. Throughout pustovato, uninhabited, as if the owners had just moved in, has not yet settled as it should not have got furniture. In a large room, for example, only one table was nothing except dust, not covered and quite unnecessary, because some did not have any of the 1st chair. But on the wall between the 2-windows hung a huge mirror in a carved frame. It also seemed unnecessary, because he had nothing to reflect, not counting the blank reverse wall.
Lisa thought for the mirror, which has nothing to report, covered with dust and leads to a sad reflection on the house of the soul being pulled. Thinking so, she became sad, and the truth, presenting his father’s house, warmed by the constant presence of the soul and filled with things and memoirs. Things that have long lived in the family, that they themselves have become like its full members. They got hold of family signs and many of them even got their names. As for memories, things, especially old, can often largely than their owners, to remember things past. So it is at the moment it happened. Lisa saw:
Mirror — a perfect
Nazia sighed:
— This is my father gave my mother when I was born. He said that she always beheld what she is lovely. Here’s what they had was love And at the moment hanging and no one should.
Both of them for a moment reflected in the dusty depths of the mirror and, without stopping, went into the room that held only Nazia summer when she came to the Pope on vacation. There were still some things needed for life: a narrow steel bed, a table, and on it the mirror, causing no sad thoughts; on the 2-shifted chairs stood suitcase full of clothes, but not yet buttoned at the locks. And another chair, not doing anything, and it can be used for its original purpose, that Lisa did.
She was tired. No, not by running around the cliffs and felling. Here another. As happened if he had to sit out for typesetting machine two shifts in a row, taking orders from the zipper. Or, more precisely, two sessions in the movies until you look — do not notice any sluggishness. And when the light will flash, immediately feel distressed so long to participate in someone else’s life.
Entered Aliyev Karem vest and recalled that the session has not yet ended.
— The fish is brought in, — he said his daughter, — she know what you need.
Lisa and he looked.
— I know all about what it takes  — Said Nazia and warned — for the last time. With this I leave the steamer.
Pulling out his big green shawl, Aliyev began wiping the sweat from his shaved head and a dark complexion.
— Oh, for all you home sick.
— It has long been.
— Mom you tunes. — EQS Lisa small shiny eyes. — Either someone else?
— Itself is all I see. Bakshin why come? What does he want?
— Bakshin — force. What do you know? Think removed it destroyed? End. No! He still rise. He — the owner, a strong hand. Not kill him. See: on your own boat rides to take the case.
— The boat is not it, — said Nazia — Semyon he allowed.
— Approved, and he sits on the rocks. Ha ha!
He laughed triumphantly waving greenish black spots sweat with a handkerchief. Lisa thought he presently began to dance — it was such daring look. Stood at the door, waving a handkerchief and pohohatyval:
— On the Rocks sits on the rocks
Here, Lisa decided that if a person need to insult, but more painfully that just came such moment.
— Not on the rocks — with a vengeance she said, — on the Aliyev rift he sits.
But these words, but even more to cheer him up:
— A-ah, a woman, correct your word!
— Yes, yes! — Exclaimed Nazia, gleaming teeth —  Aliyev did roll, all the way shut the thought. Yes? If you were not my father, I would have said, fool! And now I say, is blind. No, you do not shut the. The dredger will come, and your roll will fly to hell! And here remains. And I’m going to Sosnogorsk, Semyon Ivanovich.


Nazia knew what to do when he comes Bakshin — you need to cook your ear. Particular, Bakshinsky, invented by them. The secret of this soup known only in those houses, which he bestowed his attention. Cook it Nazia learned from their own mothers, and taught her self Bakshin. Ear was produced from 3 kinds of fish and once in a special way to refuel smoked fry, izzharennoy in his rather poor sap. Of the ear, even cooked on a hotplate, acquired taiga smell smoky fire.
Lisa appeared legitimate question:
— Why not just cook on a fire?
— I do not know — Nazia grinned, pouring water in a snow-white basin, where there were medium-sized fishes, sluggishly moving his tails.
Lisa sits on a rock, soaking your feet in lukewarm water. On the other stone Nazia cleaned fish.
— Always cook on a hot plate, and when the plant stands and the current does not, a kerosene stove. And in the winter at the plate.
— Durit it, in my opinion.
Nazia said nothing. Lisa suggested:
— Let me help for you.
— Sit down. Here and one has nothing to do. He says that from Kopchenko smell like fish soup from the guerrilla. He loves to write.
— He was with the partisans? So he’s not old yet? Or old?
— Old? No! Such as Semyon. Two years older. Fibber it.
         — How did he know how smells guerrilla ear?
— From his father. My father was the commander of his guerrilla unit.
— Scion partisan .. — Lisa thought. The scion of a hero can not be a hero. But still this discovery has made a complete revolution in the conception of life Bakshina what happened in her mind. Although she grew up from the age in which they find that the heroes and villains, in any case, in all circumstances and are heroes or villains, but such contradictions she had not expected.
Looking from under the knife fly Merkle tinsel scales, Lisa said in confusion:
— Oh, that’s what did not reflect.
— About Bakshina?
— Yes. And about his father.
— Detachment commander. I beheld card: he filmed dressed in uniform. In! ..
Widely splayed fingers stained with fish scales, Nazia held them from shoulder to shoulder, showing what band decorates orders Bakshinsky uniform.
— Complete a hero.
Blue and white boat sways on the lazy calm wave. Heat. Quiet. Blue curtains tightly drawn and gangway removed.
