Three hospitals junior sergeant Hope Korchemkina

     In a large, formal, stories of victory over fascism Nizhny Tagil is best known as the creator of the indestructible T-34 tank. Meanwhile, through the war years our town honorably served and the most peaceful, the most humane mission: treating the wounded! Hospitals were deployed in such schools as №1, 23,33, that Вые, №18, 6 and motels "Rush". The memory of that time and his men carefully preserved in the museums of the school.

    "TR" decided to turn to one of the direct participants in the events of those years Hope Nikonovna Ovchinnikova, the technologist-radiographer very first in Nizhny Tagil evacuation hospital №26-50, located in the school №23.

    In fact, about the hospital more than I told you to Anastasia Pavlovna Bushueva, made a reservation at a meeting Hope Nikonovna. Anastasia worked there until the end of the war, and I only until September 1943, until I was called to the front.

    War Hope caught when she worked as a nurse in the third city hospital. Prior to that, she studied at the medical school, but in 1940 it became a paid training and Verkhoturye girl was forced to leave school, but not with medicine. Sister has attached it to the X-ray room 3rd city. The war, however, quickly things changed. Laboratory Technician X-ray cabinet Mitya Chelisheva immediately sent to the front. And Nadia, left alone, was ordered to immediately undergo a three-month courses in radiology, open specifically for the needs of hospitals. Three-month does not mean easy. Hope exams handed in Sverdlovsk Medical Institute. And the next day Hospital, chief who was appointed chief physician of the third hospital Grigory Fyodorovich Plotko.

    X-ray room was on the first floor is equipped with a brand new school then tells Hope Nikonovna next to plaster and dressing. The second and third floor housed the surgical department. First patients from the battlefields of Smolensk and Moscow, were very heavy. To us came mostly with injuries of hands, legs, lower back. These patients, and we are brought to the station or to the High Mountain Station. Many, if not most, could not walk. How much litter we Shvareva Nastya (Anastasia Pavlovna Bushuyeva), who worked in the dressing room, peretaskali not count. Happened that night from the hospital took tier 30-40 wounded. Generally for unloading trains with the wounded at any time of the day checking out almost all of the staff of the hospital. And he Gregory F. Plotko too. What it was a responsible and sincere person! He was loved by all and the hospital staff and patients. By becoming the chief of the hospital and was chief surgeon Sergey Botas. Him in the hospital, too, loved.

    To me, a young employee, when required to resolve any dispute, always treated not only as Nadia, recalls Nadezhda Nikonovna. Well, so what it was a surgeon doctor grace of God! On account of his tens, hundreds of lives saved.

    As archival documents, from 1941 to 1945, Sergey Botashev son Chernoistochinsk forester and amateur artists Tagil factory theater, performed 1,600 operations difficult, and all with a great result.

    To fully experience the atmosphere of the time, and turn to the content of the museum school №23.

    "Patients received from the front sometimes with pediculosis hands and feet under the cast, because on the front of the unsanitary conditions when not enough wool, moss and disinfected between the bandage was applied to the wound, says Nina Timofeevna Vandysheva. I remember one 17-year-old boy who asked me to, I showed his parents a cemetery in our city, when he dies, because parents do not know where in the cemetery Tagil. He really died two days later".

    What could the hospital workers who lived on work days, helped the students: take the wounded, doing simple dressings, wrote letters for the wounded, and brought them to the book, and, of course, were the soldiers of the concerts, lifting their spirits and spirit. In this lesson has not been canceled, however, had to learn a completely different location in an old two-story wooden building in the street Taghilsky kriul. "Children themselves chopped wood, stoked the furnace itself, were all starving. Our good teacher Taisa Makarovna Karamysheva died from dystrophy" string of memories graduate school 23 minutes Zinaida Antonovny malyshevoy

Three hospitals junior sergeant Hope Korchemkina

The staff of the hospital school №23, 1943

    Boyna over! These words are indescribable joy Hope Nikonovna heard early morning of May 9, 1945, in Germany, in Insterburg.

    We radiologist Major medical service Antonina Ivanovna Kibovsky still asleep when this message to our room literally flew orderly Lenya, former our wounded, says Nadezhda Nikonovna. Soon, the entire staff of our hospital №24724 poured on the field, and in honor of the Victory we had a great gymnastic festival.

    Hospital, Hope which took place before the end of the war, was fully formed and staffed in Nizhny Tagil. More than 100 people. A train with his hozblok, kitchen, x-ray equipment and other things! And even with a drove of horses. Spas-Demensky district of Smolensk region, Smolensk then, Vilna, Vitebsk, Orsha, Kenigsberg, Insterburg is that, in brief, the traveler’s itinerary.

    Hospitals near the front smashed scary even remember: with aircraft and artillery, says veteran Labour 3rd City Hospital Hope Nikonovna. And most of the night. Smolensk, for example, because he was burning from the bombing! From hospitals remain one of the funnel. And our standing on the edge, too, was the route guidance, but the enemy was unable to convert. About nine o’clock in the morning I went to turn on the instrument elektrodvizhok. Across the street from the hospital field in which a woman herding a cow. It all happened in a matter of seconds before my eyes. A powerful bomb blast and a huge hole instead of the field hospital survived a miracle.

    In December 45th Junior Sergeant Hope Korchemkina in the new hospital was sent to Blagoveshchensk, and then to China, where she had to provide medical aid to the wounded Japanese. Three of the hospital!

    Low bow, Hope Nikonovna. And with the Victory Day!

Elena Pishvanova.

P.S. Hope Nikonovna Ovchinnikov was awarded the Order of the Patriotic War II degree, for the capture of Königsberg, in the victory over Germany, for the victory over Japan, and others.

References: Newspaper "Taghilsky working" from 07.05.05.

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