Three Anniversaries Anosov in one year

 Three Anniversaries Anosov in one year    Until now, all encyclopedias indicate incorrect date of birth of Pavel Petrovich Anosov famous Ural metallurgy, unravel the mysteries of receipt of damask steel and forging of her sharp blades. Only recently, scientists and historians of Chrysostom found in the State Archive of the Tver region metric Pavel Anosov, where was listed his date of birth: June 29, 1796 (New Style July 10), and not 1799, as noted so far in the past references. He was born in Tver in the family of office of the Secretary Pyotr Vasilievich Anosov and not in St. Petersburg, as previously thought. His father PV Anosov (1764-1809 gg.) From 1806 he served as an advisor to the Perm Mining Administration. After the death of his father, Paul Anosov raised in a family relative, a mechanic. Kama plants VF Sabakin, who defined it in 1810 to the Mining Cadet Corps.

    After graduating from the Mountain Corps Anosov was sent to serve in Zlatoust mining district, which included the then iron-smelting and iron works: Zlatoust factory white (cold) weapons Satkinsky, Kusa and Artinsky and Miass gold mines and a copper smelter Miass.

    Mountain figure, a metallurgist and geologist, engineer and inventor, Paul Petrovich nearly thirty years working in the Urals. In 1819 he was appointed superintendent of the Zlatoust arms factory "are finished on the decorated weapon". In 1824 he became manager of the weapons factory, and in 1829 as assistant director. In the spring of 1831 "for a great zeal for the service, and improve product Armory factory" Anosov was promoted to the rank of seventh grade, and soon appointed mining manager at Zlatoust factory. Gold was his direct responsibility for Miasskoe fishery zolotopromyvochnaya machine of its design. And in 1838 he discovered a method of melting gold sands in a blast furnace! In the experimental blast furnace exit gold was 28-fold higher than in normal washing of the gold sand. However, the inventor has not waited on the financial support of officials of the capital, and that ended with a golden iron smelting.

Three Anniversaries Anosov in one year    Back in 1827 Anosov applied to Artinskaya factory new quenching method braid, which upon heating in a stream of cooled air. Two years later he was made a method braid 50-Lithuanians. Test them in hay confirmed the high quality processing. Artinskaya spit at the first World Exhibition in London (1851) received the Medal of Honor. However Artyah failed to produce large volumes of much-needed tools for peasant country and expel them expensive Austrian scythes. With the departure of Anosov Altai, place the new service on Artinskaya factory moved to the old mode of production braid vyvarnoy syrodutnyh steel instead of cast and quenched in oil produced. There was a lot of marriage, braids have become expensive, Plant reduced their dressing. But about three million braid Russia annually purchased in Austria, spending it on more than 3 billion. Rubles.

    The most famous achievement was the discovery of a metallurgist damask technology, suitable primarily for the production of knives to the Russian army. He restored the method of producing Damascus steel and described it in his work "About Bulat" (1841, awarded the Review Commission Demidov Prize). Anosov empirically achieved manufacturing ductile Damascus steel, cast Damascus steel and cast steel, Russian Weapon of Damascus steel shone at the World Exhibition in London. Here District Zlatoust plant represented the most extensive exposure in the Russian section of the entire list of items takes 11 large-format pages. Exhibited here and vyvarnaya steel, is used for the manufacture of braids and drovoreznyh saws. Zlatoust arms factory showed crude and vyvarnuyu steel for the manufacture of various tools and metalworking saws, blades, white arms, paramedic tools, dies for the mint, welding damask To decorate the Asian weapons, cast damask.

Three Anniversaries Anosov in one year    Russian damask on display represented by the Assistant Anosov caster NP Shvetsov. The British, he said, decided to test the Russian fortress of blades, cut them in English. At the notch remained in Russian only a speck. British bent Russian blade in an arc, he straightened up without a trace of bending.

    Speaking of the famous Zlatoust Bulat, English "Morning Post" noted that "the remarkable success of this sector of Russian industry, no doubt, can be attributed to the high quality steel consumed".

    PP Anosov, ending his essay "About Bulat"With the hope wrote: "Our farmers will cultivate the land of Damascus guns, our craftsmen fabricate its products damask tools".

    Contemporaries noted the exceptional human qualities Pavel Petrovich Anosov. When zlatoustovtsy learned that their chief mountain transferred to Siberia, grief was universal. Gathered to see him off the entire population of the factory settlement.

    In the four-plus years superior Altai factories and civilian governor of Tomsk, as well as Acting Governor-General of Western Siberia Anosov done a lot for the development of industries in the region. On the road from Tobolsk to Tomsk, Omsk and then Pavel Petrovich was caught by a strong Buran with hard frosts. Sleigh, in which he was traveling overturned. The brutal cold has caused a protracted illness, which led to the death of 25 May 1851 in Omsk.

    In 2001, celebrated three memorable date Anosov one year:

    205 years since the birth of the newly acquired date, 160 years since the publication of the main work of the scientist and metallurgist, the 150th anniversary of the death. Name of a remarkable Russian mining engineer left a bright trace in the three centuries of the history of metallurgy in the Urals.

    Recently, in the Urals town of Zlatoust, the formal establishment of the historic center for the production of the famous steel engraving. This decision was made governor of Chelyabinsk region P. Sumin. Chrysostom is defined as a place of national art crafts metal processing. Until the end of this year, it is assumed here to create an artistic center that will deal with the problems of preserving the traditions and promoting the ancient fishing Zlatoust engraving on domestic and foreign markets.

N. Mezenin.

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