— Why is the offspring, he could not bring up? — Lisa exclaimed in dismay. — What he’s a hero, if he has such a scion?
Nazia surprise looked at Lisa.
She knew Bakshina evenly and perceived him as he is, without thinking about how it’s the hero’s father grew up such a scion. Because it was not quite clear lysine confusion.
— What is it? — She asked.
— Well, that’s such, hateful people
— It’s not love. Nobody. That is correct —  Nazia confirmed.
— But some some love —  Lisa made her objection.
— Yes. My father. But these are not enough. Now everything is turned away from him, and his father — not. He believes Bakshinu until the end. I have him for it and I can not stand — saying that she can not stand his father, Nazia confusion and smiled, as if apologizing for the apparent discrepancy, confessed — and respect. How’s that?
— I understand — said Lisa. Paused and asked gently, like checking your own thoughts:  —  Bakshina too?
Nimble fingers Nazii stacked pieces of fish in a huge snow-white pot, and all glittered: and wet from the water porozovevshie hands, and clean washed fish pieces, and snow-white enamel pan, and the water in it. And laughter Nazii also shone like water.
— Oh, what we call out! Well, clearly! And Bakshina too. Previously respected.
— Earlier. And now?
— And now realized not respected, but just terrible. And when fear what really respect here.
Lisa agreed — the horror and reverence incompatible.
— No it is not respected, — concluded Nazia. — Well, let’s go. Occupy pelvis.
Taking languid pan with the fish, it quickly went up the hill. Pan on the shoulder, narrow mill slightly curved under the weight, and she, shaking her narrow hips, comes as dancing, beautiful, tanned and easy.


In a large kitchen, where there were not enough things and a lot of hot air, the sun shine, the same was uninhabited emptiness, as well as throughout the house. Scrape clean unpainted floor, a large shelf with utensils of net covered in small-flowered chintz, curtains; at the window table covered with a green oilcloth, and it also flowers.    Any special, cellophane. On the wall clocks, the dial painted with rosebushes, invented specifically for clocks, anywhere else will not find such. Clocks such frivolous and apparently rather weak, hurriedly waving round tin on the wire. One can not believe that their heavy duty entrusted to count the most precious — time clock of our lives.
Lisa asked incredulously:
— Two hours. Is that correct?
— The most accurate time. And these clocks is older than me. Go exactly.
And, as if confirming her words, in the adjoining room, heard two stable chromatic impact. Clear what sort of hanging the clocks: decent, luxury, set in polished wood and bronze. They graciously shake pendulum actuated of scarce non-ferrous metals, and inspire such reverence that anyone and would never doubt their accuracy. This is for you penny clocks with little weights in the form of cones.
But it only seems so. And in fact they all: and these — clocks, and those — a decent, or even the most important — the Kremlin clock — do the same thing: count the fleeting time and suggest the same idea, that it is very fast, it flows.
Lisa, which in his youth years have not yet been characterized by such thoughts, nevertheless said:
— Time is running something like you have time to cook?
— Wait — said Nazia.
She put on a stool electronic tiles included it and approved it on the pan. Another stool was pushed deep into the kitchen, here did not reach the sun’s rays. Lisa sat down and said:
— Heat which must be before the storm
— Will the storm —  Nazia promised.
She went through all the rooms and opened all of which have windows and doors: the porch, in a huge room and another one — to be living there by the owner of the house. Specifically, there could be heard a decent cough expensive watches. And here, in the kitchen, funny and hastily clicked clocks, trying to soften the lonely emptiness of the house and to recall the life that is unimaginable without a soul.
Was there a soul in this house? That soul, which alone unites the family. And does not matter, as it is called love, duty, respect, common cause, common interests — all soul. If there is none, there is no family. Just talked about it and Nazia, continuing the conversation begun by another boat.
— When my father got married, he was an ordinary woodcutter. He was joyful, singing songs. Can you ponder this: Aliyev sang? After all, that’s how. Everyone respected him — the foreman delivered. Go to work — the songs they sing, so the taiga and spreads. And they say: «Here Aliyev, soul-man, his team is.» We then lived in the village, in a dormitory, together with all. And the mother goes out to meet him, and I have her in my arms. And then he took me in his arms and always was: «Wow, oh so I have a daughter one day grew.» He smelled of smoke and tar.
Was in the house the soul — love and respect. This house, however, was not lived in the village, in a dormitory. And the shower walls are not needed. The soul does not live in the walls, and in humans. The house had a soul, and she was gone. How does it happen?
And it told Nazia.
— Began to build a plant, Bakshin — Head of Construction. I then was small and personal, of course, did not understand. Mother said. All read: Bakshin, Bakshin! Because like all around the world and there is only one force that Bakshin. Father in his vtyurilsya as still a woman. He called it «balabos» Tartar is the owner. What balabos utter, then the law. Die, and do it. And these words are too Bakshinsky, their only father and repeated. I once asked my father: «And if all overstrain, to do something, and die early? Then for someone to do? «And he Bakshinsky voice:» For the people. » And so it is always read as if we are not people, and so some detail. And people sits somewhere out there on the sidelines, waiting for when we construct it all. More Bakshin read: «All of us — the cogs of a large machine.» Just think, you — screw! Can you imagine?
— No, — whispered Lisa — suddenly I screwed up somewhere. Or you? No, can not imagine.
