Thus began the

    Anniversary of the oldest hospital coincided with the August day celebration of the city.

    Museum Demidov at the hospital for the last time considerably enlarged documents, pictures, memories associated with its history. Preserved petition statesman Gennin from March 1722 to Peter the Great, in which this high official wrote: " Inasmuch as I am always saddened breast and perhaps without doctor prematurely die, that previously did not ask for me only, but for the origin and treatment of the future when I need artisans who zaskorbyat without doctor suddenly die, it would be great to stop affairs".

Thus began the

    But the factory hospital was opened only 17 August 1767. He looked more like an almshouse, for there lived on the crippled artisans. They were on "dirty" half, and "net" clerks and officials hospitalized people. According to the factory town paramedic went on a horse, and it was accepted that patients come up to him and showed language. Medicines given not to everyone. About the surgery and then the speech was not. Only in the second half of the XVIII century the owner Tagil factories Nikita Demidov Akinfievich sent to Yekaterinburg training four of the number of their serfs. These were Potap Belov, Mikhail Ermakov, Athanasius Onegin, and the name of the fourth is unknown.

    They returned to Nizhny Tagil in three years and immediately began to practice in a small wooden house where the first factory was opened Hospital. First, it is completely contained in the means of the Demidov, and later working for the needs of its deducted from their salaries pennies with the ruble. Fortress paramedic worked on conscience, took sick during the day and at night, at any hour, and no failure was not.

    That building Demidov hospital, which has survived to the present day, began to build in 1825, when a wooden hospital became dilapidated, and Nikolai N. Demidov decided to build in its place a good stone building. The project belongs to his talented serf architect AP Chebotarev, who chose the style "Empire". Construction was carried out for four years and was completed in 1829. In those days it was the most beautiful village in the factory two-story building. Gave him a special charm and the fact that it stood on an elevated site on the edge of the pond, and surrounded by beautiful artistry was an iron fence. In the corners of the hospital site put four wing, which houses a pharmacy and residential apartments doctors, paramedics and nurses.

    In the first half of the XIX century Demidovsky hospital in Nizhny Tagil has become one of the largest health care facilities in the Urals. Then there were the well-trained workforce. First certified physician, who arrived in Nizhny Tagil, was IF Maschke, later arrived surgeon Barkov, Lieutenant-Romashev physician, Dr. Nehvedovich. With them there has been a primary specialty medical care, there was a diagnostic and treatment equipment.

Thus began the

    The heyday of the Demidov hospital was in the middle of the XIX century, when the position of chief physician and head of all medical services in the Tagil plants was adopted by PV Rudanovsky, has worked here for 29 years. Petro first steps proved itself a remarkable organizer: when it was established by the Sanitary Committee for the fight against epidemics, open paramedic school, created Museum and a library. PV Rudanovsky was general practitioner and has done much to improve the quality of care. Incidentally, Petro was an honorary member of the Paris Academy of Sciences.

Thus began the    During the Revolution and the Civil War Hospital was completely looted. Knows where taken not only equipment, tools, and even household equipment, resulting in the city for a while do not have health care. Only in the end of 1920 the hospital somehow put in order, and she began to function. Later came here great pictures of doctors, paramedics, nurses, who were able to lead to the flourishing of the hospital and set up vocational schools, which can not be forgotten now.

    That is why the head of the museum at the hospital VP Dyatlov, she has worked here for decades, so appreciate every opportunity to fill the museum’s exhibits. And now she wishes to thank the doctor NT Komovatovu who brought their "Memories" on the work of the second city hospital and devoted their "dear colleagues, with whom walked the trail almost half a century". Hope Tikhonovna was sent here to work after the end of the Sverdlovsk Medical Institute in 1948 and has a single entry in the workbook.

    I was fortunate to work with Sergei Alexandrovich Botasheva, Lydia Pavlovna Cypress, Leonid Velikanov, Nikolai S. Babic, Nina Alexandrovna Osnovin, Anna Artemevna Burlin and other wonderful lyudmi- professionals, true intellectuals who understood his job as a high debt service to the people, says Hope Tikhonovna. I feel satisfaction and joy over the fact that Museum our growing and enriched with exhibits and my, albeit small, contribution too.

Tamara Bagautdinova.

References: Newspaper "Highlands" from 17.05.2002.

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