— Yes, no one is. Bakshin only and is not himself. We all — the cogs, and he — no. Father, how about these cogs all learned how to become a dog. Started some speech to utter and every other word, «Come on.» All he took over at their own balabosa. Oh, how he disliked working. And we are at the same time too. Mother would come into the store, all in front of her step aside as if it contagious. Well, is not tolerated, and walked away. And I wanted to take, but I did not go. Here — the house.


How Lisa or preparing for a meeting with Bakshinym, no matter how to adjust itself, everything came out suddenly and completely because she meant. She was left in the kitchen alone. Nazia only a minute left in his room to get a tablecloth and severely punished — keep an eye on the soup, so as not scuttled. This, apparently, was very fundamentally, not to perekipela not scuttled, not splashed own most important broth.
With a sense of full responsibility was Lisa, holding at the ready with a towel to stop the fit attempt to escape. It’s obvious — the ear cost of those works that have been spent on it — such of it spread fragrant steam!                 And in addition, Lisa was very hungry.
Even the footsteps in the hall did not distract her attention fully occupied soup, and only when logged greeted it for a moment his eyes off the pan. She could see just entered was a bit much less than it should be an adult, a bit thicker than it should be, dressed in crisp white, and on his feet to a mirror shine polished boots. Nothing generally perceptible.
Only for a moment she tore her eyes away from your own soup, and she like it and waiting: cover famously moved on one side and snow-white foam crept directly on the tile. Lisa instantly forgotten that you need to do here, and it is unclear what it was all over, if not interfered with this, Below. He turned off the tile and snatched Lisa towel, took the pot with tiles.
— Muddler! — He exclaimed, without any anger, as if even with pleasure, and laughed at all of this.
And Lisa was angry and announced:
— Oh, is here! ..
Continuing laudatory chuckle, he pulled the lid tightly on top and still covered neatly rolled-up towel. And all this he came out so adroitly that Lisa loaf: must have this man of the chefs. And physique fit. His face was full, rosy, under the thick folds of the cheeks, as if the second cheek, not a lot of it alone. Sponges are very rosy mouth small imperative. A smirk, despite this, complacent. That’s just my eyes They somehow did not take any role in his grin, or that he was doing. Boring narrow eyes under heavy nabryakshie centuries. Quite like Aliyev. «In his own mind and likeness» likeness? Heavens, yes it’s not whether Bakshin ?!
Sweeping aside all doubts, he watery but perfectly adjusted tenor, which can be from time to time to take and for baritone, began to ask questions:
— And the hosts where? And who are you? Yeah, my friend. Very nice. I Bakshin. Heard, I think? Where are you from?
All this sounded demanding, like down and at the same time fun, and this is why a confused Lisa and angry. She stood among the specialties, all in plain sight: barefoot, disheveled, his face glowing in the eyes of the tears of rage and shame at his own mistake. View unpresentable, feeling even worse. Barely opened her lips, that murmur:
— I’m from the steamer in the shallows.
This answer, and perhaps amused Bakshina Lysine view.
— Yeah! Known for the Aliyev roll. A man came to the history and geography at once.
Folds under the cheeks trembled from non-long chuckle. Lisa  felt   acute   need to speak frankly. Just looking into his eyes, she said:
— Or rather, be referred to Bakshinsky roll.
— Ah well! — Bakshin still pohihikival, but his eyes — Lisa perfectly beheld it — even more narrowed.
And she added:
— Yes, it would be more correct. And for history and general.
Not knowing how deep the idea is currently expressed, and generally further from any thoughts, Lisa a turn to get away and ran into Naziey.
Waving cloth, Nazia said:
— How did you sleep on our shore?
Without answering, Bakshin already without any fun, but with evident astonishment saw Lisa.
— Means for acts Aliyev meets Bakshin to history. You so want to say?
— Said what he wants, — she said.
He approved, trying to give approval caramel indulgence.
— Smart woman. — And, looking at Naziyu grinned: — instruct? Acquainted with the situation?
Throwing a tablecloth on the table, Nazia confirmed:
— And I’m not alone. All they say. And in the newspaper
— That’s right. Information rich. Father where?
— Went with Semyon Ivanovich.
— Where to go to attach?
— Built in? Not yet. Went to the factory.
Bakshin went to the window and looking at the dazzling water, very stretched.
— Molodyashki, want a boat ride?
Nazia questioningly looked at Lisa. That said,
— For what?
Nazia confirmed the question:
— Yes?
— And just like that, without any ideological burden.
— Semyon goes —  Nazia said.
With all of this again, Lisa thought about their own unattractive, as it seemed to her as. «I will go and do the hair though.» Dusty mirror in an adjacent empty room calmed her cheeks glowed very eyes looked almost relaxed, and completely disheveled hair could pass for a very fashionable hairstyle.
In the kitchen rattled boots and heard voices. Semyon and Aliyev spoke of lumber and cubic meters. Lisa did not understand this. But that’s totally understandable Semyon said:
— Misbehave for you will not allow.
— You’re my vinyl that I was in command of disobeying me lesouchastka. And he? Where is the logic?
Semyon has brought clarity:
— The logic is that I did not command, and demand. These suppliers. Leave us without the material will not allow anyone. Sabotage, too.
— What is a bad word said —  stuck Aliyev.
— I went to you, Aliyev, for a beer. I’m on a boat in the refrigerator.
Must have gone Aliyev, as Semyon said quietly:
— I’m asking you: in my instructions do not interfere.
— Well, — answered lazily Bakshin. — Storm will. You something in my intervened.
— I have worked with you. Do you think this boat can pull off the ship afloat? After the rain, the water will rise.
— I do not know. It never occurred. Not for its intended use. Boat somewhere. Tug on it is.
— Tug I called. Here Aliyev barge laden stuck. Tug it will take. A ship can be myself. Push the boat only.
— Well, after all. Pull. Boat. If not sorry.
Lisa all the same decided to comb my hair and went to the room Nazii, where there was a spotless mirror and comb.
As she finished combing entered Nazia.
— All gathered. Went to dinner. Chair grasp. Well, as for you Bakshin? What do you use your loaf when it saw? And so, at once, that thoughts?
Lisa honestly:
— And do not think about. Just confused.
— Yeah. And I do too. I did not even find out. He did not become such. Not per se, as usual. And, you know, he realizes that it is not such, as usual, but does not want others to have seen it.
— How is it? — Did not realize Lisa.
And Nazia, somehow childish annoyed that it does not understand, when everything is so simple, waved his hand:
— Oh, so this is for you You’re on the gravel with bare feet walked ever?
— Stroll. Not very nice.
— You see and realized — Nazia happy because so deftly able to explain everything. — He strolled without boots on the gravel and go, so no one thought of how he evil, and that all thought that he does not care. Brave.
— That’s because it was taken off from work?
— And therefore, of course. And the main thing that put seeds Ivanovic. «The boy.» This Bakshin so called it. Many times I have heard. He dad read: «The boy still very hot, well, nothing ever vsyp on the rump, calm down. A good engineer will. » And suddenly he himself thrashed. A boy in his place. That’s why he does not own.
Completely satisfied with this explanation, Lisa asked about Emelyanova how he feels. How do they feel both? Nazia laughed:
— Standing at the window. Both. Discussions are to be storm or not. Two captains. With this kind of discussions are, as if a thunderstorm had their permission requests rattle slightly


With a chair in the hands of Lisa went into the kitchen. There all was ready for dinner desks pushed into the middle, and it placed the plates and glasses. Of course, all the questions about the storm has already been resolved, as the dark cloud of freely crawls over the mountains, taiga, clouding the gaping sky. The kitchen was dusk and so painfully and silently, anxiously, as usually happens before the storm. In the corner, under the supervision of Aliyev Emelyanova Bakshina and the sweat of labored over bottles of beer. Both Chief — old and new — were now backs to the window and with exaggerated enthusiasm watched fly from bottles iron caps. Black face Aliyev exaggerated efforts bead covered later. And all three were delighted exaggerated lysine come.
Emelyanov elevation asked:
— Wow! And you’re here? Good for you! You know each other?
Bakshin, not without lifting, said:
— Yeah, like, met. Smart woman.
Aliyev said nothing, he just smiled and, taking a green handkerchief, wiped his sweaty face.
Not knowing what it comes so blessed all three, Lisa cringed. Putting in place a chair, she firmly grabbed his back. Bakshin also came from the other side of the table, too, put his hands back in his chair and began to enthusiastically report to Lisa, and perhaps Emelyanov which grows combat youth. No, it’s okay, we at one time, too But still, having no experience, no awards can be often look back on those who have it and can share, instruct, so to speak, by the way.
Emelyanov Bakshinym agree with, but somehow not very seriously. He even pohihikival, and Lisa is immediately noted. She listened silently, thinking has a right, not owning any experience or awards, to join the duo, accompanied by really quite ominous theatrical effects. While it was still to come: the thunder still pogromyhival gradually, trying his percussion instruments, and lightning included somewhere on the distant plan has faded green own light.
Lisa listened and wondered how it could agree with Emelyanov Bakshinym. It absolutely was about to add to the conversation and own contribution, but she interrupted. Misha went chauffeur boat with wet hair from bathing, very fresh, untainted, shaved. And Nazia commanded:
— Hurry to the table — perestoit same ear!
The conversation at the time of drowning: their seats, sweetens a cool beer, assisted each other little services for the transmission of the bread, bottles filled with plates, unanimously praised by the hostess. Nazia with dignity, listened to all the praise and recalled that it was only a performer, but there is still and the creator of this masterpiece.
— My job malehankih. And who taught?
She looked at Bakshina, he raised his glass. There was a reverent pause, and Aliyev, who actually said nothing more in the presence of superiors, decided to fill this pause. And because apart from all the beer he had enough grief besides vodka, pause was filled with such a saying:
— Right said. Stepan Osipovich train. This is an example and imitation. And who needs the beauty and the like excesses
— For you to Aliyev, nap —  recommend Bakshin.
Moved overbearing concern, Aliyev suffered something really quite incredible about no visible world and trivial for him, Aliyev Bakshinsky advantages.
— Go to sleep! — Wincing ordered Bakshin — go, go
Nazia grinned. The voice of her sounded particularly sharply.
— And why for you not to like? Previously heard


Bakshin still pinned his hopes that he will finish this conversation, get out jokes, of which he was the master and who constantly rescued it. He knew that the unpretentious, saltier than the joke, the more trouble-free its action. In view of the audience, naturally.
Ordinary eyes looked Bakshin your audience. Who is here? Whom do you want to conquer: Emelyanova? While keeping quiet, abstain from discussions on the merits. Naziyu? Just another flash, make some noise and goes out. Bear? The driver? Well, this is always for the one who carries, and so valuable. This friend, Lisa, was it? Her eyes dashing. Capable of madness. They are currently capable of.
He smiled a smirk perfectly assimilated human usual placid, all inclined to understand and forgive. Raising his glass, condescendingly quoted:
— «I sit between the boys crazy eh, I’m your stargazing!»
But now, he miscalculated. He just did not realize that his appeal did not go away from him, not from his personal advantages, but only on its position. It seems to be due to him for the staffing. The appeal of his official position, the highest post. But at the moment he was not the boss.
This stone cast concrete Bear. Wanting to support the ailing quote, he thereby pushed stumbled chief:
— «I surrender my dreams.»
Had again complacent smile and play nice surprise:
— Oh! It is true! Look, a mechanic, knows! A?
No one smiled. Nazia hostile asked:
— You is breathtakingly?
A teddy bear is already not hesitate:
— «I say, will fly the years, and how many here can not see us, we all Let us go down»
— You see, — laughed Nazia — mechanic knows, and you do not. Yes it if you wish, and he writes poetry.
Bear flushed.
Thunderstorm approaching unavoidable: she burst into the open windows thunder, lightning flash, cool grace, clicked on something got serious and rare drops of rain. And suddenly it became quite black with at one point flown tornado. All mixed up, clapped windows.
— Windows, windows! All glass vyhleschet! — Nazia yelled, jumping up from the table.
She ran away into the next room. Bear, as the wind picked up, disappeared right behind her, and came back just as quickly as if it is the same wind and issued. Nazia did not allow jokes.
All were very happy that we can finish the conversation, which spontaneously appeared at the table, and from which there was nothing to wait for, apart from mutual reproaches, may be fair, but the belated and therefore worthless.
The kitchen had two windows, which rushed Semyon and Lisa. While they were catching sash, taking them from being enacted wind, the rain brought down on his hands and on their faces languid cold streams. Lisa laughed and always said, «What the rain! Ah! Here is a storm! «And here  more teddy bear, which has not got a window, they desired to promote. And in fact only made it difficult, but exalted shouted in his ear:
— That gives! .. This is so giving! ..
All exchanged exclamations sonorous and does not pretend to any sense, apart from ecstasy. Nothing is so effective in the healthy person, as a clash with the forces of nature.
Streams of rain on the windows quickly rushed down, filling the kitchen flowing green gloom. Created memory uncontrollable flight, especially when the crackling of thunder all trembled, and underfoot hesitated floor.
Of adjoining rooms Nazia returned. Shaking hands and hair drops rain, she flew into the kitchen and there in the darkness came upon something huge and motionless.
— Oh! — Low and loud voice exclaimed she, — stands here as a monument!
Bakshin majestic, snow-white and rose above mute Aliyev asleep, sprawled on the table, as his shadow. Lightning! Monument dazzling shone as if with a foiled covered his canvas. Despite the solemnity of the moment, there was absolutely too irreverent laughter. Before disrespectful that Bakshin also decided to laugh. It would be better if he would join. And he’d better sit down. But all this did not change anything — there are some monuments and chairs. He did not realize.
— See what I wiggled my brain? — Still laughing and taking the time to express all until it rages exalted courage, said Nazia — I thought for: nobody will want to be you. Not a single person.
Lightning! Bakshin flared up and went out. Waited until grohnet and crumble thunder. Sits. Expects. As if a storm of applause waits. In the end it all ended, and he asked:
— Who is us? I do not understand.
Fearing like Nazia not confused, Lisa hurried to her aid:
— Well here are not aware of?
Nazia but not lost:
— All clear. No one will say: «I want to be Bakshinym. Either Aliyev. » Not a single person. Everybody wants to be Gagarin, Ulanova, Ziganshin.
— Yeah, thank you, explained to — Bakshin grumbled, rubbing his thick hand under the thick folds of her cheek. — All thanks to you, it is clear
Quiet. And the rain lashed and thunder, though, and in the distance, but pogromyhivaet, and all thought that came silence when asked Bakshin:
— But before something, did not dare to say so?
— Do not dare to — willingly agreed Nazia.
— That’s right. And now you can. Now I am not only lazy banging. — His eyes under nabryakshie centuries braked. Here it is a well-known hard Bakshinsky eyes. — Well, go ahead, go ahead! All go ahead! Pile on!
Here Nazia confused. And the eyes and cries. But Aliyev destroyed stupor. Conventional ear catching overbearing appeal, he gathered all the forces in order to selflessly mutter: «Come on!» — Then quite feeble and pokorlivo again, like a shadow, spread at the foot of his own monument.
— And for great things though not removed from the work —  said Lisa.
— Yes! — Triumphantly grabbed Nazia — right! I thought so before, but you feared. It’s only now I realized. And all thought that I respect you. And it was a horror, and not reverence.
— Come on, — Bakshin growled, trying to give his words though         any color scheme indulgence. He turned away from the women, cut off from their own broad back. Oh, how many camouflaged behind this back? And people and businesses. And he covered. And at the moment? He was keenly felt at the moment, which is unreliable barrier if you want to cover up the most: the back, which had lost credibility.
Turning away from the women, faced with «that boy» — the new owner of the taiga building. Nodded behind his back:
— Personnel
Semyon just agreed:
— Yes.
— Your staff?
— My — confirmed Semyon, so that you do not learn, it amuses him or sad.
To clarify Bakshin saw:
— And I do not envy you for …
— You think I’m jealous?
How. So for you, and believe. Bakshin laughed again:
— «I’m sitting between boys eh» Yes. And for you not think of that a lot of them are very, these young men
Semyon smiled
— No, it did not come.
— Well, clearly. You and myself that I can remember, even read.
— I remember. How is it — what?
Not responding to an idle question, Bakshin encouraged:
— Naplacheshsya them.
— That’s certainly! — Without a shadow of sadness, as if even with pleasure agreed Semyon. — And they’re with me. Mutual love.
— They still vsyp for you, these young men and maidens.
— And I told them.
Brave? No, Bakshin like whatever he was excited, could not have suspected Seeds Ivanovic hypocrisy. He never brave. Just a matter of fact a brave  and conscientious. Fought against Bakshina honestly. «I’m going to you.» Not considered Bakshin that said it was serious. Laughed: entered boy showered. Who declares war today? Objectionable to the enemy, and even more so, if he is the boss, you need to chew with a grin, to not think of. To suddenly remembered the time of chivalry gone. Bakshin realized it in time. And take into account. And manage. There was no mistake. And there is something missed — new time has come. But such times, young, conscientious, courageous. Courage something Bakshin never differed. Appreciated it not for the courage and completely for other properties for something that is not talked and sang. Give orders, and offer. And here: «I’m going to thank you!» Yes. I would reveal to you earlier. Before? .. And now all go «for you», even these girls.
— Love? Chatter — grumbled Bakshin —  do not bring it up to no good.
Without hunting, like performing an unpleasant duty, Semyon asked
— Maybe the closure of the debate?
— From the conversation did not go away.
— Well, if you think so What do you want?
— I wish you to understand.
— 5 years I have been under your control. It is time to find out.
Bakshin admitted with a sigh:
— I think so too. But how do you have left? You do podsidel you dumped me, you yourself in my place offered. Right?
Semyon too sighed and said:
— That’s right: fighting against your inactivity, your headed for retirement and are willing to take your place. Willingly. Volunteered.
Trying to think about the essence of the spoken, Bakshin decided to start from far away, from the very first of their meeting.
— And remember, you came on the scene shy, obedient executive. And he gave me a new diploma. «Great» diploma. I have such had never happened.
— Do you? — Of course, Semyon was also not averse to remember something. — You did not have. You’re the offspring of «himself» Bakshina! You and with his «mediocre» diploma moved out of my father’s car but right in their individuality. In some places I’ve read about one old soldier. He had somehow together with her son to spend the night under the open sky in the winter. Scion instead of pillows under his head snowball. Father stood up, kicked his leg out from under someone’s head and said sternly: «Throw these tenderness, son.» Grown son, a worthy father.
— Yeah, — grumbled Bakshin — entertaining.
— Yes. And under that you always softer peddling. And immediately after graduation in the heads.
— Me? Immediately! Just note to comply with the truth, my father is not very spoiled: the car that’s right, from time to time give. Rarely. And what about the mission to promote. Moscow shoved into the forest. Usefulness to me more than people. My father was, you know, with the standards. From the pension refused. On the individual. Of the Union: «Why, if I can still work?» I’ve heard this old word — «ideal»?
— Have you heard this old word. People as the standard for evil walked. Thy father, for example. Previously would have uttered about him — «holy».
Bakshin stretched and yawned:
— Lord, have mercy! That you enlighten me? The sanctity of this comes from his old age.
— And what you said at the moment, it’s from meanness.
Bakshin not offended. Rubbing his hand under his cheek folds, he grinned:
— I’ve heard from you and not someone else.
— Old age comes when a person stops taking new. Father older than you. And you’re just older.
— Heard heard. You’re as came immediately climbed into the hassle.
— No. At first I was in for you with complete confidence. As my age and that of the chief of construction!
Saying this, Semyon more turned to the girls, who sat on the windowsill, like inviting them to take part in the conversation.
— I am to you for the full respect. Have you looked at my «excellent» diploma and shoved me, an engineer on the construction of any temporary housing. There technique and some do nothing, but I thought about it with reverence, «Then it must be so.» And the thing I went.
— The thing you have gone great. And are you attracted to me! Energy, fiction, techno roughness and straightness. Guy is crazy.
— Straight and you just could not stand. Upsetting enough rudely insulting. This is, in general, your style — people despise.
— Such is the style. Correctly. I thought to tame you. Your energy, your dedication. I would have said — your love for the cause. I’d even said — standards! That’s why I will not eat at once, but rather promoted. But he could be free to write and cones — scram wherever you want. And I miss you did not want. In vain! And now — you have become the enemy. How did it happen? This time I missed. I have to for you then used as a radiculitis. Ponoet, I think, well, finished. He would know, since I for you in advance head turned. Overlooked. Here now and bite your elbows.
Bakshin desperately slapped bootleg own boot, but Semyon comforted him:
— No, you are not overlooked. Time is not something that the head turns away. How much you suffered? How much for your sins forgiven? All wondered: Bakshin — he experienced, he strong, it will be reconstructed. And you saw nothing. All continued by inertia reap. And it went all the worse, because something good workers who did not respond to you, you broke up. And yes of sycophants obedient to Thy will, not really enough.
— All this is correct. And refreshing. As a newspaper editorial.
— The conversation I did not start.
— I started. And it is not in order to highlight — a careless gesture toward youth — for posterity the history of our struggles. Broken not adore these memoirs. I just wish to clarify two things. Two questions.
— Well, come on.
— Come on. Question first: go back to the starting point of our conversation. You dumped me. Okay, okay, headed for removal. And here, almost himself announced his candidacy. And somehow it turned out that no one, even I have not had an idea that this is careerism. All the signs are there. And no one thought to even. What’s the deal here? Can you explain.
— Certainly, the thing is, — said Semyon —  I’m not a careerist, and it all figured out. But I — the person concerned. Well, you do not you build houses for the people, for their own bloated authority. And, of course, for you soon tired of this self-service. Only satisfy their own interests — the same sweet lesson how to suck your finger quickly bored.
Bakshin nodded his head in a symbol that he was satisfied with the answer.
— All that I have heard from you. Both in form and in substance.
— So in fact nothing has changed in our relationship. Either in form or substance.
— Question number two, — said loudly Bakshin. — How all this will have a look Asya V.?
— And this firmly in mind, and come to the conclusion — strongly warned Emelyanov — do without your role.


Meanwhile, a thunderstorm rolled somewhere further into the forest, and mighty stream of light broke through the clouds of hot and went rasshvyrivat them in all directions.
Maid slipped out of the kitchen, went down to the river. Arm in arm, walked along the shore, splashing through the water barefoot feet.
— For you it does not sorry? — Lisa asked.
— Who? Bakshina? In any way.
In speaking about compassion, Lisa did not put a swing all that has been manufactured Bakshinym. She just inspected himself. She herself did not see when it’s at it there was a need to inspect their attitude towards people. For sure, it started with days when she, not understanding, hurt Igor. Lesson for life. But she guessed about it only at the moment. This unexpected discovery raised to respect for your own sake.
— But maybe it has something to it? Not all of it bad?
But Nazia still divided the world not only for poor or bad. Mid did not recognize. Because she confidently replied:
— As parts of regret can not be that something is not bad to regret something bad to scold.
Letting his hand, which she obymala lysine waist, Nazia braked, pulled away from Lisa and walked out of the water from the rain speckled sand. She looked long at Lisa, before asking:
— You want me to do something for you to say? Only for you. Mom would not say that.
Lisa thought for: conversation is, of course, love.
They had reached a greenish cape, stands up to him, and uzreesh roll and ship it. But Nazia took Lisa aside, here under Krucha is helped mined sand, causing over time formed sufficiently deep cave. It was warm and dry. Climbing into one of these caves, the girls settled comfortably on the sandy ledges.
Thin arms wrapped around his knees tanned, Nazia whispered what one would expect:
— I got a crush without memory.
And guess who is also a snap. And a crush — too.
— In Seeds Ivanovich?
— Yes. How did you find out?
— Well, it’s easy.
— It has long been loved. Did not know him, had never beheld, and already adored. Wondered what he was an unusual man, if not the most balabosa fears. As seen, then immediately realized — love.
No, it is something not just girly.
— Nazia, you went scrip.
— Naturally. And maybe not. Why?
And the truth, why? How to explain? But Lisa remembered everything that is not so long ago listened to myself, all this wisdom from the home of the chest: smells like mothballs, but still nothing, still do. Lisa, they are not affected. Her love unfettered: both young and free. But here
— For you how much? — Lisa put forward first and still not the main argument. — How much to him? You use your loaf!
— I do not care.
— It is twice older than you. No, it’s unreal!
— May be. This is Lisa, it may very well be.
Lisa agreed. The difference in years — not so bad. But most importantly — he’s married!
Nazia hot, as if it was an argument in its favor, confirmed that yes, of course. Wife — Asya Vladimirovna. Surgeon in Sosnogorskaya clinic. Lovely.
— And she does not love him, and he did not.
— No one can know — conviction saw Lisa.
— Everybody knows.
— It is a shame about this read to everyone.
— With no one I do not speak. They say to me — I’m listening. Listen to something you can?
Against that Lisa did not object. Last night on the deck guitarist, who was chief of construction. And his sadness. And the remark about the music: «As it were easy, if I had been making music» And he does not want that simple. He needs something that is tough and it is more useful to people. Not everyone understands this: «There is one person in the world,» Yes. There. Nazia argues that the wife does not like him. Maybe she is the one who does not believe. Then, right Nazia, then she does not like. When love — believe.
Lisa said, a phrase that is not amazed Naziyu she was convinced that Lisa is clear.
— Of course, — said Lisa, — if he was a musician, it would have been even easier.
In the twilight of the cave eyes twinkled Nazii.
— Ah well! He said for you! ..
Lisa hurried to reassure Naziyu:
— Nothing, he did not tell me. She guessed.
— Itself? How’s that? I would never have to guess. We get together in the evening at the hostel. Girls. And here is all about all discuss. And yet — you just anyone — I’m in the evenings to him under the window ran to hear him play the piano. Tucked under the window in the snow and listen. Barely audible. And I though it were so. Have sacrificed everything and not leaving. And I’m afraid that no one saw. After all, what will happen then! Oh, what am I to do something ?!
All this was set out on a hot breath. As if choking, escaped from the mountain to the river and are braked in hesitating to rush? not?
— Throw it out of my head —  recommended Lisa herself doubting the correctness of his own advice.
— No!
— A spouse? All of you talking, he does not like. He loves her. And it is.
— Oh, no. Dislikes! She believes that he is a musician, he has ruined your own talent in this building. She tries to have him removed from his job. And Bakshina requested by. If they did not care who adore? Musician he or builder.
Well, and it all became clear. Lisa sighed deeply and triumphantly. All she realized. All he said yesterday and read that now. Adore only what is worthy of love. And it is not so simple. For this love must be fought with all, and if necessary, and with the best friend. For all that truly love, you need to beat. Everything is simple and clear. So she said Nazii, almost exactly repeating the words that she heard yesterday on the deck.
All this Nazia listened as diligent schoolgirl. Smiled thoughtfully. Simply said.
— I do not know, maybe so. I’m a stupid, sure.
Similarly, Lisa: initially did not realize came evenly. When he said this? Yesterday? And, it seems that many years have passed. Not so little she found out for this one day only. Love, vocation, work. Once all this is inseparably taken, makes a strong happiness. So, he said. And is it right? Maybe one is enough love to come and everything else needed for complete happiness?
Sat up in his own cave, swing, blinked steamer. As promised, Semyon, after a rain from the mountains rolled down so much water that for any hour of the river level rose immediately, and the ship without outside help starred afloat. Pogudel, of course, to the order of, well, go for yourself.
Liza at the time justified the Nazii as it should be done away with her enthusiasm and the sooner the better. Nazia only sighed, and it was quite obvious that now it does not agree with Lisa.
— Razgudelsya — Lisa said about the steamer. — What is it?
— This is it for now go away! — Opamyatovalas Nazia. — Run! But as long as they got out of the cave until reached the mound, they have only to look and change in this regard my observations:
— It’s funny how the ship from afar — small.
— Yeah. And what a great smoke. Funny.
Later, they decided that there is not a lot of fun. A terrible and less. Just think, the event: behind. Yes steamers here almost every day. And then on a barge can. It would be possible, and on a boat, alone No, it is better on a barge. A curious Semyon left or stayed the same?
All their doubts resolved Bear: ran to him and cried:
— They are all along the coast seek out! Go, go! ..
The same is said to them and Semyon, just quiet. And he added:
— An hour later, be prepared. Aliyev, I went to the warehouse. Catch up!
Aliyev’s head sticking out of the water near the boat. He bathed, shaking off a hangover. That moved to the shore, growing out of the water — large, fluffy, frowning.
— Uncle Chernomor! — Bear laughed.
Looks like it. Just as if a fabulous guy lost all of their own heroes, and at the same time heroic armor — such he was discouraged look.
Nazia clicked:
— I’m leaving!
He did not answer.
An hour later, when Nazia Lisa left the house, Aliyev stood at the gangway and frowned slushival as Semyon read.
— Tug come at dawn. Look to ship without a break. Both the barge.
Aliyev listened, looking at the windows of the cabin. His daughter he never looked. Transmitting own bag Mishka, she said the pope:
— Do you hear me, come, I’ll wait.
Silence, heavy Bakshinsky. Nazia asked:
— Will you come?
Splashing out on the sand a little wave, boat earned screw and began to unfold.
— Farewell, my father!
He  waved  hand  and  not  looking back, walked along the shore, pushing deep into the sand languid boots. Nazia laughed:
— Arrive. Thoughtful become. Come, will not go anywhere.
Wind rolled through the tiny deck patting taut tent. And Lisa, he patted on the back foot. She was alone on the deck, Nazia has risen to Mishka the wheelhouse, Semyon went to the salon to Bakshinu.
Gurgling and splashing in the cold water, and the boat pierces her and rushes forward. And what lies ahead? Gaping distance. And for that turn? Newcomer distance. And besides, there is not yet seem Pine Mountain. And then what? What awaits her in a very strange town of the taiga? But the ship and when she first got to him, too, seemed quite alien. She even wanted to be alone, so alone find solace. It took less than two days are, and the steamer was not to be a stranger, and there were friends, and even friends.
And now — she was surprised it said — now she does not care how it come across Igor. And come across it at all. Basically, what he was, that she loves him, he showed her the way to the unknown world, where already see what his «gold» character.
Evening approached. Dali did not shine and lasted blue mist. Gone solar paint shed sky, and with it a special, fragile precision cut out any branch. There was a snowy night.
Pritushennoy of fog gave rise to speak and to approach any new unheard rebirth irrepressible human thought. At its base, of course, was the ship: sailing, and he pipe and smoke and lights, reddish and greenish, like a steamer. But above it all towered something I do not quite similar to the ship — some wheels, farm railing. A man who could come up with it, just read a lot of science fiction. About Mars something nibudt.
Boat briefly revanul siren and fearlessly went straight to the black mass of the Martian steamer. And he answered briefly and complacent boomed.
Ran Nazia:
— Do not zakolela yet? You see, the dredger. There is a roll to clear the Aliyev.
Boat basement to the most powerfully board snoring monster, from which, as from a living, went good heat, smells oil. Boots clattering on the steel deck, ran sailor. He deftly caught a Chalke thrown him Naziey nose cutters.
Lisa crushed to his chest suddenly poholodevshie palms Igor? All around and swayed for a moment dissolved in milk snowy night. No. Just very similar. He held out his hand to help Semyon up on deck of the dredger. Now it is clear: it is not, and does not look like. Just some other. Guy is crazy. Now this is clear.
— Clear? — Demanded Semyon, invisible in the middle of any product on the deck of the dredge.
Replied Basistyi voice:
— Clear-clear. On the stand and to head.
— Heading! And inspire? Bear in mind and remember: not enough to be a head case, you need to be and his soul! Then everything is without error.
Soon he returned. Boat again flew into the snow-white dusk northern night.
— At the moment, to catch up with the ship, — said Emelyanov, sitting on the sofa in front of  Lisa — and at dawn — Pine Mountain.

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